My Name Is Khan Box Office Prediction

These predictions are real hard to get right, simply because box office is very unpredictably and a lot depends on the merits of a film. But a film like My Name Is Khan, irrespective of how it turns out to be, is likely to open to huge numbers. The first weekend will no doubt be record breaking, both overseas and India.

Here is our prediction for the year’s most awaited release – My Name Is Khan directed by Karan Johar starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol!

  • Opening weekend – 30 crores minimum, could even be as high as 38 – 40 crores including paid previews.
  • Week 1 (if loved): 60 crores plus, could easily beat Ghajini.
  • Week 1 (if mixed): 55 – 60 crores
  • Week 1 (if disliked): 50 – 53 crores
  • Lifetime (if loved): 110 – 120 crores. The repeat value is unlikely to be as high as 3 Idiots.
  • Lifetime (if mixed): 100 – 110 crores.
  • Lifetime (if disliked): 75 – 80 crores

Overseas, the film is likely to beat the record of 3 Idiots even if the reactions are mixed, mainly due to the wide release and the SRK – Karan – Kajol fan-following. $20 million plus is a possibility if the film is loved.

Indian box office numbers will be more interesting though, here are some reasons why

  • Aamir Khan currently holds the record for two of the biggest money spinners ever – Ghajini and 3 Idiots. While MNIK is not expected to break the records set by 3 Idiots, it will be interesting to see if the film can beat the 15 month old Ghajini in India.
  • Can MNIK beat the opening weekend record of 3 Idiots?
  • Can MNIK beat the opening week record of Ghajini or even 3 Idiots?

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  • 3000 prints release karke 100 Crore business karna koi bari baat nahi hai .

    Overall verdict – Below average

  • Hina…

    I liked ur comments on these type of terrorist movies..

    But Fana was the first attempt (in our region…)
    It came on may/2006

    And khuda ke liye came on oct/2007

    I watched khuda ke liye it’s really a touchy explained nicely all the aspects if islam..

    But fana was not dealing on that wtc.. attack

    And one thing I can understand dear..u feel bad whenever any film shows these kind of activities..

    I mean to say a muslim became a .. that..

    But that a big issue yaar..lots of hollywood movies show why they I mean to say America is doing these…to grab those oilfields..of middleeast..

    so don’t worry…

  • I think the movie is generating more hype than content.. nothing special is expected from this movie, as this dioesn’t belong to masses story..

    I feel this movie is going to do well overseas only, in interior India this could be non-profitable bet..

    I would be only watching it through net rips with fast firward mode, as this is a boring melodrama with no soul…

  • @mystic river: u r also from Bangladesh…gr8.I m also Bangladeshi. from Chittagong.
    @adiii: but I have doubt. beating ghajini’s record is very difficult. let’s see….
    @fathiya: will u plz explain why do u consider kank as a good movie???I found it a crap.

  • @bristi .. Thnx 4 such calm words about my feelings.Yeah Fana came in 2006 n it didn’t deal with WTC.But still the topic was again ponting to a sensitive issue.Khuda K liye released in Pakistan on 20th July,2007.Same day when Partner got released in India.Well really I dunu how ppl in Pakistan will react to MNIK if it again pointed to same old issue.Response to Kurbaan was very cold here…

  • Hina..I know what’s happening around this Arab world..israel/palestain…just dirty politics..and money..making games..

    They want to grab the whole world..

    And some filmmaker s r using this sensetive make money..

    I also don’t like..this topic to be repeated again n again..

    There so many other issues..why don’t they make film on those???

  • @ Indicine Team

    guys you have alreay predicted it to be collecting 80 crores even if it gets a ‘Flop’ status !!!

    I think you people are calculating the overseas collections only.. do you really think this is an appealing story of masses and are they really concerned about any US NRI who is suspected to be a terrorist by local government..

    I think the movie is an enhanced version of movie ‘Dil se’ which was successful overseas but a flop in domestic markets..

    I am really not sure from where you are getting these revenue figures ???

  • @bristi .. I agree with you there are dirty politics being played.I just hope n hope MNIK doesnt displease me n muslims around the globe.But even 4m promos u get one thing 4 sure SRK is offering prayers n Kajol doing Pooja.Whats going on? I know many ppl who get angry by just watching this promo.In khuda k liye Shan the hero of the movie clearly indicates dat muslims can’t marry non-muslims.If you really have to highlight Islam go into roots of that religion.Bring the real meaning out.Otherwise really movies will get banned in Pakisatn n other muslim countries too.

    I know my this comment is obonoxious… But I think its the correct time to raise my voice.Apologies in advance.

  • Hina..though I am not a muslim..but I understand..and that’s not their fault(muslim peoples)..This situation has been created…Have u watched Syriana(2005)..u can dirty those peoples r…
    And it’s not at all gd to raise that issue again n again..

  • Hina..u were talking abt one is praying ..and one is offering puja..

    that may not a big deal india is a democratic u can..laws permit u to do..

    but I know muslim countries don’t allow…

    So that point should keep in mind…u can’t hurt others’ feelings…

  • Indian market

    Friday 20 cr
    Saturday 22 cr
    Sunday 25 cr

    1 st weekend 67cr

    Weekdays total 15 * 4 = 60 cr

    1st week total 127 cr nett gross

    2nd week total 90 cr ( 20 to 40% drop)

    Lifetime nett gross 300 cr

    overseas 200 cr

    total 500 cr

    Don’t get surprised or get jealous or get overwhelmed ,,,,,, this is just prediction for most awaited film.

  • @bristi ..No I haven’t watched dat.Well thts so nice of u bt m prepared many on this thread will diagree with me.I have no problem with secularism.I just mean when u hit sensitive issue b very very careful.

  • Actually what’s happened UAE..they wont allow those controversial we can’t watch that uncut vrsion…even they cut if tthere something orkut even is blocked..

    I don’t know ab Pakisthan..
    But here they ban any film if the whole film deals with any sensitive issue..

    so that those people’s loss who r making these film..

    Ya it’s true…I ndia is secular….democratic..but others r not..may UAE…neither secular..nor democ..

    so should think twice..

  • Hina…

    Actually what’s happened UAE..they wont allow those controversial we can’t watch that uncut version…even they cut if tthere something orkut even is blocked..

    I don’t know ab Pakisthan..
    But here they ban any film if the whole film deals with any sensitive issue..

    so that those people’s loss who r making these film..

    Ya it’s true…I ndia is secular….democratic..but others r not..may UAE…neither secular..nor democ..

    so should think twice..

  • @bristi ..Same here in Pakistan everything gets censored in cinemas.Even the yakh scenes of 3idiots were censored out.But orkut n facebook work here.But on dvds u can watch everything i mean the uncensored version.

  • Hina…

    Facebook is available here…
    but Dvd not..censored..
    u can get those from torrents…
    but sites also if show vulgarity..they block that…

    But we can watch..nice hollywood pics here..those pic they allow using rating ..but too bold scene wont..

    By the way where is Amish?no news frm him..

  • Amit
    nice to see u coz i was waiting for u that MNIK is releasing and u r disappear.
    for ur prediction i will say only one word ” Wake up Sid ”

    ur Friend Amish is busy now a days due to his exams. u will see him soon.
    and Fana is not 1st movie about terrorism just remember 2000 Fiza and Mission Kashmir.
    i forgot these movies coz i saw long time ago but i think these were also muslim hindu terrorism.

  • Reports are not good & everybody saying that the film is boring . So my prediction for this film will be

    1st Weekend – 17 Crores
    1st week – 30 Crores

    2nd week – 8 crores

    lifetime will be 43 Crores

    Verdict – Below average or average or flop

  • Nauman thanks for the information abt Amish..and welcome back..ur site is gd…i checked before u announced here…

    And i was talking abt terrorism..i mean to say …between husband and wife…

    otherwise,,,there r lots..Dil se,roja…al r too gd…

  • Hina…MNIK ‘ll be a hit..that’s sure… may go beyond…Salman should go for gd films of gd directors…

    We should inform Salman…

  • seems like this board strictly belongs to Shahruks fans .. or may be I am at wrong place.

    a hardcore follower has even predicted a business of 500 crores.. no wonder another might predict 1000 crores..

    In my openion a good cinema is what which conveys the facts and feelings truthfully not in an artificial manner or commercialised one.. now a days neither there is good cinema nor the performers.. and they are selecting controversial topics which have more shock value to be able to generate maximum money rapidly.. just think what these guys are doing, merely exploiting the peoples feelings for commercial profits..

  • Terrorist background films are not good or not successful at the box office

    1) Fiza – Flop

    2) Roja – Flop

    3) mission Kashmir – Disaster

    4 ) Dil se – Flop

    5) Kurbaan – Recent Disaster

  • @ Dipin sen

    you idiot !!! Mission kashmir was ab.average/semi-hit & roja was also successful, though i agree with rest of the list. check our souces before posting man.

  • Dipen Sen
    ur prediction is amazing looks like u never watched any bollywood movie.
    so it means MNIK will be ur first bollywood movie.
    guys say welcome to Dipen Sen he is new one in bollywood.

    if u visited before my announcement then who told u the name of site ? or it was ur guess and i didnt see there any comment from u yet.
    do u think it is not that good that u will put ur precious comments?
    and u know that i like ur name very much . i dont know why but i like it
    and u remembered that one time i said that ur name looks like a cute 5,6 years old sweet girl in pink frock with 2 poni tails and a lollipop in her mouth.
    isnt it ???

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