Filmfare Nominations 2009 – 2010

Like it or not, Filmfare Awards are the biggest, oldest and most prestigious awards of our Industry. The nominations for the 55th Filmfare awards are out, here it is.

The list was fake. We’ll keep you updated, as and when the official list of Nominations is released.

On the fake list, here’s what Filmfare had to say

“Some rookie reporter has assumed about Filmfare nominations and written a shabby piece in some newspaper. We are still counting votes. When the nominations are ready, we’ll announce them on FIRST!”



  • And why not? Ranbir was very good in Rocket Singh. Box office is not everything, great performances from flop films should win some awards too. Actually, its much easier to get your performance noticed in a great film.

  • HATE IT!!!

    Kareena truely deserve the best actress award for Kurbaan, but since she’s not nominated for teh film, Priyaka or Vidya will win, not deserving. Kurbaan was a great movie with great performences but doesn’t get any nomination. Where’s Kareenas, Viveks, Kirron Khers and the background and music award???

    This only go after hits or flop or payed!

  • Agreed. Its a shame that she has been even nominated for 45 minute appearance in 3 Idiots.

    And thank god Abhishek Bachchan hasn’t been nominated for Paa. How can Vidya’s be a lead role and Abhishek’s supporting? Paa was an Amitabh Bachchan film, the rest were all supporting roles.

  • indicine,may be they want to give abhishek another award like the tallest superstar,best paa,best worse body celeb,best husband,best son,best dilli-6 hero………..etc,that’s y they didn’t nominated him in……:)

  • Indicine dun plz reports on rumors.DID U CONFIRM this from jitesh pillai??there is not goin to be any comic nd negative actor category this time..U R so unprofessional..delete this baseless list NOW..

  • Nominees are similar to Screen Awards??Ridiculous Ranbir didnt got nominated 4 Wakeup Sid n for crap APKGK he got nominated?If kat can get nominated 4 New York?Y not Salman,Abhay Deol and Neil ?

  • best actor:shahid is my choice but bloody amithab will wins
    actress:if kareena nominated for kurbaan she will but now it will be for priyanka for kaminey
    sup actor:rishi kapoor
    actrss:kiron kher no one from above are not deserves
    best critics award to kareena kapoor

  • akshay is where?? indicine????? that shows u all are paid… sorry for u… best song shud be.. paisa paisa… or om mangalam mangalam.. kambakht ishq… sabse jyda fm radio or marriage parties me ab bhi yahi songs chalte hain… be practical… hahahahahhahahahahaha

  • WANTED was the second best movie of 2009..every1 knows it was the best performance by salman khan..but no nominations for wanted..OMG..bachhans???????? as we all know amitabh is the brand ambassador of why salman khan ???? after all AISH is his daut-in-law..well done mr. bachhan but every1 knows how mean you are…!!!!!

  • indicine team :
    could u please inforem these awards juries that last yr one person gave 2 best performances after a long time. please nominate him doenst matter dont give him any award because all awards goes to Bachan , SRk or Roshan family, but atleast they could nominate him
    do u know who is he ???
    no ???
    ok let me tel u
    that guy is Mr. Salman Khan who gave after Tere Naam (2003) his best performances twice , Wanted and London Dreams,

  • @ Nauman &
    @ All other biased Salman Khan Fans!!

    You are just a biased Salman khan fan. Just because his performances in Wanted and London Dreams were one of the best of his career does not make them award worthy and just because Wanted was a superhit doesnt make salman’s performance award worthy.

    Now I agree Salman gave an amazing performance in Wanted. But Was it award worthy given the competition this year? I don’t know about that. I would argue that Salman’s performance in Wanted, as good as it was, would rank behind not only the ones above but also behind Ranbir’s in Wake up Sid, Neil nitin mukesh in Jail, Abhay Deol in Dev D, and Saif’s in Kurbaan. Just because it was his career best performance doesn’t make it award worthy. Try watching all of these films and you would see why Salman was not nominated. Also best actor is a toss up between mr bachchan and aamir.. i dont think anyone even comes close!

    As far as london dreams, I would say the same thing. I am a Salman khan and been so ever since Hum Aapke hain kaun and Karan Arjun came out. And I would love to see him get an award, but I have seen all of these movies (3 idiots, paa, ajab prem, etc) with the exception of Rocket singh and Gulal!! that being said, sry Salman its not going to be your year.

    Also Wanted was the thrid best grosser after 3i, Love Aaj Kal and Ajab Ghajab!! and it was a superhit not a blockbuster so stop calling it a blockbuster.. there was only one blockbuster last year and that was 3i.

    This is my unbiased opinion based on the fact that I have watched almost all of the movies that the best actor was nominated in as well as the ones I have named above like jail, kurbaan, etc. What do you guys think? Agree? disagree? let’s hear it!!

  • ranbir for rocket singh a thought it flopped,and flop films hardly get any nomination these days, if thats the case london dreams also flopped but ajays and salmans performances were good too one off them 2 should have got nominated especially salman

  • neeraj a think your getting too emotional over akshay kumar saying where is he and why he hasnt been nomiated if thats what your trying to say, am an akshay fan too he released 5 movies last year and from my point of view there were no award winning perfrmances from him in that year and so for that its good he’s not in that list, lets hope he gets one this year with action replay

  • its nt the real nomination i m totaly sure… is totaly copied with star screen..if it is,thn surely there”ll b rani’s name 4 hadippa..i dnt tel tht she should win,bt @ list she deserve a nomination..

  • The Most Promising Debut Director Prabhu Deva is not in the list

    doesnt he deserv to be nominated none of above was a hit but Wanted was a Super hit

    am i correct or wrong

  • Unfair nominations! This year filmfare award show will be too boring to watch! Let’s say no need to wacth. Not even need to check on the websites.

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