Mr India 2 : Salman Khan as Mogambo

Salman Khan will re-enact the legendary role of Mogambo in the Boney Kapoor produced Mr India 2, to be directed by Anees Basmee of Welcome and No Entry fame. Confirming the development Boney says “Yes, Salman Khan will play a negative role in the sequel, just like Amrish Puri did in Mr India.”

According to our sources, Salman will have a different look in the film and while the dialogues remain the same, the dialogue delivery of those famous lines like “Mogambo kush hua” will be different.

Mr India 2 will also star Anil Kapoor and Sridevi. Aided by one of their new magic discoveries, the two will fight against the evil forces of Mogambo.

Mr India 2 is expected to go on floors in March 2010 and should release late 2010 or early 2011.

Interesting and lots to look forward to

  • Can Salman Khan pull off a negative role, that too a character like Mogambo? Comparisons will be inevitable and matching Amrish Puri’s brilliance ain’t gonna be easy.
  • Sridevi’s return to the big screen. She still looks as gorgeous as she did back in the 90s and her chemistry with Anil Kapoor will be interesting to watch.. Remember that sizzling rain song Kate Nahi Kat Te Yeh Din Yeh Raat?
  • With Anees Bazmee at the helm, don’t really know what to expect. Lets hope its not a Aag (Sholay remake) in the making!

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  • best of luck Salman
    And INSHA ALLAH you’ll get the best actor award this year and best actor in negative role next year.

  • Salman wil b great in the role. Can’t perform better than amrish puri. He was class apart. And also it will a nice experience as sridevi is returning ! The movie will rock !

  • I am already excited about it now :)

    Veer is yet to come and Salman Khan has a gr8 movies coming up.
    This shows that he doesn’t need a world class … but him being in a certain director’s movie makes that director a world class :)

    No Entry 2 : Be Positive
    Partner 2: Tom & Jerry
    Most Wanted
    Bajiroa Mastani (if it happens – it’ll be gr8)
    and now Mr. India 2 and too being a Mogembo.

    made me day folks….

  • This is truly great news. Salman has a very powerful personality and exceptional charisma, not to mention his great looks. Of course, he will play Mogambo differently from the late Amrish Puri, simply because he has a different personality – he is a true blue hero, damn it. He will play Mogambo differently and excel in it. He will play a villainish hero like in Wanted. We can’t wait to see the new Mr. India!!!!!

  • It’s great that bhai is trying negative role but I personally feel I can’t see him getting defeated by d way All d best SALLU BHAI ROCKS.

  • WoW I’ll wait to C Sridevi agin on Sreen…
    N Like Mogambo 4 Salman is not GooD He Can’T act th Role Like Amrish Puri

  • indicine:
    are anil kapoor and sridevi playing their roles again ???
    if yes then anil kappor is ok he still looks young like Race and Welcome . but how come sridevi will play her role again coz on that time she was not more then 28-30 and now she is 55 yrs old . i think if she has a doughter then she can act instead of her.
    but i think her doughter may be mot more then 10-12 yrs old coz she got marry in 90s.
    so may be directer has to wait till 5,6 more yrs.
    but if he will wait for 5,6 yrs then diffinatley anil will be old and sallu to hai hi old.
    casting main gud bud hai boss . kuch samajh nahi aa raha.
    indicine could u please tell me know that who is playing which role???

  • Nauman wht hpnd to u?why r u talking nonsense today.sri devi is first of all 45 yr old..nd she luks 25yr old now a days.hve u seen her recently?she is hotter than ever before.

  • nauman i respected u a lot after reading ur ddd review…i thought u r a honest man nd know ur facts….bt after reading ur cmmnt here i ve lost that respect…arrey u may nt b a fan of salman….thats ok yaar… jingoism is nt good….y telling nonsense here?? shridevi isnt a 55yrs old women..nd she looks younger than most of the heroines nw…and after having a new haircut salman is also looking very freash nd young now…,…dont spoil ur image by posting such nonsense stuff….hope u undrstnd me…

  • Inshallah Mr India 2 will be great and a huge hit. I have always wanted to see Salman in a pure negative role cant wait to see him as an evil guy in a film

  • hi 2 all salmn fans.i think veer might b a solo release .check out dis one

    However, the latest is that Salman Khanís VEER has locked on to 22nd Januray (which has an additional Republic day holiday) for sure and Ramuís RANN has decided to move ahead to February/March. Even the Abhishek Chaubhey directed Naseer, Arshad and Vidya starrer, ISHQIYA, is having second thoughts about taking on VEER, especially after the first theatrical promo.

  • “but if he will wait for 5,6 yrs then diffinatley anil will be old and sallu to hai hi old”@nauman…bro y u write ds kind of things…!!! evn if u r r8..u cn easily avoid ds kind of sentence as its really hard to digest 4 a fan (though u r nt sayin sumthn lyk King) . salman is realy lukin grt ds days. m from Bangladesh nd a grt fan of salman khan.Veer rocks….:)

  • london dream was a flop..vipul shah had done poor promotion i think he only likes akki..but OUR VEER DBANG SALMAN KHAN ROCKED IN THE MOVIE

  • This is looking very interesting. Salman in negitive role. This role will suit him. This is going to be a blockbuster for sure.

  • i know my comment looks nonsense but it was just fun, some times u need fun and jokes as well.
    sri devi is now 46-47 yrs old i just checked at google 13 aug 1963.
    i dont know how she looks like right now, but i dont think so she will suit that kind of role. casting should be change i think priyanka aur bebo should replace sri devi and ranbir or shahid should replace anil kapoor, sallu bhai is ok as mogembo .
    best of luck with MR. India 2

  • No u dint said that for fun..u were anil no sridevi bewkuf wo mr india ka sequel bna rhe hai,.

  • Mystic river………..Did you mention me in ur comments…..what didi you mean ………Explain it ………… me………..I f u need clarification…………………….

  • Though veer, mr.india 2 n dabangg will rock the nation,paris will be a disaster.he should not do paris.what do u think?

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