Paa Movie Review

Paa is one of the most anticipated films of the year due to several reasons

  • Paa is directed by R Balki who directed the critically acclaimed Cheeni Kum (2007).
  • Amitabh Bachchan as Auro, suffering from a rare premature aging disease called Progeria.
  • Abhishek playing father and Vidya Balan mother to Amitabh Bachchan in the film.

With expecatations of a classic, Paa co-produced by Amitabh Bachchan’s home-production AB Corp on a budget of 14.75 crores, also stars Paresh Rawal and has music composed by Ilaiyaraja.

About Progeria

Progeria is a very rare (one in 8 million) genetic condition, with the most visible symptom being aggressive aging. The disease is terminal and those suffering from Progeria on an average live for about 12 – 13 years.

Other visible symptoms of the disease include wrinkled skin, fragile bodies with a large head, abnormal growth and loss of hair. Currently there are close to 100 known patients worldwide suffering from the disease and 10 of them are from India.


Paa isn’t about the illness but more about a boy (Auro – Amitabh Bachchan) and his family. Auro is a 13 year old suffering from Progeria. Mentally he is his age but physically looks like a 70 year old man. He lives with his mother Vidya (Vidya Balan), who is a doctor. His father Amol (Abhishek Bachchan) is a politician. The movie is about their relationship, struggles, emotions and a lot more.

The review will be short, revealing much would kill your Paa experience. Wait for the more detailed “Best Scenes in Paa” article after the weekend.

Paa Review

Paa is a well written and directed film, with adequate amount of emotions, fun and fabulous performances. The second half is brilliant with enough in it to keep you hooked. But the film suffers from a comparatively weaker first half. The pre interval portions deal with Abhishek’s political career and his rivalries, not exactly what you expect while walking in with expectations of a touching father-son tale.

But the second half more than makes up for it and its this half that makes Paa a tremendously satisfying watch. Watch out for the tear-inducing sequences involving Auro and also those light hearted moments all of which are written, executed and performed to perfection.

The music is average. The ‘Mere Paa’ track is good. The makeup by (Domini Till, Christien Tinsley) deserve special mention for turning Bachchan into a realistic looking Progeria patient.

Coming to the performances, Amitabh Bachchan delivers inarguably the best performance of the year. While I would still rate Black a notch higher, Paa is pure brilliance from a legend who is by far the best actor in the industry. Abhishek Bachchan is good, and so are Vidya Balan and Paresh Rawal. But the senior Bachchan’s character is such that it easily out shines the others.

Overall, Paa had potential to be a much better film than it turned out to be. Watch it for the powerful second half and an award worthy performance by the legendary Bachchan.

Rating: ★★★½☆

Box office

The business should be best at multiplexes and since the costs are low, Paa should recover its investment in a week or two. Universal acceptance like Taare Zameen Par is unlikely.



  • In one of d comments Yashpal said he has not watched d movie and s not interested in any of d Bachans…

    Wy s this arguement goin on i cant get it…..;) Indicine explain…..;)

  • i agree with the team that tzp was a masterpiece, but it doesn’t mean that it excludes the possibility of others from being at the same level. paa is about real emotions in the backdrop of rare genetic disease. if the movie wd have been telling u about the progeria and the difficulties being faced by auro all the time, then the core subject w’d certainly become over emphasized and entertainment part of it w’d have vanished.

    by the way, 3.5 star rating is convincing for paa, but kurban, 3 star w’d suffice…

    guyz have a look on ET’s review also

  • Short and sweet review. indicine you could have posted a full review today . I hope its not because other sites posted it too early. But i am not going to watch paa . I am not convinced. Some people are already calling it a bore movie and that you can’t stay in theatre for long. Can someone tell me about radio? Indicine r u going to put the review of radio?

  • @Indicine
    Will try to write a review

    Yup, i have watched Paa. When did i say that i didnt see and i’m not interested in it.

    I’m surprised that u liked London Dreams :o :o

  • Yashpal–

    “Firstly i’m not a big fan of any Bachchan.” this was ur comment rt….;) so thought u `ve not watched it…;)

    and d arguement was bout music and comparison with kurbaan.. hw can u compare a movie on terrorism with tat of Paa??;)

    even if u argue u `ll get a simple sweet answer from Indicine–” our opinion though” he he;)

  • Hi indicine thanks for your reviews. Some of the reviews are excellent, but some are not. I have one problem with you people why you not give the review of Hollywood movies , why. Please give some review of Hollywood movies also. Most likely i watch paa in this weekend that i give my reviews.

  • SUNIL– INDI-CINE stands for Indian Cinema…;0 so hw can u expect hollywood movies to be reviewed…;)

    This `ll be d answer which they `ll give u, so told it in advance…;)

  • …now it beats me…what would the film be like if ash had acted in place of vidya…….simple..Balki would have scraped the entire project!
    thanks for the review.

  • Is this film music is average?? I don’t think…its amazing music by Iliyaraaja…..the one & only Maestro….

    The great performance by BibB, Smallb and Vidya…..very good. keep it up Mr.Balki.

  • Saju dey:
    this year only one movie was hit which was wanted and next yr only one movie will hit which will Veer
    now u happy ????
    u think only sallu uncle’s movie can hit and all other heros are pieces of shit. am i right ????
    every movie is flop for u except sallu uncle’s movie.

  • Payal ji– maine tho socha tha ki aap samajdar hain….;) aap tho kuch aur nikle…;)

    Never decide a movies fate without watchin it…. and from d reports so far, paid previews were houseful and today the movie s pickin up….;)

  • I will watch it tomorrow.. but I’d like to ask a question here: why some indian ppl consider Abhishek as “ugly”?!!!!!!!!!!! didn’t u see in yr life ugly people that you consider Abhishek as ugly?!!!!!!!!!! or do u think all bollywood actors are so good looking so, handsome, that Abhishek among them is the ugliest?!!

    He’s not bad at all!!

  • Amish- first of all dnt call me ‘payal ji.’ i am wise. I said paa will flop because not many people will watch it. I didnt comment on performances at all. Big b is superb. But then salman ajay were gud too in ld but movie flopped. Every Flop film doesnt mean its bad, kurbaan was gud stil it flopped. It happens. This is what i feel for paa after the gr8 movies of 2009 like ld and kurbaan failed. The movie may be good but movie works if people go to theatre and not just by merely praising it. Isn’t? So agreeing to saju doesn’t mean i am foolish. Neither i have sabotaged paa in any way . Have ne questions now?

  • @nauman dun call Sallu as Sallu Uncle…Its not fair to disgrace a Legend..I am requesting u…He looks younger atleast 4m SRK…N akhshay has a white beard in blue see clearly…n see his wrinkels and skars on face…I mean should I call him akki uncle????y dun u call amitabh as Amit dada ji??? tell me

  • Hina hru?
    i realy like salman and i say him sallu uncle with love . u can read my london dreams’s review how i praised him. aur main apne fav ko pyar se kisi bhi naam se bula sakta hoon.

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  • Top 6 movies of 2009
    according to me
    1. 3 IDIOTS ‘i trust aamir and also i have read the book “5 point someone” on which the movie is based. Its surely going to be the best of 2009’
    2. KURBAAN
    4. PAA ‘haven’t watched paa yet but i think its gud ‘
    5. KAMINEY
    6. NEW YORK

  • Payal– “Agree with u saju. Paa is flop !” wat does this statement mean dear? u r saying paa IS FLOP not tat it MIGHT if ppl dont go to watch it….;)

    Wat does LD or Kurbaan have to do with it yaar….. and hw on earth u know ppl r not goin to go to theaters….??? doesnt it mean u r makin a blind statement….??

    And for ur kind information.. agreein with Saju does mean u r not in ur senses… dont get me wrong.. but ask any person on this site bout saju u `ll get d answer….;)

    ok yaar… no hard feelings… here v `ve d liberty to critisize so no gettin angry… pls….:)

  • Nauman :A very nostalgic and sweet write up potraying ur feelings. Its great to read and hope u visit ur land soon.

  • Amish: well i knw wat kind of reviewer saju is ! I wonder if saju n megha r siblings. I wasn’t angry at all. So u watched pa?

  • amit r u all right ???
    Dav D and Gulaal were the worst movies of the year. wanted was tipical masala movie which was liked by villigers . LD and ajab ghazab are good and these deserve as well.

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