Movies to watch this Sunday or next!

We have received several requests in the last few months, for a list of movies to watch during weekends. So here it is, a small list of the best movies that hit screens in the last 4 – 5 years, in no particular order. 

Jodha Akbar – One of Ashutosh Gowariker’s very best, this epic love tale has romance, great music, good action sequences and award worthy performances. A modern day masterpiece that’ll be watched for decades to come.

Jab We Met – A well-directed date film by Imtiaz Ali, Jab We Met is a delicious treat of fabulous music, comedy and romance. Kareena-Shahid chemistry was electrifying, in what could be their last film together as a lead pair. Kareena as Geet swept all awards, and deservingly so.

Taare Zameen Par – Is one film that could not have been better, Aamir Khan on his directorial debut captained the ship to perfection. The songs made you cry and so did Darsheel, who hardly uttered a word in the first half, relying solely on body language and expressions. TZP is cinema at the best, a must watch for all, preferably with your kids.

Chak De India – Feeling down and out? Don’t worry, watch Chak De. Its an uplifting tale revolving around an underdog coach of the Indian women’s Hockey Team, who single handedly carries his team to World Cup glory on the international stage. Good music, great ensemble cast, gripping plot et al Chak De rocked the nation and remains to this day the unofficial sports anthem.

A Wednesday – Short on time? Watch this fast-paced 90 minute thriller, with plenty of twists and turns, great dialogues, flawless direction.. all this while you watch Naseeruddin Shah – rooted to the chair for two thirds of the film – deliver one of the best performances of the year. Must watch!

Lage Raho Munnabhai – Nothing much to say here, we have all seen it, we’ve all loved it. Watch it multiple times, you’ll still end up enjoying it every time. Hirani at his best.

Rang De Basanti – Outstanding would be an understatement for this Rakeysh Om Prakash movie. Unpredictable till the very end with a message for the youth. If your one of those who missed this, go watch it now!

Iqbal – Under-rated but one of the best sports films ever. A film that gives you hope, belief and so much more. Iqbal is more than a film, its an experience that should not be missed.

No Entry – If mindless comedy is what you love, you can’t go wrong with this Anees Bazmee film. Anil Kapoor’s fab performance itself is worth the price of the DVD!

3 Idiots – Is one film, we got it all wrong. Infact, the characters that we outright hated – Veeru Sahastra Buddhe (Boman Irani) – is now (after 5 viewings) our pick for the best character in the film along with Chatur (Omi Vaidya). Those expressions by Boman Irani should have been immensely hard to get-right with such consistency through the making of the film. So yes, given a choice we’d love to re-rate 3 Idiots which apart from the silly delivery scene, has immense repeat value and a great message to boot. Fun watch.

Do post your very own list of films to watch during weekends, below in the comments section.

Note – This article has nothing to do with stars and we have intentionally not highlighted any of them. So avoid star-related discussions here.



  • 3 idiots ,from last sunday,i have watch 6 times ,everyday… 3 idiots producer said movie will be available after 7 week of released on youtube??Is thix true???hope it does,good quality picture we can see as pirated is not good and orginal ,is abit high price so

    Indicine team:Can u name any other comedy movie which is worth watching????it can be from late 80s or 90s also???

  • there r others movies too like wanted , apkgk , wake up sid , ghajni , all the best , om shanti om nd lots moreee

  • Sudeep:
    indicine recomended me Janay bhi do yaroo and Golmaal (old) on face book when i asked same question yesterday.
    thx for this page . yesterday i asked same question from u on FB…
    indicine mentioned just some movies they cant mention 100s movies in one page.

  • Am surprised by the inclusin of 3idots as you guyz didnt like the film!!you lot gave a very poor ratin (i mean u gave 3 star to pyar impossible(disaster) and 3 star to veer)have you changed your mind???come on you bunch of hypro get a life!!!

  • Black friday..absolutly movie of hindi cinema.. shaurya..kk menon superb performance. luck by chance…perfect screenplay tesra kaun..2nd best thriller of bollywood staring mithun nd javed jafri.edge of the seat thriller ek ruka hua faisla..a basu chatarjee classic semi thriller. jane b do yaro comic movie ever choti se bat..another classic by hrikesh mukerjee naram garam.. amol palekar super comedy . ek dr ki maut.. pankaj kapur classic oye lucky lucky oye.devd .johny gaddar… ……. risk underworld movie after company.

  • Amit Singhania:
    u said Teesra kaun 2nd best thrill so let me know according to u which one is 1st best thrill ???
    i liked teesra koun i think i watched it 1995 ,
    another thing none of any movie from Salman khan ????
    i think his best movies ever are
    Main ne Pyar Kiya
    har dil Jo Pyar kare ga
    tere naam
    London dreams

  • @nauman.johny gaddar best thriller ever made in india..i dint mention any poupular movies coz everybody knows abt them…sum other classic..TESRI MANJIL awsum suspense ..GAWAHI fantastic.. SEHAR movie abt up police of 90s staring arshad warsi ..KBHI HA KBHI NA best srk movie RAMCHAND PAKISTANI this one is a must must watch..PRAHAR nana patekar directed brilliant movie..INSPECTOR EAGLE cliched but super entertainer..UMAR BACHPAN KI DIL BACHPAN KA better than any comedy of today..MANORMA keep u engaged till suspence comes out..RAVANRAJ best movie of mithun among his 57 film that releasd in a period of 6yr in 90s…BURNING TRAIN disaster at box office but i enjoy this movie everytime..

  • Indicine this is ur best article..keep it up..u r rocking guys.m sure u r getting most hit now perday..BH FORUMS par to sannata hai aaj kal.btw m superbusy wid my pg medical exam thats why no comments at veer page..btw i liked VEER .direction let me down.3star.

  • MANJIL amitabh bachan disaster but i hd watchd this movie 100times.such a simple movie abt a person ambition in life..real charaters awsum performance by ab nd ak hengal..FANTASTIC

  • MR PRIMEMINISTER worst movie ever made in bollywood starring dev aanand but believe me this ISThe BEST UNINTENTIONALLY FUNNY do give its a chance.u wont regret.

  • has anybody seen The stoneman Murders – It was an awesome thriller starring Kay kay Menon released Feb 2009 . i just loved it

  • @ Punter- yup it was awesome.. it was based on real incidence rt? really hard to believe ppl can go to such an extent to cure impotence he he..;)

  • wow .. cant believe u neva listed :

    Main na pyaar kiya,
    Har dil Jo Pyar kare ga,
    Aashiq Banaya Aapne, or

    Bhagam Bhag,
    Don – The Chase Begins Again,
    Phir Hera Pheri,
    Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye,
    36 China Town,
    Taxi No 9211,
    Rang De Basanti,
    Tom Dick Harry,
    Guru, or
    Kabul Express

    Aaja Nachle,
    Life Mein Kabhie Kabhie,
    Nanhe Jaisalmer Nehlle Pe Dehlla
    Om Shanti Om,
    Shakala Boom Boom,
    Ta Ra Rum Pum,
    Big Brother,
    Kya Love Story Hai, or

    Why not? I beleive these movies were better than Jodha Akbar, aA Wednesday, Lago Raho Munnai Bhai, Iqbal, and No Entry. Take my advise. Reconsider what you wrote down as the main movies to watch because, not only did the movies i list get a better look worldwide but, there are laso movies right now that are worth watching. For exmaple, Life Partner, Singh is Kinnng, Do Not Disturb, and Veer.

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