Rocket Singh Movie Review

After Chak De India, the expectations are high from the men behind the classic – Shimit Amin (director) and Jaideep Sahni (writer) – who return with Rocket Singh – Salesman of the year, stars Ranbir Kapoor, Gauhar Khan, Shazahn Padamsee, D Santosh, Mukesh Bhatt, Prem Chopra and others.

The movie is about Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor), a below average student in school and college, who takes up marketing as his career. He joins a computer sales company, AYS, as a trainee. Under a corrupt senior, the job soon turns into one of his worst nightmares. Rocket Singh in short is Harpreet Singh Bedi’s journey from a zero to a hero. 

Rocket Singh Review

What works in Rocket Singh – Salesman of the year

  • Shimit Amin, the director of Ab Tak Chappan and Chak De India, is in top form. The feel of the corporate world has been captured very realistically. The writing (Jaideep Sahni) is top notch too, with several scenes making great impact – the first job interview, conversations between Harpreet and his senior manager Nitin, the scene in the club where Harpreet is insulted by his boss, when his boss gets to know about his secret company, his confrontations and many more.
  • The second half is better paced (compared to the first) and much more entertaining.
  • Like Chak De, Rocket Singh too has some fantastically written characters. The one that stands out though, is Nitin’s. We have no clue about the name of the actor, Yashraj hasn’t revealed it just yet. Nitin as Ranbir’s senior, is fantastic and easily the deserves the top acting honors.
  • For probably the first time in his career, Ranbir Kapoor is not the pick of actors. While he does a good job as a Sardar, mingling with the others and completely looking the character, the others steal the scene.
  • The romance too works largely due to Shazahn Padamsee’s sweetness, charm and fantastic screen presence.
  • Its nice to finally see a Sardar, who are usually seen as clowns, presented realistically.
  • Background music by Salim – Suleiman was good.

Performances, in no particular order, since all were good!

  • The guy who played the character of Nitin, is by far the best of the lot.
  • Ranbir Kapoor – As usual natural, perfect for the character and proves yet again why he’s considered, by many, as the next superstar.
  • Shazahn Padamsee – Sweet, sexy and does very well in the acting department too.
  • D Santosh – Was brilliant as Rajguru in the Legend of Bhagat Singh. In Rocket Singh, playing a sex-obsessed character, he does very well.
  • Prem Chopra after a long long time is good as Harpreet’s father.
  • Suri as the owner of AYS, is good.
  • Gauhar Khan is as good as the others.
  • Mukesh Bhatt too was fantastic.

Coming to the negatives

  • Rocket Singh is too long, exceeding 3 hours (including intermission)
  • The pace isn’t too great. The first half was slow and at times boring.
  • Music is average.

Don’t go in expecting a comedy, Rocket Singh is a realistic film that deals with serious issues. Perfect casting, fabulous performances, good direction and writing make Rocket Singh a good one-time watch.

All said and done though, without taking any credit away from Shimit Amin, Rajkumar Hirani was probably the best man to direct a film like Rocket Singh.

Rating: ★★★½☆ With a bit of patience, you should enjoy this.



  • Indicine.. I will watch it over the weekend and then tell you.I trust ur ratings.Taran has given it only one and half stars…

  • That review of Taran was a joke. Documentary and Rocket Singh? NO WAY. He rated Chak De 2 stars and this one and a half.. Hmmm..!

    Agree that it wasn’t too entertaining and may not appeal to everyone.. But it certainly wasn’t a bad movie.

  • Agree with just one point in his review “the culmination to the story doesn’t give the feeling of euphoria or victory. Ideally speaking, it should have. That’s one of the reasons why the impact is missing.”

    The whole sequence right at the end between Ranbir and his boss, didn’t work.

  • Hi

    I watched the movie at 11 today. It a good and i fully agree with the indicine review.

    But people Rocket Singh doesnt have lot of entertainment. The acting and dialogues are good.

    My rating is 3 / 5

  • indicine:
    i hv watched it just came from hall giv me 30 min i ll put my review
    so many other negative points which u didnt mention so i gonna help u to figure that out.

  • just came out after watching the movie.The movie is just average and I think the way they open a company within a company is just not feasible. Will come up with a full review later

  • Review Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year:

    How ranbir acted as a sardar in whole movie?
    How shimit amin directed a story of salesman’s life after a hockey world cup ( chukde India )
    Can ranbir make his hatrick after great success of wake up sid and ajab prem ki ghazab kahani.

    Lets see.


    Harpreet Singh (Ranbir Kapoor) after study stared his career as a salesman in AYS computer services company. Due to a very big mistake he has to give up his position of sales officer and his owner and manager put him as a telemarketing officer. He was very upset of the behavior of his owners. One day he got a order of 2 computers then he diceded that he will make this order by his self and he won’t involve his company AYS computers. He makes a new company which called rocket sales corp. and some of his colleagues joined his company and they started their own company in the office of AYS company.

    Then how they handled all these situations and how they start their own company ? movie is about it.
    Worth of the movie:

    1. Script idea is good and different than other masala movies.
    2. Office setup is fantastic, looks like an original sales department. Especially 1st scene of office was shoot very well.
    3. Ranbir’s interview
    4. Ranbir’s meetings with all his partners of rocket sales company
    5. Climax
    6. Shazahn Padamsee’s look very good and she looks really beautiful.


    1. It was really Ranbir’s show. He proved his self as a good actor and it shows that he will be king of bollywood within 5 yrs and 2010s his own.
    2. Ranbir’s Manager Nitin’s performance was outstanding he was really looking like a sales manage r.
    3. Reseptioinist Gauhar Khan was also good
    4. Shzahn Padamsee has very less screen appearance not more than 7,8 scenes she looks good and her dialogue delivery is also good
    5. Rest of others, Mr. Puri , Giri , chhotelal every one did good job.


    Shimit amin proved his self in chukde India, and this time he has again a different script which is not masala kind of love story movies. And he succeeded to tell us about a story of salesman who wants to be a good salesman and who wants to go further in his life when his owners ditch him.


    Saleem – Suleman’s music is average there are not too many songs in the movie 1st half has only one song which was in title, Pankhoo Ko was goods melodies song , and in the climax Khawaboo Ko was also good.

    Back ground score was also fantastic.

    Negative Points:

    1. How Ranbir got license, registration , TFN without any enquiry?
    2. AYS’s staff has rocket sales corp.’s broacher and in broacher there was AYS Company’s telephone number how no one could see the same number just difference was only last digit.
    3. Why Rocket Sales Corp’s clients didn’t ask proper invoices with reference numbers? Because every established company when they want to deal with other companies they ask proper invoices. He could sale 2 computers to shzahn but he couldn’t to established companies.
    4. Romantic portion was very less, even there was no romance and love story in the movie.
    5. Movie’s main hereon has very less screne appearance. She comes after one hour and he had only 7,8 scenes
    6. When Ranbir’s boss put him as a telemarketing since then no one asked his performance even his owner and manager totally forgot him.
    7. Ranbir’s Manager Nitin he acted very well but his look wasn’t professional. His beard and mustache wasn’t up to the standard of a sales manager.

    In the whole Rocket Singh – Salesman of the year is good in his 1st 30 min and last 30 min, due to long running time which was about 160 min movie falls down.Ranbir’s performance and brilliant office setup are crump cards of the movie.

    Box office prediction:

    Due to poor publicity Rocket Singh with take slow start but it can pickup in weekend and due to Ranbir’s star power and last 2 super hit this movie can also work on box office.


  • amit:
    if taran only likes masala movie then wht abt Paa, TZP,Jodha Akbar , A Wednesday .
    all these movies were 4/5 by taran.

  • Woow i like your review Nauman i hope this film is going to be HIT, as a Akshay kumar fan Shmit Amin is my dream Director along with Imtiaz Ali.

  • guys
    dont believe on taran adarsh , yesterday he went to a party and he drunk too much bohat ziada pee ke tully ho gaya tha issi liye galat malat review diya aur diye bhi kafi late abhi tak nahi utri us ki.

  • Dude Nauman, your review is fantastic.. Way better than ours! Agree with most of what you said.. Will get back to you with a more detailed response in sometime..

  • thx indicine that u appriciated me , it is really hounor for me.
    i hv 12 years experience of reviews when i saw 1st time kunal kohli in 1997 of Gupt’s review since then i never missed any review of taran and konal , both are my fav in reviews, but i feel that Taran’s style is very comlicated and his english and way of talking is also very hard , u cant understand easily that wht he wants u say.
    but ur style is good i like it . but our thinkings are diffrent.
    i dont think so rocket singh deserve more then 3.
    from cinema to station i was very very confuse that it should be 3 or 3.5
    but in the end i dicided 3 coz i got 5,6 negative points.
    but overall movie is good not too bad .
    it was my badluck that movie didnt release on thursday here .otherwise i could put my review on thursdsay like ddd n paa
    i m hopeful with 3 idiots

  • indicine team:
    i wrritten a script for a movie , which is very nice love story of an abnormal guy. i narrated it to hina and she also liked .
    let me know that wht i hv to do with my brillient flawless script ???

  • Thx Hina….
    lets see when u ll watch it then wht will u put on this page.
    hina how was my story which i narrated u today???

  • Nauman, the reason for rating the film 3.5 is quite simply because we loved so many scenes in the film.. most of them so casually handled and realistically captured..

    Also while the romance was restricted to a few scenes, it were very good..

    1) Harpreet and Sherena’s conversation in the bathroom.. He asks her out on a date (movie), then realizes she is only his customer, her response.. the other guy comes in to throw up and they move out. Beautiful, refreshing and very different.. Loved it..

    2) He walks in, asking for her help with client calls.. She is unsure, yet when asked, pat comes the reply “You love me, so use me”..

    And even those invisible kissing scenes were more passionate and strangely cuter than most explicit kisses..

  • indicine team
    we both forgot to speak about that scene when owner mr. Puri find out that rocket sales corp is actually in his office and when he talks with Giri on phone.
    and another scene when Mr. Puri comes to electronics shop where Ranbir was working , and discussion was very good , dialogues were fantastic .
    when Mr. Puri were talking with ranbir and he tried to buy rocket sales corp from ranbir.
    all these scenes were also fantastic and mr. puri’s acting and his dialogues were out class.

  • Hmmm…interesting reviews Indicine & Nauman. You’ve raised my curiosity about the film. It’s a pity that i’m on an official tour and won’t be able to watch the film till next 4 or 5 days. Honestly Speaking I’ve been waiting for a movie with solid content from Yash Raj Films, as previous few years have seen some serious deterioration in their quality meter. Barring the brilliant Chak De.. and to some extent New York, their content has been extremely weak (being lead with tortures such as Lagaa Chunri Mein Dagh, Tashan and many others. After reading your reviews, i hope the wait is over.

    As far as Tarun is concerned (i’ve just read his review)…lately, i’ve stopped trusting his reviews as most of his reviews seem to written with a pre-determined attitude rather than factual.

    On the other hand…I really find reviews over here far more credible.

    Thanks for sharing…will post my review in few days after i get back home.

  • We mentioned that “when his boss gets to know about his secret company, his confrontation”

    Yup all those scenes were written, executed and enacted very well..

    One other negative.. Just at interval, your expectations are quite high when Ranbir throws that paper rocket, expecting a witty revenge – heroic tale.. But the second half, while very good fails as a whole, as Taran Adarsh in his review said “the culmination to the story doesn’t give the feeling of euphoria or victory.”

    That’s probably the only sentence in his review that made sense..

    Talking of paper rockets, thought the excessive flipping of the rockets at Ranbir was plain stupid..

  • Indicine Team: I loved Chakde India and saw it twice.. I didn’t find it boring at all, but lots of ppl found it boring in our country as well as the movie Rock On.. some members in my family didn’t even finish watching these 2 movies Chakde and Rock On.. so what do u think? Is this movie too slow in the same way? Is it a worth watching at cinema or we’d better wait till the dvd releases? Some long movies are good to be watched in 2 parts at home.. see the 1st half in a day and continue it the next day.. this way we enjoy more.

  • Hey guys just watchd rocket many user have already put the reviews.. plane averge movie.2nd half star box office.4 5 6 3 2 2 2 25cr first paa prediction was spot on i said 3 4 6 2 2 2 was almost same..

  • Wow Rocket had a gud start… 3cr 1st day…

    but audience reaction was not so gud.. ‘Boring’ s wat they said…

    By d way Indicine wy dont u hire Nauman..;) Ur website `ll have reviews way before others..;) He has a talent so explore it…:)

    Coming to Paa- it collects 18cr 1st week. 8th day- 1.25cr

    DDD collects 10cr 2nd week. total= 34+10= 44cr with 26cr distributer share. 8th day- 70-80lacs

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