Paa Movie Review

Paa is one of the most anticipated films of the year due to several reasons

  • Paa is directed by R Balki who directed the critically acclaimed Cheeni Kum (2007).
  • Amitabh Bachchan as Auro, suffering from a rare premature aging disease called Progeria.
  • Abhishek playing father and Vidya Balan mother to Amitabh Bachchan in the film.

With expecatations of a classic, Paa co-produced by Amitabh Bachchan’s home-production AB Corp on a budget of 14.75 crores, also stars Paresh Rawal and has music composed by Ilaiyaraja.

About Progeria

Progeria is a very rare (one in 8 million) genetic condition, with the most visible symptom being aggressive aging. The disease is terminal and those suffering from Progeria on an average live for about 12 – 13 years.

Other visible symptoms of the disease include wrinkled skin, fragile bodies with a large head, abnormal growth and loss of hair. Currently there are close to 100 known patients worldwide suffering from the disease and 10 of them are from India.


Paa isn’t about the illness but more about a boy (Auro – Amitabh Bachchan) and his family. Auro is a 13 year old suffering from Progeria. Mentally he is his age but physically looks like a 70 year old man. He lives with his mother Vidya (Vidya Balan), who is a doctor. His father Amol (Abhishek Bachchan) is a politician. The movie is about their relationship, struggles, emotions and a lot more.

The review will be short, revealing much would kill your Paa experience. Wait for the more detailed “Best Scenes in Paa” article after the weekend.

Paa Review

Paa is a well written and directed film, with adequate amount of emotions, fun and fabulous performances. The second half is brilliant with enough in it to keep you hooked. But the film suffers from a comparatively weaker first half. The pre interval portions deal with Abhishek’s political career and his rivalries, not exactly what you expect while walking in with expectations of a touching father-son tale.

But the second half more than makes up for it and its this half that makes Paa a tremendously satisfying watch. Watch out for the tear-inducing sequences involving Auro and also those light hearted moments all of which are written, executed and performed to perfection.

The music is average. The ‘Mere Paa’ track is good. The makeup by (Domini Till, Christien Tinsley) deserve special mention for turning Bachchan into a realistic looking Progeria patient.

Coming to the performances, Amitabh Bachchan delivers inarguably the best performance of the year. While I would still rate Black a notch higher, Paa is pure brilliance from a legend who is by far the best actor in the industry. Abhishek Bachchan is good, and so are Vidya Balan and Paresh Rawal. But the senior Bachchan’s character is such that it easily out shines the others.

Overall, Paa had potential to be a much better film than it turned out to be. Watch it for the powerful second half and an award worthy performance by the legendary Bachchan.

Rating: ★★★½☆

Box office

The business should be best at multiplexes and since the costs are low, Paa should recover its investment in a week or two. Universal acceptance like Taare Zameen Par is unlikely.



  • Amit you accuse Nauman of writing irrelevant comments.. How much relevance does Salman playing the role of Mogambo have here?

    Nauman, don’t post your email address publicly, you’ll be added to spam lists.. Atleast break it down.. Nauman at gmail dot com..

    And Gulaal was fantastic! Watch it again.. You cant grasp it completely on one watch..

  • If wanted was liked only by villagers than ur whole pakistan is a village coz wanted was biggest blockbuster in pakistan.nd for ur kind information india me villages me theatre nhi thing comes out very clearly from ur comment that u hve such a cheap mentality..WANTED IS THE BIGGEST HIT OF 2009.I KNOW U R FRUSTATED COZ LUKING AT PAA RESPONSE DDD HAS NO CHANCE LEFT,,DEVD WAS A BRILLIANT MOVIE M ALRIGHT.U NEED A REALITY CHECK BRO.

  • @indicine.aleast my comment is related to bollywood..two person chatting here is not acceptable-..ask any neutral person who is wrong.i ll never post a comment on indicine if m proven wrong..

  • Indicine u deleted my comment .that was a very big news for sallu fans..nauman ne faltu ki diary likh rkhi hai usko bhi hatao..this is a bollywood site not facebook..

  • amit and indicine :
    i got Hina’s ID , sudeep and amish are already in my messenger list just waiting for Payal .
    then i dont care abt my mail id.
    pakistani poeple like action ladai maar kutai movies and they make this kind of movies which always flop. thats why wanted was hit in pak.
    paa starts well ok but doesnt matter Paa is only for certian audience , and DDD is for every one.
    when wlecome and TZP bith release on same date and do blockbuster business that DDD has got 35 cr in 1st 1st week. just 20 cr more to recover then it will be hit and i m hope full atleast it can get 10 cr in this week.

    Gulaal i watched on DVD, i didnt like even taran gave it 1.5 or 1 star.
    it is in my home if i ll get free time then i ll watch it again.
    Dav D ohhh my God was it a movie ??? i left when 2nd girl’s father killed himself . but if i ll get time then may be i ll watch it again. again taran gave 1.5 to Dav D or may be 1 . i am not sure but it wasnt more then 1.5

  • I’ve also watched Paa … [First Day first show] … It’s good , but it’s not the best one … it could be far better … Big B is the best in this film … nothing else .

  • amit too itna kion jelsue ho raha hai To Megha ko pata le woh bhi teri tarha mental and sallu fan hai.
    Indicine if u want u can delete my that comment coz i dont need any more i hv send e mail to hina and she ll reply me soon.
    but when u will go out of ur country and u wont be back for 3 yrs and u will get a net friend who is from ur city even from ur area then i ll ask from u hows feelings now.

  • Yeah! I missed a major portion of it [I mean the intro by Jayaji] as I was already late … It was to some extent funny … but I liked the music of this movie … not that much but still I liked it …

  • @nauman dun degrade ur own country pakistan for a movie..from all the critics u choose taran review for u know wht did anurag kashyap said abt taran?dev d movie review toi 5star masand 4star ht 4star glamsham 4.5star..

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  • Nauman:i have no idea…..But it may b 33-36 crs….

    All the review of Paa is positive….Almost all have given it 3.5 or 4 out of 5….ANd all said it’s first half is not upto the mark whereas Second half is superb!!!!!!!! It can be avg-hit…….may be superhit because of low budget

  • i cant understand that when every one is agree that 1st half of Paa is not up to the mark and movie goes out of the track then how can we give 4/5 star . for Paa minimum stars are 3/5 and maximum 3.5/5 .
    it doesnt deserve 4/5.
    u found my reviews funny . it is realy good atleast u can enjoy it because ur type of people dont like best comedy of the yr ( De Dana Dan ).

  • My fav movies to come out this year:
    1) Kaminey
    2) Luck by chance
    3) Wanted
    4) Gulaal

    Havent watched ‘Wake up Sid’, Dev D % Paa yet… might like them… then there are Rocket Singh & 3 idiiots yet to get released

  • I can’t understand the critics!!!!!!They n us are same …but y their review is more important????Every person have own choice…someone may like comedy some may not…some may like romance ..some may not……

    I m not saying abt this movie bust most of recent……i can say critics r being friendly toward mr.amitabh bachan….he is senior n even movie is not worth watching they give ,,,take example boothnath n aladin…which was not worth watch but most of critics give it abv 3!!!!!!!

  • @nauman-yes bro..i find ur reviews funny..btw de dana dan is an average flick.certainly doesn’t deserve 4 stars.2nd half was better compard to 1st half..Akshay ‘FUKRA’ kumar repeated his same act for the nth tym..anyways m glad u lykd

  • Well Nauman I agree with you that DDD was the best comedy movie of 2009 as it is the only comedy movie released this year…… The kids did like this movie and I suppose you must be somewhere around 13-16 years old to enjoy this movie……Oh sorry you are from Lahore then age is no limit as I have witnessed myself that most of the people from that part of Pakistan have no sense…..So It really doesn’t matter that how old r u and you will enjoy this even when you will get into your 60s or 70s…. Good taste man I should mention…..Keep it up….

    What about your Radio Movie Review???? It is also your kinda movie i guess so go and watch it…..

    Don’t waste your time to leave your comments against me as i visit 1 page once……

    Bye bye…..:)


  • my best movies of 2009 are

    1. luck by chance
    and the worst movie is dil bole hadippa

  • paa has got dull response with 40% opening but the business may improve as the reports are very good, indicine team why are u not posting the reviews of radio

  • Paa : after getting overwhelming response on Thursday from all across the world at paid previews and premier held in Mumbai and Delhi, opened to decent response on Friday morning with 50 60% response. Occupancy percentage at multiplexes show upward trend as day progressed. Evening/Night Shows are in range of Rocking 80%+. Overall first day should be in 65 70% range. However screenings are lower than DDD in second week at many places, Paa should pick up dramatically on weekend due to extraordinary response from paying public and critics. With just one good weekend, Paa will come in safe zone due to low cost associated.

    De Dana Dan : did good business in range of 31 crore with advantage of single screen contribution more than multiplexes, this will lead to better distribution share of around 20 Crore. Movie is safe proposition at box-office, second week opening suffers a lot due to Paa euphoria at multiplex. DDD opens to very poor response today at metros with mere 20% response. But single screens should contribute good amount from here on.


  • Paa Opens To Poor Response Radio Very Dull
    Friday 4th December 2009 17.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Paa opened to a poor response of 30-35% at multiplexes with afternoon shows a bit better at 40-45%. Single screens were very dull. But film has very positive reports and is expected to pick up from the evening shows at multiplexes, the only question is how much it picks up. The film is being compared to Taare Zameen Par by the industry at large. Taare Zameen Par was also a slow starter but picked up hugely to register huge box office success. Paa has been released on an average 8-10 shows at major multiplexes

    Radio opened to a very dull response of 10-15% and the film does not hold much chances of box office success as reports are poor. Radio has a 4-6 shows on average at major multiplexes

  • can chat to me personally on msn..This is public platform so talk about movies here.
    @amit…now be happy

    Wanted and LD rocked in Pk..And Pakistan is not a village.There are international standard cinemas here…
    I dunu why Paa is not relasing here..

  • MY TAKE ON PAA a nice movie but pretty inconsistent.first half specially the politician angle failed to engage.but i wud still suggest u to watch it as 2nd half more than makes up for it.balki should just hav focussd the movie on auro.BUT ITS STILL A GUD WATCH..CLIMAX IS FANTASTIC..SO 3STARS FRM ME

  • Dear Indicene team,

    When yu say that you didnt like the music, it shows us 2 things.
    1. You are not at all into films and music as an average film buff out there, because many out there know that the music done by Raja sir is not new. He was not trying to create good music for Paa instead he selected best tunes from his decades old malayalam and tamil films to ensure that the music is legendary (remember he didnt try to make legendary music but selected from his old school which is all ready a legend)
    2. How hypocritical are we when we say that old music is good and when criticizing an old tune not knowing it is a legend.


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