Most Popular Bollywood Actors : Poll Winners

We held the Most Popular Actor Poll not too long ago and after a bit of controversy, loads of arguments, debates and discussions.. not to mentioned votes (3691 of them), we finally have the results of the voting that ended on the 1st of December 2009.

Starting with the least popular to the most..

10) Abhishek Bachchan – With 2% votes, its hard to understand exactly what went wrong with Abhishek Bachchan’s career. Was it the wrong selection of scripts, the lack of screen presence, the expectations of being the son of a legendary actor or was it purely bad luck? The talent was always there and even after fabulous performances in Guru, Yuva, Dostana.. the actor is yet to make it to the big league.

9) Saif Ali Khan (2% votes) – Over the years, Saif has shown tremendous improvements as an actor and is currently one of the better actors in the industry with special performances in films like Dil Chahta hai and Omkara. Yet Saif is yet to receive the mass-acceptance that he truly deserves.

8) Ranbir Kapoor (4% votes) – This man is improving with each film and the box office is a clear indication of the same. He has literally carried Wake Up Sid and the super-hit Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani with fabulous performances. A superstar in the making!

7) Shahid Kapoor (4% votes) – Has been in the industry for a much longer period than Ranbir Kapoor and its only post the super success of Vivaah and Jab We Met that Shahid Kapoor has shown signs of making it to the top league. Can he get there?

6) Amitabh Bachchan (5% votes) – If this very poll was held a couple of weeks later, Big B would have proved to be tough competition to the Top 5. An outstanding performance in Paa is certain to be yet another feather in the cap of this living legend!

5) Akshay Kumar (11% votes) – ‘Is Akshay Kumar going the Govinda way?’ Is one of the most discussed topics today. With 4 failures (by his standards) and with the 5th one unlikely to give him his much needed HIT, Akshay Kumar comes in at No 5 with 11% of votes.  Can he put the 2009 nightmare behind him and come up with better in 2010? We hope he does..!

4) Hrithik Roshan (14% votes) – Once written off as a one film wonder, Hrithik has bounced back and how! Koi Mil Gaya resurrected his career, then came Lakshya a performance which received universal acclaim.. from then on there was no looking back – Krrish (blockbuster), Dhoom 2 (blockbuster) and Jodha Akbar (superhit) all rocked the box office and with the line up of upcoming films with the best of directors, Hrithik’s future looks bright.

3) Aamir Khan (16% votes) – Everything that Aamir Khan touches turns into gold.. Right from acting which he was always good at for the best part of the last 20 years, to direction which he took up with Taare Zameen Par, to the products he endorses, Aamir adds immense value to everything he lends his name to. Ghajini is the biggest blockbuster in the history of the film industry and 3 Idiots should be the biggest hit of the year.

2) Shahrukh Khan (34% votes) – The most loved and hated star of our generation, SRK’s success ratio this decade remains unmatched for the number of films he has done. Overseas he is the undisputed king and while the year 2009 saw him in a special appearance the movie failed to work with the audience. All eyes now are on My Name Is Khan, which has a huge mount to climb with Fox acquiring the world wide rights for a whopping 100 crores! Note – The link to this page was posted on some of the actor’s fan sites.

1) Salman Khan (46% votes) – The best way to guage this Khan’s super popularity with the masses is to go over to some of the smaller towns and villages.. You would find his posters pastered all over buildings, rickshaws, lorries and buses. Yes, he’s that popular… His television show 10 Ka Dum and most recent box office super-hit Wanted too has helped increase Salman’s popularity the world over. Failures at the box office, strangely never seem to affect him.. with crowds outside his house in Bandra increasing by the day! Note – Link to this page was posted on Salman Khan’s facebook fan page.



  • Everything looks perfect as far most popular is concerned.

    Salman is defienetely the most popular superstar :)

  • Well

    Things will be more clear if you guys just checked out top actors page of . The link is

    At least from 2002 SRK is at top . It is possible that salman or aamir could top 2009.

    Boxoffice india updates his list once in a year .

    situations changes continuously .

    In 2005 , It is felt that SRK is the biggest superstar (in present bollywood) , so the boxoffice india

    wrote that . Similar goes on for the rest of years.

    It is clear SRK ruled ( remained top for most of years) this decade .

    Now near the end of this decade in 2009 , SRK didn’t do any films ( except billu which didn’t do well as

    it was clear that SRK has not the full role in this film). AKKI do 5 films (Averages and flops) . Sallu give

    3 to 5 films ( 1 superhit , other flops ) , aamir ( 1 possibly blockbuster) . This year’s scenario

    doesn’t include SRK too much. The impact of this is , your thoughts changed and you make some

    new conclusions that srk hasn’t ruled this decade , it is a tough competion this decade.

    But the truth is Srk ruled this decade and tough competition is near the end of decade.

    Srk remained in top 3 actors from 1993 upto 2001 , inbetween many time tops the list .

    Salman , Aamir and Sunny Deol were the main competitors during this period. After 2001 SRK ruled

    purely until the Gahjini came in last of 2008. Aamir’s most remarkable movie only in terms of boxoffice.

    Also Akki rise in 2007 giving four back to back hits . Hritik rise from krrish again .

    Well Salman makes Wanted and tries to turn VEER in a blockbuster.

    It is clear this decade (upto 2008)

    1 . srk ruled
    2 . aamir ( proved to be tough competitor with few films just 4 or 5 )
    3 . hritik ( bounced back higly with krrish )
    4 . salman ( gave hits and flops interchagebly )
    5 . akshay ( turned superstar in 2007 )

    IN 2009 as srk didn’t too much , thought of many changed for example indicine thinks of aamir as top


    akshay fans are having flood of films and claiming akki is king.

    sallu fans are claim sallu is king and presenting the fact that he superstar of his own not from his

    films . But that is not gonna work.

    from a long time , SRK is regarded as king khan .

    well , in BRIEF

    SRK ruled upto and now there is tough competition.

    What do you think ???????????

    INDICINE , you should put a poll like this :

    By the end of mid 2011 which will emerge as biggest bollywood film :

    (1) My Name Is Khan (srk)
    (2) 3 Idiots (aamir)
    (3) Veer (sallu)
    (4) Kites (hritik)
    (5) & (6) most anticipated film of akshay (akshay)
    (7) RA 1 (srk)
    (8) Ghajini (srk)

    Also there must not be any link posting on any other sites , only readers should vote.

    Please Indicine put this poll . Thanks for kind favour :-) .

  • Happy to see Salman khan in top…..SOme people were saying rubish thing abt him last year where all his movie were flop!!!!!!!!! It may be shocking for SRK fan….i know!!!!!!BEcause Salman has more fan in india…..May be overseas SRK but Salman is BEST OF THE BEST………….Very happi …He deserve it after WANTED n LONDON DREAMS…he was superb in both movie….All eyes now on VEER

  • Thnx 2 all salman’ fans 2 make him d most popular actor……………. coz he deserves it dis yr…….. aftr performing brilliantly in wanted & ld……….. hope with veer…….. he’ll make it to d nxt level……….. n grab best actor award next year………….. waiting 4 22nd jan 2 come………

  • Abhishek – he married Ash…that what happened to him, Amithabh will go the same way after the hand holding incident with Ash at Shilpa’s wedding…what poor morals and values from him…Salman does not hide what he truly is. what you see is what you get. he is so good to humanity. Aamir – he is extremely talented as Hrithik well. they are serious about their work.

  • Ridiculous…its not fair from the fan’s site that they blindly voted their stars. I don’t support anyone of these ratings…………..Thumbs down to all the voters, I’m not a part of this.

  • If this isn’t enough what more proof do you guys need
    “SALMAN IS THE BEST” ans no one is going to take that from him.Salman rocks

  • No One in bollywood can be campaired with SALMAN.
    the Real King/Ruler of bollywood….Really happy to see him no.1

  • i have nothing to say now..poll is saying everything…just in 1 sentence———-east or west salman khan is the best———————–

  • @ Sallu fans. we dont need to say anything the poll speaks fort itself. so let da haters talk.
    just watch VEER rock da whole world.

  • Hence SALMAN has to win wherever it may be but millions of slamn fans

    sallu rocks

    all sallu fans wish him his VEER will be a blockbuster

  • I think salu deserves this. He is the super star without any big banner. But i think Salu is best in india. But SRK is the king of the world.

  • hello
    indicine team i need answer from u.
    with mere 3691 votes u decide the popular actor in bollywood
    in the newsweek survey shahrukh khan is 41th popular person in world .
    how can he be 2nd in bollywood then.

  • SALMAN may not be the best actor(as world knows AAMIR is the BEST actor in bollywood)….but when he uses his brain instead of heart…..he alwayz gives performances like MPK, HAHK, KARAN ARJUN, WANTED, TERE NAAM, HDDCS, LONDON DREAMS, GARV etc…SALMAN is The only actor from the KHAN trio(SALMAN, AAMIR & SRK) to work with HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR. Some SRK fans are not satisfied with the poll….so sad….SALMAN is beyond HITS or FLOPS….He ruled BOLLYWOOD in the 90’s with most number of HITS…He may not have BIG FAN FOLLOWING in METRO cities(where only 20-30%of the population resides)…but He is the HERO of the MASSES(where 60-70% of the population lives). If this poll would have been from all over INDIA…SALMAN would have got 60-70% votes…He has massive fan following in PAKISTAN, DUBAI(no other actor has) & in UK…rest the poll is saying


  • Politicians wants SALMAN to campaign for them(as he did in 2009 ELECTIONS in JUNE in MEDIUM CENTRES). SALMAN campaigned for 7 politicians out of which 5 won….That is SALMANS STAR POWER…if SRGAY(only works with KARAN JOHAR & YASH CHOPRA & Alwaz cries in his films, same kind of roles) will give 4-5 FLOPS straight away he will be finished…SALMAN has got more loyal fans…he dont need BIG BANNERS to prove his STARDOM(when he gifted movies like CHAK DE & BAAZIGAR to SRK)…thanks to for conducting this poll….


  • Salman does not hide what he truly is. what you see is what you get. he is so good to humanity.
    In popularity no body can beat SALMAN. He is the best.
    all thanks to salman “VEER” khans fan . No body can beat salman


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