Kurbaan’s failure could affect My Name Is Khan!

Strange isn’t it. With New York doing so well commercially, we all expected Kurbaan – with a much more popular male lead, fresh from the super success of Love Aaj Kal – to open to huge numbers. But the weekend gone by, has proved it once again.. Box office business is impossible to predict.

Take Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani for example; not many trade pundits expected this film, starring a newcomer to match the might of the Khan’s, Roshan’s or the Kumar’s. Ajab’s nett gross for Week 1 was a staggering 40 crores and this, without a popular commercial director at the helm.

Yes, the genre’s were different. Yet Kurbaan was expected to fare much better than it did.

Now, what does the failure of Kurbaan mean to Karan Johar’s magnum opus My Name Is Khan? Both films, have a similar feel to it. While we all know Shahrukh Khan is a much bigger star and his first film in more than 15 months is expected to smash records.. it remains to be seen if the Kurbaan debacle could affect My Name Is Khan. Remember, MNIK has been sold for 100 crores.. recovering which, ain’t going to easy!

What do you think?



  • I believe that Kurbaan was all about sex scenes, and since Shah Rukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan, does not have sex scenes, it will do much better. I,personally, hate movies with sex scenes and do not watch them, and i do believe that parents, who have young children, are disgusted at how Bollywood is turning Hollywood. Leave the sex scenes, those scenes will not children anything good, excpet how to get your ‘freak on’. Do we really want cihldren learning that? Don’t forget, they are the future. Anyways, back to what i was saying, Saif Ali Khan already has a bad reptuation, and then all these sex scenes are not doing his reputation any good. I know that Shah Rukh Khan has never made a sex-filled movie and thus, with his good reputation. Anyways, to get back to the main topic, My Name is Khan will be great at the box office. As valuable people, do not take time to respond to invaluable walls, I have taken the time to set the records straight, on why Siaf is horrible and Shah Rukh is King Khan.

  • Amish, there is no real reason to laugh or make fun of someone. Shahrukh has touched hearts of millions around the globe. Its no psychiatric disease, its just some kinda connect she has with her star.. Like millions of others do.

    Letters are written in blood, so many committed suicide the day Michael Jackson died.. its fan following.. the craze has no limits :)

    We understand this, hence we are quite patient and tolerant when it comes to responding to comments in reviews / polls / articles.

  • Aliyah, so Saif sucks because he does sex scenes and SRK is great as his movies have no such scenes in them? Surely there are better ways to prove SRK is better… don’t you think?

    The sex scene was about 2 -3 mins long. And parents who do not want their children to watch these scenes, shouldn’t take them along to watch the film. Simple as that. Remember, its an ADULT film. Kids aren’t allowed anyway.

    Thought the sex scene wasn’t vulgar in anyway and was aesthetically shot.. A bit of kissing and some bare back shots, that was about it.. Lets not compare them to Hollywood.. we are yet to witness anything close to as explicit here..

  • if Kurbaan has affected bcoz of new York Then obviously it has to affect on MNIK
    but in the presence of KAjol there might be chances to work out ( not HIT) u can utter only average
    as it is high budget apprx 80Cr one thing it MNIK could collect max of 45 to 55 Cr thats all
    now ur turn to describe whether its average flop or whatever

    overall no much hit

  • Indicine Team- sorry if u r hurt by my comment..;) but it s just madness to do al those u `ve mentioned..
    just if some 1 does al dat he s not gonna be recognised by tat star .. do dey..

    after al dey r just like us.. not superhumans or above God…

    am sad dat even u support such activities.. and happy dat some1 dies for a so called STAR.!!!

    its V who make them stars.. they dont make us.. so its they who must die for us.. not us…

  • God, i really donīt understand, whatīs the matter of sex scenes! Some find it good to see in a film (coz itīs the most natural thing to do between humans), some donīt. I think itīs a matter of the upbringing of oneself or with nation youīre born in. Sorry, if this was off topic. I havenīt seen Kurbaan as yet, coz i donīt know if itīll release in my country as well. If not iīll get the DVD coz i really want to see what Karan has made now. Mentioning KANK here in this discussion is set a little wrong, IMO (even according to BO India itīs an overseas alltime blockbuster). Being a westerner for me KANK was a fantastic film alone due to itīs subject, coz it really told the truth like it happens every now and then in one or the other relationship on godīs green earth…
    As for MNIK and if īKurbaanīs failure (have to set it in ī coz i still havenīt seen it to decide for myself if itīs a failure or not):
    MNIK īs not about terrorism…Itīs an epic love story. So here also a couple. The special attribute is the disease Rizwan Khanīs suffering from and the obstacles that come with it and how, nonetheless, a love can īsurviveī all that. The thing with the terrorism comes only from the suspect Rizwan Khan (and/or Mandira) causes with his strange behaviour (Aspergerīs syndrome). Please ppl first get informed rightly about the film, (no offence) coz others might take that for granted what you say even though itīs wrong. Maybe then too much confusion and irritation. :)
    Kurbaan being not built on a similar subject definitely wonīt affect MNIK. The distributor and partner of this 2 indian production houses (Dharma + RedChillies), Fox studios, wonīt fail or miss the chance of promoting it in the best possible way (Slumdog Millionaire wasnīt produced or directed by an indian prod.house but has almost only indian actors/actresses in it and was dealing with indian poverty) and was an absolute blockbuster) that normally should help it and all the more coz they have invested nearly 100 crores. So they must have been aware of the grossing at the BO of the film. Then we have SRK and Karan: They wonīt leave a single stone unturned to do everything that their film will come out as a mega blockbuster, SRK will give his last shirt for that film for sure! Honestly, i donīt have any doubts that MNIK will top Ghajini by at least one length! My personal reasons for this, letīs call it, īguaranteeī (some already mentioned):
    – SRK in the lead
    – Kajol in the lead (knowing that she will be there with SRK), so
    – the magic of SRK + Kajol back on screen after a gap of 9 yrs
    – the dream team SRK+Karan+Kajol who had blockbuster films already, are back together after a long time
    – SRK in at least 1 wet scene (flood scene, here it doesnīt matter whether with top on or off)
    – location choice – hence many Americans will watch that film for sure
    – Fox studios (1 of the real big american banners – internationally!) totally involved and wouldnīt spend so much money for nothing or only an average performance at BO
    – the languages – much more English than in previous movies and less Hindi, so that itīs understood by a wider audience

    With all that factors, iīm really pretty sure, itīll have more net than Ghajini, coz with Ghajini it was counted worldwide and the same will go for MNIK. I really think, worldwide means more than only India coz if iīm not completely mistaken, the indian filmindustry nowadays wants to reach out to the whole world to get the popularity that it deserves (of course against Hollyblah) Btw: The 1st 4 movies in the list of BO Indiaīs website rated overseas top earners had all SRK in the lead, right the 2nd from above the combo SRKANDKajol! That means a hell lot! And if iīm further not mistaken, as an all time earner thereīre only 2 films (1 SRKīs and 1 Salmanīs, ABīs excluded) listed there.
    Sorry for the length…;)

  • well that wont happen!!!
    srks films were the best, are the best and will be the best forever!!
    just cuz of kareenas film it doesnt mean tht srks film will go a flop!

  • As much as iīm rooting for SRK i have to admit, that films of other stars i like, have also done very very well. But for this upcoming one i absolutely agree with you @Bejul.

  • This movie is going to b Blockbuster Flop ….

    Karan johar ko movie banane nahin ata .. saala kurbaan mein bhi Love story banaya .. and dhoom2 mein bhi…. isliye dhoom1 achi thi dhoom2 se …..

    whenever KJo stop making lovestories in action movies ..the movies will break records ………….

  • Thank you so much Daylight. I second whatever you say! Especially the Shah Rukh-Kajol-KJo-MNIK part!!! :DDD Yea. People should get the information right in them about MNIK before they criticise or say anything about the movie without actually knowing ANYTHING AT ALL.

    Trust me. My Name Is Khan will be the BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER ever produced in Hindi film cinema!!! ;DDD Regardless of what negative remarks come out from those people who are just jealous of Shah Rukh and Kajol chemistry. ;D And of course KURBAAN won’t affect MNIK as those two movies are of different issues. If these people hate Shah Rukh so much, why are they wasting time commenting on this? Get the h*ll out of here! Sorry for being vulgar. =)

  • I think it’s not going to affect MNIK at all. I am waiting for this movie very anxiously. This movie is going to be the biggest blockbuster ever. I feel the same as Fatiha feels. He is the Badshah of hearts. SRk we love u.

  • I know MNIK will cover its cost but not sure as to how much money it will make because it is a very high budget movie and 3 idiots is also comming soon. All we can hope is that it will SMASH all records and go to watch the movie regardless of what the SRK haters have to say. All wish him all the best for this movie as he is invoived in it’s production aswell. I am also fed up with the whole 9/11 topic but I know this movie is MUCH more that that and with SRK’s presence it will surly make our hearts move. ALL THE BEST TO KING KHAN.

  • Hello All,

    Iam the biggest fan of Shahrukh Khan who can go beyond the boundaries of being a fan of an actor!. I watched Rab ne banadi jodi 28 times in theater and watched Dulha mil gaya 6times just coz of the great superstar ever India had produced!!. No wonder why he has got Padma shri, consider among top 50 most influential people in the world by a magazine!.

    There is no doubt that My name is khan will cross 3idiots records at ease…..because he will not hype his movies just simply like Akshay did for Chandini chowk or blue eventhough he knows these are crap movies.

    I am an indian workin in dubai as a software engineer. Here fan following for Shahrukh is immense, mind blowing. Even if the whole india stop watching my name is khan…..this will break 3idiots records!!.

    Shahrukh khan is the most down to earth,humble actor who never involves in any controversy in his personal life, unlike other actors. I adore him for the below reasons…

    * He is the one who came from background other than film industry (also like Amitabh)
    * He never acts in movie, he lives the character!!!
    * He stirrs the soul with his superb unique acting style. He will make thousand expressions in one scene which other actor fails miserably.
    * Because of him, We got to know what love is!!! (from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge).
    * He challenged critics by taking the project of Chak De India with his superb performance!!!. I doubt any other actor would have ever dare to do the role of coach!!

    Eventhough Aamir does good movies just like Tare zameen par, ghajini, 3idiots but i feel SOMETHING is missing in Aamir’s acting when compared to Shahrukh Khan!!!…May be the emotion quotient, a great punch to love scenes with effective stylish presentation is missing with Aamir khan.

    Every website is publicity that Aamir is no 1 with just 2 big hits – My answer is just put this way!…”If all Aamir khan’s previous movies were made with Shahrukh and All Shahrukh movies with Aamir khan, Then you will see that all aamir movies would have become hit even with Shahrukh but not the otherway around!!!!” So he is called the badshah of bollywood!!.

    Also compare the awards…how many Aamir or Salman has got? and how many Shahrukh has achieved??.

    Truly he is the undisputed king of bollywood!!!!

    Note: I compared only 3 actors as they are the only big ones who adds fuel to run the bollwood. (the other ones are Amitabh n Hrithik to some extent and the rest all actors are crap in bollywood)

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