The Budget of Veer

Veer is Salman Khan’s most ambitious project to date and the film produced by Vijay Galani and presented by Eros Entertainment, has a lot at stake when it releases worldwide on January 22nd 2010.

According to Eros, the official budget of Veer excluding the marketing expenses is around 40 crores. A further 5 – 10 crores is expected to be spent on aggressively marketing the film, right up to its release.

The budget is undoubtedly on the higher side, but with mass-appeal and enough buzz since the release of the theatrical trailer, Veer is likely to break records during its initial weekend.

Veer directed by Gadar Ek Prem Katha director Anil Sharma, releases on the same day as Ram Gopal Varma’s Rann starring Amitabh Bachchan.



  • If d budget s 40cr , sure shot blockbuster- wateva may be d content…;)

    But with such huge sets and With rumors tat sallu was paid a big fee( 15-20cr) dont think its so low…

    may be after d release like DDD v `ll get d news – MOvie has to make 80cr for hit status…;) ha ha

  • yeah, thats quite surprising. Veer with all the lavish sets and feel, esp for a historical movie is costing just 40cr? And DDD which had 90% been shot in a Singapore hotel is supposedly very expensive and that too it being Akshay’s home production, where he hasn’t had charge a fee for himself????

  • Plz understand a simple fact ki verdict dint depend on budget its distributer share amish..22jan ko aa rha hai SALMAN VEER KHAN APNE DUTTA KI TALWAR SE AAMIR SRK KE FANS ME TABAHAI MACHANE..Ye mera salman hai kisi ne kuch bhi kha to ye amit singhania indicine me itni tabahi machayega jitni sajudey megha hina punter bristy nauman amish aashish fullermat ne bhi nhi machai hogi..

  • nobody knows the actual budget..income tax department is the only reason i think due to which they downplay the budget if it is a hit nd vice versa.

  • Dont worry amit… I’m with you… Sallu is my next fav after Akshay… now that there’s no Akshay movies in the next 3-4 months, its full power to Sallu Bhai… Veer is certainly gonna break some myths at the BO, esp for SRK, Aamir fans!!!

  • if d budget is 40cr, den it has already blockbuster written over it………. coz yeh hai veer salman khan ka jalwa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thhen salaman got nothing in VEER his dream projrct…40 crore ha ha he he
    must be 80 to 90……………
    They just want to declare it atleast an aveg

  • It’s good that Salman is doing different roles now.. I think this is his first historical movie.. isn’t it? Hope it’s a good movie, nothing less than Ashoka or Jodha Akbar in direction.

  • Hina m not fighting wid can i?take my above comment on lighter note..m sorry if u felt bad..25dec 3idiots ke sath veer ka action promo confirmed,bhai jindabad salman jindabad.

  • The low budget is a surprise. Anyways, It going to be ONE MOVIE TO WATCH OUT FOR. I am a HUGE Salaman Khan fan, and have been quite sad about the bad BO status of London Dreams, where Salman was at his best. We need him in such roles which can prove his worth. Thank God he has said farewell to roles such as God Tussi Great Ho etc. which make people start saying things about his talent. thats why i really hope that VEER clicks. The Promo is great.

    The only two things which are making me worried about this movie are…

    1. Presence of Sohail Khan: He has a potential to spoil the best of opportunities (i hope he is there only for an insignificant part…and may be Anil Sharma can make him act decently – fingers crossed)

    2. Sound Track of the Film: With a movie with such epic proportions, the music has to be special and must have a touch of that particular era…and with Sajid Wajid’s name in the Music deparmtnet…creativity seems a bit bit unlikely. Their bad compositions got covered up in Wanted due to the modern days action style. But their ordinary tones and signature compositions can not work over here. they have to be different, otherwise sub-standard music might be a negative for such a huge film. Remeber the tones of “Jodha Akbar”… people might’ve liked the songs or not…but they were in sync with the era in picture.

    With these two slight concerns…I am excitingly looking for a BlockBuster out of this.

  • HI also a salman fan nd i think veer will b d best movie in history of indian cinema judging by his promo.nd d music which was played in d promo was such amzing.i think at last sharukhs war with salman has taken best out of he will reveal his true colours nd proove d world dat if he wishes 2 be number 1 den no1 can stop him.thanks srk for fighting salman now see d best of salman.

  • dun worry guys,veer ll be all time blockbuster.,.we salman fans box office ko phod denge 22 jan ko…oh pra pra pra but why pra..

  • If d budget is 40plus10cr i.e 50 but looking at d buzz created by d movie inshallah it’s going 2 be blockbluster SALLU BHAI ROCKS go out and out 2 promote dis movie

  • tawny go to hell..veer action promo on 25dec wid 3 idiots.sword fight elephant nd blockbuster tali mar song..

  • HEY fathiya are you mad you are comparing biggest disaster of the millenium asoka to veer.

    i thought asoka was the greatest ruler of the india as well as the world but that film really tarnishes his image.

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