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Shugal Laga Le Song Video – Chef

The first song from Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Chef’ is out and it looks fun. The song titled ‘Shugal Laga Le’ is composed and sung by Raghu dixit and written by Ankur Tewari. The film is a remake of the 2014 Hollywood hit ‘Chef’ which featured Jon Favreau. The Hindi version has been produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vikram Malhotra, Janani Ravichandran & Raja Krishna Menon.

Kedarnath First Look

‘Kedarnath’ is scheduled for theatrical release next year, but the makers of the film are in overdrive mode...

Baadshaho Critic Reviews

[mks_button size=”medium” title=”Average Rating of All ‘Baadshaho’ Review – 2 stars” style=”rounded” bg_color=”#1e73be” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”” icon_type=””] Baadshaho Review by Indicine Rating: Milan Luthria with the help of writer Rajat Arora has delivered a film that has turned out to be a more entertaining product than it promised to be. There are creative liberties taken as the film is placed around real life events, but they are not dumbly inserted in the script. Baadshaho aims to make the heist genre meaningful and to an extent it gives the genre an extra coat of layering than we’re used to seeing. The chemistry of the gang is breezy. The scenes keep flying in the beginning but a major lull appears when action scenes go on for too long. Why are Bollywood directors so fascinated with overdrawn action sequences? Eventually, Baadshaho ends up being an entertaining affair all things considered, if you can ignore the subtle propaganda. There are loopholes too in this heist actioner but the director smartly makes the viewer overlook them. Baadshaho Review by Bollywood Hungama Rating: Rajat Aroraa’s story is interesting. Rajat Aroraa’s screenplay is effective in the first half but stumbles heavily in the second half. Rajat Aroraa’s dialogues however are top-class and maintain the entertainment quotient in the film. ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI, THE DIRTY PICTURE, KICK, GABBAR IS BACK and now BAADSHAHO, Rajat truly takes films on a high with his one-liners! Milan Luthria’s direction is simple and he manages to keep the proceedings free of complications. He understands that this is a massy flick and should have a pan-India appeal. In that regard, he scores. But just like the script, the direction too falters towards the end. Baadshaho Review by Sukanya Verma on Rediff Rating: Baadshaho acquires slightly more steam and sinisterness in the second half but divulges its big reveal prematurely. By the time it unfolds the parting shot, the deceit is too obvious in its coming. Things get truly down and dirty towards the end. Which is to say the concluding 20 minutes of Baadshaho are so hazy and dusty, I found myself mentally vacuum cleaning the screen. I wish to do the same to the memory of this movie. Review by Meena Iyer on The Times Of India Rating: On paper, Baadshaho may have seemed to have the merit of a Hollywood heist thriller like Ocean’s Eleven. This is perhaps why Ajay Devgn even agreed to be a part of this mutli-starrer, which attempts to make immoral con men look good. But the execution offers zero novelty. Review by Shubhra Gupta on Indian Express Rating: The women are decorative. D’Cruz is togged out in regal chiffons, one of which remain spotless through the long proceedings. Her make-up stays intact too. Gupta’s role (she hangs out with the three ‘khazana chors’) seems to have been created simply to include a second pretty face. But we don’t blink, because we know these are all masala movie imperatives. Only it’s 2017 not the 70s, and whatever you might do – add some spit-and-polish and intrigue and new faces, and create funny dialogues – the film comes off as old wine, in a not very new bottle, which we have to sip for over 2.5 hours. Review by Saibal Chatterjee on NDTVMovies Rating: Baadshaho is the sort of film that banks solely on style. The story is strictly bare-bones, a glaring fact that is sought to be disguised through the means of gratuitous chase scenes and meaningless banter. How much can menacing, gun-crazy men, scheming, seductive women – the film throws in an item number featuring Sunny Leone for good measure – and doses of dark humour achieve when all that the characters have to play with is empty bluster? Review by Rohit Vats on Hindustan Times Rating: Baadshaho has too many ordinarily written characters jostling for whistle-worthy one-liners for 136-minutes. Eventually they run short of the steam and Baadshaho becomes a rehashed ‘90s story with some gloss and a lot of disappointment. Review by Gaurang Chauhan on Bollywood Life Rating: Vidyut Jammwal is good in his part but it’s difficult to look beyond his fake mustache, that looks straight outta local ‘nukkad naatak.’ Esha Gupta just can’t act. The scene where she cries in front of Emraan Hashmi actually made the audience break into laughter. Now, I don’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional. Ajay Devgn’s character is a typical brooding hero and offers nothing new. I felt he was wasted. The dialogue play is good but all of them were there in the trailer and the film offered nothing new. One could’ve let it all slip away if the climax was resounding but the abrupt ending acts as the final nail in the coffin. In the end it’s the shoddy editing and execution in the second half that acts as a spoilsport. Also, anyone could’ve seen that twist towards the climax. Review by Rohit Bhatnagar on Deccan Chronicle Rating: Ajay Devgn, who has a grey shade of a fiercely loyal disciple of the princess, is good, yet very consistent in his expressions and dialogue deliveries. With kohl and droopy eyes, catchy one-liners, Ajay might be the highlight for his fans. Ileana D’Cruz, as a ruthless greedy princess, is not too good. Though she looks of that era, her performance is too urban for 1970s. Emraan Hashmi is watchable, but his so-called love interest Esha Gupta has nothing much to do in the film. Sanjay Mishra yet again hits the right chord with his comic timing in this serious period drama. Vidyut Jammwal is the saving grace of the film. His lusty scene with Ileana is to drool over. Priyanshu Chatterjee, who underplayed the role of Sanjay Gandhi, is just about average in his short role. Review by Nayandeep Rakshit on DNA India Rating: Ajay Devgn doesn’t have any punchline except two, which he keeps repeating every 15 minutes. For a heist film, the thrills and chills are missing and the film falls flat post interval. It takes forever to establish and the audiences’ need for speed remains unfulfilled. None of the action scenes, save the two featuring Vidyut are noteworthy. A jailbreak scene is as juvenile as it can be. Esha is an ornament. Milan Luthria and Raat Arora are known for their masala dialogues but here, they are missing. In fact, dialogues are the weakest point in the film. The film is slow and drags for 2.5 hours. The climax is the weakest portion of the whole film. An open ending for a heist film is just weird. Review by Suhani Singh on India Today Rating: Viewers will be forgiven for forgetting that Baadshaho is an Emergency-set drama for Luthria seems least interested in looking at the troubled state of civil liberties in the era. Instead, you will see a Life magazine cover featuring Gitanjali and bell-bottoms and sleeves to remind you this is the 1970s. As the chase begins, the film loses momentum. The plot twist can be called from afar, rendering the whole journey and the final destination entirely meaningless. The nonstop action is a distraction for a lack of narrative. Luthria’s great truck robbery is a thriller without thrills. Baadshaho Review by Mumbai Mirror Rating: Director Milan Luthria has a sizeable filmography of period films (Dirty Picture, Once upon a time in Mumbai) but depicting the 70s in this fantasy heist film would’ve been a breeze considering that the landscape is largely restricted to sand dunes. Sadly, the time saved wasn’t utilised in drafting a story worth telling. Review by Vishal Verma on Glamsham Rating: There is not much that holds BAADSHAHO to its expected potential. The plot doesn’t offer Devgn and Jammwal much to explore their dare devilry. Jammwal just gets that intro and Devgn gets that single van stunt to showcase their action powers. Emraan and Sanjay Mishra are in their element. Review by Manisha Lakhe on Nowrunning Rating: The story is so boringly predictable, you don’t care if the cast forgets that they are in Rajasthan and need to speak the lingo. The last scene is in a sandstorm and it is left for you, the audience to figure out what happened to the bad guys and the gold and so on and so forth. This is such a blatant attempt at wanting a sequel you facepalm rather loudly and wish Sunny Leone would show up again and dance in a giant barrel of water so you feel you did not spend the ticket money in vain. Review by Ritika Handoo on Zeenews Rating: Filmmaker Milan Luthria has an impressive body of work to his credit such as ‘ Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’ and his track record with Ajay Devgn has struck gold on previous occasions. So, Luthria’s ‘Baadshaho’ starring the intense Devgn as Bhawani Singh, who mouths powerful dialogues and can do anything to keep his word has loyalty engraved in his character. Then, there is Ileana D’Cruz as Maharani Gitanjali who is the surprise package of this heist thriller. The actress has been given ample screen space to explore her acting horizon and thankfully she does leave an impression. Written by Rajat Arora, the screenplay moves smoothly taking us back-and-forth in time. Review by Jaidev Hemmady on Movietalkies Rating: As for the film itself, Baadshaho has everything that a good thriller needs-macho protagonists, ‘seeti maar’ dialogues, femme fatales and an ostensibly impossible mission. However, having said that, the narrative lacks an ‘edge of the seat’ element, which is the backbone of every good thriller. It is obvious that Milan has focused more on style than substance while helming this film and while the plot had promise and could have been made into a crisp thriller; Baadshaho falls short of expectations. A few twists in the tale do take you by surprise, but the length of the film works against the film. The cinematography is quite decent and the film has a very ‘dusty Western’ look to it, which is accentuated by the landscape of Rajasthan. Review by Rajeev Masand on News18 Rating: I’m afraid it’s hard to review Baadshaho with any seriousness because it’s a laughable effort. The action is strictly serviceable, and the actors are in autopilot mode. Emraan Hashmi’s playing the lothario lout again, and Ajay Devgan simmers and stares intensely as he tends to do. The women are strictly ornamental, and Vidyut Jamwal sports a moustache that looks more like a caterpillar. Only Sanjay Mishra gets a few good lines that inspire a few good laughs. What’s particularly disappointing about this film is that even the dialogue has a recycled feel to it, although it’s the work of Rajat Arora who has powered many a mediocre film with his clap-trap lines. 15 years ago Baadshaho might not have been an awful film, but today it feels sexist, formulaic and completely outdated. It’s a waste of both time and money. Review by Sonil Dedhia on Mid-Day India Rating: In its runtime of 136 minutes, the film feels longer than it should. The ending is so simplistic, it’s almost laughable. It is a case of how a good ol’ masala entertainer, which otherwise could have been an enjoyable affair thanks to its action sequences and some seeti maar dialogues, has gone wrong – once again, reiterating the importance of sharp writing in a thriller. Far from an exciting film that would have me glued to my seat, this one made me look for the nearest exit to run. Instead of Baadshaho, one could well call it ‘Bhaag jao’. Review by IANS on Sify Rating: Not that Badshaho has any dearth of noise and colour. The screen is clogged with mindless mayhem and a riot of blinding colours. Surely this swirl of synthetic drama would have a desired impact at some point? But no. The absurdities abound to the extent that you wonder why Rajat Arora wrote this bombastic screenplay in the first play. Review by Meeta on Wogma Rating: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the performances too are rid of their energy in the second half – across the board. Not that we haven’t seen any of them – Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta, Sanjai Mishra, Vidyut Jamwal – in these forms earlier. They continue their act. Ileana D’cruz is the only one who is slightly different because of the character she plays. Her act as a shrewd ruler to a dramatic and sympathetic one are both convincing. What doesn’t work though is the way the character is written itself – it is with the intent to keep the audience guessing rather than serving the story. We go back to “form over substance” with a half-hearted attempt at form. As an audience, grateful for the attempt, I am. But, that attempt didn’t make it an immersive or enjoyable couple of hours at the theater. Review by Sneha May Francis on Masala Rating: Ajay Devgn sticks to his black uniform and obediently wears a broody expression without giving any depth or character to Bhawani. Even when he claims he lives life king size, you sense he’s bluffing. He finds the perfect match in Ileana D’Cruz who dresses Gitanjali in pearls and chiffons but never allows her personality to show. Though there’s a scene where she talks about the various layers to her personality, we get to see none of it onscreen. Vidyut Jamal relies heavily on his wavy long hair and killer abs, and nothing else. And there’s Esha Gupta, who safely lets her wardrobe do the work. She sticks out like a sore thumb when paired alongside Emraan Hashmi, who despite handed the kohl-smeared thug look, injects fun and madness into Bhawani’s rogue pal. From his quirky t-shirts (that announce ‘Free Love’ and ‘Night Lover’) he’s charming when he claims he’s the “king of hearts”.     Sachin A Billion Dreams – 3.7 stars Baahubali 2 – 3.5 stars Lipstick Under My Burkha – 3.5 stars Anaarkali of Aarah – 3.4 stars Trapped – 3.4 stars Mom – 3.2 stars Hindi Medium – 3.2 stars Jolly LLB 2 – 3.2 stars Poorna – 3.2 stars Kaabil – 3.2 stars Gurgaon – 3.2 stars Rangoon – 3.1 stars Badrinath Ki Dulhania – 3 stars Haraamkhor – 3 stars Bareilly Ki Barfi – 3 stars The Ghazi Attack – 2.9 stars Raees – 2.9 stars Mubarakan – 2.9 stars Toilet Ek Prem Katha – 2.8 stars Raag Desh – 2.8 stars Partition: 1947 – 2.7 stars Jagga Jasoos – 2.7 stars Dear Maya – 2.5 stars Meri Pyaari Bindu – 2.5 stars Noor – 2.5 stars Ok Jaanu – 2.5 stars Naam Shabana - 2.5 stars A Gentleman – 2.4 stars Phillauri – 2.4 stars Running Shaadi – 2.4 stars Baadshaho – 2.3 stars Indu Sarkar – 2.3 stars Tubelight – 2.3 stars Shab – 2.3 stars Mirror Game Ab Khel Shuru – 2.3 stars Maatr – 2.3 stars Behen Hogi Teri – 2.2 stars Dobaara See Your Evil – 2.1 stars Commando 2 – 2 stars Irada – 2 stars Raabta – 2 stars Half Girlfriend – 1.9 stars Sarkar 3 – 1.9 stars Mona Darling – 1.9 stars Kung-Fu Yoga – 1.9 stars Munna Michael – 1.8 stars Bank Chor – 1.7 stars Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laddoo Deewana – 1.6 stars Coffee With D – 1.5 stars Guest In London – 1.4 stars Machine – 1 stars Aagaya Hero – 1 stars Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha – 1 stars

Baadshaho Movie Review

The pairing of Ajay Devgan and director Milan Luthria has been a successful one thus far with 3 films (2 hits) in their...

Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Reviews by Critics

[mks_button size=”medium” title=”Average Rating of All ‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’ Review –  3.2 stars” style=”rounded” bg_color=”#1e73be” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”” icon_type=””] Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Review by Indicine Rating: Even though, Shubh Mangal Saavdhan is an official adaptation of the Tamil film, it has only maintained the core from the original film and adapted its story to a Delhi NCR milieu with vastly different quirks and characterization. The writer Hitesh Kewalya deserves credit for getting the crux of the story and not making a scene by scene remake. Shubh Mangal Saavdhan does not treat it’s concept with haste and every scene initially is crafted with a lot of care and humour. This is the sort of humour which never transcends into vulgar or cheap territory. The way it started, it had potential to be a classic comedy like Vicky Donor but unfortunately it falters towards the end when the plot becomes too heavy handed and the movie ends almost abruptly. But it is not a huge flaw as the writer and director lay the foundation for the movie in the first half which is one of the breeziest of recent times. Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Review by Bollywood Hungama Rating: Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’s two biggest strengths are its dialogues and the duration. In just 105 minutes of duration, the film packs in a lot. The introduction of characters is done swiftly and it’s all done in an entertaining way. Of course, the film really picks up when the lovers decide to have sex but fail. This crucial sequence is very well handled. In fact the entire film is sensitively executed. The sequences are peppered by humour but it never even once gets indecent. The makers in fact deserve loads of kudos for handling such a taboo topic so beautifully. Unfortunately, the second half is where the film slips. Conflicts are forced into the narrative. It becomes difficult to comprehend exactly what’s going on. The track of Mudit’s old flame Neha complicates the narrative. What was the relevance of her? And if Mudit managed to perform with her, what went wrong with Sugandha? A tension filled sequence is added in the climax which works only partly, as again it was added in the film just to end the film on a high. Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Review by Sukanya Verma on Rediff Rating: Best part is how the script resists belittling Mudit’s condition to insert crass innuendo. The humour is playful, but never prudish. Its provocative elements are clever, comical and pop up in the garb of sly, soft porn poetry, mischievous symbolism, bedroom betting or hilariously camouflaged quips like Pahwa’s instant classic, ‘Ali Baba ka janam hi gufaa main jaane ke liye hua hai.’ With its fine zingers and feisty acknowledgement, Shubh Mangal Saavdhan does more for sex, both noun and verb, than any Hindi film can claim to in a long, long time. Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Review by Priyanka Chawla on DNA India Rating: A loud round of applause for Ayushmann Khuranna for standing up for men and their sexual issues. In one of the dialogues he says “Mard woh nahi jisko dard nahi hota, balki woh hai jo kisi ko dard nahi deta aur dene deta” He debuted in the role of sperm donor in ‘Vicky Donor’ and now is talking about performance anxiety among men with full gusto. ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ jodi of Bhumi-Ayushmann has an amazing chemistry in this one too and the supporting cast adds all the drama needed in this usual wedding chaos seen before. ‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’ merits a watch for more than one reasons. Review by Rohit Bhatnagar on Deccan Chronicle Rating: When the trailer was launched, the film held so many expectations and all of them fall in place. In fact, the trailer is not even close to what the film is. Director RS Prasanna does a commendable job in keeping a North Indian essence intact with a clean family entertainer. Surprisingly, the film has a mass appeal considering it is set in Delhi and Haridwar. It is relatable to a person viewing in the metros as well. The most quirky portions of the film are its interpretations, be it a biscuit turns soggy after dipping it in a hot tea, droplets dripping from the tap or the conversations, all are in the sync with the context. The film is offered by the makers of Tanu Weds Manu franchise, Raanjhana and Happy Bhaag Jayegi and with this film too, they have proved that they are a brand in making family entertainers. Review by Neil Soans on The Times Of India Rating: Is it possible to create a Hindi film around the ‘touchy’ subject of erectile dysfunction without being downright crass about it? Turns out that it is, and quite a funny one at that. This is because the lead pair has an affable chemistry between them – an absolutely essential element when dealing with such a private ‘Gents problem’ (as the film calls it). The whole premise would fall flat without them playing so well off of each other. Ayushmann and Bhumi are able to recreate the magic of being together on-screen, even if their characters aren’t exactly new or challenging to either actor. But it works, so there’s no need to fix it. Additionally, they’re surrounded by a group of talented supporting actors who blend in seamlessly without being too overbearing. This makes the comedy work exactly how and when it’s meant to without stooping to raunchy humour. Review by Shubhra Gupta on Indian Express Rating: Overall this comedy of middle-class-Dilli-manners-and-mores suffers from a sit-com flatness. And when everything is meant to make us laugh, you can quite easily deflect attention from the main premise. A lecture on female empowerment is stuffed in, too. When the action stays between the two main leads, whom we have seen play so well together in Dum Laga Ke Haisha, the film comes together, terrible pun fully intended. Pednekar once again reminds us just how convincing she can be as a real honest-to-goodness young woman in search of love. And Khurrana once again is in fine fettle: from a brawny Punjabi fertile Aryan ‘puttar’ that he plays in Vicky Donor to a fellow who can’t, he’s inhabited both ends of spectrum, showing no performance anxiety at all. Review by Sweta Kaushal on Hindustan Times Rating: Prasanna presents Shubh Mangal Saavdhan in a rather flat manner and refuses to give space to characters other than the hero and heroine, leaving behind one mess of what could have been a fun-filled entertainer. Review by Sreeju Sudhakaran on Bollywood Life Rating: Shubh Mangal Saavdhan could have been the best romantic comedy Bollywood has seen in years. It tackles a risky premise, the humour was brilliant and the performances were first-rate. Unfortunately, the writing suffers a ‘gent’s problem’ towards the end, leaving us high and dry. Still, I would recommend you to watch SMS purely for the humour and Ayushmann-Bhumi’s amazing chemistry. Review by Saibal Chatterjee on NDTVMovies Rating: Shubh Mangal Saavdhan stays strictly within the limits of acceptability in dealing with a thorny theme that could easily have plunged into overt awkwardness. Lightheartedness is the cloak it wears to conceal its uneasy patches. That it succeeds in that endeavour more often than not is a measure of the director’s ability. Shubh Mangal Saavdhan, breezy enough at its core not to be bogged down by the weight of its daring and untested pivotal plot point, is never less than entertaining. Review by Kunal Guha on Mumbai Mirror Rating: The film perseveres to ensure it doesn’t make light of the dysfunction in question, and chooses instead to parody the mayhem triggered by it. This is because aside from all the gags about performance pressure, ED happens to be a serious, rarely spoken of, debilitating condition that has altered marriages. But then, as they say, no hard feelings. Review by Pankhurie Mulasi on Movietalkies Rating: Director R.S. Prasanna’s quirky film talks about ‘erectile dysfunction’, a topic which till now was not explored by Bollywood and the treatment of the film makes you savour every single sequence. The makers have dealt with a serious problem in an entertaining and hilarious way and that’s what makes this film a winner. I guarantee you will laugh your hearts out while watching this fun ride. Review by Vishal Verma on Glamsham Rating: The middle class milieu is well designed. The production values are topnotch. Anuj Rakesh Dhawan’s cinematography is eye pleasing. However, Ninad Khanolkar’s editing could have been crisper. Tanishk-Vayu’s music is functional. All said and done, SHUBH MANGAL SAAVDHAN in spite of its flaws manages its promise date of a rom com that offers something different, thanks to its quirky, bold, snappy and saucy fun powered by an all the way endearing Ayushmann & Bhumi. Review by Ananya Bhattacharya on India Today Rating: The fabulous ensemble cast is complemented by Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’s lead actors Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar. Bringing their chemistry from Dum Laga Ke Haisha to this film, the two fit perfectly into their roles. Their love story is fraught with many problems, but making the audience laugh is not one of them. The couple moves from struggling to deal with the task at hand, erectile dysfunction, to being swamped by unwonted suggestion from all quarters. Review by IANS on Sify Rating: I wish the couple had been left alone by the screenplay to sort out their mutual problem. By bringing the entire family from both the sides into the picture to thresh out the problem on hand, the film ironically mocks the very malady that it so sensitively puts forward. Some of Ayushmann’s scenes with his father and his future father-in-law with both the patriarchs trying to bully him out of his temporary dysfunction, are way too high-pitched and clamorous. It’s like shooting down an injured birth with a canon. The Big Indian wedding and the activities surrounding it ,have for some time now been a source of great colour vibrancy and irony in our cinema. But the wedding festivities have now become a cliché. We need to move on now. Review by Manisha Lakhe on Nowrunning Rating: Ayushmann Khurrana has been making interesting career choices, but his sad sack expression will only get him this far. He depends on his ever darkening stubble to do all the acting, and that’s not enough. Bhumi Pednekar is quite luminous, but then again we see her huff and puff and being irrational… The best ensemble cast too ends up just watching a really bizarre physical stunt, a pointless cameo from a sweet Jimmy Shergill, and a daft ending that makes no sense at all. It just seems that the filmmakers had no clue about where and what to do with the good stuff they had. Alas, a limp ending to the film. Review by Raghav Jaitly on Zeenews Rating: If we talk about the screenplay, the movie fails to maintain the pace at times. Even the climax of the flick was a bit indigestible keeping in mind the tone which the director had set. But, hats off to Prasanna for giving an excellent treatment to a topic like this. At no point, you will feel that the film is going vulgar or uncomfortable words are being used. In the end, I would just like to say that ‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’ is an intelligent amalgamation of a good script and decent acting. It will make you laugh, it will make you think and it will also show a mirror to the ‘modern’ society. You will definitely go home wearing a smile. Review by Rajeev Masand on News18 Rating: Too bad the film hits some clumsy roadblocks in its third act, where the writing comes undone. A misguided decision to raise the stakes threatens to derail the film completely, and an entirely pointless cameo offers nothing by way of value addition. Thankfully it’s the film’s excellent ensemble of actors – playing an assortment of parents, uncles and aunts, siblings and best friends – that rescues it from slipping into tedium, and the jokes continue to come fast and furious. Shubh Mangal Saavdhan rises above its minor problems to deliver plenty laughs. It’s one of the year’s most enjoyable films. I recommend that you make the time for it. Review by Mayank Shekhar on Mid-Day India Rating: This film subtly, beautifully delves on this very idea of machismo, employing first-rate humour to discuss male sexual issues that otherwise remain so hidden under the carpet that the only way to address them is through babas and quacks, who put up secret bills and graffiti with their phone numbers across every Indian town. Review by Meeta on Wogma Rating: Pednekar is getting slightly repetitive while Ayushmann Khurana brings more nuance with every film. Some of this might have to do with how the film is written and the characters these two play. The interactions between the lead pair seem out of sync. Before any chemistry is established they are shown alternating between being loving to and upset with each other. Their interaction seems random. Fortunately it can be enjoyed one scene at a time. The brilliant actors that they are, they manage to create a few moments too. There is one scene that will stick with me for a long, long time. In one short situation which is very awkward for both characters, you see how much respect they have for each other and how much they are willing to do for the other too. Best Rated Films in 2017 Sachin A Billion Dreams – 3.7 stars Baahubali 2 – 3.5 stars Lipstick Under My Burkha – 3.5 stars Anaarkali of Aarah – 3.4 stars Trapped – 3.4 stars Mom – 3.2 stars Hindi Medium – 3.2 stars Jolly LLB 2 – 3.2 stars Poorna – 3.2 stars Kaabil – 3.2 stars Gurgaon – 3.2 stars Rangoon – 3.1 stars Badrinath Ki Dulhania – 3 stars Haraamkhor – 3 stars Bareilly Ki Barfi – 3 stars The Ghazi Attack – 2.9 stars Raees – 2.9 stars Mubarakan – 2.9 stars Toilet Ek Prem Katha – 2.8 stars Raag Desh – 2.8 stars Partition: 1947 – 2.7 stars Jagga Jasoos – 2.7 stars Dear Maya – 2.5 stars Meri Pyaari Bindu – 2.5 stars Noor – 2.5 stars Ok Jaanu – 2.5 stars Naam Shabana - 2.5 stars A Gentleman – 2.4 stars Phillauri – 2.4 stars Running Shaadi – 2.4 stars Shubh Mangal Saavdhan – 2.3 stars Indu Sarkar – 2.3 stars Tubelight – 2.3 stars Shab – 2.3 stars Mirror Game Ab Khel Shuru – 2.3 stars Maatr – 2.3 stars Behen Hogi Teri – 2.2 stars Dobaara See Your Evil – 2.1 stars Commando 2 – 2 stars Irada – 2 stars Raabta – 2 stars Half Girlfriend – 1.9 stars Sarkar 3 – 1.9 stars Mona Darling – 1.9 stars Kung-Fu Yoga – 1.9 stars Munna Michael – 1.8 stars Bank Chor – 1.7 stars Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laddoo Deewana – 1.6 stars Coffee With D – 1.5 stars Guest In London – 1.4 stars Machine – 1 stars Aagaya Hero – 1 stars Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha – 1 stars

Is this the final release date of Haseena Parkar?

Shraddha Kapoor’s ‘Haseena Parkar’ has now been postponed three times after it was first announced for mid-July. The makers have averted two clashes – first with ‘Mubarakan’ and then with ‘Bareilly Ki Bafri’ – after which the film was indefinitely postponed. Now, the director of the film, Apoorva Lakhia has said ‘Haseena Parkar’ will finally see the light of day on September 22.

Julie 2 Teaser

The teaser of ‘Julie 2’ is out and it marks the return of a sleazy franchise that first featured Neha Dhupia and Sanjay Kapoor in the lead. The first film released in 2004, when on-screen kissing would ensure ticket sales at the box office. In fact, it was during that time that Neha had famously said “only sex and Shah Rukh Khan sell”