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A fun poll, not to be taken too seriously and no offense meant to the nominated actors. Here are the nominations for the worst actors in Bollywood

  • Tusshar Kapoor – Terrible in almost every genre except comedy, Tusshar made his debut in Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai opposite Kareena Kapoor. The movie was a runaway hit at the box office and Tusshar went on to win several Best debut awards including the Filmfare. Then came a string of disasters (and terrible performances) Kya Dil Ne Kaha, Jeena Sirf Mere Liye, Kuch To Hai, Yeh Dil and many more. He excelled as a dumb (speechless) man in the Golmaal series, probably the only two performances that the actor will be remembered for.
  • Zayed Khan – Better known as Suzzane Roshan’s brother and Hrithik Roshan’s brother-in-law, Zayed started off well in Main Hoon Na, but its been all down hill since then.. He says he hasn’t been too serious about his career, we think he’s a non-actor.. what about you?
  • Fardeen Khan – It took Fardeen more than a decade in the industry to show any signs of improvement as an actor.. He was good (by his standards) in All the Best and Life Partner.
  • John Abraham – Kareena called the actor “expressionless” on Koffee with Karan, we think so too. Having said that, John has achieved a lot more success and earned a lot more money than most ‘good actors’ can even dream off.
  • Dino Morea – Great looks and physique but zero acting talent. For someone who started off with the blockbuster Raaz, Dino’s career has nose-dived ever since.
  • Upen Patel – After winning the Best Debut IIFA award for his terrible performance in 36 China Town Upen screamed from roof-tops “Iíve signed eight films and this is just the beginning, but I canít wait to become a superstar”. He surely must have under-estimated the struggle, dedication, hard-work and most importantly – talent which he clearly lacks – to achieve superstardom. Few disasters later, Upen was last seen in the super-hit Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. After seeing which, the idea of creating this poll was born.
  • Bobby Deol – Both, his brother Sunny and father Dharmendra dominated the industry, Bobby unfortunately didn’t come close. He deserves credit though for being the best thing about the trashy Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.
  • Sohail Khan – Tries too hard to be funny, making innumerably different faces in every on-screen appearance and falls flat almost always.
  • Himesh Reshammiya – His first film was well marketed – The reason behind him wearing his infamous cap (which was never revealed, but we all knew it was due to hair loss), how he would look without it and also the curiosity to see him act.. all contributed in a big way to make Aap Ka Surroor a huge success at the box office. Then came Karzzz and Radio.. The former collectively put everyone in theater to sleep and the later was by far the most unintentionally funny movies of the year.

Whose the worst? Submit your votes, you can select 3 actors from the list.

Note – One highly requested actor to make it to this list was Abhishek Bachchan. Sorry, but Abhishek isn’t too bad an actor. Its the expectations that people have had from him being the son of Amitabh Bachchan, that has weighed him down. He was fantastic in Guru, Yuva, Dostana and the most recent Paa.

Added to the list – Aftab Shivdasani, Uday Chopra, Ashmit Patel

Worst Actors in Bollywood

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  • where is abshieak bachan, he is one of the over-rated actors in bollywood. he has his name only because of his father! that is a total BS! you should put him on this list!

  • Where is aashish choudry arjun rampal chanki pandey lol..indicine luvd ur commentry on upen patel.hahaha..sunil shetty is a gud actor.plz its a request dont disgrace shetty.plz remove him..

  • Guess your right, going through Shetty’s filmography he has done quite well in a few films. Replaced him with Arjun Rampal.

    Chunky and Aashish are small time side actors..

  • I dont think Imran Should be there because this was the same thing that happened to Hrithik after Kaho Na pyar Hai, he gave mujse doosti karogi, yaadein, and one of the worst acting of the decade Mein Prem Ki diwaani Hoon and Imran Still has movies to prove his worth….The Dharma Production Movie, Dellhi Belly and the film with Deepika

  • I think most of them r…but i voted for john abhram(my another hatest actor…..gosh..have he ever act on movie????),fardeen khan and upen patel

  • INDICINE TEAM:R u planning to watch hollywood movie AVATAR or not????????If u r then plz put ur review in this site!!!!!!!i know this is bollywood movie review site but its special request…….Hope u will put……

  • I don’t think aftab deserves to be in this list… He is a pretty good actor.. rest all are fine…

    Himesh is one guy who hate to see on-screen.. whatever image & popularity he earned with his music & singing, he has single-handedly destroying it by acting in movies.. Someone really needs to give him a reality check… I hope the disastrous collections of Radio should give him some idea now.

  • And looking at the list which is bombarded with star kids, I can gauge the fact that its extremely difficult for a normal person to make it into Bollywood these days esp as a hero.

    Just think abt the next generation, who can be the next superstar? Ranbir? Shahid? Imran? is there even any non star-kid in sight? It makes me all the more appreciate self made super-stars like SRk & Akshay… I dont think we can expect to have another self-made superstar..atleast surely not in the near future!

  • Upen patel, fardeen khan and zayed khan ! They r Just pathetic stars of bollywood.
    Ppl what do u think should ritesh deshmukh be in the list?
    Kurbaan saved vivek oberoi otherwise he too was a dud b4 it

  • ^ fardeen was gud in life partner, hey baby. zayed was gud in Blue.
    and Vivek was dud before kurbaan??? hw sad…. remember company, maya in shootout… he s awesome…

  • remove imrans name …

    Imran had a blockbuster movie .. he is the heartrob of 2007( JTYJN..).where as Abhishek bachan good for nothing …..he is good only for supporing roles

    John got Best villian award role for DHOOM

  • For me.. Himesh will top them all.. he’s the worst, then Fardeen Khan & Upen Patel.. Upen should never act.. I just don’t like him to be a part of any movie.. he’s hard to digist or to be loved!

    John, Bobey, Arjun are good actors.. why are they in this list?!! Aftab too was so funny in Masti and was good in Ankahee.. Ashmit Patel’s acting was good in Murder & Intehaa.. intehaa was a flop movie I guess ( but I liked the story & some songs) and he did well in these 2 movies.

    Imran will be good but will take him at least 5 years.

    Dino was good in Raaz, but he accepted to work in some bad movies.. there4 he ruined himself!!

    Uday Chopra ( he was good in Dhoom2, and waiting for his upcoming movie with Priyanka, the role suits him because he’s not a good looking actor) Tushaar too needs some specific roles for his career.

    Zayed needs some strong roles in some good movies, but he’s not bad
    Suhail Khan is ok.. not a bad actor

  • indicine :
    are u all right ???? how did u put arjun rampal’s name in this list ?? i think u forgot he got 2 film fare awards since last 2 yrs one for best villan OSO and last yr best supporting actor Rock on ( i m not sure it was filmfare or any other but he got).
    Himesh should be top of the list
    Aftabh should follow him
    and upen is also big compitater of aftabh or himesh.
    Thx God to Rohit Shetty who signed Tushar in Golmaal n Golmaal returns other wise he could be top one.

  • Rampal is a fair choice,.dun go by awards indicine .as u earlier mentioned upen got an iifa also..except rock on rampal was expressionless..

  • @fathiya..fardeen is certainly better than zayed..zayed khan is associated wid sum of worst movies of bollywood shabd yuvraj blue cash fight club

  • how the hell u include imran khan in this category he is such a fine actor and he did only 3 films in which his first film is a block buster bigger than kaho na pyar hay and u might remember what happened to hrithik after knph, series of flops, please dont do these type of stupid mistakes. at least u should have a criteria that actor should be 8 to 10 films old to be in the list.
    thank you

  • Amit Singhania: did you see Fardeen’s movie “Darling”? his worst acting!! I can’t remember any good movie for Fardeen except two movies: Khushi ( he wasn’t bad) & Kitne Door Kitne Pass, nothing else! well I consider Zayed a good actor but he needs a good opportunity, some good movies and some strong roles.

  • fathiya:
    why did u forget Fida, No Entry and All the Best. fardeen was good in these movies as well and except fida both movies are hit.
    and about hritik after kaho na pyar hai he gave alots of flops like fiza , mission kashmir , aap mujhe achhae lagne lagay , na tum janu na hum ( avg ), lakshya ( avg ) he got success after koi mil gaya which released in 2003 , so he got real success after 3 yrs and u mentioned imran a worst actor after 2 movies and within one year. it is not fair ,
    i m not talking abt KKKG coz that was shah jee and kajol’s show

  • Krish plz go to mental hospital tomorrow u really need.
    if u r so racist then just say to indicine that dont post any comment from any muslim country’s IP.
    and if u dont like paki and u dont wana them in this site then why indian movies are releasing in pakistan and other middle east countries? i accept alot of indian people r in gulf but none of any indian or hindu is in pakistan.
    indicine if u r agree with krish that paki and arabian people shouldnt give any comment then plz say this and stop me i wont visit to ur site any more.

  • Guys
    today 6th dec one of our friend Hina’s birthday so plz wish her for her happiness. thx
    i know this is not face book but we can wish to our friends here as well
    indicine would u mind ????

  • Guys, what r u talking abt? this is about who the worst actor is? it doesnt matter if that actor has given a hit or not… some of the actors listed are good at comedy(Eg. Fardeen, Tushaar, Aftab) , some r good at serious roles like Arjun, Bobby…

    Hits & flops shudnt deter you from deciding how worse an actor is… In my humble opinion, it has to be Himesh, Upen, Ashmit, Dino & Zayed..

    Imran is highly overrated.. Acting wise, I will take Ranbir anytime over Imran… He can hardly act but I still want to give him some time since he is still a newbie.

  • Krish, its awfully wrong of u to think that only Indian shud be fans of Indian cinema… Dont be so narrow-minded…

  • Halakoo, Imran was pretty ordinary in Kidnap and Luck.. He should stick to boy-next-door roles for now. He was good in Jaane Tu, but after watching the film quite a few times, there was nothing extra ordinary about his performance. Having said that, maybe yes, it was unfair to put him in the list since he only has 3 films.

    Talking of Hrithik, while he did have a string of flops, he was great in Fiza and Mission Kashmir..

    Anyway our vote goes to – Himesh Reshammiya, Upen Patel and Ashmit Patel

  • Almost end of 2009…….and only 1 movie 3 idiot left …….Hope it can be best movie of 2009……..Now waiting for VEER,HOUSEFUL n Action reply next first half of 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope these 3 movies will not dissapoint me

  • @indicine..thanx u removed imran.he may hve given flop but he is a decent actor though not a star material..abhay deol ll be future superstar of india mark my words.

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