Veer Box office Opening

Salman Khan’s Veer has opened to a fantastic response at the box office and is currently on a record-breaking spree on single screens. Business is best in North, East and Central India and worst down South.

Single screen business is 90% on Day 1 while multiplexes have seen around 50-60% average through the day. Combined, Veer has managed to nett 7 crores on Day 1 all over India.

As the film is performing best at single screens, it would be unfair to compare Veer based on box office nett collections. Going by the distributors share, the Day 1 business of Veer is next only to Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots and Ghajini.

Saturday too, the business is excellent at single screens and it would be very interesting to see how the film performs on its first crucial weekday. Tuesday, being a holiday (Republic day) should also boost the Week 1 collections.

If the trending is close to as good as Wanted, Veer should easily attain HIT status.



  • i saw veer just now, i think it was ok, the dialogues were good buth mithundada is the showstealer, what amazing actor this man is, amazing dialogue deliver, powerful expressions, no wonder why he got national award best actor 3 times, salman was good in parts, some places he could of done better but he was ok, he needs to work on his facial expressions a bit more

  • Eros International has just reported that Veer grosses 41 crores in the opening week, despite bad reviews by biased critics. It is surprising how the critics had downplayed Veer on its opening debut despite not seeing the flim, labelling it as a flop, now they are left with their wide mouth opening catching flies, if that is a right way to put it.
    I have just seen the movie, and it is a good film, within another week or so maybe it will go past a hit status.
    Not a great film, but very good.
    Thumbs up I would give it a 4 out of 5, cant wait to get the dvd.

  • mithun was the biggest baffoon in the movie ..he cant speak hai and calls it hey.. he doesnt know acting and speaks in his bangla accent.. this movie is a total washout thanks to all the people here supporting for this movie to lose at was a badly made film ..thanx for ruining this movie it shows that u all are mature people and not chchichore types .. i feel we should always reject such trash cinema with gretaer gusto so that these people dont get to play with our hard earned mum and dads money.. as responsible citizens we should avoid all such rubbish and put them in their rightful place the dustbin ..that this movie ahs done a businss of 15-20 crores is emore than enough for this crap .bus ab isse zyada naheen karne dene ka.. u should not allow more than this..

  • Today Zee news showed that Veer is still going strong in single screens & has collected 41 crore worldwide….Anybody who is using dish tv can c this news on dish active channel 555

  • @farhad ..What should I say about you.You have just watched the movie n u have been bashing Veer for no reason at all 4m past one week.Ridiculous attitude.

  • Hi,

    For all who said veer will not collect 20 crs for them I want to say veer already collect 41 crs in first weekend. And veer is better movie then 3 idiots. idiots neither comedy nor a serious movie. There are so many scenes which are not suitable for children. For veer the person write review i dont think that hey had saw movie they rate movie themselves if they saw movie then how they can give 1.5 or 2 rating. From my side veer should get around 4 rating.

    Salman bhai you rocks again n SRK will jealous after seeing colection of veer.

  • guys, I justwatched the Salman interview:

    Its true that sitting in a room one cannot become a Critic unless he goes to masses to view their reactions and feelings.. and if he is not doing this, his comments would always be biased… so dont follow crirics.

    I beleive Salman has matured a lot and I agree with him that movie making must be revenue collection oriented as there is a huge amount of entertainment tax they had to pay and if movies are not well viewed by masses they would face difficulties in further projects.

    also we can not categorize or make movies for specific people base or multiplex/ single-screen audiences,
    though the real testing comes from the masses in the interiors ( single screens) which comprises 70% of viewership.. just imagine its a huge amount.

    multiplexes are a new concept in cinemas and in yesteryears single screens were the only intertainment mode, and recently single screens were on the verge of dying due to shrinking audiences, but some of the newer movies had accelerated the collections there and there is now a bigger hope of their revival.

    so instead of abusing or critising any star, lets encourage the good cinema.

  • Well said Aman….Let’s not be disparaging in our comments. All got their fan following and different genres / stars have their own set of followers. Respect that and play by the book.

    If someone got issues with that….please go & discuss where you belong. All iss well….Khans are big churner…accept it. Y this slugfest Megha & Adii (if both are not the same person !!!) & few others…… Let’s make Veer a HIT as we own it to our own set of faith in a particular star/style of acting. ANY UPDATE about yesterday’s collectopn and the total 1st week collection. Veer must be around 34-35 Cr bracket, I reckon due to Tuesday huge collection.

    Best Regards

  • meghna come out from ur choclate hero and see what an amazing genius mihun dada is, his unique style of dialogue delivery, expressive face, he is the 2 bollywood actor to win more national awards for his acting, its sad how u disgraced dadas acting weapon, screw you. and before you criticised his acting because of his B commercial films, he did those films for the poor population, atleast in those B films, it had some kind of a political message, it takes intellect to appreciate this genius.

  • veer movie is so good for watch i see it 5 time and i want to it again ……….best of luck ”sallu bhai” i am waiting for you new movie ”do aur do panch”

  • veer kibox office pe durgati… it has not even recovered the makesr money>>>>this weekend too seems to have eloped with collections getting poorer…more durgati…alas ..veeergati ..hey ram

  • mithun chakraborty a genius?????? ha ha ha ..this bong feollow who cant even speak hai properly in hindi is a genius ??? in what making??? he who used to rotate his legs at an awkward angle of 59 degrees is a genius??? u have to be suffering from mad cow diseases to believe this that fashion u may have found neena gupta super spectacular then???

  • While some preposterous claims and figures are being advanced by associated groups in the trademedia about Veer having scored huge in various hard to seen ‘interior’ places, fact of the matter is the only likely havoc being created by this Salman Khan starrer’s performance at the box office is the panic amidst the distributors who have to be shocked looking at the actual crowds and collections across India. Veer on Friday opened dismally (multiplexes) to average (single screens). How dismally has been reported already and can be verified by anyone visiting a multiplex nearby or calling/visiting a Chandan Cinema in Mumbai, a single screener, or an Alka cinema in Chindwara, MP to see what the percentage of occupancies actually are. As it so happened, even the single screens did not open well universally but rather in select pockets on Friday and there too the collections dropped by Monday, meaning just about everywhere the film is on its way out. Even Tuesday’s, the Indian Republic Day holiday, which gave even duds like Salaam-E-Ishq a boost in 2007, couldn’t save it.

    Overseas in USA, though Bollywood producer Eros (also distributing overseas) has claimed for a moderate $334k opening off 92 screens, Veer is said to have collected only about half that ie $171k according to independent American tracking. In fact, Anil Sharma’s Gadar, with its anti-Pakistan theme did not do great overseas either. But that film created records in India with genuine intensity if not epic budget, whereas Veer’s general anti-western thrust is seen out of synch (western movies like Avatar and 2012 are doing great in India even interiors in dubbed versions), and the action attempting to be Troy/Gladiator seen as visually underwhelming by bulk of Indian public. So the film has lost on account of both, lack of legitimate emotional charge, as well as lack of visually spectacular action.

    While actor Salman Khan tried to rally his fans to go to the theaters regardless of reviews or word of mouth, collections instead dropped from 20-25% opening on Friday to about 9-10% by Monday at most of the decisive stations. The film can not even be safely termed a Lal Badshah or a Maa Tujhe Salaam, two flop films elsewhere which fared reasonably well in the northern interiors single screens.

    But regardless of what is being said either way right now, in the end this Salman Khan-as-Brad Pitt fare will be out fast enough from the theaters to render any further box office discussion on it irrelevant by itself.

    Meanwhile, the advance for Ram Gopal Varma’s Amitabh Bachchan-Ritesh Deshmukh starrer Rann and Naseruddin Shah-Arshad Warsi-Vidya Balan Ishqiya opened in some theaters and not surprisingly, neither film has taken a bumper advance so far. Rann is a media film and Ishqiya an esotric, rustic fare. Ram Gopal Varma’s topic selections and dark & grim cameralightings are generally not conducive to huge openings (exception being the Bombay opening recordbreaker starring Bachchan, Sarkar I). While Ishqiya director Abhishek Chaubey is yet unproven as director and cast generally considered art-filmish (except for Vidya Balan). However it should be pointed out no big film in last several months in India has taken a conventional bumper advance, be it All the Best, Paa, or even 3 Idiots which is sitting on a collection goldmine right now in the end. If the films aren’t captivating enough, as Veer is showing (and Kurbaan showed earlier), no amount of trade hype, banner backing or publicity can save or even open a film. However if the content is novel and captivating, with the way public word of mouth can spread quickly over net and over mobile sms these days, and given the massive collection capacity at multiplexes which cater to the Rs. 300/ticket crowds, if the films are captivating enough, they can put up massive collections in a hurry. Incidentally, Abhishek Chaubey is the writer of Kaminey and Omkara.

    Regardless, after this coming week, the next release coming onboard will be Striker starring Siddharth of Rang De Basanti fame on Feb 5.

  • he won 3 national best actor award, tells you something about his acting power, give him a big role, he will show you what he”s made of.

  • @Adhideb ..Nice na dat means we were rite thursday was around 1.8 to 2 carores.INSHALLAH Veer will get good second weekend n week n will march towards the hit status.

  • In recent aaj tak interview with Salman, the Veer movie is still doing great a single screens and heading towards a profitable business .. (the news title was ” Khush hua VEER” ).

    and in latest news Rann and Ishqiya have opened with 20% and 45% collections (The multiplex one, single screen figures are very negligble), better figure would be available by later evening.

    so its clear that Veer’s collections would not be impacted as these movies are not threats in any ways..
    hope veer gets atleast 10 crores domestically this week, so that it would be officially declared as “Hit”.

    cheer up.

  • @Farhad -> you might have heard the story of fighting with pig in shit.. just avoid Megha and others for their underrated nonsense comments.

    Mithunda do not belong to multiplex era, he is a God in Interior India, just ask any villager and you will be surprised with the love and effection they have for him.. of course he is a 3 time national award winner and those awards were not compromised and have a great credibility as those movies belong to a different artistic genre.. Its his proficiency that he played many complexed and varying roles with ease.
    just compare the role in Ramakrishna and the Jallad (you will be speechless with their complexities.. yet both bagged an award for him)

    There is a forum totally dedicated to mithunda and is intermittently updated by his fans throughout the
    world. you will find comments from US, Europe, GULF, Africa, Mauritius, Russia, etc .. though many have criticised him (mostly Amitabh fans), but you will be really surprised by the comments of Mithunda lovers..

    @Megha -> shame on you.. you dont have any respect to senior stars who are atleast of your fathers age..

  • Saturday 30th January 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Veer has done good first week business of around 32.50 crore nett as per early estimates. The film has been aided hugely by Republic Day holiday after which collections dropped markedly. Due to the first five days the film has managed good first week shares. The 8th day has also seen a drop with multiplexes crashing and although single screens are not as bad as multiplexes they still show a noticeable drop. Veer is a hit in circuits like Bihar, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan but overall it is likely to emerge an Average/Above Average fair.

  • VEER is already a Super Hit all over India. VEER declared a Massive Super Hif of 2010 and massive hit of decade. VEER is super Hit

  • For all d salman fans who have enjoyed dis fabulous video of bollywood hungama showing how salman was bashing d critics, here comes the second n last part of dat video:-



  • what yaar .. ??? on point u say there are reports of the movie crashing ..suddenly next one says its a super duper hit????!!! ive not seen such morons anywhere>>>!!!1 it is too well known that the film has crashed and is on its way out ..yet these people are busy defending it.. kya hoga is sabse??? if you are so wanting business buy ourt the tickets>>>!!!

  • Megha….U r a damn good sucker ya know that…..u must be real sick pest ..apologies for crossing the line but none deserve this better than u. By pasting few loosers analysis, u just trying to defend urself when entire world know that it made 34-35 Cr including Telegu verson; well authenticated everywhere. Let numbers speak of themselves and you take refugee is self denial or self-admiration of that Billu barber……

    C’mon ya show some character..take an exit before all rip you apart here….Atleast Veer is becoming a Hit off all Period dramma ..that toooo just coz of his raw star appeal and fan following. Show me One Star like that anywhere..he reviced Single plexex & Masses importance in our Industry….Don’t confuse high handedness/arrogance/Pseudo-intelligentia to so called “Class”… And Ya “DAMN YOU GAL; Veer is A HIT” whatever anyone claims…Never Sallu nor we give a S*** to that sweetheart…….

    Just aceept it or leave…..U having a gruop humilation of yourself here…..

    Best Regards :) & apology for few deserving words as you are asking for trouble.Instigating US..shoo now

  • veer s rout is complete…ishqiya nailed thefinal nail in its coffin…lets all pray for the departed soul..may it rest in peace..amen

  • HAHAHAHAHA….Mehga..Meha…grow up. Says who that Veer is routed. Get a brainscan sweetie….8-9 crores a wekend is what Ishiqa made…Veer almost made it a day . Sallu Bravehearts don’t need your shity prayers.

    It will remain the 1st success & a hit mass movie..Come…what..may. Ishiqa & Rann together cud nt sink this ship darling…it’s 1st week business was gud enuf to make it through…Now go n wash ur filthy face and yucky mouth somewhere……B****

  • @ Megha….

    Are you lunatic baby. Y u so J of our sallu.

    He has Millions of fan all over the globe, we damn care you bloody craps.

    VEER has done exemplary at box office, Eros are literally happy wit the openings.

    This is all coz of the meticulous popularity superstar salman has got….

    When other crap actors are relying on romance, comedy… Salman khan proved that he is a complete superstar…HMMMM i’m not skeptic at all

    What a performance sallu gave at star screen awards… I think after Michael jackson he is the first man who has get such a soaring stardom….


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