Pune Blasts – Hrithik Roshan and others speak

The bomb blasts that ripped apart the popular German Bakery in Pune has killed 9 and injured more than 30. Here is what our Bollywood stars had to say on the tragic attack.


Hrithik Roshan – Just heard about the terror attack in pune. Sad and shocking. When will these madmen realise that war is never the answer!! my heart goes out 2 the victims n their families. But tweeple, Do not allow this terrorism to instill anger in us…. cause that’s what they want.that will make us just like them.only incisive investigation n deep human understanding can eventually uproot… the evil for good. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind…my prayers for the victims…the attackers MUST be brought to justice!!

Hrithik Roshan – Jahangir Hospital Pune Needs Blood AB+ve and B+ve Contact : 1066 Those who are in Pune..Please help out.

Sophie Chaudhary – Pray 4 the victims n their families!& Pray 4 peace n humanity cos in this sick world of terror n politics, it feels like it no longer exists. How cum whnevr thr is talk of dialogue btwn Pak n India,thr is a terrorist attack?!Funny coincidence or is thought of peace 2 scary 4 sum?!

Neil Nitin Mukesh – Please Pray for all the victims in the german bakery blast.

Genelia D’Souza – Just heard bout d pune blasts.. Really really sad.. Disheartenin ya.. Tweeple pls b safe n stay indoors as far as possible. . Prayers for all pune victims.. Whn vl des attacks evr stop?? Innocent people r losin der lives..

Abhishek Bachchan – As the day draws to an end our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the bomb attack in Pune and their families. Increase the peace!!

Vivek Oberoi – Shocked &pained,wht a nightmare! I’m in pune, was heading 2a hotel 30 feet from german bakery where the bomb exploded. My buddies were waiting for me there. They actually saw flesh & limbs of innocent victims strewn everywhere…horrific and heartbreaking! Why? What do they achieve by taking the lives of innocent people? How long will we suffer this??? Will human kind learn before it destroys itself? We used to visit the german bakery so often, I can’t stop thinking, it cud’ve been me & my friends tonight….Pls pray for the victims RIP. The first casualty in a terrorist attack is god….No god, no faith, no religion can ever endorse inhuman acts like this!

Mahesh Bhatt – My daughter Shaheen was just a block away from the site of the Pune bomb blast! She says that sound was deafening. Life is so fragile! Terrorist attacks are made of six stages: target selection, planning, deployment, the attack, escape and exploitation. After the perpetrators successfully stage an attack, they will attempt to derive additional value from it by generating publicity. Because of the built-in sensationalism, the media assists the terrorists in this goal by providing around-the-clock coverage of attacks. In some cases, the media actually contributes to the hype surrounding terrorist threats.

Imran Khan – Be strong Pune. All our thoughts are with you.

Shreya Ghosal (who was in Pune for the Pune Festival) – I’m fine, so were the audience in my concert. Though its extremely unfortunate what happened here in pune.. Oh God! What is happening! Just came back to my room, watching the news.. Can’t believe this! How is human capable of so much hatred? I’m deeply shocked.. My advice to punekars to be at home and take utmost care of yourself n family, making sure no ones leaves home till all ok..

Ritesh Deshmukh – Absolutely shocking- German bakery blast.pray for all the victims n injured.

Vishal Dadlani – My heart goes out to the German Bakery and the lives lost there. God bless them all. Have hung out there many times. Will do so again! God give the families of the Pune victims, strength. And God give Pune, and all of us, the strength to defeat fear and hatred!

Sonam Kapoor – cant believe that the german bakery was bombed,spreading terror is the work of evil.i will pray for the 8 vict,the injured & their families. my nani keeps saying this is kalyug, and the way things are going in this world, it seems very likely. only love and prayers can save us. i urge young ones to be idealistic,be aware,have a conscience only our right choices can better our circumstances and the future of india.



  • i too pray for them and for all the people who are suffering from was but i dont like these actors just talk hope they do something like me doing something for the war victims but PRAY for them PEOPLE PRAY

  • Plz stop dis!!! We want peace!! We realy ned it!! We dnt want nemore fight…..pune plz be strong nd cntrl yur emotionz…ALLAH…IZ WIV YV…..

  • Am not surprised as srk havent sed word since it s happened!the guy hasnt got any loyalty towards india!!he wantts cheap publicity!

  • if all d attention is diverted frm d main cause towards movies like mnik,den wat can we expect.my heart goes 2 all of dem who r killed.

  • Wat the hell is going on?wat r they proving?is it for a film?those criminals should be punished. pray for the victims…..:-(

  • Now where the hell is SRk who told he will make india a peace and think about the people from india
    this prove that he madde a cheap publicity in the name of IPL
    so srk fans what to say now

    Let their soul be in peace

  • i am surprised that things like such are still happening after 26/11. i hope people there in pune to be strong and let us pray foe them.

  • good job media and government of maharashtra sari security mnik per laga di.kya karein movie is so important na.i prey for d families of dose who killed.shame on d media who made mnik a national issue.

  • i was afraid of this very thing. because of some senseless issue
    distracting the police force over silly issues like “mnik” instead of their main work,
    so many people lost their lives in pune.
    when will they learn 2 be united against outside evils & not fight
    among themselves……for others 2 take advantage.
    shiv sena is the one to blame for this extent, then our goverment, then media & to some extent srk also.

  • it’s a shame that a idiotic issue like mnik gets security, whereas general public like us doesn’t. Shame on our goverment.

  • MNIK review of Komal Nahata –

    On the whole, My Name Is Khan is far from entertaining and also too boring for the gene­ral masses. It will be liked, probably even loved, by the Muslim classes and by the audien­ce abroad. But, for the heavy bud­get at which it has been sold, it will keep either its worldwide distributors (Fox Searchlight) or those to whom they have further sold the rights, in the red.

  • what is wrong with u people, why are u comparing the MNIK with the blast ,i dont understand u guys.
    MNIK is a movie which delieverd the msg of peace to all the people in this world, it is hit or flop it doesnt matter i think.but it has some good msg for the people all over the world.
    plz try to think different and pray to GOD for the peace in this world.

  • Hey guys, Saturday collections of MNIK are out….It iis close to 9.2 crores. according to a trade analyst,it is a fairly nice collections keeping in mind the saturday blasts in Pune. Night shows everywhere were dull.. Expecting a good sunday of around 9-10 crores. After that its all about the public word of mouth. God Knows wat is going to happen to this film.

  • our indian medi is the stupidest and most immature media i have ever seen . was blowing MNIK controversy like its of national importance , playing in hands of SRK and Shivsena both of whom wanted attention the for their movie and political ambition respectively and media helped them greatly by saying that go n watch the movie to show solidarity . what a bull shit reson to watch MNIK.

    put all the security for ministers and Film stars and let the rest of country go to hell is the motto of the government ably supported by immature media in india

  • i m from pune.
    I was there in the concert of (Pune Festival) when the blast took place.
    one of my frnd called me n told bout the blast but first dont blived him then ma dad calld me n told bout the blast .
    i was just shocked man.
    It was unblivable.
    Saamne Shreya Ghosal Kaa concert chalu the .,Or bahar log maar rahe thee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now Pune is the target.
    God KJnow wats next.
    This people are bull shit.

  • i m from pune.
    I was there in the concert of (Pune Festival) when the blast took place.
    one of my frnd called me n told bout the blast but first dont blived him then ma dad calld me n told bout the blast .
    i was just shocked man.
    It was unblivable.
    Saamne Shreya Ghosal Kaa concert chalu the .,Or bahar log maar rahe thee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now Pune is the target.
    God KJnow wats next.


  • Im from Udt,tirupur dt,TamilNadu!
    Silence is the fullstop for all worries!
    Lets pray for peace!
    Be Human!
    Its Our India!
    keep Rocking Hrithik…..

  • Its really shameful that still we have not received any condolence message or sympathy from Sharukh about the Pune blast victims..

    Its understood this Sharukh is a pure businessmen and only thinks about money..

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