Veer Box office Opening

Salman Khan’s Veer has opened to a fantastic response at the box office and is currently on a record-breaking spree on single screens. Business is best in North, East and Central India and worst down South.

Single screen business is 90% on Day 1 while multiplexes have seen around 50-60% average through the day. Combined, Veer has managed to nett 7 crores on Day 1 all over India.

As the film is performing best at single screens, it would be unfair to compare Veer based on box office nett collections. Going by the distributors share, the Day 1 business of Veer is next only to Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots and Ghajini.

Saturday too, the business is excellent at single screens and it would be very interesting to see how the film performs on its first crucial weekday. Tuesday, being a holiday (Republic day) should also boost the Week 1 collections.

If the trending is close to as good as Wanted, Veer should easily attain HIT status.



  • Hey W****….y dont u lick some d*** somewhere else. U got some gumption to weather all these gang rape by Sallu fans & still post shit…..

    He is only star who gives HIT after HIT ; It has already touched Dan da Dan net collection….n its plain field for next 1 week…so y go n F*** around somewhere else. Waise Shiv Sena wala kriyakaran jaroor kar rahe hain koi arrogant double standard fake ka….with some1 you can easily relate…Kyunki tum logo ki jaat hi aise hoti hain…..Now go from here else wherever you go…Sally fans will start reaping the same praises as you have been bitching here for some time…..W****

  • @Megha ->

    Megha ji, why are you comparing Ishqya with Veer..

    Veer can be seen with family, and has a patriotic theme with some social message.

    and my simple question – can you see Ishqya with your family?

    No (probably, due to obscene dialogues and vulgar scenes with a criminal storyline) or may be ‘yes’ if you are open to these stuffs..

    This movie is made for a specific class and with no surprise it got proper attention from them, the lifetime business of Ishqiya may range between 20 -25 crores which makes it a hit movie, as the production cost is very low.

  • nobody is watching this movie as of today ..chalo it has been declared a flop..was it why the ciolllectiond didnt reach 70 crores not even 1/3 of 3 idiots ?? why did such a beautifully crafted film flop?? because of people like ME??? strange ..we were in the minority?? whereas u ple were praising the movie so why it flopped sir jee??? flop ho gayee ya abhi aur saboot chahiye…ha ha ha

  • Megha, grop up yaar..

    Tecnically speaking, a movies Hit or flop status is determined by the input cost to recovery ratio.

    ok, the movie ‘Veer’ was made at a budget around 44 crores which is already recovered as per stats available from eros sources (the distributors) .. now whatever money it earns now onwards is contributed as profit to the filmmakers.. and movies which give profits to their producers are treated as ‘Hit’ movies.

    I am not saying that Veer is a blockbuster like 3-Idiots but its a successful profit earning movie in major circles..

    satisfied now..

  • veer has turned out to be veerana the horror flick of 80s ..everybody got scared of it and ran away..ha ha ha ha

  • and btw who are u trying to fool the cost of movie is not inclusive of publicity stills and promaotion ..add another 10-15 crores to it and that is the actual budget it has to recover ..which this one hasnt and nver ever will. so it is a flop and let it be in case u are so interested please go and see the next three shp\ows with your office people ..i dont think family should be dragged in the hall..ha ha ha

  • somebody wrote that this film was made for certain section of people… wow what did we do wrong that salman saab didnt want to make a film that could suit us too???
    hamne kya gunah kiya ki hamare liye naheen banai???
    why did the rest of 50 crores didnt come in???

  • In my previous comment, I wrote the movie ‘Ishqya’ was made for a specific class.. this was in reply to your comparison of Ishqya with Veer..

    yaar tum to Veer ke peeche hi pad gai ho, keep some of your anger for SRk’s upcoming MNIS ..

    vaise aapne koi gunaah nahi kiya hai.. :))

  • i dont think there is anything in ishqiya that i cant see with my family or didnt in fact i saw it withem.. i remember long ago when sholay was released it too had foul mouth language..lot of blood and gore and everyone saw it with families but this one..veer .please do not take family with u..they will curse u for it

  • who the fuk invited you here Megha…go n attend ur funeral somewhere else. U gt sme real character..really pity u n people who r cnncted to u. Must b a real curse for them to jhelofy such nut n irritating pest like u. Sorry for the wrds….but u n u only deserve it :)

    N Sweetheart Veer is still a HIT ; chck the number & forget abt sme critics analysis. They all fuking sd including u that Rann is a masterpiece..hahaha…it is a disaster. Waise Sallu fans hamesha ussi ke saath rahenge…u go n try to seek sme attantion n curses smewher else

  • no amount of cussing will resurrect this dumbass of a film it is a flopa and will remaina flop and no body can claim it is a hit ..its collections were poor so it was kicked out of the theatres is now history and avavlable on showcase of tata sky watch it there ..and do not curse dear .veer will not like it in hell if you do so

  • Lol…Megha are u here again!

    Babe get off Salman’s Page…really how can u hate something and still look it up? Ever heard about the saying: A thing line between love and hate! Poor Salman….so much hatred for him!

    Good Night Megha…:) Sweet dreams of Salman cause babe u bother thats why u r on this page:)

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