Salman Khan to play negative role in Race 3: Ramesh Taurani confirms

Bollywood megastar Salman Khan will play a role with “completely grey” shades, Ramesh Taurani, the producer of the soon to be announced ‘Race 3’, has confirmed.

“Yes, Salman’s character is completely grey in Race 3 and it’s an extremely slick, stylish and exciting one – something he has not done before. The Race franchise always has grey characters in them – we are just continuing with that. Like Saif in Race or Race 2” Ramesh Taurani was quoted as saying.

The extremely popular ‘Race’ franchise has fared well at the box office, but none of the films in the series has featured a major box office star in the lead. While the first film featured the likes of Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna and Anil Kapoor, the second film had John Abraham who replaced Akshaye.


Taurani also confirmed that the film will feature Jacqueline Fernandes as the female lead.

The director duo of Abbas Mustan will be replaced by Remo D’Souza, who has previously directed the successful ‘ABCD’ franchise.

Saif Ali Khan has also said that he hasn’t been approached for the third film.

“Ramesh ji (Taurani) told me about this last year that he wants to make Race 3 but as a new movie, with a new cast. We spoke about it and I love Ramesh ji. Who better than Salman Khan for this? I wish both of them luck. But I havenít been approached.” Saif was quoted as saying.

The film is expected to go on floors next month, after Salman wraps up the final schedule of ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ which is the last release of 2017.

There are also reports that ‘Race 3’ is targeting Eid 2018, which should be considered only a rumour, until an official announcement is made.

Industry superstars playing negative roles has worked big-time at the ticket window. When Hrithik Roshan replaced John Abraham in ‘Dhoom 2’, the film went on to become the biggest grosser of all time. The result was the same when Aamir Khan replaced Hrithik in ‘Dhoom 3’. All roles were negative, but featured the villains in large-than-life ‘hero’ characters.

With the inclusion of the industry’s biggest crowd-puller, the third film in the ‘Race’ franchise is set to become by far its biggest – both in terms of investment as well as box office returns.



    • Many people are bashing Race3 due to its director Remo D’Souza. IMO it is absolutely unnecessary and idiotic. We should not forget that the same negativity was there for Sultan too. People used to troll it whole the day by calling Gunday2 and blah blah blah. But we all are very well aware of the result. The same is going to be repeated with Race3. It’ll be a mega blockbuster, for sure.

      • I agree with you that Race 3 can be hit at the box office by the star power of SALMAN KHAN, but you will also agree that Abbas Mustan is more talented director of Bollywood than Remo. Remo is best in only DANCE oriented movies otherwise he gave worst movie of bollywood “FLYING JATT” in his direction. We can only hope that Remo can do justice with RACE 3, but cant compare with him ABBAS MUSTAN who gaves memorable movies like Khiladi, Bazigar, Soldier, Humraz, Aitraz, Race etc., and in suspense movies they are the brillian director duo of Bollywood.

      • @deepak kc
        Agree that Remo isn’t a great director and Abbas-Mastan duo might be better choice for Race3 but not to forget they have recently made Machine, which is far worse than Remo’s Flying jatt. Before TL Kabir Khan was considered Nolan of Bollynwood and before Sultan Ali Abbas was considered the worst of Bollywood. Today the results are in front of us. So be positive, Remo might make a great entertaining film.

    • Indicine changed the stardom of Salman Khan from megastar to superstar post flop movie post tubelight now again changed the status from superstar to megastar when race3 name is announced! Wah!! Actually megastar is the script and the the brand franchise of the film.

      • @syed

        Bhai’s underperformer Tubelight>>>>>2◊JHMS (domestic gross).. So think hundred times before blabbering on Tubelight and Bhai’s stardom.

    • Independence day 2018 – booked
      Republic day 2018 – booked
      Deewali 2018 – booked
      Christmas 2018 – booked

      But Eid 2018 is still vacant, even after Tubelight debacle…… Cz everyone knows that Eid pe sabka baap Salman Khan aata hai. #Khauff of Bhai.

      • Bhai, Ghamand mein chuur mat ho… Eid par aata hai to achchhi baat hai, Par… Ye Sabka Baap… Sabka Baap… Don’t use…
        Fir Tu hi bolta hai ki, Had Koi bash karta hai Tere actor ko…
        It’s good for him who releases his films on Eid only and by using such language you try to degrade others actors… Don’t do this, Enjoy your actor’s films and stay away to create any type of bashing for your actor…

      • @5:24pm
        I’m not visiting other stars related articles to bash them (especially your favorite). I’m just praising Bhai in a Bhai related article. What’s wrong in it? I guess everyone does it in their favorite star related articles. And I haven’t asked anyone to stop posting negative comments on Bhai. All are free to do whatever they want…I’ll reply them if I get time.. .

      • @Tiger the real chuhe before you blabber and try to attack other superstar let me remind you one thing that your salman is nothing but just a product of nepotism who hasn’t worked as hard as other self made superstars like Akshay and srk. There will come a day when lallu will be on the bottom of the list of highest grossers and we will call him backcha and laugh at you. Tubelight floped despite solo releas and most probably same will happen to cockroach zinda hai. Then you will cry and someone will announce a movie on eid 2018 and no one will fear of salman. Ha ha ha.

      • Not Sabka Baap but only Katrina aur Jacqueline Ka Baap as he looks as old as their father. ROFL.

      • @08:46,
        The tell me who was the guy who used to request to Indicine, “Indicine, Please do not allow such posts where users are using CRIMINAL KHAN to your actor”. and who used to request to Indicine, “Indicine, How do you allow such abusive posts of the users who are using it for Salman Khan.”.
        Dear, If your actor is getting Eid holiday then it is good for you and for the fans like you because we all have been seeing that he is releasing his most of the films on Eid only…!!!
        But, Using the language like SABKA BAAP, SABKA BAAP is not going to help you here.
        Like you are crazy for your actor, equally others also are crazy for their heroes…!!!
        Stop stop using such words in future because in this industry all actors are doing hard work and nobody is BAAP of other actors…
        I hope you got it what I wanted you to understand…

    • But tubelight give a life lesson to salmans arrogance fans like you.

      Who thought that salmans movie will never fuse at box office. ..

  • just wondering why he rejected something like dhoom 3 and dhoom 4 btw very excited so that he could now be open for dhoom series too.

  • Surely Sallu may continue to keep the franchise commercially successful (provided he doesn’t fill it with his kids Sooraj Pancholi and Daisy Shah as is being rumoured), but still RACE meant SAIF ALI KHAN – I wish Saifu is still a part of it (Watch Saif’s entry scene in RACE 2 to believe what I’m talking about)!

    Also, getting Remo to direct a thriller instead of the seasoned duo of Abbas-Mustaan is messed up!

  • Omg!today I click on the indicine page and see so many omg..that’s great indicine..keep it up and dont you think it’s kind of scrary that Remo is directing race 3..i am not sure about him..abas mustan are way better

  • Omg!today I click on the indicine page and see so many omg..that’s great indicine..keep it up and dont you think it’s kind of scrary that Remo is directing race 3..i am not sure about him..abas mustan are way better!!!!

  • This film will be HUGE. Cant wait. And for those who are doubting Remo’s direction skills, be patient and dont worry becz he has a good sucess ratio.

  • Its Written Blockbuster and i think jaqeuline is so lucky actress she is not very good in acting but she has so awesome screen presence.

  • Remo??????

    Top 3 hgoty mai pahuch jae to badi baat hai?

    Hgoty will be TOH

    and srk ki film ko vi underestimate matt karo….alr is the director and srk is a jakhmi sher

  • Finally an article on Race 3, desperately waiting for this one……

    And Indicine today whatever you eat in Breakfast please eat that daily….today you are in form….Form for which we (Indicine Lovers) are waiting for a long time…..

  • Now I hope amitabh bachan and priyanka chopra which are rumored casting members must be included in the movie so the movie becomes larger larger and laaaaaaarger than life experience ever for a salman khan film FINGERS CROSSED

  • Not interested in this movie being made as 2nd film in the series was bakwaas but still with bhais includion Im like “hhhmmm not sold on it yet…”

  • Coming back to movie, I will not talk about Box Office yet but this will be HUGE…..We all Salman fans waiting for a long time to see Salman in Grey Character, and nothing is better than Race or Dhoom franchisee…..I am sure that this will be an ATBB and it will take Race franchise to the Dhoom level…..

  • Much rather see Bhai in D3 for next Eid as for me Race3 is not ideally suited for an Eid period release… masses may not be that intrigued but I could be wrong.

  • The way Indicine and Boi overhype this man
    i feel indicine admin is salmans lawyer and boi admin is salmans driver

    salman khan pr rocks
    it has managed to pay even box office sites

    • Just ketch ha ha ha. Megastar my foot? Who are you calling megastar? Dhoom 3 me megastar tha Isi liye chali thi. Koi aur hota to flop hoti. Only aamir is megastar of Bollywood not this 3rd class flop actor salman.

  • Haters think SRK is nothing without YRF dharma.SRK Have 27 clean hits / Super hit / blockbusters.out of which 14 are without YRF and Dharma.that means 50 % are without YRF and dharma.out of 8 blockbusters , 3 – Karan arjun, OSO and CE are not YRF dharma.
    Out of 5 HGOTY 2 – Devdas are OSO are not YRF Dharma films.
    Only ATHG Chennai express is neither YRF film nor dharma product.
    So its proven that SRK is not dependent on YRF and dharma.he has also achieved many things without YRF and dharma.if still anyone thinks he is YRF dharma made star then i want to tell admit in mental hospital.

    • @prashant

      In a Bhai and Race3 related article you are chanting on Srk, yrf, dharma and blah blah blah….Sorry to say, actually it’s you who needs mental treatment.??

  • Salman in different characters:
    Lover Boy/ Family Man: Prem
    Thief: DEVIL
    Honest COP: Arjun Ranawat
    Corrupt COP/ Robin Hood: Chil Bul Pandey
    Wrestler: Sultan Ali Khan
    Comman Man: Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi
    SPY/ RAW Agent: Tiger
    Mad Lover: Radhe

    All these Characters are become Iconic in Indian Film Industry…..And no doubt that his new avatar of Negative Character will also be Praised by everyone……

    Desperately waiting for RACE 3……..

  • Previously had questions over Remo’s appointment as director for #RACE3. But I guess he will give his Best coz this time he is directing a Megastar.

  • We had huge expectations from Sooraj Ji n Kabir but They disappointed and Had questions over Ali but he delivered #SULTAN so maybe it’s Remo’s turn now.

    • Aamir’s dhoom 3’s parking occupancy in one theater itself was much bigger than salman’ main aur mrs khanna and tubelight combined. LOL. And thugs of hindostan’ opening weekend alone will be more than chuha zinda hai and loser of race 3’s life time collections.

  • I guess Abbas-Mustan are a way better option! Saif with Sallu will be great! I don’t want Remo directing it, as he is too weak a director. Why replace the successful Abbas-Mustan?

  • Haters say that Salman is always release his movie on EID…..But still EID 2018 is vacant, while all the other important dates are booked by others….I want to ask haters why no body has booked it yet…..Tubelight fails this EID but still no one dares to book EID date….That’s the Real Mega-Stardom Of Salman Khan……

    Hai Dum To Aa Jao EID Pe……

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