Box office: My Name Is Khan vs 3 Idiots vs Veer vs Ghajini

My Name Is Khan has opened to a huge response in India, but SRK fans expecting the film to beat the opening weekend collections of 3 Idiots, would be disappointed.

The film opened to a great response on Friday, but lost close to 2 – 3 crores due to a limited release in Maharastra and few others cities. Saturday saw an unexpected drop at single screens and again lost close to 1 crore in Maharastra. On Sunday, with a release all over, the collections were upto full potential, falling just short of beating the 13.5 crore nett of 3 Idiots.

As promised, here is the weekend comparison between My Name Is Khan, Ghajini, 3 Idiots and Veer. 

My Name Is KhanVeer3 IdiotsGhajini
Day 18 crores7 crores12.5 crores10 crores
Day 29.5 crores6 crores11.5 crores9 crores
Day 312 crores7.5 crores13.5 crores10.5 crores
Total29.5 crores20.5 crores37.5 crores29.5 crores

In order

  1. 3 Idiots (Aamir Khan) – Way ahead in India at the moment.
  2. My Name Is Khan (Shahrukh Khan)  - Suffered due to drop at single screens.
  3. Ghajini (Aamir Khan) – Released more than a year ago and is likely to hold on strongly to the No 2 spot for Week 1 collections.
  4. Veer (Salman Khan) – Suffered due to poor business at multiplexes.

Few points to be noted

  • My Name Is Khan lost around 3 -4 crores on Friday and Saturday. Otherwise, the weekend collections would have been around 33 crores.
  • 3 Idiots weekend would exceed 40 crores if paid previews (2.5 crores) on Thursday is included.
  • My Name Is Khan was strong at single screens on Friday, but dropped on Saturday.


  • All these trade oundits are nuts and have no one knows them, all known analyst are pridicting huge business
    I live in Boston,USA, still house full two shows a day, I saw the movie looked like I was in some politocal part crowd, ant way now the economy is global village, FOX bough rights in 80 carores worldwide and in 3 days the net business is Domestic India is 29.5 carore and international 25 carores, total 55 carore in three days, anyway in US and multiplex in IDia gonna rock, and accoring to Taran and BOI if MINIK would have started early shows in Mahrastar would have crossed 3 idiots as it already crossed Gajini in total nett. accept it or reject it, facts are below

    Release Problems Cost My Name Is Khan Worldwide Record

    Monday 15th February 2010 18.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    My Name Khan fell just short of Three Idiots worldwide first weekend business. The 2.75-3 crore nett lost due to late release in Maharashtra was the difference.

    My Name Khan did weekend business of 29.50 crore nett in India and 25 crore overseas to give a total of 54.50 crore. Three Idiots on the other hand grossed 37.50 crore nett in India and 18.50 crore overseas for a total of 56 crore.

    A full release from day one would have enabled My Name is Khan to cross the worldwide totals of Three Idiots. The worldwide weekend gross figures are 61 crore approx for Three Idiots and 59 crore approx for My Name Is Khan. The film’s are No1 and No2 respectively followed by 49 crore approx of Ghajini.

  • @ Sami
    U r comparing gross & nett collections MNIK Vs 3I Vs Ghajini but truth is dat due to Fox Star’s worldwide reach dey released d movie with 2500 prints where as both other fils r released with less than 2000 prints.

  • @vaijay
    I did mean to avg cllec./print, so far it is going fast , single screen drop was expected, as long as single screen sustains as 40 to 50%, overseas and multiplex definitely gonna rock, it will easily break gajini or may be three idiots in bett of international and domectic as I stated economy is global , guys talk business total nett in both markets

  • @ Vineet

    Businessofcinema is now claiming that the MNIK weekend gross stands at RS. 903 million. No lie. Same article has been updated today. Check it out.

    Does tickets sales for the Berlin festival get counted in the amount? As tickets for My name is Khan where around Rs 63000 (1000 Euros) for the film in Berlin Film festival.

    Also you say that the other 8 crore is from paid previews overseas, however the paid preview for UK was included in BOI’s overseas figure? Something not clicking.

  • This is for all SRK fans

    Cheap publicity ke piche maat bhago warna success bhag jayegi

    Excellence ke piche bhago phir success apne aap kadam chumegi .

  • @Dipen Sen

    Who are you, the judge and jury of Bollywood?

    I bet you would never say that to Shahrukh Khan on his face, you would probably ask for his autograph LMAO.

    Quit giving advice to everyone, although i have to say that it is probably the most sensible 2 lines you have ever spoken in a career full of BS.

  • Fox have reported 9.2 million USD gross from India over the weekend. At this moment 1 USD = 46.5 INR.

    9.2 Million USD = 42.8 cr Gross = 0.6*42.8 = 25.7 cr NETT

    BOI has straightaway reported 29.5 cr Nett. BOI supporters may now say well the conversion factor is 65% , but that bull was never accepted for any other movie earlier.

    The fact that MNIK needs over-reporting right after the opening weekend says the story itself.

    As for BOI they show their true colors once again. Of course IBOS will give another ridiculous low number, but that will not be an excuse for BOI.

  • @ Sudeep

    How do you know that fox are reporting GROSS and not NETT, you might also like to know that Fox, whose media partner is Bussinessofcinema for MNIK, has reported that MNIK took Rs 905 million worldwide (90 crore) over the weekend, log on to bussinessofcinema to see the article, plus have you got proof for this, where is the article?

    @ Imtiaz

    Yes im well aware that these lines are from 3 idiots. Ive seen the film 3 times you know.

  • My Name Is Khan Rock Steady In Kanpur On Monday

    Monday 15th Febuary 2010 22.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The first collections for My Name Is Khan on Monday have come in from Kanpur single screens and it is showing rock steady collections.

    Kanpur Heer

    Friday – 1,18,961

    Monday – 1,00,721

    Kanpur Gurudev

    Friday – 74,688

    Monday – 45,784

    Kanpur Single Screen Totals

    Friday – 1,93,649

    Monday – 1,46,505

    The single screens in Kanpur are showing just a 25% drop from Friday which is excellent. If more centres show similar trending My Name Is Khan will be on its way to becoming a huge hit.

    That is apparently what MNIK did on monday at kanpur single screens, but after the Sudeep bombshell(yet to be verfied) hmmmmmmmmmmmm….wait and watch.

  • @Sami

    Now its clear that it will be sure shot flop in India .

    Mondays drops hugely collections are half of friday .

    SAMI accept that its reality .


  • MUMBAI: 2010 is surfacing as Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots vs Shah Rukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan, the two movies that are painting an opposite story at the box-office from most of the flops that hit the Bollywood world in 2009.

    Amid Shiv Sena protests and a limited release, the SRK-starrer has gathered Rs 900 million in its worldwide opening weekend. 3 Idiots, in contrast, grossed Rs 1 billion in its first four-day run across the world.

    The movie has done exceptionally well in the US even as SRK and Kajol rang the bell at Nasdaq ahead of the release, a marketing gesture aimed at tapping audiences from the Indian diaspora.

    “The film garnered Rs 430 million from the domestic circuit while it grossed Rs 470 million from the overseas market. We have had fascinating Sunday numbers that is highest for any Bollywood film released in recent years while the film’s overseas collections have been two times higher than that of any other recent release including 3 Idiots,” says Fox Star Studios CEO Vijay Singh.

    The movie is marketed and distributed in India by Fox Star Studios in India, in the US by its sister company Fox Searchlight and in the rest of the world by parent group 20th Century Fox International.

    The film features Shah Rukh as Rizvan Khan who embarks on a journey across America to win back the love of his life, played by Kajol. It shows how, along the way, his personality touches the lives of many and inspires a nation.

    Some more new numbers, becoming a bit of a lottery now. The man himself, Viay Singh says 430 million rupees in India, which is the same as 43 crore, therefore if that is a gross collection, then yes Sudeep is correct me thinks, around 25 crore in India. But 470 million rupees overseas, wtf, that is $10 million, didnt BOI report $5.5 million for the weekend for MNIK?????


  • @Sami…how r u doing?

    Whats the status of MNIK now? It’s really gone down here where I stay.
    Didn’t c it anyway cause i heard poor reviews from friends and its looking like its going to be a hit overseas and average in India, hoping Fox manages to get back their own cut!

  • Its a great news that mnik has big opening in such a situation so srk proved that he is the king. Love u srk. Overseas no one can even close to srk. Whole world love srk ” The king of hearts” I am proud to be srk fan.

  • @Hallee

    No one knows a thing on MNIK

    BOI reporting 47 crore gross in India over weekend.

    Vijay singh (ceo fox star India) reporting 42 crore then 47 crore GROSS in India, cant seem to make his mind up.

    Hollywood reporter has reported 42 crore.

    Forget overseas, no one has a clue on MNIK domestic gross, conflicting numbers everywhere.

    Just been to Ilford, where shows where sold out in Cineworld, Ilford is full of asians, what about aberdeen?

  • My Name is Khan chasing 3 idiots

    16 Feb 2010, 0045 hrs IST, ET Bureau

    Save Print EMail Share Comment Text:

    Topics: Shah Rukh Khan My name is Khan Fox Star India
    NEW DELHI: Shah Rukh Khan-starrer My Name is Khan has earned gross revenues worldwide of Rs 90.2 crore, as per the data released by Fox Star India,which distributed the movie. In comparison, Aamir Khan’s top grosser, Three Idiots, reportedly earned Rs 90 crore in the first three days of its release.

    “Despite issues in certain centres on Friday, the movie has done exceptionally well,” Fox Star India CEO Vijay Singh said. In a statement, Fox said that on Sunday, MNIK became the biggest single day hit internationally for a Bollywood movie and has also earned the biggest three-day collections worldwide. Mr Singh added the movie earned Rs 47 crore at the domestic box office and an estimated Rs 42.2 crore internationally.

    Film analysts believe the movie has done very well internationally, though in India it did better in urban centres than in smaller cities. “The movie had a good weekend but on Monday its occupancies dropped. It did much better in international markets compared with the domestic box office,” said film analyst Komal Nahata.

    Another film analyst Taran Adarsh added the movie has definitely become the top grosser in the overseas market but has not achieved the same in the domestic market.

    Multiplex players too said the movie witnessed housefull in several centres though it did not do well in smaller cities and single screen cinemas.

    Dharma Productions and Red Chilles Entertainment’s co-production, MNIK was bought by Fox Star India for a reported Rs 90 crore. Aamir Khan- starrer Three Idiots was earlier said to have broken all records by raking in Rs 175 crore in a week and an estimated Rs 300 crore in 17-18 days of its release.

    Article taken from economic times (india), Vijay Singh claims here that MNIK has grossed 47 crore in domestic market, in line with Box Office India, 60% of 40 crore is about 28.2 crore. 42.2 crore in international markets, around $9 million then, not the %5 million BOI reported.

    So given this is economic times, theyre more credible, but still 1 crore difference between BOI and Vijay Singh…………….hmmmmm, daal mein kuch kaala hain.


    CORRECTION- ‘ur OWN write ups’.. .

    U guys used to b very honest(these days ur honesty is only limited to ur MOVIE REVIEWS)

    Every other article is pure trash..thats my opinion..i hope u take it constructively instead f bashing me left right and centre:-o

  • Hi every body,Nice website for movie review. This is the first time I am writing some inform. For all of your kind information I woul like to tell that I am a deep core Aamir Khan fan ( because he is the best) although I like SRK in many points and the fact is that 3 idiots is much more better movie than MNIK. MNIK will never be able to break the record of 3Idiots , not even closer although first weekend collection of MNIK is very good and hs broken all overseas record , it will not last long as beacuse of average mouth of word.

    There are some latest information s:

    Shah Rukh Khan-starrer My Name is Khan has earned gross revenues worldwide of Rs 90.2 crore, as per the data released by Fox Star India, which distributed the movie. In comparison, Aamir Khan’s top grosser, Three Idiots, reportedly earned Rs 90 crore in the first three days of its release.( (at 0045hrs, 16th Feb).

    on the other hand According to NDTV 15th february, Domestic weekend ( not for whole week) gross collection is 47 cr wheras 3idiots the gross was 33 cr and including the record breaking collection from overseas MNIK has set as a highest weekend grosser

    But thats all beacuse of average word of mouth it will not continue and I think it will be a average hit or may be good hit , not blockbuster. Good luck all SRK Fans!!!!

  • Hey friends!……what’s up?………Shahrukh khan and Amir khan as well as Salman khan are the biggest stars.They all do movies for us and entertain us by those.And dudes , i dont think there is no competition among them. They are equally best at their own way.THEY ARE OURS.

  • Even if mnik does a business of 100 cr net in India and 70 cr overseas (both figures are difficult to achieve looking at the trending), then also fox will be loosing. 100 cr net in India will give distributor share of 50 cr as this movie is running well in multiplexes only. Now as screen rental is quite high overseas, 60 cr gross would mean 30 cr profit for distributors, making it a total of 80 cr. As fox has bough this film close to 100 cr, it will be loosing money even under most favourable circumstances. I somwwhere read that mnik needs 250 cr gross for breakeven, which i did not believe initially but seems correct now.
    Also, i dont expect this movie to break 3i record overseas, as 3i went on a dream run in us, the biggest market for a bollywood film. Check box office mojo, it fell just 9% in second week, a figure which is difficult to be achieved even by a hollywood movie.
    Media is still promoting mnik, yesterday, a half an hour program was being aired on a tiny news channel p7news, titled “Idiots se bada badshah”. It was reported in the program that mnik has done more business than 3i. Now, from where the hell they get this figure, only god knows.
    NDTV airs mnik’s so called success story every half an hour, although, one of the trade expert yesterday mentioned that business is good but not mind blowing.

  • My Name is Khan is a fantastic movie, and I belive that comparing it 3 idiots is incorrect. 3 Idiots was good movie in it’s own, and Amir Khan did a good job, but he didnt depict a character with Autism. My vote for better cinema goes to My Name is Khan….beautiful, touching movie that has taken Indian Cinema to the next lever, and has given SRK an opportunity to prove himself :)!!

  • And for those that are coming up with numbers to reject MNIK’s success, what are your sources? do you work for FOX, or are you professionals? Seriously? this was a great attempt, and it would make sense to appreciate a movie that has created waves here in the USA, and be proud that it has touched so many hearts…..

  • there was heavy fall on weekend for MNIk bcoz of match between india and S. Africa in kolkata
    but these media is creating a figure of mnik taht is crossed so much Cr its all fake
    Indicine beleiving u to put out actuall amount not fake

  • Officially from FOX

    My Name Is Khan Picked up rapidly over the weekend. Saturday was better than Friday, while Sunday was better than Saturday. This, despite no release in Maharashtra on Friday [except a few theatres in Mumbai] and a scattered release on Saturday. The opening weekend closed at Rs. 33.20 cr. nett, which was confirmed by Fox to this writer. The Friday figures were approx. Rs. 8 cr., Saturday was Rs. 11.06 cr. and Sunday was a record-breaking Rs. 14.14 cr. [official figures supplied by Fox]. Mumbai, Delhi-U.P., Punjab, Bengal and South have performed exceedingly well, while C.P., C.I. and Rajashan aren’t that strong.

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