Video: My Name Is Khan – Sneak Peek

This video, promoting the first trailer of My Name Is Khan, was aired on all Star channels. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the video below.

The official first look trailer will be aired on Star Plus at 10 PM on 16th December.




  • yes…….srk is king of bollywood……………..he is the only actor who who brings us tears makes us laugh…………..and every emotion with his performance………….he is just superb…………….i saw mnik today…………what a class performance of srk….he is speciallllllllllllll

  • @Youssef, Ar, and Amit get real people.

    And leave Salman Khan out of this. So he makes more flops than hits and he is still on of the biggest stars in India and the most searched Indian celebrity on the internet? People like u make me sick. I was reading the post with a couple of my friends (all foreigners) you know what one of them said: “Not all Denzel’s films are hits but we respect him as an actor, why can’t U indians do the same?” Truth is that flops and hits do not make u a star! So get a life guys and leave Salman Khan out of this discussion. Its becoming a joke really especially when the people in question do not know if u exist! Lol……..! Random ranting!

    If MNIK makes it good, if it flops good! Does it make SRK any taller or better than he is? he remains the same, an actor trying to bring movies to u guys, trying to entertain, d same goes for Salman. After reading this posts, I finally understand why people over here regard us as numbskulls! MNIK was on UK papers and most of the white people here were so pissed because as far as they were concerned there are better issues like recession to write about and they actually blasted their papers here! So why do u guys thrash ur own people? Insulting them calling them names! Like I said get a life!

  • @Youssef

    My friends and I just read ur last post and we could not help laughing. (I introduced them to bollywood movies), first film they went to see was Paa, then Veer and Miranda my friend is so in love with Salman (which is normal cause he fine)….anyway to cut a long story short, we just read ur last post and she said to ask u this question: “Do u know what Salman’s bedroom looks like? So she can dream of it, u seem to know much about his life innit?” I mean u just wrote a whole lot of troubles he’s had so u must be family!

    @indicine…don’t mind me! My friends and I have been reading your posts, we are enjoying comments and laughing so hard! Well done! we can’t undersatnd why there is so much insults being thrown around! I think Salman, Aamir and SRK are different people and rock in their own way! Is it so hard to respect that?

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