The Budget of Veer

Veer is Salman Khan’s most ambitious project to date and the film produced by Vijay Galani and presented by Eros Entertainment, has a lot at stake when it releases worldwide on January 22nd 2010.

According to Eros, the official budget of Veer excluding the marketing expenses is around 40 crores. A further 5 – 10 crores is expected to be spent on aggressively marketing the film, right up to its release.

The budget is undoubtedly on the higher side, but with mass-appeal and enough buzz since the release of the theatrical trailer, Veer is likely to break records during its initial weekend.

Veer directed by Gadar Ek Prem Katha director Anil Sharma, releases on the same day as Ram Gopal Varma’s Rann starring Amitabh Bachchan.



  • ” VEER” will be another milestone for indian cinema . After maine pyar kiya , hum aapke hai kaun & wanted .

  • if budget is 40Cr then undoubtedly its blockbuster hittt
    one more eagerly waiting to be hittttttttttttttttttttt

  • HI also a salman fan nd i think veer will b d best movie in history of indian cinema judging by his promo.nd d music which was played in d promo was such amzing.i think at last sharukhs war with salman has taken best out of he will reveal his true colours nd proove d world dat if he wishes 2 be number 1 den no1 can stop him.thanks srk for fighting salman now see d best of salman nd regret after veer creates history

  • Veer tali mar song ll be raze,.aa rha hai 10dec ko…22jan veer salman bhai khan aa rha hai srk fans me tabahee machane…

  • Veer 40cr only, unbelievable this article want make me mad films like blue,3idiot cost almost 80cr but veer just half of them, this is impossible.

  • @ Hina & all other salman fans- please vote for salamn in lux sabsey favourite kaun as many times as you can………. Amit has posted d link already……. make sure dis tym he wins………….!!!!!!

  • Bhai ll win this time..veer ll be dubbed by bhai himself in tamil telegu..i amit singhania predicting 70cr net in first week..anybody wanna bet.,m ready,.

  • Pappu: no Pappu.. I’m not mad.. but mad ppl who can’t distinguish good from bad consider a movie like Asoka as a disaster!!! it was average at the box office because of the “idiot” audience in the past ( hope that the audience’s taste has improved.. and thank God that Jodhaa Akbar did work at the box office.. I heard yr ppl don’t like historical movies, even Mangal Pandey which was a very good movie flopped.. can u say that it was a bad movie?!! if you’d say: yes.. so you’re a big fool who doesn’t deserve these good quality movies.. but movies like De Dana Dan, Hera Pheri & Golmaal would work for you and for yr brain’s level!!.. and don’t.. don’t u dare telling me that you’re right because you’re wrong.. there4 your producers & directors are confused.. quality movies like Kurban, London Dreams flop but De Dana Dan wins!! that’s how you are people!!!! worship some cheap comedy shallow movies and consider them as good and leave the great ones behind!!

    Some ppl need big big glasses while watching any good movie.. to enable them value them properly!!

  • Its unlikely that veer has a only 40 crore budget, but it is possible if sallu has’nt charged anything for the movie. FATHIYA- its absolutely alright that u liked ashoka and mangal pandey. I believe that every person has its own likings and dislikings, so some people wud lyk a movie a lot but for another person it could be a crap..

  • I hav had enough people refering Salman as a Flop Star…. For those stupids i would like to Give an Account of How Sallu is Succesful…. His Movies Speaks for himself…

    Sallu’s Track Record:-

    1. Maine Pyar Kiya- All time Blockbuster(1989)
    2. Baaghi- Semi-Hit(1990)
    3. Saajan- Super-Hit(1991)
    4. Sanam Bewafa- HIT (1991)
    5. HAHK- All time Blockbuster(1994)(The Biggest Hit of BOLLYWOOD)
    6. Karan Arjun- Blockbuster (1995)
    7. Jeet- HIT(1996)
    8.Judwaa- HIT(1997)
    9.Pyar Kiya To- HIT(1998)
    10. Bandhan- Semi-Hit(1998)
    11. Jab pyar kise- Above Average(1998)
    12. Biwi No. 1 – HIT(1999)
    13. HSSH- Semi-Hit(1999)
    14.HDDCS- Semi-Hit(1999)

    In 1999 the 3 biggest Hit Was given by Salman

    15. Har Dil Jo Pyar- AVERAGE(2000)
    16.Dulhan Hum le – AVERAGE(2000)
    17. Chori-2 Chupke-2- AVERAGE(2001)
    18. Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam- Semi-Hit(2002)
    19. Baghban – HIT(2003)
    20. Tere-Naam- HIT(2003)
    21. Mujhse Shaadi karogi- HIT(2004)
    22.Garv- Above Average(2004)
    23. No Entry- Super-Hit(2005)
    24. Maine Pyar Kyun kiya- HIT(2005)
    25. Partner- Blockbuster(2007)
    26. WANTED- Super-Hit(2009)

    The “Man” Salman has Given 26 Successful Films…. It’s On Par with SRK… Way Ahead of Aamir & Akshay..

    Hrithik is a KID in front of him…..

    2 ATBB
    2 BB
    3 Super-Hit
    9 HITS
    5 Semi Hits (Considered as HIT only)
    1 Above Avg
    4 Average

    Which Other Actor than SRK in current league has giveb more HITS than him????? NO-ONE

    That’s why he is “THE SUPER STAR”

    He Commands the best Fan following in INDIA on par wid SRK….

    So plzzz Mind you others who call him flop…..


    SALMAN ki Jai Ho!!!!

    VEER will be His Next “BLOCKBUSTER”

    ” Hail Salman- One of the Greatest ICON of HINDI CINEMA !!!!! ”

    Salman suffered some set backs in this decade…. But Salman has Transformed Him self… He has Started
    doin good movies…. All his future Films looks good…

    The Salman of 90’s is back…..

    Cheers ALL SALMAN FANS… !!!!!!!!

  • If u look at all india basis then certainly Salman’s has the best fan following….. Majority of them comprises of MASSES….

    But all over world is on Par wid SRK

  • indians 1billion overseas indian 10million..nd plz sumone plz explain whts the diff between mass nd class?multiplex audience class?single screen mass?if it so all of us r mass 5yr back now we r

  • Bro, Yes multiplex audience class, single screen mass.

    This explains the sucess of PARTNER & WANTED which were massy in appeal….

    It hurts that Salman has lost his Multiplex Audience :(… U see none of his Movies getting Good response at Multiplexes…

    Whereas, Good Movies like Jaan-e-mann & LD flops which were meant for classes…. Especially Jaan-e-mann was for CLASSES….

    It hurts wen Good Movies like Jaan-e-mann & LD flops….

    Again his Next two “VEER” and “DABANGG” are massy in appeal….

  • Veer should bring back the so called multiplex audiences to theaters, if Jodha Akbar did well in multiplexes why can’t Veer? I.e IF the movie is liked..

  • Indicine, I hope So VEER should bring back the multiplex audience….

    But now or after it is bound to increase as Salman is now far more serious in his career, He is selecting good movies…

    Hope the trend changes….

  • asoka was flop because of its content how can you change the story of a legend(ashoka) and just served it with masala and all that and people react in the same manner and asoka was a disaster.


  • Salman veer ko bollywood ke uchai tak pahunchau,
    veer ko blokbuster dilake 2010
    ko happy new year bolo,
    kites ka thread kaat do,
    my name is khan ki lelo jaan,
    to phir salman ke fans ko
    salman pe hoga abhimaan !
    salman pe hoga abhimaan !
    To phir filmfare best actor ka award aap ka rahe ga kadradan !

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