My Name Is Khan Advance Booking open again

The Advance Booking of My Name Is Khan was temporarily closed on Wednesday due to protests from Shiv Sena. But has now been restarted again, at all multiplexes in Mumbai, from Wednesday evening.

The Shiv Sena though has vowed to disrupt the screenings even as the government has taken complete responsibility for a smooth release of the SRK starrer.

My Name Is Khan directed by Karan Johar releases worldwide on 12th February 2010, two days before V-Day!



  • Fathiya aapi
    r u here ???
    MNIK is really nice movie read my review
    i am sure it will get good success on box office.

  • sami i cant put my site name any more here. indicine banned that name.
    but every one knows about it
    bolly plus . com
    just remove all spaces.
    may be with this way i ll get success to put that name.

  • @nauman
    it’s really sad bro u should paste your review on indicine also becoz this is the platform from where you started giving review i have visited your site and read the review but still you should paste it here also.

  • Arshan u know that i love u very much.
    but if i will put all review here then who will visit there ????
    i dont mind i hv respect of indicine.

  • @nauman
    see bro your right on your part but there are people here like me i have visited both the site even you have given box office prediction of mnik but then also the people are there right m not forcing you bro but just advising you rest it’s your wish i don’t have to do anything with the review of mnik bcoz i don’t watch srk movies in theatres

  • @Sami ..Razzaq is going with Pak team to Play against England f two T20s this month.So he is fit I guess n IPL still has time left.Very lame excuse.Thanks I appeciate ur comments but whteva happened in auction we are hurt.N plz indian media has neva backed Pakistai cricketers?N Afridi said on Geo TV he will neva play IPL coz his nations pride is more imp 4 him than money.Only if lalit Modi n others apologise then he will reconsider his decision.

    You have said it urself let Mr shahrukh do business n leave Pakistani Players alone… in his MNIK promotionz

  • @Hina: Thanks 4 d reflied, i think this is a promotion which is too cheap if it is.

    @Nauman: i cant wait to go there…..

  • My Name Is Khan Movie Review

    Karan Johar

    Main cast

    Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Christopher B. Duncan, Tanay Chheda, Steffany Huckaby
    ” My name is khan and I am not a terrorist” it shows that movie is about terrorism. Oh My God another terrorism movie. In recent last 3, 4 years bollywood made so many movies about terrorism and some movies worked and some movies declared flop. Now a days 9/11 issue is best issue if you are interested to make a terrorism movie instead of Hindu Muslim fight. Last couple of years we watched 3 movies about 9/11 issue. Khuda Ke Liye, New York and Kurbaan.
    Shahrukh is back with his best friend Karan Johar with the same issue which Karan highlighted in Kurbaan. People are thinking that it is similar to Kurbaan and New York. I will say only one thing that there is only one resemblance between Kurbaan and My Name Is Khan which is Karan Johar.

    Now people are really tired of post 9/11 subject. Does it go against MNIK? But we watch every year lots of same type of love stories, comedies and action. And if movie is good it will work, doesn’t matter subject is outdated or fresh.


    Shahrukh Khan (Rizwan Khan), a Muslim guy from Mumbai, suffers from Asperger syndrome (a form of high-functioning autism complicating socialization). Shahrukh marries a Hindu single mother Kajol (Mandira), in San Francisco who has one son. After 9/11, due to Muslim identity of Kajol’s husband some school boys kill her son. Then she thinks that Shahrukh is responsible of her son’s death and she left her and said to her when u will clear yourself that you guys are not terrorist then come to me. Shahrukh then begins a journey to meet US President Bush to clear his name.

    Story is well written and execution of the script is mind blowing. 1st half is little funny due to Shahrukh’s behavior. 2nd half is much batter than 1st half and original story starts after death of Kajol’s son.

    Scenes which have worth to watch MNIK:

    . 1st scene at airport tells the whole story and tells us what is the movie all about.

    . Shahrukh’s sales scenes are very funny and they make you laugh.

    . When Shahrukh Asks Kajol “can we have sex please” he looks so innocent.

    . 1st 15 minutes after the interval are very fast and audience will be in shock.

    . Shahrukh’s help in Georgia shows his positive character.

    . Perfect Climax.


    i- There is no need to talk about Shahrukh. He is one man show and his every single movie proves himself. At this time he did another good job after Chukde India and Veer-Zara.

    Whole movie he handled alone with his career best performance. He looks very innocent. People will love his character.

    ii- Kajol is back after 2 years. Her last release U Me Aur Hum was not box office hit but her performance was superb. In MNIK she is batter than her last release. She has less screen appearance she comes after 30 minute and in 2nd half you will again miss her.

    iii- Rest of others like Jimmy, Soniya, Arjun Mathur, Yuvan Makaar and all others are good in their roles.


    Karan Johar is a brand in Bollywood. He started his career with KKHH and from KKHH till Wake Up Sid his success rate was 100 %. Industry was thinking that why he made two movies Kurbaan and MNIk on a same subject. But I will say there is only one similarity between both movies which is Dharma productions. He handles script very well at one side SRK is trying to proof that he is not a terrorist and on same time Kajol is trying to find her son’s murderer. This part is best part of the movie and it shows how talented is he.


    Music director is Shankar Ehsan Loy and music of MNIK is just ordinary and very disappointing. Movie has only 3 songs. Tere Naina comes lots of times again and again which is very irritating. We always have great expectations with SRK movie’s music and if it is Dhamra production then there is no need to think just go to the market and get the music album. But this time it couldn’t happened. Music is not great as compare other Karan-SRK movies. Only one song is worth listening to. Which is Noor -e- Khuda.

    Back ground score is good.

    Negative Points:

    i- There is some confusion about time period. They got marry before 2001 and Kajol’s son killed in 2007. Where 6 years were didn’t show and age of Kajol’s son remain same.

    ii- Shahrukh has back ground voice in more than 80 % scenes. It looks like a documentary movie instead of commercial cinema

    iii- In church Shahrukh gives a speech in Hindi. I don’t know how American people understood his hindi and then they started sing a song.

    iv- Muslims can’t give Zakat to any non Muslim person but Shahrukh gave it to 9/11 effected
    people. Even they can’t marry with Hindu girl.


    Overall My Name Is Khan well made, well told with a good story line. And we can consider it Best movie about 9/11 theme. Just some negative things and lack of good music is go against it. Otherwise it is a perfect movie. Due to Shahrukh’s star power this movie will get huge opening and it can sustain for next 2, 3 weeks. May be business will effected in Maharashtra due to Shiva Sena issue.



    (My name is Khan and i am not a flop)

  • @nauman
    bro someday you were asking the meaning of dabaang go to wanted v/s veer page
    @sallu fans
    visit wanted v/s veer page for the first synopsis of dabaang

  • ‘My Name Is Khan’ suffers 40-45 cr loss
    By: Bollywood Mantra Staff on 11th February 2010

    Here is a bad news for Karan Johar’s ‘My Name Is Khan’. The financial loss for the film is likely to be around Rs 40-45 cr for producers, distributors and film exhibitors. The Shiv Sena and Shahrukh Khan’s tussle result for the huge financial loss. Shahrukh Khan’s favoring the inclusion of Pakistani players in the IPL has agitated the Shiv Sena activist and they banned the screening of ‘My Name Is Khan’ across Mumbai.

    Made on a budget of 40 cr, the film has been sold to Fox Star Studios for Rs 85 crore. Many theatres refused for advance booking and the few theatres that were opened for advance booking could not continue with the process. Mumbai police arrested over 1,200 disturbed Shiv Sena activist.

    “If the average footfall in cinema theatre drops to under 35% this weekend in Mumbai coupled with anticipated disruptions and fear among cine goers in Maharashtra, we are looking at a potential loss of Rs 40-45 crore to the film business,” a top executive of a leading multiplex in Mumbai said.

    “Losses on account of the damage to the publicity materials of the film and attacks to various theatres in the past few days have also been factored in,” the executive said.

    Over 2000 prints of the film has been released and 300 was released alone for Mumbai theatre. The film could easily gross 100 crore in the first week but the present scenario will badly hampered the box office collection.

  • One Joke for you all on ‘My Name is Khan’ occassion —>>
    “Ek ladki Toota (perot) kharid ne ek dukan me gai. Dukandar jis ka naam Wasim tha usko Ladki boli mujhe ek khubsurat Toota dikhaiye. Dukandar ne ek Tota dikhaya. Ladki boli ish Toote ki kya khasiyat hai? Wasim bola ye Toota baate karta hai behan ji. Ladki Toota ko azmane k liye boli Mai tumhe kaisi ladgti hu Toota ji? Toota bola, behan ki Lodi Randi lagti hai tu. Ladki dukandar se boli Wasim bhai ye Toota toh mujhe gali de raha hai. Wasim Pinjre se Toota ko nikala aur dukan k andar le gaya. Andar ek pani k baalti me Toota ko duboya aur puchha aur gali dega? Toota bola.. Haan! haan!! dunga. Fir pani me duboya.. pucha aur gali dega? Toota fir b bola haan haan dunga dunga. Fir pani me duboya toh Toota man gaya aur bola, thik hai wasim aur gali nehi dunga. Toote ko pinjre me dal k wasim bola, lo behan ji ab ye toota kabi gali nehi dega. Ladki khush hogai aur fir se Toote ko azmane lagi.. Boli Toota ji mai tumhe ghar lejaungi. Par mujhe pata toh chale tum kitne intelligent ho?
    Toh batao agar mere ghar mere sath tum koi ladke ko aate hue dekhoge toh kya sochoge? Toota bola sochunga vo tumhara pati hai. Ladki boli Agar dusra koi Ladke ko aate dekho toh? Toota bola vo tumhara bhai hoga. Aur teesra koi ladke ko dekho toh? Toota thoda gussa ho k bola vo tumhara dewar hoga yar!!
    Ladki fir boli aur agar Chautha kisi ladke ko aate dekho toh?
    Ish bar Toota bhadak gaya aur bola, Oye Wasim chal pani laa, Maine toh pehle hi kaha tha ki Ye behan ki Lodi mujhe Randi Lagti hai…”


    @Adii , Nauman & SRK fans……………..this is for you

    The other overseas caveat is the cost of overseas prints. Each overseas print costs about $4000-$5000 USD. So the prints themselves overseas may end up costing in millions of dollars. This is not counting the various promotional costs of advertising and event premiere costs for distributor Fox (which can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars). And in terms of returns overseas, a studio typically nets about 50-55% of collections reported as US/UK box office gross. All that has to be figured in before scale of profitability or loss for films like MNIK have to be figured in.

    Ultimately however the film has sought its launch certification from India and it will be judged by its performance in India first and foremost. So going back to its release issue, at this point it can be safely said, without Maharashtra, the 100 crore film is going to lose. Maharashtra generates 25-35% of national revenue share for Hindi films typically, higher for Shahrukh Khan films. The makers simply can’t afford to lose Maharahstra. With a release in Maharashtra, it may not lose. But earningswise it will depend on how strongly it performs in muslim influenced theaters to make up for the initial losses from other segments. If the film costs a distributor 100 crores, the rule of thumb is it has to generate 300 crores in gross revenues for it to break even. Only 3 Idiots has done this so far.

    So when it gets down to it, assuming things go as planned and violence doesn’t break out midway at the screenings, this is what will define the fate and that’s how the participation and revenue shares may ultimately break down for this venture.

  • nice review.
    ok i got ticket of mnik for saturady.
    im no giving review becoz im srk fan.
    ok waits for other critics reaction.
    i like anybody say something good about mnik.
    srk says”u can love me, u can hate me but you can never ignore me”

  • Nauman
    i didnt get ticket of friday.
    i got ticket of saturday of 10:30 pm show IST. so i will go for saturday unfortunately.

  • Typical emotional drama expected from karan with strong grip on script which wrote specifically nature of indian audience and emotional people.A Muslim guy (Rizwan khan ) suffers from Aspersion syndrome ,kajol hindu woman(Mandira) which has son,Involve (typical drama 1st half) some comedy (like this portion 1st half) then marry Kajol , son suffer alot in school after 9/11 from his class mates (other school guys coz of Muslim father) so kajol’s son kill by school mates.

    Ridiculously Mantira put all responsibility to Rizwan khan for murder of her son and leave her and restrict rizwan dont try to meet me until u dont clear your self that you are not rizwan now try to meet president of usa for this do lot of struggle to clear his name.

    Really extremly boring movie hard to spend time in cinema if you are not emotional guy 0.3/5
    If emotional then you will like movie but not extremely 2.5/5

  • Guys m frm B’lore n here there are no tickets avilable in multiplexes…if u want u check it in
    think a lot of expectations over th movie….All the best for SRK, KJO n their crew.

  • sad news for SRK fans

    Agar this weekend mein mnik release nahi hoti hai places like





    mnik will be declared as a Disater at the box office . Dont mind good luck

  • Dipen Sin: No.. it’s not a sad news.. it’s just a (proof) for what I’m always explaining on this website.. that when some movie’s fate to be declared as average or flop or disaster.. that would never indicate that the movie was bad.. but for certain circumstances some movie’s can’t do well at the box office e.g. floods in India, war, other reasons e.g. Shiv Sinha stopping the movie MNIK.. bad times will cause all that.

    RBNDJ was released in a bad time too.. after the explosion in India otherwise it’d hv grossed more than what it did at the box office.

    People ofcourse will not risk their life in order to watch a movie! if you Dipen Sin were Aamir’s or Hrithik’s fan, and then this happened.. you were scared to go to cinema, you could never risk yr life.. and millions of ppl did the same.. so that for sure is the main reason for the movie not to do well at the box office!

    If I couldn’t watch it.. you couldn’t watch.. they couldn’t watch it for these reasons is an issue.. but u didn’t go with others to watch it because u thought that the movie is bad is another issue.

    So why do we say: this movie was a flop or a disaster for some good movies just because it didn’t do well at the box office?!! these names should be removed from the dictionary.. we should never say this for a good movie, if it’s fate wasn’t good, it didn’t do well at the box office for some reasons which is out of our hands.. out of Shahrukh’s hands.. out of the producer’s hands.. they couldn’t help it.. they’re under threats!!

  • Fathiya aapi
    did u read my review ??? if yes u didnt say anything about that if not plz read it . people are saying this is my best review without grammar and spelling mistakes .

  • @fathiya have u watched d movie til now and dis not d first time time its happening before JA FANAAH and Maine pyaar kyun kiya faced d same thing and first watch d movie

  • Limited Release For My Name Is Khan In Mumbai

    Friday 12th February 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    My Name Is Khan is set for a limited release in Mumbai with single screens not releasing the film at all due to security concerns while multiplexes will give it a limited release.

    Multiplexes in Mumbai are likely to run the film on a few shows and see how things go through the day. Normally My Name Is Khan would be having a 18-20-22 shows at major multiplexes. The situation is being monitored by parties involved and things will change according to what is happening.

    The public is on the side of Shahrukh Khan in the controversy and this could see people who did not intend to watch the film giving it a go just to show support to Shahrukh Khan.

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