MNIK opens across all multiplexes in Mumbai

Update on MNIK’s Mumbai release.

SRK’s My Name Is Khan, which has opened to a fantastic response all over the country, has now opened across all multiplexes in Mumbai according to NDTV, a popular television news channels.

The Shiv Sena threat, which helped create enough hype – not to mention free publicity across all television channels, seems to have only worked in favor of the Karan Johar directed film.

With Rave reviews and positive word-of-mouth, MNIK is expected to shatter box-office records over the weekend.



  • Shatter d records of??..;) Indicine Kush tho Bahut hoge tum.. hain? just kiddin

    But it cant beat d record of 3 idiots as u r claimin here..;)

  • indicine

    an hour back my bro had purchase 4 tickets of mnik

    but due to security reason they are not giving more than 3 tickets together

    so , my family others members will watch mnik on seperste sits from mine

    i have to watch it seperately now due to security reasons

    so, it will be my different experience to watch mnik seperately …

    seriously , i just dont want to go for mnik few days back , but now i am going bcoz …i have to reply to this impure politics of our country.

  • valid reason , why mnik cant beat 3 idiots records ?

    3 idiots released at time of worldwide christmas vacation where mnik is released in regular days without holidays+ board exams in maharashtra and finals exams of school and colleges across india

    3 idiots dont have hollywood big competition overseas but mnik had some hollywood films competition

    3 idiots had watched by universal audience min 2 times not only aamir fans and had that impact to bring universal audience …

    questions is that is mnik had that much impact to bring universal audience?

    like aamir done specially in last 3 years

    2007 tzp

    2008 ghajni

    2009 3 idiots

  • afrid

    these are not valid reason

    mnik also released on a holiday MAHASHIVRATRI…

    there is always competition and it is good for the sake of quality…

    exams… many people have many exams in a year …

    people will watch the film if it is good .

  • Afrid Khan
    engneering exam, medical exam, bussiness exam are held in dec-jan time in india
    only board exam are held in feb.
    so 3 idiots compete with avatar in oversease but mnik has no compitier like avatar in feb.
    over all is clear but thing is that”why people will go and see the 2 times mnik?”

  • amit dude

    yes,people will watch the film if it is good

    even i am watching not been srk fan but to gave reply to impure politics of our country in high tide security tonight 9.45 show tonight …

    but holiday is just for one day not like tzp,ghajni,or 3 idiots min 7 day vacation not only in india but worldwide christmas vacation for @ all 3 movies

  • Adiii dude

    i dont know the exact name of hollywood films but there were 3 international films releasing in competition with mnik

    3 idiots just have avatar in competition but 3 idiots had that much impact that in some part of overseas they had reduce avatar show for 3 idiots demands …

    so,dude good luck for your srk and i am going to watch in next half n hour to watch mnik in tite security and sitting seperately from my family members bcoz ticket seller had not given more than 3 tickets together

    but , i will put my honest star ratings just for you dude as i cant review like nauman bro,indicine team or other colleagues and friends on indicine site …

    bcoz i am like sanjay singhania suffering from short term memory loss , just joking , but from tzp , ghani ,3 idiots major story is dedicated to my life .

  • They cm hea 2 kill christian,i didnt say anythng coz m nt a christian..they cm hea 2 kil comunist,i didnt say anythng coz m nt a comunist.. They cm hea 2 kil buddist,i didnt say anythng coz m nt a buddist.. They cm hea 2 kil me bt there is no one 2 rise a voice 4 rise a voice against evil coz u cd b their next target..

  • The indicine team has put up a good review.But i am quite dissapointed with the movie.
    No great chemistry btwn SRK-Kajol that was xpcted,the script
    fails completely,All the other characters were missed out compltely-nothing intersting about them at all,
    and how many movies about the 9/11 episode common guys just sick of it.
    Just SRK allthe way had given some breathe to this film.And speaking of SRK “Hats off To u” superb acting
    ..And about Breaking records of 3I is not that much possible as though it seems to be.Atlest I am not
    Gonna watch it Again and again as i did for 3I….

  • 3 idiots deservs the best position.btw those who think 3i had no competition in overseas,sorry 2 say that there was another film called AVATAR.

  • Good for them that it is releasing all over.
    I always knew this was going to happen.
    It was always their plan IMO to do this.

    1. not buying a pak player in initial bid
    2. srk sayin how he wants to buy a pak player
    3. srk buyin a pak player
    4. shiv sena opposing it
    5. srk lying abt how he was questioned at the London airport
    6. shiv sena getting normal about the MNIK issue
    7. srk getting shympathy from the people
    8. shiv sena raising their voice again
    9. getting more and more sympathy —- a hell lotta hype
    10. VHP, Bajrang Dal and a lot of other groups joing the protest = a lot of TV Coverage
    11. Hype at its ever high – Same with the public sympathy – People will watch it for sure to support srk
    12. Not screening it in some of the theaters – creating a curiosity among peoples mind
    13. Getting good reviews [:)] – creating a curiosity among peoples mind to watch it
    14. SRK fans coming forward
    15. Now finally getting the shows at all the Mumbai plexes

    This process was pretty sequential.

    Peace and good luck to srk :)

  • @Dino ..Yes u are absolutely correct 100% datz y i dislike SRK as a person.Shame on all of them who are supporting such a diplomat dual-face person.Really if he was honest he would have selected Pakistani players during auction.

    @Sudeep ..You are so rite ..

  • it can break oso record & overseas response likable . i am lookinng forward to this people gone crazy & also tvpromotion is nice

  • To Dino,
    you are genius.
    Hope u would have come with this befor all this happend.
    As SRK said to all those who thinks its publicitiy stunt
    “SHUT UP You…”

  • @ hina

    yup … i used to be one of his biggest fans but not anymore. i dont like him that much as a person – i dont like his attitude. i still respect him as a good actor tho

  • This type of india-pak cheap controversies will make mnik another gadar of this decade.if the film is as good as 3i than i hav no problem.otherwise another overhyped film will win the race.

  • this movie is not so good..
    publicity can hold 1st weakend but not 4 long time.this loocks like an documenty which will never work

  • I just watched RANN now and i really felt this movie shud have been watched by every1.. ppl would have really known d truth behind all dese issues. Just cant believe Rann was a disaster man…:(

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