My Name Is Khan Advance Booking open again

The Advance Booking of My Name Is Khan was temporarily closed on Wednesday due to protests from Shiv Sena. But has now been restarted again, at all multiplexes in Mumbai, from Wednesday evening.

The Shiv Sena though has vowed to disrupt the screenings even as the government has taken complete responsibility for a smooth release of the SRK starrer.

My Name Is Khan directed by Karan Johar releases worldwide on 12th February 2010, two days before V-Day!



  • It’s not advance booking it’s refund booking but don’t worry boi has declared colkection is 100% kyunk 2 cinema hall main to lagi hai and very strong in single screen jaha release hi nahin hue hahaha

  • Arshan
    movie is very very very strong in single screens…. ticket hi nahi mila raha kissi ko
    release ho gi to hi ticket milay gi

  • I agree & I do not support any kind of velnioce. What some political parties try to achieve through velnioce is not justified AT ALL. Am not all against Migration(as I have said several times before), but I am against uncontrolled slum-building & using those slums for votes or for velnioce. Every place, every state or country should respect everyone coming in but I dislike it when people are not thankful, gelling towards the locals. Indians, in particular, do it everywhere be it Maharashtra or Bangalore or USA they’ll crib about the locals and form narrow-minded groups. Contributing to cultural bonhomie doesn’t hurt anyone then why be arrogant & stubborn!Migration problem in Mumbai & rest of Maharashtra is beyond ‘culture or language’: political parties don’t understand that & so don’t YOU. No one wants to look at health, infrastructure, pollution, crime & social peace-keeping aspects of migration. Such slums are most DANGEROUS for slum-dwellers who’re majorly from UP/Bihar/other states & I am most concerned about THEM.

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