My Name Is Khan Box Office Prediction

These predictions are real hard to get right, simply because box office is very unpredictably and a lot depends on the merits of a film. But a film like My Name Is Khan, irrespective of how it turns out to be, is likely to open to huge numbers. The first weekend will no doubt be record breaking, both overseas and India.

Here is our prediction for the year’s most awaited release – My Name Is Khan directed by Karan Johar starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol!

  • Opening weekend – 30 crores minimum, could even be as high as 38 – 40 crores including paid previews.
  • Week 1 (if loved): 60 crores plus, could easily beat Ghajini.
  • Week 1 (if mixed): 55 – 60 crores
  • Week 1 (if disliked): 50 – 53 crores
  • Lifetime (if loved): 110 – 120 crores. The repeat value is unlikely to be as high as 3 Idiots.
  • Lifetime (if mixed): 100 – 110 crores.
  • Lifetime (if disliked): 75 – 80 crores

Overseas, the film is likely to beat the record of 3 Idiots even if the reactions are mixed, mainly due to the wide release and the SRK – Karan – Kajol fan-following. $20 million plus is a possibility if the film is loved.

Indian box office numbers will be more interesting though, here are some reasons why

  • Aamir Khan currently holds the record for two of the biggest money spinners ever – Ghajini and 3 Idiots. While MNIK is not expected to break the records set by 3 Idiots, it will be interesting to see if the film can beat the 15 month old Ghajini in India.
  • Can MNIK beat the opening weekend record of 3 Idiots?
  • Can MNIK beat the opening week record of Ghajini or even 3 Idiots?

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  • Yaar guys whats wrong with u
    movie didnt release
    none of any one watched it yet except some crticics and some actors.
    how can we say that movie is good or not good and it will BB or Flop.
    just wait for 12th Feb
    i am hopefull that movie will release on 11th feb in sydney.
    so may be i will put my review on thursday which will be 100 % honest like Veer.
    but i think it will good movie and may be after a good start it will fall down if movie is not up to the mark
    but remember one thing
    If RNBDJ can super hit/ BB then any movie of SRK can get 80 cr.
    and btw how much it wants to get hit status ?

  • @MNIK extremely disappointed to watch this movie same Muslim terrorist again nd again making such movies.I think it cant work on box office if audience have brain

  • suspense of the movie mnik-

    kajol is terrirost and he is using srk for 9\11 attack in america, his orignal lover is jimmy shergil……

  • @AKash good work man now realy no need to watch movie.We will play same role which played adii for veer and kambakht ishq

  • nauman why u said rnbdj was a was nicw..sp first part..
    first time SRK came out from his mannerism..

    plus there were melodious songs..i mean to say those were extremely popular…

    In mnik…the credit ‘ll take may be Kajol…
    Srk ‘ll hold the imotional part..

    but that magic romance(as it was in k3g) is missing here..(as srk,kajol told..)
    so after 3/4 days don’t know what ‘ll happen..
    and this is exam time..that’s true..

    next wk to baat paaki is’s a small movie but different..can recreate magic like Isquiya..

    And above all 3 Idiots..offered us a completely new film…

    MNIK…can’t say..kjo is not Raju afterall..who gave Munnabhai movie…

  • best of luck to a good movie.but shame on the cheapest person in d world who needs a controversy to publicize a film,who needs to pay money to the critics to get early good reviews and get a good opening,who isnt confident abt his film n his star power and has to depend on paid reviews to get an face saving opening…wat a shame!!!!!!!

  • The film is all set to be released in Pakistan. We think it would be a good movie as the old pair of SRK and Kajol are teaming up after a decade or so. Atleast MNIK would be far superior to 3 idiots in respect of screenplay , music and plot. However, MNIK may not beat Ghajni (2008) in lieu of overall screen presentation as Ghajni is a masterpiece which derivates its central idea from the film of same name.

    In our view the initial turnover will be on higher side and it may beat some of the top trendsetters but we have odd feeling that later period may not be that impressive. But….If the story line is powerful and orginal then MNIK may retain particular class of audience, failing which the results could make shiver many investors of the distribution sector.

    The Film has a good publicity campaign but this alone will not be a deciding factor, however, as said two very senior artists in lead SRK and Kajol are in this film and pair should be sufficient to pull crowds out of the dwelling houses right into the cinema houses.

    35MM FILM – c & P 2010

  • Zakir…well said…

    We shd welcome gd movies..

    but these cheap publicity is not desirable..

    Look at Amir..he is so innovative..

    This time he visited so many places is disguise..SRK is also visiting now..kitne dur ja sakte ho apni pyar ke liye..

    but why these..
    not at all confident..

  • Hi adii
    zada uchal mat Taran n kurban ko bhi 4 star diya tha kya hua
    taran MNIK ko 4.5 star they kr b hit nhi kr paige
    he he he….

  • Guys chill no blockbuster record for MNIK its all waste
    Boring movie better to watch at home in DVD plz guys dont waste ur money
    same old terrorist story
    dont support for terror (srk)

  • Last thraed in which Adii commented sallu is fit for underwear add
    but now the latest news is SRk has signed as brand ambassidor for Lux Innerwear

    so what do u want to say from sallu fans

  • Bristi:
    Rabne was ok movie but story line was really cheap , why didnt she know that her huby n bf both are same person ?
    and srk in raj was over acted , in suri he was perfect.
    but we are not spouse to be talk abt rabne we are here for MNIK , and we didnt watch yet so what can we say abt it ?

  • Nauman I don’t want to discuss abt just want to compare Mnik with other SRK films..what r e extra extra…so that it ‘ll be a huge it…?

    SRK also needs to say again and again that it’s entertaining..not a statement..

    He never did publicity like this before so he is not confident enough may be…

    Amir aldo took a chance ..for 3 he played a 20 yrs guy..but did
    not feel urge to say like that..

  • Mn i couldnt understand that what are u asking.
    my name is Ahmad Nauman ( not khan hahhaa)
    and i m from Lahore , pakistan ,but now in sydney australia

  • Asslamu alikum Nauman Bhai
    I visited ur site still under process not completed
    sorry to say ( my opinion) colour theme is not good seems to be old site (dont think wrong plz)
    No option for subscription of newsletter to Email??
    lyrics of song, should be done different tag for Gossips & interview another for latest news
    no any pics in home page
    masha allah great job
    when will ur site be completed plz inform me

    Iam from Mangalore, India but staying in Riyadh, Saudi

  • RNBDJ is completely crept movie…..
    story was very bad……only music was good & actually fantastic…..
    hey bristi i think should watch RNBDJ again……..
    MNIK may open very good but the huge COST & CRAP PUBLICITY its may hurt MNIK’s business 2nd week and onwerd………it may be a AVERAGE / SEMI HIT…..

    I already give my prediction……..Watch it ………………….

    Hey AFRIDI you r so good……..

    hey NAUMAN, what is your website,dude??????????

  • No Hina.. don’t misunderstand my point.. it’s not because it’s Shahrukh’s movie..OSO was also Shahrukh’s movie.. I didn’t like the trailer and found it a crap.. I could predict that it was a crap from the trailer.. and when I saw it.. I was right about it.. MNIK is Karan Johar’s movie, the cast are Shahrukh/Kajol, there4 I’m 10000% sure that this movie is good and wl rock the box office for the following reasons: Karan Johar (always) makes good movies.. his movies all high quality in production and direction.. that’s the main reason and taking both Shahrukh & Kajol in his movie so that proves that it’s a very good script.. that’s the 2nd reason because he’d never cast big stars only for a very good movie of his.. 3) the script is appealing.. the trailer too.. so all that would make a good movie.

    Veer wasn’t encouraging at all because of the trailer, I could sense that this movie was a bad direction.. but believe me Hina.. it’s Salman Khan’s mistake.. he should’ve given his script to a very good director.. if he gave his script to Ashoutosh Gowariker or he gave it to any other brillaint director.. his movie would’ve been now a super hit.

  • opening will b huge….but i will be difficult to beat 3 idiots opening n in no case it can beat gross collection of 3 idiots…….

  • i dnt believe that MNIK will do such bussiness. My prediction is that this film will be a flop and only flop.
    the way of publicity aquired by SRK is so cheap that no intelligent person will prefer or support.

  • ok i wanna always see the srk hatters as looser..
    veer collection makes them looser now mnik will make them looser.
    i will love to see yours reaction after mnik become bb.
    hello loosers. plz aur bura bola mnik ke baare mein. kuch nahi bigad paoge.
    hey, you guys see the bollwoods site, see the reaction!!!
    no!! no! dekh jakar,
    ab saare critics mnik ko acche reviews denge. hahhahaha
    srk ne sabko khareed liya hai. vo bahut rich hai. hahahahahaha

    bahut maza aata hai tum logo ko harta hua dekhakar, loosers

  • nouman
    agar movie mein reality kyun dekhna chahte ho, agar reality itni hi passsand hai to kisi market mein chale jao sab reality dikhegi, movie na dekha karo!

  • MN nice review about my site, thx
    i am agree that color scheme is not very good even i didnt like but i am not only person who is running it , we have some more people as well so mostly members decided this color scheme , Navy Blue is my favorite color so i said them we should chose Navy Blue.
    which things u mentioned above , we all know about them and every thing will be done like that. Just we need more time.
    u know that we started this site in Jan 2010 and within a month we done it and u can see indicine announced about there new version 4,5 months ago and still nothing.
    it is not easy job.
    what do u think abt MNIK prediction
    we will put same artical tomorrow in pur site.

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