Video: My Name Is Khan – Sneak Peek

This video, promoting the first trailer of My Name Is Khan, was aired on all Star channels. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the video below.

The official first look trailer will be aired on Star Plus at 10 PM on 16th December.




  • indicine team :
    now i need to talk to u , u know that i said to u that i hv a very good script of a abnormal guy’s love story , so when i saw this promo i got shoked that srk’s acting is looking like same which i thought for my hero , i dont know he is normal or abnormal but it looks like same which i thought , hopefully only this thing would hv resembleness other wise my hero would be sink.
    i m still waiting for ur e mail.
    when u gonna send me ?

  • @nauman

    nauman paa jee assi jammu de rehan vaale han par saade dadajee pakistan de rehan waale si jo 47 ton baad india aa gaye. We are from the place called chakan da baagh in pakistan, hope u know that

  • @numan,in 3-4 scenes their is one scene like ghajini,because the film has so high expectation, it is obvious that one will find fault in the scene.wat u r trying is to start a fight,don’t do this frnd.@khan, the bus scene reminds me of ghajini.but hope the full promo clear my doubt.and by the way background music is good.

  • paa jee
    sadi vi aha i story aa , saday waday indian to pak aae si asain hoshiyarpur de han, main chakn da baagh da naam pahle kadi nai sunya ho sakda hai hun aida naa kuj hur rakhta hoe.

  • @nauman

    no, the name hasnt changed . there is trade going on these days from india to chakaan da baagh, may be you can google it .

  • Srk and kajol looks great together. For those who r jelous from srk be aware king of world is coming back to shut their mouths. SRK we love u.

  • For God sake from where it look copy of Aamir Khan of Ghajini. The first look is fabulous and i think it will be the best performance of shahrukh’s career. It reminds me of dustin hofman performance in Rain Man for which dustin got Oscar, i hope shahrukh performance will notch ahead of dustin performance.

  • hi every jealous and esp sallu fan go to your bad boy sallu who is masterflop 14 flop the floppy man who gave u london nightmares and mrs khanna no where here for u
    my name is khan willl be the best and the highest grossing indian movie beating ghajini and sholay am sure and overseases it will shatter all records in shaallah ya rab ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  • shahrukh facial looks and expression shows that he is knowing his character very much amild form of autism named aspergers syndrom best luck shahrukh

  • i ve watched ghajini and i dont think shahrukh copies any actor in fact amir khan is the one who copies american actor he copied the hero of memento in every frame story every thing tattoo everything iam disappionted by him

  • NAUMAN kutte main tera khun pi jaunga saale . Don,t compare with salman’s ” VEER ” . promo look like a B _ GRADE film . SOOOOOOOO BORINGGGG .

  • SRK the king of hearts in the whole world. Those people who r jelous frm srk success. Actually they are adding more popularity and love amongst the king khan’s fans.

  • srk is great, i think my name is khan breaks all boxoffice record.
    It starts slow but it peak up & running successfully, & breaks all ghajini record.
    Because SRK said, my every next film breaks my own previous film.
    OSO breaks CDI, RNBDJ breaks OSO.
    MNIK breaks ghajini & SRK gets OSCAR for best actor, film. SRK rules

  • since am an akki fan lukin at dis sneak peak movie dosnt luk gd but a think dis movie should go and become a big hit but a hope am wrong

  • amit singhania u make me laugh insulting shahrukh by using his own words, it was he who said, if you dont like me raise ur standards. at least shahrukh didnt make a career from taking his shirt off unlike some, ahem, salman, ahem !

  • for god’s sake ppl , there wasn’t more than 3 snapshots from the movie & the rest was srk’s talking , how could u judge a whole movie saying it’s gonna be boring based on 3 snapshots , this’s not the trailer it’s like the trailer of the trailer ,, so wait for the complete trailer before u judge .

  • nice trailer, much better than veer!

    i think veer will be avrage movie!
    mnik will atbb!

    srk is badshah of bollywood!
    big b is father of bollywood
    amir is genral of bollywood
    and sallu is only a smallest part of bollywood!

    dont compare badsha with poor actor like sallu!
    sallu is worst actor of world!
    fan of salllu miya! are also fan of poor and worst acting!.

    there is only one rule in bollywood! its srk rule!

    kingh khan rocks!

  • Saju Veer Dey …..
    mere bhai mental hosp se kab wapas aaya ??? pata hi nahi chala,chalo ab achay bachoon ki tarha mental hosp ki car main baitho aur wapas jao tumhari nirjala ne suicide kar li hai.
    chalo jaldi karo
    car main baithu
    hurry up man hurry up

  • after mnik hit and veer flop-
    sallu says-

    veer-” ye mere dadda ki talwar hai hai ye sirf srk ke kadmo mein apna sir chadhane ke liye bani hai”
    veer- “agar kisi ne srk ki taraf ankh uthane ki koshish ki to veer itni tabhahi machayaga jitni tushar kapoor machata hai”
    wanted- agar ek bar srk ke hatho harne ki commentment kardi uske baad mein sirf srk ki ssunta hun”


    sallus song for srk-” tere naam kiya hai jeevan apna sara king………….”

  • @indicine

    what is happening over here, this page is fill with abuses not decisions.
    I cant understand why some people cant respect their favourite actor’s competitors. It is fine that you love some actor but u cant abuse his competitor. I myself is a huge fan of hrithik but if I cant abuse srk, akki, salman because film industry can never run on a single actor. So guys love one actor and respect all.

  • It’s strange how Srk’s got anti-fans exactly equal to his fans , no other actor on earth managed to do such , cuz most of them ve fans & 2 or more anti-fans & the rest of universe ignore them , but with Srk it’s different, it’s like what he once has said ” u can love me or hate me but never ignore me ” & as u may have noticed every other actor’s fans hate Srk , but srk’s fans don’t hate the other actors , so if that was to prove anything , it proves that SRk turely is a living legend , & they r just jealous & no matter how hard they gonna deny it , it’ll just prove me right further .

  • Yes i really very much agree with u jainpotter. There is no one in this world who can ignore King khan. There are three legends in history of bollywood.
    2. Big B
    3. Daleep kumar

    But SRK is the most popular star ever in the history of bollywood.
    Yes Mostly srk fans don’t abuse other stars. Because they know that there is no comparison b/w srk and others. Srk is the emperor. Srk is the great human being. So his fans are alos good human being. so they can’t abuse others.

  • from 2000 to 2009 srk has given 2 flops asoka and paheli bcoz of noncedible directors behind these films.with names like kjo , kajol and srk we can atleast expect mnik to be a superhit film if not blockbuster.if the story is good then sky is the limit for mnik.

  • to saju dey
    for yr kind information
    baadshah avg
    yes boss above avg
    kbhkn avg
    darr hit
    josh semi hit
    you can also verify frm

    frm your above comments it looks like you really hate srk very much.your hatredness towards a person can never bring happiness and success in your life.there should be a limit for hatredness.

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