Julie 2 Teaser

The teaser of ‘Julie 2’ is out and it marks the return of a sleazy franchise that first featured Neha Dhupia and Sanjay Kapoor in the lead. The first film released in 2004, when on-screen kissing would ensure ticket sales at the box office. In fact, it was during that time that Neha had famously said “only sex and Shah Rukh Khan sell” 

But the second film comes at a time when the audience has access to ‘better content’ on the internet. Do such films still have an audience?

Produced and directed by Deepak Shivdasani, Julie 2 is a thriller that features South Indian actress Laxmi Raai. This will be Laxmi’s 50th film in her career and her first in Bollywood.

Check out the teaser below, the trailer will be out next week.



  • Will be a wash-out – those who want to watch it for the only reason possible – will download it!

    However, I am surprised Indicine – you managed to share the teaser or Julie 2 with an unknown cast but ignored Aksar 2 trailer (both movies serve the same purpose but Aksar 2 is bigger)? Fan of Raai Laxmi?

      • They have still not published the trailer of Rajkummar Rao’s ‘Bose’ about Netaji… which trailer has been released long back and I kept reminding but my comments weren’t published, I hope the same will happen this time also…

      • @Vera. Indicine definitely works in mysterious ways. ????. I don’t know who Laxmi Rai is, but this trailer is just wow!

  • No need to say what a b grade actress say abt Bollywood.BT its indicine who won’t let go any chance to post anything abt srk.

  • Even if we believe (which is stupidity and nothing more) what Neha said, which is “only sex and Shah Rukh Khan sell”…..at that time……

    But Today Neither Sex nor Srk can sell the movie…..LOL

    • Am I the only one around here who doesn’t find Zareen Khan attractive?
      I mean she’s not that a familiar face and can’t act. Looks like a budget Katrina.

  • Please post article on Baadshaho movie . What is boxoffice prediction of Baadshaaho film.
    Whats about Emraan hashmi & AJay devgan ranking after it

  • SRK is the King from almost 26years… no one can match his stardom..! coming to box office just wait for his upcoming movies…. wo kahte hai naa ghaayal sher bahoth khatarnaak hotaa hai… ! just wait and watch

  • Yeh din bhi dekhna tha. Aksar 2 trailer being demanded by fans.

    Bund karo hawas ka nanga nach. Say No to Tharkipana

  • My comment at 11:06 is pending. Also, I think you should correct the comment in case the user mentions the typos. Makes the comments section a lot cleaner. Thanks for the articles. Your website is one of its kind.

  • 2004 : only sex n shahrukh sell in bollywood.
    2017 : shahrukh doesn’t sell even with help of sex (JHMS)

    P.S. – Julie didn’t sell neither in 2004 nor in 2017.

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