Video: SRK as a old man – New Dish TV ad

The new Dish TV advertisement features Shahrukh Khan as a 75 year old man romancing his wife on screen.

So ever wondered how SRK would look 30 years from now? Or how he’d romance Kajol if they were to do a Baghban three decades later? Check out the video below to find out..!

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  • just owesome ad…. srk looking so gr8… great khan…king….the king khan

    well this vedio is the proof that he will be the king of bollywood til the age of 75
    king khan rules bollywood…..

  • Mr. Abroxy now it’s clear salman khan’s fan are jealous of srk… srk looking cool in this ad.. he is really cool person and he is the best..

  • Shahrukh looks good even if he reaches 100 or more.. the beauty of his soul shows up always, no matter what age he reaches.. Shahrukh is a legend, and will survive in bollywood till the last breath.

  • Stupid Ad…… why the hell do they need to show a 45 years old man as 75 years old???? Why can’t they consider Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna or Vinod Khanna for these kinda ads as they will look natural in it????????? I really don’t believe in Fake Ads…. Stupid people stupid thinking…….. The current generation gets attracted to reality…….. A very simple fact to be kept in mind while showing something extra ordinary on screen…….

  • this is superb……fantastic,,,,,great ad….anyway lookin shah rukh as the old man of 75years is really fantastic….

    @fahad:- first you be cool and try to think positive about srk…..this comment is not yours…its the outcome of ur mind which is ful with the hates for him..anyway

    but truely this is the fantastic job by the make up man…..what a great looks

  • fantastic, mindblowing, outstanding ad.. this is the best of the best… shahrukh is looking great… looking so natural and realistic….

    i really enjoyed this ad… i think after 30 years we can see shahrukh and kajol better than amitabh and Hema malini in Baghban…. i m really excited for that…i think that also can be the another all time blockbuster in the name of Shahrukh and kajol..

    and one thing Shahrukh khan is:
    The King of bollywood
    The king of Ad
    The king of everything..

  • is she kajol ???
    i didnt recognise her , looks diffrent . ad is ok not bad not good buts shah jee looks good as 75 yrs old . after 30 yrs he will look same .

  • I was expecting something really good when I saw SRK in the old man getup a day before.. but other than his makeup, the ad is a total disappointment…

  • its a awsome add of dis 2009 i think

    shahrukh is looking good and kajol is looking gorgeous i think its a gr8 job done by shahrukh and kajol

  • Sazzuta:- I m not against SRK. I really like his acting but the fact remains the same that why do these people show a younger guy older????? Don’t they have older guyz for these kinda ads????/

  • Indicine team stop watching Doordarshan on tv thru ur kawada antenna buy dish tv and enjoy some movies of king shahrukh khan ……anyway after veer zara srk did wonderfull work in this ad.

  • This is the great performance done by Srk and kajol. SRK proved that he will be the king after 30 years as well. King Khan and kajol live long and zindabad.

  • I don’t know why some people hate SRK. He is the great actor and great human being. I think those people should think positive. If there is something good we should encouraged that without any personal emotions.

  • THe real image of srk….He look nice in tht old look because he himself is NOW Not able to play young role!!!!!And this is just copy of Aamir khan where in his ad..he also had become old person….SRK nowadays start coping other!!!!!!!!!Only SRK fan will be happy to this video….this is so boring video…..

  • srk now adays looking so handsome and really young man.. he is the best of the bollywood actor.. he is just owesome man.. he also looking great an old man..

    best of the best king of the king shahrukh khan

  • Yes there is no doubt that this performance was the performance fo Kings of King Khan SRK. He is the true and an awsome actor. No one can compete with him in romantic role. He is the emperor of romance on this planet.

  • duniya ke 7 most handsome me se 1 hai salman khan.
    and most popular actor in bollywood
    srk not handsome and not popular

  • SRK is the most popular bollywood actor in the world. His movies’s box office shows the proof of this. There is no match of SRK. Those who hates him and writes something wrong about him. Actually they are increasing the popularity of SRK. By this his fans will talk more about SRK. The legendary SRK the emperor.

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