Top 5 Performances of 2009 – Male

With just one major release (3 Idiots) left, in what has been a disastrous year for Bollywood, we bring you the list of the Top 5 lead male performances this year.

5) Saif Ali Khan (Kurbaan) – After the super-success of Love Aaj Kal, came Kurbaan for Saif Ali Khan, who proved yet again, that he is one of the more dependable actors in the industry today. Dil Chahta Hai was his big break and compared to some of his performances in the 90s, the actor has come a long way. He has always performed well in dark roles with grey shades and Kurbaan was no different.

4) Salman Khan (Wanted) – While equally good in London Dreams, Salman rocked in Wanted. Not quite the role that demanded acting histrionics, but Salman performed both the action scenes and the difficult dance steps choreographed by Prabhu Deva, with equal ease and panache.

3) Ranbir Kapoor (Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani) – Not without reason is this lad considered the most talented lead star after Hrithik Roshan. Screen presence, comic timing, grace while dancing, charm.. Ranbir has it all. He was exceptionally good in Wake Up Sid, only to come up with an even better performance in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. With a bit of help from his fabulous co-star Katrina Kaif, Ranbir carried the otherwise mediocre film to glory at the box office.

2) Shahid Kapoor (Kaminey) – He had two difficult roles to portray in Kaminey, one as a stutterer and the other as a lisper. Shahid was flawless in both, successfully making both characters look completely different. Top contender for the top honors at the end of the year, until…

1) Amitabh Bachchan (Paa) – .. this legend swept us off our feet with Auro. It isn’t easy for someone at the age of 67 to wait patiently for hours, for the makeup men to do their work, then get into the skin of the character and finally leave no trace of himself on screen. He has nothing left to prove, yet, time and again, Bachchan proves he is inarguably the best actor in the industry.

This list will be updated after the release of 3 Idiots.

Agree? Disagree? Reasons? Post your comments below.



  • Where is abhay deol for devd?his performance was better than ranbir nd shahid…abhay deol should be in top5 top5 ..abhay deol for devd salman for wanted amitabh paa farhan aktar luck by chance neil nitin newyork shahid kaminey…best among them abhay deol..that was flawless performance..

  • i think rocket nd sid r more performance oriented than prem in ajb..indicine r u taken box office result in to the consideration?

  • Oh yeah, Abhay Deol. He was good in Dev D, but the film didn’t work for us. Many have rated it 5, but apart from Gulaal and Black Friday, never really liked any of Anurag Kashyap’s films.. We’ll stick to this list..

    No not box office.. If you see the list, apart from Saif and Shahid Kapoor, every other film was average – below average.. Its the lead stars that made it so good.. What’s Ajab without Ranbir, Wanted without Salman or Paa without Amitabh? Its their performances that made the film so good.. That’s why they are so high up the list..

    And Amit, you keep saying Abhay is a ‘future superstar’. He is a very good actor, but isn’t even in the Top 15 popularity wise. And since age (33) is not on his side, he needs to quickly do some commercially viable movies..

  • read again wht u just written indicine..apart from saif shahid all r acc to u wanted was avg nd kurbaan is hit.KURBAN WAS A DISASTER ND WANTED IS BIGGEST HIT OF 2009….sum days back u r saying that devd was outstanding nd recommended to nauman to watch again.

  • Hmmm.. We weren’t talking about the box office verdict there.. As a movie, without the lead stars, those 3 films would never have worked.. and guess we recommended Gulaal to Nauman and not Dev D..

  • @Indicine- i don’t agree completele wid u………… i thnk saif shud get nomination 4 love aaj kal, not kurbaan….. he has done a gr8 job……. specially in d role of sardar……… n ranbir shud b nominated 4 wake up sid, not apkgk…….. he can get nomination 4 apkgk, but in d category of best actor in a comic role!!!!!!

  • If not for Paa getting released this year, Shahid would hv swept all the awards for his absolutely brilliant performance in Kaminey… it wud really be a tragedy if he doesn’t win any award next year.

  • best performances – male – this year ( in the leading roles):

    1) Amitab Bachan, Paa
    2) Salman Khan ( wanted & L. Dreams)
    3) Shahid Kapoor ( Kamiheh & DBH)
    4) Ranbir Kapoor ( wake up Sid & APKGK)
    5) Saif Ali Khan, Kurban

  • i totally don,t agree with u………..
    the list should be in this way…………

    1-salman khan for wanted and london dreams

    2-amitabh bachan for paa

    3-ranbir kapoor for wake up sid not for apkgk as he was much better in wake up sid

    4-shaid kapoor for kaminey as it was above average

    5-vivek oberoi for kurbaan as he was excellent in kurbaan or saif ali khan for love aaj kal

    hope this is right wht u say

  • sorry but I dont agree with ur above list.

    1. Salman (Wanted)
    2. Amitabh (Paa)
    3. Ranbir (wake Up Sid)
    4. Shahid (kaminey)
    5. Niel Nitin Mukesh (Jail)

  • i don’t agree

    1-salman khan [wanted, LD]
    2-amitab [paa]
    3-shaid kapoor [kaminey]
    4-saif ali khan [LAK]
    5-ranbir kapoor [APKGK]

  • i don’t agree

    1- saman khan[wanted]
    2- shaid kapoor [kaminey]
    3-ranbir kapoor [APKGK]
    4- saif ali khan [LAK]
    5- Big B [paa]

  • Indicine…the actors are rated almost in the perfect sequence…I only Disagree with the films for a few of them for which you have selected them. On the whole I think your list is quite appropriate.

    Top 5 Male Performance for me…

    1. (Obviously) Amitabh for Paa {same as yours}
    2. Shahid Kapoor for Kaminey {same as yours}
    3. Salman Khan for London Dreams {his performance in Wanted was also excellent though}
    4. Ranbir Kapoor for Wake up Sid & Rocket Singh {not bad in APKGK as well…infact he was the only good thing in that film…i hated the movie}
    5. Saif Ali Khan for Love Aaj Kal & Farhan Akhtar for Luck by Chance

  • Indicine your top 5 list is good but abhay deol is a good actor too.Don’t rate an actor only on the basis of box office results.Nassuriddin shah and Anupam kher are good actors and they proved it in A Wednesday..the movie with a low budget performed well at the box office…

  • i think salman has to get the best actor award for sure…he deserves it…….i cant be believe he has not got a best actor award…. shame on award jury members for such partiality towards others who dont deserve.. it…

  • I have watched wanted and ajab gajab .

    Both are of different genre and

    it is really difficult to tell salman’s performance is better than ranbir or vice versa.

    both performances are good.

  • I have a point here that character played by amitabh in paa could be played by any good actor. I am not denying amitab brilliance but problem is that performance looks different pretty much due to the make up. Brad pitt didn’t got Oscar for the similar portrayal for Benjamen Button. Here award should go but not to amitabh but to makeup artists. Amitabh Bachan is a great actor and he has done so many better roles in comparison to Paa.
    Till yet I think the true deserver of the award this year is shahid kapoor but I will wait for Aamir in 3 Idiots.

  • Salman VEER Khan should be at No.1…….( for LD and Wanted)…………they put him at no.4…….hilariously after Ranbir and Shahid………….such a biased Indicine team.

  • Why u guys always follow this Indicine Team? They can’t even make a list neutrally. Salman should be atleast at No.2 after paying respect to Amitabh. But if u consider both box-office success and performance, there is none stopping Salman from being at No.1.

  • Akhlaq, since London Dreams was a multistarrer we picked Wanted.. And Ranbir, he might just win the critics award for Rocket Singh, he was brilliant in all three films..

    Halakoo, Shahid is second best for us this year.. Unfortunate for him, but Big B truly rocked in Paa.. Yes the makeup artists deserve credit, but I cant think of too many who could have done it so well.. For a 67 year old to get into a 13 year old kids character.. isn’t easy at all..

  • Indicine !!!1 ru gone crazyy
    Salman for wanted has given tremendous performance and ur list is in 4th place it is rediculous , disgusting
    i think list shud be:
    1. Salman for wanted or LD
    2. Shahid for KAminey
    3. Ranbir for Wake up sid Not APGK( comedy role)
    4. saif for love aaj kal
    5. amithab in Paa

    actually Best lead actor shud not be included Amithab in paa as it was child acting anyone can do
    last time hrithik
    if it continues giving best actor award for this type then obviously each actor may act same like child does it mean all have to get award i cant understand y this bollywood industry dont think

  • If Salman doesnt get best actor award i think he has to do similar to aamir for not attendind the award function best rule
    as its all fixed to idiot Srk or Big B
    this year no sure for Srk so they might fix it to Big b for Childish acting ( rubbish)
    from next year all the actors will act as some special child for award no doubt!!!!!!!!!!

  • Top 5 performances of 2009

    1-Salman khan [Wanted, LD]
    2-Shahid kapoor [kaminey]
    3-Amitab’s [paa]
    4-Neil Nitin Mukesh(Jail)
    5-Ranbir kapoor [Wake up Sid(Only watchable movie of Ranbir this year.APKGK kahane was a crap n m so glad to hear Indicine has rated that performance over Salman’s wanted.This is the real joke of the year.APKGK was given 2.5 stars by Indicine.Literally this is mind boggling.For the most boring movie of the year Rocket Singh Ranbir can even get a critics award now Amitabh’s Paa has gone somewhere hahahhahaha.Now these award predictions are getting funnier than Akki’s comedy…lolz)]

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