Video: My Name Is Khan – Sneak Peek

This video, promoting the first trailer of My Name Is Khan, was aired on all Star channels. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the video below.

The official first look trailer will be aired on Star Plus at 10 PM on 16th December.




  • I know SRK fans wud kill me for this but if SRK’s performance in this small promo is anything to go by, it might turn out to be the epitome of hamming …hope its not! ;)

  • IF mnik releasing with salmans ” VEER” on 22nd january , salmans ” VEER” will thrash mnik at the box office .

  • SAJU DEY : mnik is not relasing with veer , why r u so interested in MNIK ,

    don’t promote veer by comparing with mnik.

    you are sallu fan , and you just like sallu promo and neither srk nor aamir.

  • srk look like a mad or mental affected guy in this film. I dont think it is a karan johar film . Its look like a ordinary film ever made by karan johar . This is not a karan johar quata’s film .

  • it feels very nice……the very different looks….and the another true mind blowing story to make the new history in the bollywood……anyway this is gonne be the another all time blockbuster……

    @saju & singhania:-
    this is going to be megha blockbuster…though you guys like it or not….and you just dont worry…..that’s bcoz the king rules….not just bollywood….the world….

    @unknown:- what’s the copy there….u unknown??…. dont put ur meaninless word here my fren

  • it is a smashing promo.and plz dont compare VEER with MY NAME IS KHAN.bcz SALMAN does not know how to act how to talk.he is just the greatest fool of bollywood.SRK rocks.

  • Hey Guys,This is not the MNIK Promo. This is just a sneak peek. Don’t you read the title of the article? Wait till the real trailor releases. I’m sure SRK will thrash the box office with this movie. It’s more than a year we didn’t see him in screen in a main role. People are going to watch this movie just to see the superhit couple of the era SRK-Kajol. No matter what the story is. Good Luck King Khan. You are a real legend!

  • This 30 seconds teaser indicates we are in for OVER THE TOP acting by the OVER RATED actor….

    Very poor promo… Hope the main promo is good… SRK trying too hard but fails miserably…

    Recovering High Cost is going to be a tough nut to crack… Overseas may be good… But in India it wont do too well…

  • ya saju………..dey, you r just beggar….ha ha ha……so poor guys you have nothing more than angry, hate , fight , dis-respect, nonsence thought……and very poor that you can never feel the lov……so you go after your mannerless salman khan….

    this is the movie , which entire world is waitin for last 14 month’s and finally the promos are now ready,,,,as well as movie is all set to blast in the history of bollywood…….ha ha ha…..

  • Guys it is a promo of thetrical trailer , this is not a trailer , why r u worry ??? if movie will good then it will be super hit if not then flop simple.

    “SAJU VEER DEY” r u realy mad or u just want to show urself ?
    every movie flop every movie flop wht do u think in 2010 only one movie will hit which would be Veer???
    if u love sallu uncle too much then get marry him coz he is still single.
    then may be karan would sign u for dostana 3 , coz dostana 2’s cast already been final.

    Amit r u amit singhania or an other amit ???

    unknown: just one scene resemble to ghajini and u said it is copy, if it is copy of ghajini then every single movie is copy of every other movie coz all the heros are same ,, their acting is same dressing , dancing , fight all things are same.

  • absolutely khannnnnnn…..this is goin to be the history …… once again

    and why all the people are jealous of shah rukh khan’s success….. whatever the world is with him and this world is curiously waitin for this khan…..king khan… name is khan…..feb.12.2010..

  • yes,,,,,,,,nauman……this saju dey deserves it…….dostaana3…and his partner is sallu uncle, and there we will see the history lov story of two veer…..sallu+saju dey….this movie will defenately blockbuster……ha ha ha

    well,saju i know u r fan of sallu uncle… lov him very much(that’s why u got offer for dostana)…..u can say every good comment about him as far as possible….but why u hate others, why u use dirty word?….if you dont know ask me i will send you anwsera also……

  • this video is sooooooooo boring…….i think its going to be a big disaster.looks like srk has only done overacting as usual…

  • Is this saju dev have any knowledge of bollywood or he is just commenting only for the sake of getting noticed. According to him mnik is flop, krrish2 is flop and also according to him MNIK is a b grade film. The level of his stupidity is the most remarkable thing I have evr seen in indicine

  • hey saju dey , vicky all u sallu’s fans are you just jealous of srk… and promoting veer… this is not about veer it’s about my name is khan so only talk about my name is khan.. my name is khan not about short time memory nor copy of talegu movie… like ghajini…it’s the love story, about love between muslim and hindu…

  • gurvinderpal paaa jee
    u forgot abt 3 idiots he also said flop ,
    i told before that next yr only one movie gonna hit which is veer. so all producer’s dicided that none of any movie will release in 2010 so 2010 has only one movie which is veer and SAJU VEER DEY will see veer every sunday .
    am i right ?
    saju veer dey
    saju pagal dey
    saju mad dey
    saju gay dey

  • The look of srk feels something different , you see when he smiles in this vedio is quite awsome actingwise.

    I feel so.

    Background music sounds pretty and soft to ears.

    I am looking forward to this movie , if there is good storyline in this movie , then this will surely be a
    great movie .

  • hahahahah
    amit bhai jee yeh sachin aur john cena kaha se aa gae darmian main ??? sachin 3 idiot ki permotion kar raha haito is ka yeh matlab nahi ke he is a part of bollywood, just talk abt bollywood.
    ok i got it that u r srk’s fan
    and another thing amit singhaniya is mad guy hopefully u wont.
    m i right ???

  • RK :
    love between muslim guy and hindi girl ? it means kurbaan part 2 ???
    indicine said that MNIK is also abt terrorism and 9/11 like kurbaan , but through promo i dont think so a person who cant hv eye conetct with others how will he fix a bomb or some other terrorist activities?
    movie looks good permotion is also good but i am worry abt one thing that mostly feb movies never work i dont know why ? i m not sure abt india but in pak feb – may there is exams session , feb , march matric exams , march , april graduation , april, may intermediate
    is it same in india ?? if yes then students wont hv enough time to go to cinema for movie.
    mostly movies work in last quater of the yr oct – dec
    all super hit blockbusters belongs to x mas , diwali and eid

  • @nauman

    It is almost same here but good movies always work. RDB was released on 26jan(i think so) and JA on14 feb and they all worked.There are lot more but i dont remember them(ghajini effect)
    and nauman which movie u like more RNBDJ or ghajini, dont take starcast into consideration

  • gurvindar paa jee why r u kididng with me ???
    rabne bana di jodi got worst screenplay award . and in 2008 it hadworst screenplay, i just liked 2 things in the movie one was surinder paa jee and 2nd sad n slow back grpund score, and some time hule hule’s back ground score as well.
    ghajini was good i think not more then 3.5/5 but re make of tamil n telegu movies which was not fair , movie didnt hv his own new idea just like copy past , i dont like this kind of things.
    i know so many movies worked in jan n feb but ratio of success in last quater is 10 times batter then 1st quater of the yr , even race released on 28 th march, namaste london 23 march, both raaz 1 , 2 in jan
    kaho na pyar hai 14 jan, and so onnnn.
    paa jee tussi kede alaqay to hoo ? issi wi punjabi haige haan,

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