Box office: My Name Is Khan vs 3 Idiots vs Veer vs Ghajini

My Name Is Khan has opened to a huge response in India, but SRK fans expecting the film to beat the opening weekend collections of 3 Idiots, would be disappointed.

The film opened to a great response on Friday, but lost close to 2 – 3 crores due to a limited release in Maharastra and few others cities. Saturday saw an unexpected drop at single screens and again lost close to 1 crore in Maharastra. On Sunday, with a release all over, the collections were upto full potential, falling just short of beating the 13.5 crore nett of 3 Idiots.

As promised, here is the weekend comparison between My Name Is Khan, Ghajini, 3 Idiots and Veer.

My Name Is KhanVeer3 IdiotsGhajini
Day 18 crores7 crores12.5 crores10 crores
Day 29.5 crores6 crores11.5 crores9 crores
Day 312 crores7.5 crores13.5 crores10.5 crores
Total29.5 crores20.5 crores37.5 crores29.5 crores

In order

  1. 3 Idiots (Aamir Khan) – Way ahead in India at the moment.
  2. My Name Is Khan (Shahrukh Khan) - Suffered due to drop at single screens.
  3. Ghajini (Aamir Khan) – Released more than a year ago and is likely to hold on strongly to the No 2 spot for Week 1 collections.
  4. Veer (Salman Khan) – Suffered due to poor business at multiplexes.

Few points to be noted

  • My Name Is Khan lost around 3 -4 crores on Friday and Saturday. Otherwise, the weekend collections would have been around 33 crores.
  • 3 Idiots weekend would exceed 40 crores if paid previews (2.5 crores) on Thursday is included.
  • My Name Is Khan was strong at single screens on Friday, but dropped on Saturday.


  • dont worry this msg for srk fans just keep them happy

    collection of MNIK in 4 days are as follows

    Friday = 15 Cr
    saturday = 25 cr
    sunday = 30 cr
    monday = 20 cr

    total = 90 Cr in just 4 days unbeleivable ALL Time Block Buster
    none of the movie including hollywood reach upto mnik brilliant

    i think these srk fans are happy now

  • Naaz are u mad ???
    how dare u to show fake collections
    true collections are below
    Friday 35 cr
    Saturday 45 cr
    Sunday 60 cr
    Monday 30 cr
    Tuseday 45 cr (historical jump)
    Wednesday 30 cr
    Thursday 25 cr
    1st week 270 cr (only in India)
    overseas is better than India 300 cr
    already broke all previous record of Avatar, 2010, Titanic, Dulha MilGaya, Billu, Dilli 6, 8×10 Tasveer and Main aurr Mrs Khanna.

  • hey NAUMAN!
    first week nett collections in india are 42cr nett.
    this is way behind 3 idiots and ghajini also.
    there is a huge drop in the weekdays collections.
    trade pundits are doubting weather it will even be a hit or not in india.

  • 1st weekend is near to 44 cr according to BOI ,
    41 cr bollybusiness
    and 48.5 cr by taran ( highly paid )
    2nd Friday will near to 2.5 cr

    now my prediction is 44 + 13 + 10 = 67 – 68 cr life time
    Average status.

  • I agree with you Nauman.The movie will have to settle with the Average status from now as the movie has shown huge drop on Friday (8th Day). That’s not a good sign for any movie. Anywayz, I really feel sad as I personally thought that this movie should turn out to be a hit in india as the movie was nice according to me with some good performances by SRK and Kajol but the entertainment factor has done the damage I guess…. The movie was a bit boring….. But in a sensitive subject like this, they couldn’t show Actor and Actress dancing or making jokes….People in India is the major difference here … They just want to witness the movies with some nice songs, good dances and comedy scenes like Akshay Kumar’s movies….

  • I agree that the movie was a bit boring. But it wont settle for average status. Minimum will be a hit.

    Minimum lifetime net will be 70 crores. what do others think?

  • MNIK

    1st week 41 Crores

    2nd week 10 Crores

    3rd week 5 Crores

    4th week 2 Crores

    Total 58 Crores

    Verdict FLOP . Because of high price tag with FOX 100 Crores .

  • famous dialouge from MNIK

    Khan ka movie tho 11 mulko ki log dekh rahi hai lekin ek baat samaj lo MNIK ka HIT hona mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai

    cheers cheers cheers !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello,
    nauman,amish,adii,hena,sudeep……………….dipen sen,i m back.

    @indicine,ur new site is superb visually.but i m missing ‘ask us’ page which was a unique idea from ur site.n this time more nwz plz………..:)

    now about mnik –
    it will finish its B.O run in between 68 core in india.leave 3 idiots n ghajini.even it can’t go close to rnbdj(though it is way better than rnbdj).the verdict will be ‘above avg’ in india.

  • I personally think that, in 3 Idiots, there should’ve been 3 Khans: Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan & Aamir Khan and the movie would’ve been a super blockbuster. I wish they all three should work toghether once.

  • @mwaseemt6,it is impossible at this moment.they hav big egos,so they won’t act with eachother.but yes,they can act with zayed khan,fardin khan n sohail khan…………:)

  • amir is nt comparble with shahrukh khan……..n mnk is a super hit movie…..sahrukh khan is gr8….3-idiots is a really bakwas story.its more unnatural than my name is khan……

  • what does srk feel bout the fiasco of the film>???he must have realized that its a bad film that iswhy went everywhere to promote..sadly didnt work

  • megha:

    wat rubbish r u saying… film didnt work??? r u not in this world..??MNIK has broken all records in overseas… it hav double the collection of 3 idiots in overseas…in india it could not broke 3 idiots and ghajini… but it has recovered its cost… it is a hit in india and if considering the total collection (india + overseas) it is a superhit movie…so think befor u comment…wat ever u say the truth cannot be hidden…how can u say a hit film didnt work?? pity on u….

  • eh wat ever u all tell aamir is the ORIginal KINg KHAN….

    AND plz check the following link “”

    then u will get the detail information!!! and can check the difference between 3 idiots and MY NamE iS Khanki….. LOL AAMIR ROCKS!!! I FEEL SORRY FOR THE SRK’s FANS….hahahahahaahahahaha

  • Where “3 IDIOTS” verdict is ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER!!!! and “MY NAME IS KHAN” verdict is Onlyyy”HIT”

    Is this the “KING KHAN”!!!! I just dont understand!… But i understand the truth which is Aamir is THe original “KING KHAN”””” and it should be!!

  • even akshay’s blue did fair business on opening over 30 carores.. akki is king of alltime.. akki is like lion in bollywood.. no one khan can stand in front of him….

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