Box office: My Name Is Khan vs 3 Idiots vs Veer vs Ghajini

My Name Is Khan has opened to a huge response in India, but SRK fans expecting the film to beat the opening weekend collections of 3 Idiots, would be disappointed.

The film opened to a great response on Friday, but lost close to 2 – 3 crores due to a limited release in Maharastra and few others cities. Saturday saw an unexpected drop at single screens and again lost close to 1 crore in Maharastra. On Sunday, with a release all over, the collections were upto full potential, falling just short of beating the 13.5 crore nett of 3 Idiots.

As promised, here is the weekend comparison between My Name Is Khan, Ghajini, 3 Idiots and Veer. 

My Name Is KhanVeer3 IdiotsGhajini
Day 18 crores7 crores12.5 crores10 crores
Day 29.5 crores6 crores11.5 crores9 crores
Day 312 crores7.5 crores13.5 crores10.5 crores
Total29.5 crores20.5 crores37.5 crores29.5 crores

In order

  1. 3 Idiots (Aamir Khan) – Way ahead in India at the moment.
  2. My Name Is Khan (Shahrukh Khan)  - Suffered due to drop at single screens.
  3. Ghajini (Aamir Khan) – Released more than a year ago and is likely to hold on strongly to the No 2 spot for Week 1 collections.
  4. Veer (Salman Khan) – Suffered due to poor business at multiplexes.

Few points to be noted

  • My Name Is Khan lost around 3 -4 crores on Friday and Saturday. Otherwise, the weekend collections would have been around 33 crores.
  • 3 Idiots weekend would exceed 40 crores if paid previews (2.5 crores) on Thursday is included.
  • My Name Is Khan was strong at single screens on Friday, but dropped on Saturday.


  • @ Aditya

    3 idiots released in India on THURSDAY, it earned 9 crores from previews on THURSDAY, did you not read news articles about this aswell? How it broke the record for net gross based on previews? Or do you have short term memory loss. These 9 crores where counted as part of its worldwide weekend gross , therefore 3 idiots gross is 93 crore is over 4 DAYS. Remember My name is Khan released on FRIDAY in India, there where no previews in India on thrusday due to political tension, theaters werent even sure that the film would release on friday till early morning that day, therefore MNIK is a 3 DAY WEEKEND, you wally.

  • Hey guyz,i have now checked the sight nd that gives us full indication of collections: MNIK IS JUST 2 crore short of 3I…WEEKEND GROSS WORLDWIDE:3IDIOTS-61cr(inc.paid priview)…MY NAME IS KHAN-59cr(bcs of shiv sena, maximum 3cr short for the 1st day) nd Ghajini-49cr(inc.paid pre.)…if don’t believe,pls check the site…

  • @ Suniel

    The overall weekend collections for My name is Khan has been double 3 idiots in certain countries (uk, uae) overseas. this is what the article is referring to.

  • My Name Khan fell just short of Three Idiots worldwide first weekend business. The 2.75-3 crore nett lost due to late release in Maharashtra was the difference.

    My Name Khan did weekend business of 29.50 crore nett in India and 25 crore overseas to give a total of 54.50 crore. Three Idiots on the other hand grossed 37.50 crore nett in India and 18.50 crore overseas for a total of 56 crore.

    A full release from day one would have enabled My Name is Khan to cross the worldwide totals of Three Idiots. The worldwide weekend gross figures are 61 crore approx for Three Idiots and 59 crore approx for My Name Is Khan. The film’s are No1 and No2 respectively followed by 49 crore approx of Ghajini.

    BLOOOOODY SHIV SENA!!!! NOW do you see what ive been sayin Aditya!!! flippin heck, it could have toppled 3 idiots. SRK-the king of HYPE.

  • @Sami…MNIK is not going to beat 3Idiots or Ghajini. Face facts.

    No need for all this argument.

    In aberdeen its going to go off by Thursday! Like I said it is not all about whether the movie is a flop or not. Its about the effort of the actor involved. if u liked the film okay, some people did not like it. What is really pissing me off now is that the same trade analysts are giving it bad reviews now….when they were hyping it two days ago?

    Even if word of mouth does not kill its success the trade analysts will lol!!!!
    Read below:

    My Name is Khan opened with a bang at the box office, earning a whopping Rs 85 crores (US $18m), but it saw a drop in business from Monday as the word of the mouth was not good enough to sustain the film.

    Though many critics loved it and so did the classes, the masses overall seem to be in a rejection mode.

    Says Komal Nahta, Bollywood trade analyst, “On the whole, My Name Is Khan is far from entertaining and also too boring for the general masses. For the heavy budget at which it has been made, it will keep its worldwide distributors (Fox Searchlight) in the red. Business in big cities, especially in South India [ Images ], Muslim centres and overseas will be better but it will be below the mark in North India as also in smaller centres and single-screen cinemas. It may be appreciated by the class audience but the masses will reject the film.”

    The buzz for the film was huge ever since the controversy between Shah Rukh Khan [ Images ] and Shiv Sena [ Images ] broke out.

    Sena supremo Bal Thackeray [ Images ] demanded that Shah Rukh Khan apologise to the nation after he said in a press conference that he wished if Pakistani players could play in IPL 3.

    This created a furore and Thackeray ordered Shiv Sainiks to see that the film was not released in Mumbai [ Images ] and Maharashtra [ Images ].

    The police gave extra protection to almost every theatre and multiplex for a peaceful screening and amidst tension people came out in hordes to watch the film in Mumbai as well as other parts of the country.

    “The curiosity value is over, it seems. The picture has suffered a considerable drop in collections on Monday,” said Vinod Mirani, another Bollywood trade analyst.

    Added Amod Mehra, another trade analyst, “At this moment, it appears the film will not be able to recover the cost because it has been sold at a high price.”

    Asked about critics loving the film and some of them even giving five stars rating, Mehra said, “Earlier there were paid previews of the film, now there is paid review of the film.”

    Naysayers notwithstanding, the film had a spectacular opening for the first weekend.

    In a statement, Karan Johar [ Images ], producer and director of the film said, “I am overwhelmed by the unprecedented audience response for our film. The audience has the power and more power to them.”

    “The most exciting part,” says Vijay Singh [ Images ], CEO Fox Star Studios, “is that the worldwide collections jumped every day from Friday to Saturday to Sunday. This shows that the audience is absolutely loving Rizwan and Mandira.”

    Fox has distributed My Name is Khan worldwide

    So people….relax! I am a Salman Khan fan but I will say one thing: Aamir is on top, he rocked with 3 idiots and ghajini and that is a fact:)

  • My Name Khan fell just short of Three Idiots worldwide first weekend business. The 2.75-3 crore nett lost due to late release in Maharashtra was the difference.

    My Name Khan did weekend business of 29.50 crore nett in India and 25 crore overseas to give a total of 54.50 crore. Three Idiots on the other hand grossed 37.50 crore nett in India and 18.50 crore overseas for a total of 56 crore.

    A full release from day one would have enabled My Name is Khan to cross the worldwide totals of Three Idiots. The worldwide weekend gross figures are 61 crore approx for Three Idiots and 59 crore approx for My Name Is Khan. The film’s are No1 and No2 respectively followed by 49 crore approx of Ghajini.

    See what im saying Aditya, i told you dont count out My Name is Khan, and there you go had it not been for Shiv Sena on day 1, Mnik would have taken highest weekend worldwide gross.

  • @ Hallee

    didnt say it would beat either, just in a war of words with Aditya, MNIK gross to be honest doesnt bother me. Battle of egos with Aditya.

  • Let me say this, Aamri Khan do doubt on top, he is the only actor after BIG B to successfully combine supertar staus and box office greatness. He is a great actor and businessman, but SRK has got close (laughs manically anticipating Adityas reply)

  • @Sami…MNIK hit worldwide but in India sure flop…..!

    So relax and wait for other movies to come out! The thing is it can beat records overseas but India is what matters and its not doing well in India and it is going to be a sure loss for Fox so lets all just chill and stop comparing Aamir Khan with SRK or SRK with Salman. The only thing they have in common is their surnames. They look, act and think different! They have different talents! Wow…is an actors success dependent on beating his colleagues? Nope…not in my opinion. Will always be a Sallu fan, I think he rocks but will not hesitate to see an Aamir or SRK movie cause they are fab actors! MNIK is probably a good film. I am not going to see it cause I have not heard nice things from friends that watched it but can u stop comparing it to 3 idiots and ghajini?

  • Okay sami…war of words or ego..let it go.

    I am not even Indian and I buy hindi films like mad irrespective of who is in it but I like Salman cause I think he is cute and I really liked Veer. I never saw 3 idiots to the end but will get the dvd when it comes out same thing for MNIK but to be honest, I was a bit disappointed in SRK and the whole sena thing cause I felt it was cheap popularity but he is still an actor I respect cause I love his movies too. i just wonder why all d name calling, people calling SRK gay or Salman flop actor cause they don’t like either of them. i think its crap……

    I think Salman, SRK and Aamir and a lot of other Indian actors are doing beautiful movies and I think people should respect them for that!

  • @ Hallee

    I think you will finf that it is this sight which is comparing 3 idiots/Ghajini/My name Is Khan.

    Im only annoying Aditya, who strikes me as a bit of a wally.

    I too dont hesitate to see 3 khans films anytime, given that im a Hritik fan thats big.

  • sami,
    everyone is only counting the amount lost in maharashtra,no one is counting the gain of the film due to huge publicity which 3idiots did not get.
    let me make it clear to you sami i don,t hate srk at all.
    each and every artist (small or big) is great .
    i know what it takes to be a good artist.
    these people are genious and there is no reason to hate any of them
    srk has made our country proud on so many occasions,he has entertained masses for years now,i just can’t hate him.

  • @Sami, now u are talking!
    I have been waiting for Kites since last year!

    I actually have the page as a fav tab on my laptop!

    Indian actors I would always buy their movies flop or no flop include: Salman, Hrithik, Saif, Aamir and SRK but my two fave are Salman and Hrithik (Thats because they are smoking hot! Good looking!).

    I have been waiting for Kites….I loved Jodhaa Akbar and Veer like mad! All the best to SRK and MNIK anyway!

  • sami
    you may be trying to annoy me,but im just talking to you as a friend.
    i never get annoyed,no matter what happens.
    i have got respect for each and every human on earth,including you(doesn’t matter whether i know you or not).

  • Sami… you started Kitessssss here.. now i wont stop :D! Thats one movie i just cannot wait. Hrithik roshan is the biggest and the best!!!! He is a perfect combination of aamir, salman and srk. I hope he goes aamirs way or gets into Hollywood :D :D

    Guzaarish is another movie that i am dying to watch

  • Fox has claimed that it has done 85 cr gross Worldwide over the weekend. Also, it claimed Business is twice of 3 Idiots. This is false claim as the figures on BOI suggest that Overseas, MNIK made 25 crore.

    In India, it did 29.5 cr nett, which is 48 cr gross (Nett is 60% of Gross. So Calculating Gross from Nett). So the gross World Wide figure is 73 cr and not 85 cr as claimed by Fox

    So all in all, FOX has been lying on the 85 cr claim. MNIK did not have any paid previews.

    On the other hand, 3 Idiots had claimed 93 cr by the first weekend. Note that 3 Idiots had Thursday previews included. So 37.5 cr nett + 2.5 cr nett in India (Thu previews) = 40 cr nett. Gross calculated will be 66.67 cr for India. 18.5 cr abroad so total 85 cr. The other 8 crs came on Thursday through paid previews overseas.

    3 Idiots has a clear sheet here. Nothing fake.

    Also, BOI suggests that if MNIK had released normally, it would have broken the records. True, but the hype helped it get more business in other territories. If MNIK was not in this political controversy in the first place, it could not have come close to 3 Idiots.

  • Do you think that “My Name Is Khan” will gross higher than “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi”.

    What I think is that “My Name Is Khan” will do:
    Around 90 crore in India. And it will be the third biggest grosser.

  • I have been following this site from a long time. Couldnt help posting a comment.

    I totally agree with what Vineet said. Without the shiv sena controversy MNIK wouldnt have come anywhere close to 3 idiots. So the loss of collections on Friday balances out the whole thing.

  • lol…..@Suniel!

    Leave Kites out of this! Its the movie I am waiting to see…..the pictures look hot but lets not go off topic here okay@ Or Indicine might toss us out! Anyway to all SRK fans: Good luck with MNIK!

    I will always remain a Salman and Hrithik fan (too good looking and too hot to handle) and an Aamir fan (Mr Perfectionist)…..:)

  • @ Aditya,

    Ok mate i apologise to you for trying to anoy you, I also apologise to any SRK fan for using MNIK as a platform to annoy Aditya.

    @Vineet, agree with you on publicity part, MNIK did what it did due to publicity, and for the same reason it will also be an average grosser.
    but 85 crore worldwide is correct, you said that net collection is 60% of gross right?
    Well wasnt the 25 crore overseas that it earned also a net collection?
    Applying this calculation: Iif you take the 29.5 domestic net, this becomes 49.1 crore gross
    If you take 25 crore overseas net, this becomes 41 crore gross, so if anything, MNIK made 90 crore worlwide, not the 73 you claim. Twentieth Century Fox have underclaimed!

    You didnt calculate the gross from the overseas net collection, you added overseas net collections to domestic gross collections!!!!!! What are you doing!!!!

  • @ Vineet

    My name is Khan released on thursday here in the UK, and also in Australia, NZ and UAE, so it grossed from previews.

  • @ Vineet

    Oh seen, didnt know that, but still there where paid previews for the film on Thursday in the UK, Australia, NZ and UAE. I saw MNIK on thursday 11th feb in ilford.

  • @ Vineet

    Yes, 20th century fox are lying, so how can BOI claim that MNIK was only 2 crore behing 3 idiots in opening weekend?

  • And one more thing. 3 Idiots had a huge competitor in Avatar (released one week ago) to deal with, makes its achievements in the overseas markets bigger.

    All said and done I dont think MNIK will sustain. It wont cross 100 crores in India and it wont cross 3 Idiots overseas.

  • yaar SAMI!
    no matter who is no 1,weather its aamir,sharukh or salman.
    we are proud to have such personalities in our country.

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