Salman Khan to play negative role in Race 3: Ramesh Taurani confirms

Bollywood megastar Salman Khan will play a role with “completely grey” shades, Ramesh Taurani, the producer of the soon to be announced ‘Race 3’, has confirmed.

“Yes, Salman’s character is completely grey in Race 3 and it’s an extremely slick, stylish and exciting one – something he has not done before. The Race franchise always has grey characters in them – we are just continuing with that. Like Saif in Race or Race 2” Ramesh Taurani was quoted as saying.

The extremely popular ‘Race’ franchise has fared well at the box office, but none of the films in the series has featured a major box office star in the lead. While the first film featured the likes of Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna and Anil Kapoor, the second film had John Abraham who replaced Akshaye.


Taurani also confirmed that the film will feature Jacqueline Fernandes as the female lead.

The director duo of Abbas Mustan will be replaced by Remo D’Souza, who has previously directed the successful ‘ABCD’ franchise.

Saif Ali Khan has also said that he hasn’t been approached for the third film.

“Ramesh ji (Taurani) told me about this last year that he wants to make Race 3 but as a new movie, with a new cast. We spoke about it and I love Ramesh ji. Who better than Salman Khan for this? I wish both of them luck. But I haven’t been approached.” Saif was quoted as saying.

The film is expected to go on floors next month, after Salman wraps up the final schedule of ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ which is the last release of 2017.

There are also reports that ‘Race 3’ is targeting Eid 2018, which should be considered only a rumour, until an official announcement is made.

Industry superstars playing negative roles has worked big-time at the ticket window. When Hrithik Roshan replaced John Abraham in ‘Dhoom 2’, the film went on to become the biggest grosser of all time. The result was the same when Aamir Khan replaced Hrithik in ‘Dhoom 3’. All roles were negative, but featured the villains in large-than-life ‘hero’ characters.

With the inclusion of the industry’s biggest crowd-puller, the third film in the ‘Race’ franchise is set to become by far its biggest – both in terms of investment as well as box office returns.



  • It would have been a deadly combination of Saif, Deepika & Salman… And a multi starrer film after ages would do wonders for everyone… But Remo is risky and doubtful it is if Salman picks up the likes of Pulkit Samrat, Aditya Pancholi, Ashmit Patel, Yash tonk, etc. etc… jobless fools…

  • I don’t know why people are so worried about Remo, yaar there are so many examples in recent time when even a so called Great Directors are failed at Box Office but not so famous Directors have done great jobs:

    Good Director who failed at Box Office:
    Kabir with Tubelight
    Anurag Basu with JJ
    Aditya Chopra with Befikre
    Imtiyaz Ali with JHMS
    Milan Luthriya with Baadshahoo
    Maneesh Sharma with FAN
    Rahul Dholakia with Raees

    Also there are so many examples of Directors who were not famous but gives Big Movies:
    Ali Abbas Zafar with Sultan
    Nitesh Tiwari with Dangal

    So its not only about good or bad director but its also about the good script….With good script even a new Director can make Great Movie….So calm down guys….

    Also if I am not wrong then still Ramesh Taurani has not confirmed about Remo…..He only confirm about Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandes……..Also if Remo selected as a Director then I think he will give his 100% because this is a huge opportunity and only an stupid can ruin such Big Chance……

  • News of the decade. I hope this comes on EID 2018….

    Now indicine is spot on, the “Megastar” ….

    Superstar is a very small term for Numer uno king Salman khan.

  • Remo isn’t bad director like people are saying but he isn’t capable to replace Ace Abbas Mustan in action thriller most importantly Race is belongs to saif and always remain ranveer as finest character in race seres, salman is a worst replacement of the franchise should be cast young actors

    • I agree with you. Salman is worst actor and completely miscast in race and dhoom franchise. He is bachcha in front of saif for race franchise.

  • You hypocrite if you don’t use megastar for the real one whose movies are thrashing each and every records in India, overseas and everywhere takes box office by storm and has given 2000 for worldwide grosser than why the hell are you using it for someone who can’t give any record breaking film and recently gave a disaster on big festival? No doubt your site is 3rd class flop site and hardly anyone visits it these days as the number of comments on your website proves it. Mark my words thugs of Hindustan will get much bigger opening than flop franchise race 3 and gadha zinda hai.

    • Why are you burning @truth hurts? Megastar is indisputably Salman Khan. You can use any term for your shorty, but please leave Indicine team out of it. Thank you.

      • Isn’t your lallu a shorty @No Ketch? You better leave it for your shorty a megastar and it’s my right to say whatever I want to indicine so you are nobody to tell me. Get a life moron.

      • @Salman fan And your ID also suits you. Beeuse you are a gawaar senseless idiot and we all know all salman fans are senseless gawaar people with no IQ. Ha ha ha. LMAO.

      • On point @ Salman fan. You served him right. He needs to change his ID or truth will continue hurting him. 😄😆😜😃

  • RACE 3 will become flop if remo direct it, remo can make dance film not Abbas Mustan thriller. Tubelight proves salman+Eid can’t save the film

  • i don’t know about trending or appreciation but this film should open huge. infact the next two films of salman ( tzh and race 3)should open huge and should run riots at the boxoffice atleast for the first three days which did not happen in case of tubelight . so there are high chances that salman will dominate the all time opening day records and all time weekend records big time till thugs of hindustan releases.

  • Race 3 Wont work. People are only opting for content. Without good films even Salman is nothing. 2010-2012 days are gone way too long ago. And Salman is biggest crowd puller my foot? Everyone knows who is the Baap of Bollywood and who is ruling box office in India, overseas everywhere in the world since last 9 years.

  • Call him biggest crowd puller or whatever but even you know that which one will be biggest opener next year and be biggest grosser of the year. Yeh janta hai sab jaanti hai. Aamir is biggest crowd puller of the industry and I think you need one more failure of lallu to realize that. TZH will flop if it’s crap and so will race 3. Race 2 wasnt a clean hit and people are no longer excited for race 3. So I suggest you to get a life.

    • bro with good containt anybody can give blockbuster or hit but megastar is who, who can deliver with a bad script.
      ps: Salman with jai ho and Tubelight and amir with talash.
      mind it.

  • Good news- salman in race 3, plays a negative role

    bad news-no abbas mustan the master’s of thrillers in bollywd

  • The producers might have got a script which is similiar like twist thriller race named it as race 3(easy to promote)
    booked salman…. Its all business…nothing to do with the prequels…it sucks
    Salman is there…it is extremely slick,stylish and exciting

  • Best of luck for Race 3 (KICK 2) with same heroine.. same shady character with golden heart..same high octane racing & flying cars.. I’ll not say it’s a old wine in a new bottle.. bcoz, I am dumb. thank u god of acting salman bhai. i was ur die hard fan but not anymore. copy & paste successful movie again & again is the only formula to survive in bollywood. yes, u deserve oscar for your acting in Tubelight (bajrangi bhaijan 2)

  • Saif is the image for RACE, so without him will not be the essence of the franchise, and no Abbas-Mustaan… not good ! Let’s see if Salman can bring the light for RACE 3.

  • @ Salman fan, now suddenly Maneesh sharma and Rahul Dholakia become good directors.Raees is not a failure.130 crore without any festival against a film Kaabil who gets excellent word of mouth is not a small thing.Raees is a moderate success .although people expect more from SRK films.

  • Those who are doubting Remo and want Abbas Mastan in place of Remo, let me remind you that recent release of Abbas Mastan’s Mechine was also Disaster……I don’t want degrade anyone here and I am not saying that Remo is bigger/better director but want to say that with good script and better execution any Director can give Great Movie……

  • Srk fans are like “What the F**K” is happening…..Salman is getting Big Blockbuster movies, Akki is doing small but successful movies, Aamir comes in 2 years but give Big Blockbuster…..only Skr is struggling in giving Hits forget Blockbuster…..So what we do, lets go to each articles of these actors and spread negativity….Srk ne hamko aur kuch karne layak choda hi nahi……HaHaHa

  • I hope it features anil kapoor and saif as well .that would be some epic casting.. film will be more huge than thugs of Hindustan
    But plz change this director.. abbas mastan are known for making interesting thrillers with twist and turns and they should be approached for this as well..the expectations are too huge for the film to let us down..especially when both remo and Salman just had a flop..we need a huge grosser..not this

    • Ha ha ha ha ha. No film can be as huge as TOH. Get a life. Salman is very small star compared to megastar AAMIR KHAN.

  • they should hav given the role to SRK bcoz we all knw he is the best in negative roles.i did not want to hurt any SALMAN fans but its that srk can do negative roles better than anyone else

  • RACE 3, DABBANG 3…..

    Awesome lined up movies for Megastar.

    First we all are waiting for the first 300cr movie of 2017 TZH….

    Bollywood had a dry year with Tubelight not doing well, only TZH can save .

    Rest all other actors are 65-100 crs actors who are not even close to megastardom, except Aamir.

    TZH 300cr, DEC22nd…

  • I think race 3 will be more entertaining now that remo is on it. Look race movies are all about stylish sexy songs , some comedy and action . Remo will handle songs and comedy alright and salman with handle the action ( as he has done quite few actions) he knows a bit about action

    And as far as biggest boclkbuster of 2018 goes it wont race 3 its TOH

    NEGATIVE ROLE for SALMAN will be super awesome
    hope the Direction will be good from REMO
    ABBAS-MASTAN’s RACE 1 was BEST but not part 2

  • @Prashant abhishek;
    Yes Maneesh and Rahul are good Directors look at their previous movies, and here I am saying Good not Big Director, there is difference in both word…….And Raees was a failure, Srk in his so called Negetive role, Big supporting cast, Item song, Well received Teaser and Trailer, Action movie and still only 130cr…..Yaar in 2010 Salman crossed 140-150cr mark with Action movie…..So Raees is a failure…..

  • @vicky nd @truth hurts
    hahahaha bauna is a megastar? nice joke!!! your bauna is even behind rajpal yadav in fan following. he is too tiny infront of the supreme megastardom of salman…..
    ur bauna is too bauna without xmas. and dhoom 3 worked because of franchise factor you first rate jerks.

    • salman combatant ha ha ha. We all know who Bauna is. Your bhojpuri is bauna in stardom compared to megastar aamir khan. Bauna lallu is even behind Jonny lever in terms of fan following. Lallu is very tiny in front of megastardom of aamir khan. Aukaat me reh bauna fan. Lallu is 5 ft 6 in so shouldn’t he also be called Bauna? Kahan 2000 cr club Ka global megastar aamir khan aur Kahan tiny local star lallu? Koi comparison hi nahi. Baap Baap hota hai aur beta beta. The day your local star breaks dhoom 3 and Dangal’s non holiday opening day record only then come. Till then hide in your hole. Dhoom 3 worked only because of brand aamir khan because no brand is bigger than AAMIR KHAN. Dhoom brand needed megastar like aamir khan to work otherwise it would have flopped badly. Get a life.

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