Top 5 Performances of 2009 – Male

With just one major release (3 Idiots) left, in what has been a disastrous year for Bollywood, we bring you the list of the Top 5 lead male performances this year.

5) Saif Ali Khan (Kurbaan) – After the super-success of Love Aaj Kal, came Kurbaan for Saif Ali Khan, who proved yet again, that he is one of the more dependable actors in the industry today. Dil Chahta Hai was his big break and compared to some of his performances in the 90s, the actor has come a long way. He has always performed well in dark roles with grey shades and Kurbaan was no different.

4) Salman Khan (Wanted) – While equally good in London Dreams, Salman rocked in Wanted. Not quite the role that demanded acting histrionics, but Salman performed both the action scenes and the difficult dance steps choreographed by Prabhu Deva, with equal ease and panache.

3) Ranbir Kapoor (Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani) – Not without reason is this lad considered the most talented lead star after Hrithik Roshan. Screen presence, comic timing, grace while dancing, charm.. Ranbir has it all. He was exceptionally good in Wake Up Sid, only to come up with an even better performance in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. With a bit of help from his fabulous co-star Katrina Kaif, Ranbir carried the otherwise mediocre film to glory at the box office.

2) Shahid Kapoor (Kaminey) – He had two difficult roles to portray in Kaminey, one as a stutterer and the other as a lisper. Shahid was flawless in both, successfully making both characters look completely different. Top contender for the top honors at the end of the year, until…

1) Amitabh Bachchan (Paa) – .. this legend swept us off our feet with Auro. It isn’t easy for someone at the age of 67 to wait patiently for hours, for the makeup men to do their work, then get into the skin of the character and finally leave no trace of himself on screen. He has nothing left to prove, yet, time and again, Bachchan proves he is inarguably the best actor in the industry.

This list will be updated after the release of 3 Idiots.

Agree? Disagree? Reasons? Post your comments below.



  • 1) ranbir { ajab prem}
    2)sahid { kaminey}
    3)amitabh{ paa}
    4} neil{ nw york}
    5) saif ali khan { kurbaan}

    this sould be the list… wen it comes to performances

  • srk gives money and take the award the biggest example is aaimr khan u know na the story of aamir and srk on awards, after that only aamir dont attend all awards ceremony………….

  • I’m totally disagree to your chart……..u did funy chart. salman always take a second place,if u calculate waned & ld then it’ll take no1 at 2009.
    1.salman khan/big b
    2.big b/salman khan

  • Shahid was brilliant in kaminey but as he should get villain award.amitabh is obviously critics choice.if salman is not main lead in ld,there remains only 1 deserving candidate for best actor and that is salman for wanted.if ranbir beat salman it will be funny.only 3i can change it if the film works.simple.

  • i believe that the list should be according to performance, not counting amir (yet to see).

    1 salman (wanted)
    2 shahid (kaminey)
    3 amitab (paa)
    4 saif (love aaj kal)
    5 ranbir (wake up sid)

    awards are not given on merit in bollywood but on influences(may be paid).

    * considering previous data i think awards will be given to :

    1 amitabh (paa)
    2 ranbir (wake up sid)
    3 shahid (kaminey)

    some chances for saif but no chances for salman for sure………

    indicine team what u say?

  • 1) Shahid Kapoor (kaminey).
    2) Big B (Paa)
    3) Salman Khan was better in LD than Wanted but then again it was a bx-office hit.
    4) Ranbir Kapoor (wus or apkgk)
    5) Saif (Kurbaan)

    for me- Ranbir or Salman.
    likely to win- shahid or Big B.

  • salman never dserves any award! he is worst actor of all over world. upen patel is much better actor than salman khan.

  • @adiii ..Don’t waste ur energy on Salman.He is beyond comparision n he is the finest performer N actor in Bollywood since 20 yrs.Why SRK fans are more concerned about Salman?Got it coz SRK isn’t in the top 5 performers this year..hahahahahah..lolz

  • @ Adiii

    First of all i am not a sallu fan but it is evident that he has limitations as an actor…..but he has survived in this industry for 20 years & he’s still a big name.So, we should respect that .

  • First of all i am not a sallu fan but it is evident that he has limitations as an actor…..but he has survived in this industry for 20 years & he’s still a big name.So, we should respect that .

  • Adiii
    Ur saying Upen patel is much better than Great Salman what a joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    name any movie where upen have atleast one hit movie ? U cant !!!!!

    from 1989 to life long he will be star mega star

    plz dont make others laugh Mr Adii
    he he he he he he he

  • @ Adiii. like others have siad ur ignorant and plain stupid. go get educated and den come back and talk. Sallu was a star, iz a star and will remain a star. just wait for VEER. watch wat dis film does. ive never been dis confident about any Sallu film. da music is immense. man da film is gonna be legendary. HOPEFULLY.

  • You guys forgot Neil for Jail. Now based on their performance, here is my top 5 for actor in a lead role:

    5) Saif for Kurbaan
    4) Ranbir for Ajab or Wake up Sid
    3) Neil for Jail
    2) Shahid for Kaminey
    1) Amitabh for Paa

    Personally Salman is one of my favorite actors and I agree he has given his best performance in Wanted, I would rate him at 6 at the very best! These 5 were just too good! After I saw Wanted, I thought salman might just pull win the best actor’s award finally!! but after watching kaminey again, then watching kurbaan, wakeup sid/ajab and fianlly Paa; I sadly realized it is definitely not happening this year.

  • 1.Salman Khan for Wanted and London Dreams
    2.Saif Ali Khan for Love Aaj Kal&Kurbaan
    3.BIg b FOr Paa
    4.Ranbir for Apkgk & Wake Up Sid
    5.Shahid For Kaminey

  • amitabh – paa
    ranbir kapoor – wake up sid
    amir khan – 3 idiots
    saif ali khan – kurbaan
    abhay deol – dev d
    shahid kapoor – kaminey

  • I’m not much of a Salman Khan (in fact I’m a Hrithik Roshan fan) fan but guys let me tell you something bout Salman’s performance in Wanted – U cannot imagine (even if you try hard) any other actor doing Wanted equally as good as him! let alone better than him. Only he can do the role of Radhe – a stylish tapori hitman. His comic timing was good in Wanted unlike most of his recent rubbish films, His display of anger and ruthless aggression was exceptional just like his dancing and execution of action sequences. I saw the Telugu and Tamil versions but Salman suited the role more than Mahesh Babu and Vijay because the way he portrayed Radhe was such that only he could pull it off and win over the audience. trust me guys After watching Wanted try imagining SRK,Amir,Akshay,Hrithik,Shahid,Saif etc playing Radhe – IT JUST WOULDN’T SEEM OR SOUND RIGHT. That’s the true calibre of a performer – performing in a way which would make it impossible to visualise someone else portraying that role. Same with London Dreams but may be you can imagine Dharmji (my opinion) playing Salman’s role with flourish
    With Paa, AB just took advantage of the stupid make-up and the oversized head to make his role more convincing. Hrithik could have done it better (see Koi Mil gaya)
    Kaminey – Come on guys are we judging Shaihd for both roles becuase that’s not fair – two roles. I thpught Actors are judged on THE role that they set to portray not double roles – in that case thses people shold have won – SRK – Duplicate, Salman – Judwaa, Ajay – Deewangee but they didn’t. Same with Love Aaj Kal
    So all-in-all The Indicine team have got it all WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But like all of us already know – not gonna happen due to bribes, favouritisim, jealousy of Salman etc.
    But if people see that Salman won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor then the TRPs would go out of this world – they should think about that mmmmmmmmmm

  • I thing top 5 actor in 2009 can be written as
    1.amitabh bachchan(paa)
    2.salman khan(wanted)
    3.shahid kapoor(kaminey)
    4.ranbir kapoor(apkgk)
    5.john abraham(new york)

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