Top 5 Performances of 2009 – Male

With just one major release (3 Idiots) left, in what has been a disastrous year for Bollywood, we bring you the list of the Top 5 lead male performances this year.

5) Saif Ali Khan (Kurbaan) – After the super-success of Love Aaj Kal, came Kurbaan for Saif Ali Khan, who proved yet again, that he is one of the more dependable actors in the industry today. Dil Chahta Hai was his big break and compared to some of his performances in the 90s, the actor has come a long way. He has always performed well in dark roles with grey shades and Kurbaan was no different.

4) Salman Khan (Wanted) – While equally good in London Dreams, Salman rocked in Wanted. Not quite the role that demanded acting histrionics, but Salman performed both the action scenes and the difficult dance steps choreographed by Prabhu Deva, with equal ease and panache.

3) Ranbir Kapoor (Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani) – Not without reason is this lad considered the most talented lead star after Hrithik Roshan. Screen presence, comic timing, grace while dancing, charm.. Ranbir has it all. He was exceptionally good in Wake Up Sid, only to come up with an even better performance in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. With a bit of help from his fabulous co-star Katrina Kaif, Ranbir carried the otherwise mediocre film to glory at the box office.

2) Shahid Kapoor (Kaminey) – He had two difficult roles to portray in Kaminey, one as a stutterer and the other as a lisper. Shahid was flawless in both, successfully making both characters look completely different. Top contender for the top honors at the end of the year, until…

1) Amitabh Bachchan (Paa) – .. this legend swept us off our feet with Auro. It isn’t easy for someone at the age of 67 to wait patiently for hours, for the makeup men to do their work, then get into the skin of the character and finally leave no trace of himself on screen. He has nothing left to prove, yet, time and again, Bachchan proves he is inarguably the best actor in the industry.

This list will be updated after the release of 3 Idiots.

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  • SALMAN RECENTLY SAID IN AN INTERVIEW THAT ACTING LUKS BETTER ON UGLY GUYS..wht an observation by bhai..v ll said..bhai rocks.

  • @Naveed ..lolz award predictions r crazy on this site.But this is how it goes mostly in Indian Movie awards..years after years u c the samething going on i.e. “Favourtism/Blindness”

    @Naveed and Amit …I agree Salman is straight 4m the heart n he is witty in his answers.

  • #1 Salman Khan because he was outstanding in Wanted and London Dreams. Can’t believe that Ranbir is ahead of him. Didn’t people see the scene in APKGK when Salman came. Salan made Ranbir look like a junior artist. @ Amit thanks for telling us what Salman said. I laughed when I read that.

  • this awardsr all fixed
    as srk gives money and take the award
    this year he can,t take so big-b is there

    and indicne have u gone mad
    u r putting ranbir kapoor ahead of salman khan for apkgk
    wht the fu……………….
    salman in wanted was 100 times better then ranbir in apkgk
    u should know this………………
    and u can ask anybody,ok…………………………

  • this awards r all fixed
    as srk gives money and take the award
    this year he can,t take so big-b is there

    and indicne have u gone mad
    u r putting ranbir kapoor ahead of salman khan for apkgk
    wht the fu……………….
    salman in wanted was 100 times better then ranbir in apkgk
    u should know this………………
    and u can ask anybody,ok…………………………

  • Hina…
    Welcome back after ur weekend.
    Amit …
    salman said that acting looks batter on ugly face , do u know wht was his mean ???
    he was pointing out SRK , coz every one knows that he is the best actor and his face complection is too dark then sallu , amir , hritick , saifi. ranbir……
    and all these actors are more beautiful and handsome then srk.
    guys why r u forgetting emraan for raaz tmc , he didnt hv enough dialogue in that movie but he gave brilliant performance with his expretions.

  • i just came on this page for say hi to hina other wise i hv no intrest in awards coz who will be worst actor they will give him best actor so plz dont try to find best performances, just find out worst performance u will get the winner.
    remember it,
    last yr no one could chase to amir khan for ghajini, but hritick baby got
    2007 , best should be baby b for guru but anpe shah jee ke maidan maar liya
    2006 should be amir for fanna but ………..
    2005 akki for waqt but ………
    and in 2009 should be salman for london dreams but ………..
    every one knows here that i m akki fan but i prefer sallu uncle for LD , i cant forget his performance in 2nd half when he was addicted and when asin came to his home and his hands were shivering , that was the best shot of the movie.
    when in wimbley concert the lady came to him again and when their paki friend gave him the adress of drug dealer,
    when in climax ajay went to india and sallu uncle was in his band dress and when he said
    main mafo mang raha hoo tujh se ?? main ro raha hoo ?? main ne kuch kaha ???
    when he said first time to asin chinai express in a street and then a card with some girls come and he went with that girls , his style of saying chinnai express ……. omg
    LD was realy Salman Show
    i damn care that it was lead performance or supporting actor performance but it was really really really award winning performance.
    but sallu uncle ko aaj tak koi award mila jo aaj mile ga ???
    awards cermonies belongs to only 2 persons and every one know who r those 2 …. should i say their names???

  • According to me.. Top 5 are:

    1) Amir khan (3 idiots)
    2) Amitabh bachan (Paa)
    3) Akshay Kumar (Kambakht ishq)
    4) Salman Khan (Wanted)
    5) Saif Ali khan (Love Aaj Kal)

  • @Nauman……… u don’t need 2 tell d names……… evrybody knows dem……… he was xcellent in ld…….. n nobody cn deny dat……… evn salman haters love him in d muvi…….. lol!!!!!!!! i thnk it was his 2nd best performnce aftr tere naam in dis decade………… hope 2 see another 1 in Veer!!!!!!!


  • Hey you.. who’s name is Akash.. don’t u dare sayig this about Shahrukh.. Shahrukh is not this type of ppl who’d pay money to get a “fake” award!! don’t repeat like parrot what ppl say.. what if Salman was getting awards after awards and someone ( who was angry and jealous came and said the same thing about him) how could u prove that it’s a lie?!!

  • To all Salman Khan’s fans.. don’t worry.. I’m sure he’ll get an award.. if not in the best leading role.. but he’ll get an award as the best actor in a comic role for London Dreams.. I’ve a strong feeling that he will and he deserves.. Shahid too deserves for both Kamineh & DBH (Shahid’s performance must be appreciated in the last scene of DBH.. where he shouts at Rani in the changing room.. very good performance)

    No one knows.. Salman might get the award as the best actor in a leadig role.. Bigb the critics awards and Shahid a special award.. each one of them must get an award this year in some different well as Ranbir.

    And in supporting roles who deserve really are: John, Neil & Shahrukh for Billu


    again you have come up with crap. you guys seem to be losing the plot with every passing day. please do your research properly and take a closer look at the low budget films that came our way and the actors whose performances were mindblowing. please use your brains a bit.

  • Indicine and Amit- I also think abhay deol shud be in the list

    @ Nauman- Sorry, But i didn’t get the 2nd one apart from shahrukh

  • I have come to the conclusion that indicine team are officially sick with madness. how the hell can u put Rabir ahead of salman, are u people insane I mean have u people lost it or are u guys just been ingorant? whatever, pls skip the crap nonsense

  • Referring to my last comment on this page.. where I mentioned best actors in supporting roles.. I forgot to mention Vivek Oberoi in Kurban.. so we have 4 in this category.. Johan Abrahm & Neil Mukesh for New York, Shahrukh for Billu & Vivek for Kurban.. all of them were so good.. so what r they going to do? to split the award into 4 pieces and give each one of them a quarter.. or they’ve to arrange 4 accolades for all of them? I think they’ve to do this, to be fair enough in their selecting

  • i dont care wat any1 says but Salman in LD was outstanding.
    to make people laugh and cry and den laugh again is something special.

    @Nauman day way he says chennai express to da beautiful Asin is incredible. dats her nickname from now on IMO.

  • Seriously you guys have a crappy list. I don’t know about all the other numbers but one thing for sure is that SALMAN KHAN is no.1. How could you put Ranbir ahead of him. When Salman did a guest appearance in Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani Salman made Ranbir look like those Junior artist that are just there.

  • Amitab- paa (best Actor 2009
    Akshay kumar- 8*10 tasveer, kambakth ishq
    Akshay kumar- Blue ( best Actor 2009)
    Saif ali khan- love aaj kal
    ………… New comer -( Gulaal)
    Abhay deol – dev d

  • some crazy ppl come on this page and nominate Aamir Khan as the best actor of this year for 3 Idiots and the movie still not released!!!! did they see the movie in their dreams or what?!!! so biased ppl who’d vote for their actor without even watching his movie.. it’s a dumb and crazy to do that!!

    And.. ppl who nominate Akishay for KI or Blue.. he didn’t do any extra-ordinary performance in these 2 movies.. so he doesn’t deserve to be among the top 5 performance.. actually his acting in Blue wasn’t so good.. so don’t vote just blindly because u love the actor.. see his performance..if he really deserves or not!!

  • acoording to me
    big b for paa
    farhan akthar for luck by chance
    ranbir kapoor for wake up sid or rocket singh
    neil nitin mukesh for jail
    and saif ali khan for kurbaan.

    in wanted salmaan khan doing just copy of southindian actor nothing new
    poor performance.

  • my list goes like that:-
    best performances – male – this year ( in the leading roles):

    1) Amitab Bachan (Paa)
    2) Shahid Kapoor (Kaminey)
    3) Abhay deol (dev D)
    4) Ranbir Kapoor (wake up Sid)
    5) Saif Ali Khan (Kurbaan) and Salman Khan (wanted )

  • fathiya everybody knows that srk gives money and take the award……………..
    this year sallu deserve the award…………..

  • Akash: who’re these ppl who know that Sharhukh would do such a thing? ofcourse rumours.. a tongue would say anything.. and there’re lots of lyers who spread these lies because they hate shahrukh or feel jealous so.. they want to spoil his image..that’s all.. and.. is Shahrukh a failure actor to do that?!!!

    A failure actor would pay money to get an award.. but not yr king of Bollywood!

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