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  • wil try putting up my short review by 6pm ist 2mrw as mine is an afternoon show..

    Wil b waiting for ur review indicine 2mrw at 1pm:-)

  • My Name Is Khan Movie Review

    Karan Johar

    Main cast

    Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Christopher B. Duncan, Tanay Chheda, Steffany Huckaby
    ” My name is khan and I am not a terrorist” it shows that movie is about terrorism. Oh My God another terrorism movie. In recent last 3, 4 years bollywood made so many movies about terrorism and some movies worked and some movies declared flop. Now a days 9/11 issue is best issue if you are interested to make a terrorism movie instead of Hindu Muslim fight. Last couple of years we watched 3 movies about 9/11 issue. Khuda Ke Liye, New York and Kurbaan.
    Shahrukh is back with his best friend Karan Johar with the same issue which Karan highlighted in Kurbaan. People are thinking that it is similar to Kurbaan and New York. I will say only one thing that there is only one resemblance between Kurbaan and My Name Is Khan which is Karan Johar.

    Now people are really tired of post 9/11 subject. Does it go against MNIK? But we watch every year lots of same type of love stories, comedies and action. And if movie is good it will work, doesn’t matter subject is outdated or fresh.


    Shahrukh Khan (Rizwan Khan), a Muslim guy from Mumbai, suffers from Asperger syndrome (a form of high-functioning autism complicating socialization). Shahrukh marries a Hindu single mother Kajol (Mandira), in San Francisco who has one son. After 9/11, due to Muslim identity of Kajol’s husband some school boys kill her son. Then she thinks that Shahrukh is responsible of her son’s death and she left her and said to her when u will clear yourself that you guys are not terrorist then come to me. Shahrukh then begins a journey to meet US President Bush to clear his name.

    Story is well written and execution of the script is mind blowing. 1st half is little funny due to Shahrukh’s behavior. 2nd half is much batter than 1st half and original story starts after death of Kajol’s son.

    Scenes which have worth to watch MNIK:

    . 1st scene at airport tells the whole story and tells us what is the movie all about.

    . Shahrukh’s sales scenes are very funny and they make you laugh.

    . When Shahrukh Asks Kajol “can we have sex please” he looks so innocent.

    . 1st 15 minutes after the interval are very fast and audience will be in shock.

    . Shahrukh’s help in Georgia shows his positive character.

    . Perfect Climax.


    i- There is no need to talk about Shahrukh. He is one man show and his every single movie proves himself. At this time he did another good job after Chukde India and Veer-Zara.

    Whole movie he handled alone with his career best performance. He looks very innocent. People will love his character.

    ii- Kajol is back after 2 years. Her last release U Me Aur Hum was not box office hit but her performance was superb. In MNIK she is batter than her last release. She has less screen appearance she comes after 30 minute and in 2nd half you will again miss her.

    iii- Rest of others like Jimmy, Soniya, Arjun Mathur, Yuvan Makaar and all others are good in their roles.


    Karan Johar is a brand in Bollywood. He started his career with KKHH and from KKHH till Wake Up Sid his success rate was 100 %. Industry was thinking that why he made two movies Kurbaan and MNIk on a same subject. But I will say there is only one similarity between both movies which is Dharma productions. He handles script very well at one side SRK is trying to proof that he is not a terrorist and on same time Kajol is trying to find her son’s murderer. This part is best part of the movie and it shows how talented is he.


    Music director is Shankar Ehsan Loy and music of MNIK is just ordinary and very disappointing. Movie has only 3 songs. Tere Naina comes lots of times again and again which is very irritating. We always have great expectations with SRK movie’s music and if it is Dhamra production then there is no need to think just go to the market and get the music album. But this time it couldn’t happened. Music is not great as compare other Karan-SRK movies. Only one song is worth listening to. Which is Noor -e- Khuda.
    Back ground score is good.

    Negative Points:

    i- There is some confusion about time period. They got marry before 2001 and Kajol’s son killed in 2007. Where 6 years were didn’t show and age of Kajol’s son remain same.

    ii- Shahrukh has back ground voice in more than 80 % scenes. It looks like a documentary movie instead of commercial cinema

    iii- In church Shahrukh gives a speech in Hindi. I don’t know how American people understood his hindi and then they started sing a song.

    iv- Muslims can’t give Zakat to any non Muslim person but Shahrukh gave it to 9/11 effected
    people. Even they can’t marry with Hindu girl.


    Overall My Name Is Khan well made, well told with a good story line. And we can consider it Best movie about 9/11 theme. Just some negative things and lack of good music is go against it. Otherwise it is a perfect movie. Due to Shahrukh’s star power this movie will get huge opening and it can sustain for next 2, 3 weeks. May be business will effected in Maharashtra due to Shiva Sena issue.


    4 / 5 XXXX

    (My name is Khan and i am not a flop)

  • @Nauman sorry buddy i m shocked that u praised so much about SRK acting man.Kajol was superb but SRK couldnt impress.Average movie

    2/5 Average

  • I just posted my opinion but also mentioned one of my friend extremly liked MNIK gave 4.5/5 i dont mind and respect his point of view.I gave 2/5 coz i think its average movie and agree nauman point of view look little documentary stuff.

  • hey all….
    the movie is ok.. not a great movie… karan johar has tried his best but the product is just ok, shah rukh at his best, kajol is good.. over all the movie will du in US and UK pretty well, in India it will not do more than 80cr as it will not be accepted in single screens…

  • after 8 years, the combo of KARAN-SRK-KAJOL come back together with this, consequently, expectations are very high.After 1 year we are seeing srk in a solo movie after rab ne…hence, expectation again is high. After 2 years, we are seeing kajol as her latest movie was U ME AUR HUM. hence one can conclude that expectation are very high from this movie.

    the story of the movie is by now is the story of rizwan who suffers from asperger syndrom..he goes to san francisco to his brother and there he met mandira and fall in love with her…the fionally get married until the day that chancged everything…………………………..

    the message of MY NAME IA KHAN is very simple = there are 2 kinds of people in this world good and bad..religion does not matter..

    the technique side of the film is exceptionally excellent..while watching the movie, you will think you are watching a hollywood movie..the cinematography es A – class..especially the song of noor e khuda… oh my god what a great landscape…the lyrics of the movie too is excellent..however music is very addictive..once listening to them, you will want to continue to listen to them..noor e khuda and sajda and tere naina are excellent..however, what surprise me is the song allah hi rehem..great composition of SEL…the diealoge also is excellent..very well scripted movie..the editing of this movie is made in such a way that you will not be confuse about the on-going of the story.

    As per the direction, absolutely no words.karan proves once again that he is the best director of other directoer would have handle such a script so well than him..a standing ovation for him.

    Concerning the perfomance, no doubt it is SHAH RUKH KHAN best movie till other actor would have portrayed the role of RIZWAN KHAN with so much love, passion, minute in the movie and you will completely forget srks’s last movies..standing ovation for him too..excellent, fabulous, stupendous , you will completely fall in love with him in this movie..he portrayed the role of an autistic very other actor can match the perfomance of srk in my name is khan..thats why srk is the king of bollywood

    As for, kajol, she is also excellent as before..she handled certain scenes very well..especially when she was in hospital after getting the news of her son’s ————-
    very well perfomance by her and surely she should be acclaimed for this role.

    As for the others, their neighbors also were good..mark was ok, sarah excellent and reese fantastic..
    jimmi sherhil too was good..however big applause for jimmi’s wife..she is so excellent..
    srk’s mother was good in her role and tanay chedda was again excellent.
    mama jenny and funny hair joel also were good..

    however, i would like to note some excellent scenes:
    – the airport scene where srk says my name is khan and im not a terrorist is excellent
    – the childhood of rizwan was very well made..
    -the scene where srk’s mother show rizwan the description of good and bad people
    -all the scenes between srk and kajol are excellent
    -after 9/11, the scene in the motel very well acted by srk
    – when they were praying along with the americans
    – when the american boys beat sameer
    – the musjid scene of srk- wow best scene of bollywood ever made..will not tell anything more on this, you should watch it
    -the church scene of ( we shall be overcomed)- every people will surely cry watching this scene
    -the climax is the most strongest climax ever made in bollywood

    to conclude, srk should won best actor award for this movie..similarly, both kajol and karan johar merits awards..
    the movie should get nominations in the oscars..
    excellnt movie made with excellent perfomances..dont will this one or else you will curse yourself.
    however, in mauritius, today’s morning show opende at about 80-90% which is excellent..however this should have been 100% but this was not the case due to maha shivratee..however tomorrow, being a holiday, should ensure 100% collection from all cinemas..i have already book two tickets for tomorrow- one for the morning and one for the afternoon…going to watch it tomorrow again 2 times…

    (5/5)- im not biased, watch it and you will rate it the same as mine

  • Typical emotional drama expected from karan with strong grip on script which wrote specifically nature of indian audience and emotional people.A Muslim guy (Rizwan khan ) suffers from Aspersion syndrome ,kajol hindu woman(Mandira) which has son,Involve (typical drama 1st half) some comedy (like this portion 1st half) then marry Kajol , son suffer alot in school after 9/11 from his class mates (other school guys coz of Muslim father) so kajol’s son kill by school mates.

    Ridiculously Mantira put all responsibility to Rizwan khan for murder of her son and leave her and restrict rizwan dont try to meet me until u dont clear your self that you are not rizwan now try to meet president of usa for this do lot of struggle to clear his name.

    Really extremly boring movie hard to spend time in cinema if you are not emotional guy 0.3/5
    If emotional then you will like movie but not extremely 2.5/5

  • guys I am unable to understand why the NRI theme is added here, then you add a masjid sequence, then another church sequence .. and make American people understand you are suffering from a disease and not a terrorist ..

    The whole plot is very childish and unconvincing, and different religions people may object about the narration and picturizations…

    The most difficult thing for this movie would be to convince the local Indian population (interior – single screens) that this NRI story belongs to them..

    The domestic market will not welcome this subject though it might show some pace initially due to the hype generated even critical acclaims would be not much helpful as it has very low entertainment quotient..

    overall a non-entertaining documentary movie.

    I rate 2 out of 5.

  • @ Nauman.

    Excellent review brother. this is ur best review till date with perfect flow. Keep it up buddy. You sure r gonna rock with your career as a reviewer Insha Allah.

    Well i’m going to watch tomorrow’s midnight show. One thing i must honestly tell. I went to DHA cinema Lahore for advance booking today and i can not tell you the length of the Que over there. I have never seen such a long Que at advance counters of Pakistan. The only two movies which were this strong at the advance window were Singh is King and 3 Idiots.

    So I dont know about the rest of the world…but people in Pakistan are madly waiting for the release…as this is the first film releasing over here which has SRK as the main lead. Earlier Bhootnath and Billu did release over here but as we know they just had glimpses of SRK. So though I’m in no way a big fan of his…but ppl in my country definitely are.

    Will post my review at about 3 AM (Saturday) as thats wen i’ll reach home after watchin the show,

  • Man in pakistan maximum business till today only one film did that was wanted 2.35 crore 3 idiots 2.25 crore and here business no impact on bollywood collections

  • @Ahmed ..The thing is its SRK’s 1st release in Pakistan.N MNIK has max shows i mean neva I have seen that all 4 shows for a single movie in Pakistan.MNIK will open well but I know ppl will back out when they find its anti-Islam.The reaction will be mixed n I am sure abt dat.

    @Akhlaq Bahe ..I want two reviews 4m u one as a neutral person n second as a Muslim.N Akhlaq Bahe I have seen bigger craze 4 Veer than MNIK in cinemas of Pakistan.But since MNIK is getting all the shows this will increase its business as ppl have no other movie to watch…Since 3weeks no new movie got released in Pakistan.

  • Who r dis shiv sena..!! soo mch powerful…. seems they gt a parallel govt just like SARKAR RAJ or THE GODFATHER…though in a bad way….those ultra religious parties r just for spreading hatred every where…from now on evry film makers should think twice before releasing a movie or I better say even starting a project…If a movie is gud nd audience lov to watch it den its really unfair to take away the collection,the hit status from the movie..

    anyways best of luck to srk…for playing the biggest gamble(blunder) of his life….

  • @mystic river ..Yeah u r rite Indian Government must take some action now.U know what in 1992 when Barbari Mosque got Shaheed if at time action was taken today Shahrukh’s MNIK would have been safe.ALL izz well since this is increasing hype 4 MNIK.Overseas MNIK has a great chance now coz ppl are curious abt MNIK due to controversery.

  • sad news for SRK fans

    Agar this weekend mein mnik release nahi hoti hai places like





    mnik will be declared as a Disater at the box office . Dont mind good luck

  • Overseas advance booking is good but

    in India advance booking so poor that you can not imagine that like kurbaan . So sad for a big film & huge controversy not helping the film .

  • Overseas advance booking is good but

    in India advance booking so poor that you can not imagine that like kurbaan . So sad for a big film & huge controversy not helping the film .

  • @Hina its really good approach.I was expecting MNIK will be really good movie but sometime u become bore during watching movie frankly telling you movie like 3 idiots none in bollywood can make it again

  • shivsena have saved ppl from watching this overhyped movie. the movie is ok types . check out the review i found out to be most unbiased

  • a lot of my friends have told me they rather watch chandni chowk to china than this movie. at least cc2c has some entertaining moments !

    but i personally found the movie ok. maybe because after a long time i saw a ‘different’ kind of movie as i was sick and tired of watching all the nonsense that was coming out of bollywood. perhaps because this movie was different it came as a breath of fresh air which appealed to me.

    but the movie will not appeal to everyone as i said before. judging by the reaction of most people who have seen it already, i do not think it will create any box office records. definately should be a hit but nothing more than that.

    see ya.

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