MNIK opens across all multiplexes in Mumbai

Update on MNIK’s Mumbai release.

SRK’s My Name Is Khan, which has opened to a fantastic response all over the country, has now opened across all multiplexes in Mumbai according to NDTV, a popular television news channels.

The Shiv Sena threat, which helped create enough hype – not to mention free publicity across all television channels, seems to have only worked in favor of the Karan Johar directed film.

With Rave reviews and positive word-of-mouth, MNIK is expected to shatter box-office records over the weekend.



  • Guys….really surprised to see the media.CNNIBN and others trying to project MNIK is housefull allover.
    Just now was cheking in PVR Juhu for 3:30PM show….it is only 50-60% full.Tickets are available.
    If the situation is like this in a multiplex in mumbai then what might be the case else where.

  • I saw movie today it’s really fantastic movie ever…. i like very very much presantation, acting and also music… overall movie is damn good…

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  • i am not saying nauman but this the truth .

    all the media channels and print media are just blowing up the figures including BOI which is understandable that srk and karan will do anything to make it a bb.

    its from a official source. and very much similar to what i say 80%opening in delhi multiplexes but single screens are poor.

    the figures at single screens are manipulated to make up for the loss of mumbai bu BOI and other channels

  • mr. mn u r cheap person. mind your language… srk is the king of bollywood who don’t need any publicity.. i

    this is the war for the patriotism…….
    this is the fight for respect…
    this is the fight for entire bollywood… where he has got victory..

  • noperson on this site can prove which source is right .

    but second source is more close as ground reality is diff from what media are showing

  • where is your this patriotic person when north indians are attacked so pl sdont degrade the value of patriotic word by calling a selfish man patriotic and those figures are totally 100% official.\

    so you can live in dream .

  • Mr. Nitesh … i have pity and lots of kindness for you nd for all the hates in your poor mind for srk

    well nitesh whenever there is war between HATE AND LOVE
    love will always dominate hate.. which is true and unfortunately your poor mind can never feel it never understand it… in a same way srk has got victory over shiv sena and if you need proof go to mumbai..

    my name is khan and i am not a terrorist…

  • i want a simple answer if he is patriotic where was he when north indians was attacked.

    and second question if he wants to buy pak player then why he diidnt

    and khan no hard feelings if you know the asnwer pls answer after it i will not write anything on this topic

  • wo aadmi kabhi deshbhaqt toh nahi ho sakta jise pak ke player ki chinta apne desh ke logon se zyaada ho.

    sorry tawny but theres a diff story all together which is more believable than the media one even in delhi the 5.00pm show is not housefull it has seats .

    the reason why IBOS report is correct because the places it has described like jaipur meerut indore luckhnow lokks more right on basis of the no of seats are still available. so i doubt the 100% collection theory even 90% looks a bit blown up figure

  • Saturday 13th February 2010 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    My Name Is Khan opened to huge response with an opening of 90-100% at multiplexes. Single screens were in the 70-80% region. The film had release problems in Mumbai circuit but wherever it managed to get a screening there were huge crowds to see the film. The critics have given 4/5 stars but public reports are not at the same level. Reports are good but not outstanding like Three Idiots. Overall the film should emerge a winner and time will tell how big.

    Striker had dull first week with business under 1.25 crore nett. DISASTER

    Ishqiya sustained pretty well in week two with a 50% drop. The film did around 7 crore nett business for a two week total of 21 crore nett but with My Name Is Khan opening to such a huge response, Ishqiya may not be able to do much more business.

  • guys just read the word good and not excellent this is what i am talking about.

    and secondly i know that IBOS is a dumb side and i always keep a margin of 10cr for the lifetime collections of any film(that includes muslims) otherwise the opposite there figures are 10cr more for paa and KAMBHAQT ISHQ so guys if IBOS shows 80cr or 90cr whatever just increment that figure by 10cr.

    they too have showed pathetic reports for veer and shows its collection around 20-25cr and BOI is showinf 35cr or something like that means a gap of 10cr or so.

    so guys i am considering IBOS REPORTS as well and you will see too that the diff in BOI and IBOS will be close to 10cr.

  • this is not ur site to tell mind ur language
    here every one has got to throw opinion tahts what writtn DROP IN A COMMENT

    My name is khan and I am not staight ( gay)

  • Guys m from blore n though m not a gr8 fan of SRK but i gotta say this
    there are 107shows running per day totally in th city n till Sunday al theaters are 90% full…
    no bookings available in multiplexes…it has been released in almost 16 theaters (didn’t include th no of screens in multiplexes).
    so if this is the siuation in blore….i think its the same wit Hyderabad too….n frm Saturday Mumbai also picking up….so 10 or 12cr would be 2 shows collection in whole of India…
    so dont post wrong details in jealousy….its just a film, for entertainment n pls respect the people who have worked hard for th film n enjoy th movie…rather than fighting who earned more n who less….wt do u get if a person losses his money or earns in millions….
    it really shows th cheapness of ur mentality.
    dont spoil the websites name by using abusing language.
    Pls watch any gud movie in theater only which itself is a great support fr any movie and the actor whom u support.

  • santosh if srk haters are jealous then srk fans too are blowing up the figures IBOS figures are completely reliable infact ost consistent .

    simple formula to collect nett collections of a film with help of IBOS FIGURES= IBOS FIGURES+10CR



  • santosh bangalore is very small market in respect towards the bollywood films . though hyderabad is bigger malls and multiplexes are good in nizam not excellent but single screens are poor

  • My Name Is Khan First Day Business

    Saturday 13th Febuary 2010 15.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    My Name Is Khan grossed an excellent 8 crore nett on day one as per early estimates. The film lost around 2.25 crore nett business on day one due to the problems in Maharashtra and a couple of other places where it was unable to get a clean release. The biggest losses were in Mumbai where it managed to release in just 50% of the theatres that were scheduled to release the film.

    Pune was another big casualty where it was not released at all. The first day losses from Mumbai and Pune are in the 1.50 crore nett region. A clean release would have given the film over 10 crore nett business on day one which would have made it the second biggest first Friday in history of Hindi cinema.

    The film has excellent business in Delhi/UP, East Punjab, West Bengal and South while Rajasthan is good and CP Berar, CI and Bihar just decent. Mumbai is also excellent wherever released but overall business in the circuit is not high as it is not running all over the circuit. Delhi/UP business is over 2 crore nett while Mumbai is under 2 crore nett and normally Mumbai is nearly double of Delhi/UP.

  • Dis what happens when u pay media inspite media shouting over their voice that mnik is hit people know d truth nd what about distributor ask them dey wil say d truth dis movie wil be average but wil b declared superhit

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