Veer Box office Opening

Salman Khan’s Veer has opened to a fantastic response at the box office and is currently on a record-breaking spree on single screens. Business is best in North, East and Central India and worst down South.

Single screen business is 90% on Day 1 while multiplexes have seen around 50-60% average through the day. Combined, Veer has managed to nett 7 crores on Day 1 all over India.

As the film is performing best at single screens, it would be unfair to compare Veer based on box office nett collections. Going by the distributors share, the Day 1 business of Veer is next only to Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots and Ghajini.

Saturday too, the business is excellent at single screens and it would be very interesting to see how the film performs on its first crucial weekday. Tuesday, being a holiday (Republic day) should also boost the Week 1 collections.

If the trending is close to as good as Wanted, Veer should easily attain HIT status.



  • Guys critics and media are being paid todestroy akki and sallus career, as they are not johar or yashraj product like ranbir, srk, always downplay their film. there needs to be a campaign so audience are not fooled by them, they downplayed veer badly so people save their money for MNIK as 3idiots and veer are eating peoples 2 months money. this is a plot against akki and sallu.

  • veer doin grt at overseas too!! rocking at Dubai nd Pakistan …n also doin gud at usa …
    @hina wt u think will it be able to break d record of wanted in Pakistan!!!

  • i think guys rann and ishquiya will not affect veers collection and it can earn about 30 crore 2nd week what do u guys think?

  • anuparno till next friday when rann and ishqiya is realeasing, veer will be on hit status so there is no chance of affecting, and after 2 weeks it will be a super hit………….

  • adhideb 30cr. to easily will recover till tuesday only, veer is a hit for sure, but now think will it be a super hit or not………..

  • @mystic river ..Veer can break record of Wanted in Pakistan.Advance bookng is gud.But problem is Govt has decided 2 ban Indian movies in Cinemas due to IPL problem.I hope so decison is not acted upon.

  • @Akash- i think it will become superhit as there are no big competitions it will face in single screen for the next 2 weeks….

  • Saturdays collections are better than friday. Multiplexes showing lots of improvement during the day opening is (70-75)%.

    In single screens just creating fire at the box office opening is (90-100)% with packed houses .

  • yes adhideb this friday ishqiya and rann r not single screens movies so they can,t affect to veer and in multiplxes also it will not affect more and then on next friday no big movie is realeasing so 2 weeks r totally for veer on single screens and some in multiplex also, haan there is more chance to veer to become a super hit, …………………………..

    and hina from when indian movies r going to ban in pakistan, i hope it shld take 2weeks to ban so veer shld do a good bussiness in pakistan, pakistan palyers r not selected in ipl that,s why they r banning na…………

  • Hina ::
    can u say hows the VEER response in Pakistan 9 hoping to b great )

    chill guys Pakistan govt is banning from Feb 12
    as one of my friend from Karachi informed me
    so no effect for SAllu
    instead SRk will be crying for releasing MNIK in Pak
    he he he he he he he he he he

  • indicine
    please post some news about ishiqiya nad rann. both r looking great.
    im the lover of realistic cinema.please post news ,pics

  • Expected opening but it will collapse on monday as reviews are pathetic.
    in short a loser at box office.
    my estimate:

    Friday:7 crore(only because of advance bookings)
    Saturday:7 crore(most of the people will not come back as movie is damn bad)
    Sunday:6 crore(people will not come back as they ddnt like it)
    monday:4 crore(huge fall)
    tuesday:3 crore
    wednesday and thursday combined:5 crore

    total week 1:32 crore
    week 2:10 crore
    and from there onwards 10 crore more

    total collections :50 crore approx.

    verdict :average or flop
    and all these are maximum collections .real collections can be even worse esp on weekend.

  • how much veer collect from pakistan maximum 2 cr or 3 cr. so mnik will not affected by bann on pakistan. coz it will bad for them coz he miss good cinema.

  • Hina::
    tell me onething as ur from Pakistan
    ru guys going to miss MNIK movie due to bann of indian movie
    realyy hina
    plz reply
    some 1 is waiting for u

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