Box office Prediction: De Dana Dan

With the opening weekend being most crucial for almost every biggie that releases in Bollywood, De Dana Dan opens this weekend worldwide, amidst big expectations.

Akshay Kumar is yet to score a HIT this year after Chandni Chowk To China (Flop), 8 x 10 Tasveer (Flop), Kambakht Ishq (Average) and Blue (Average) all grossing way below expectations.

De Dana Dan though, with a medium budget and the return of the Hera Pheri team, seems most likely to be Akshay’s first commercial success of the year. Not to forget Katrina Kaif, who is on a dream run off late.

Here’s our box office prediction for De Dana Dan.

  • Opening weekend –  22 crores nett gross
  • Week 1 Total (IF BAD)  28 – 30 crores
  • Week 1 (IF GOOD) 32 – 35 crores
  • Overall (IF BAD) 40 – 42 crores
  • Overall (IF GOOD) – 60 – 65 crores

Verdict – HIT, irrespective of how the film turns out to be. If good, possibility of BLOCKBUSTER status.

What’s your prediction? Post it below



  • well that’s the power of akshay, if the budget is real then his movies are sureshot hit no matter what the content is…


  • There are chances for this film to do well. Why? The reasons are-
    1)The promos are good and has already engrossed ppl. 2)this weekend we have eid. A festive season generally boost up movie collections especially when its a comedy.
    3)akshay katrina’s comedy movie has never failed at the box office before. Welcome, sing is king etc.
    4) there is gr8 curiousity to see 27 characters in the movie.
    5) its a priyadarshan flick starring all hera pheri stars. Not to forget that he has given many hit movies with akshay. Garam masala, bhul bhulaiya, hera pheri, phir hera pheri.Etc After a couple of flops, he is returning with the king of comedy akshay.
    6) the trailer of VEER is releasing with ddd.

    3 days, fri-sun are sufficient to know its fate. Whether ppl like the appearances of neha dhupia n samira reddy? Whether they r turned down by yet another loud comedy or whether they enjoy it to the fullest.

    Desperately waiting to know the true fate n that cn b known only after its release. My prediction is a hit.
    Other ppl. What say ?

  • Indicine…..I cant understand why you and many people on this site are biased against AKki. You will give exxagerated figures for even Main aur Mrs. Khanna but will say that DDD grosses 32-35 crores in first week if good. You seem to like the Khans quite a lot. I think this site has been opened only to appease the Khan fans. Thats why Akshay fans like me are slowly starting to ignore this site. How can you say that DDD will just be a hit. If you still dont get it in your head of what I say, then watch this video please, it has at least 20 times more nation craze than even 3idiots or veer. And forget MAMK. Its not even in the competition. I so often feel that this site and many of its visitors are not even from India because they are so out of touch with us Indian people. Anyways please watch this video if you can.

  • De Dana Dan-

    shud do well. looks like a full on comedy, like welcome..

    akshay`s other movies this yr.. KI, CC2C which had lot of emotions in it so it failed. but DDD s nothin emotional nor looks boring.. so it shud hit d bulls eye…:)

    and according to Indicine ppl r getting tired of akki so if tat s true then d box office results `ll have some changes…;)

    if d movie s accepted sure 60cr+, can surely break d record of LAK. but if not den it `ll earn more than KI and BLUE…;)

  • my prediction
    thursday paid preview 1 cr
    friday 6 cr
    sat 8 cr
    sun 9 cr
    weekend total 24 cr
    monday 5 cr
    tuesday 4 cr
    wednesday 4 cr
    thursday 3 cr total 4 week days 16 cr
    1st week 40-42 cr
    like kambakht ishq 42 cr blue 36 cr
    but both movie’s budget was more then 70 cr so movies couldnt recover their budget.
    2nd weekend 10 cr and 2nd week 16 cr
    42 + 16 + 4 cr = 62 cr
    so total nett gross in india abot 62 – 65 cr
    add 15 cr overseas
    so total nett gross 65+15= 80 cr
    50 cr profit
    indicine if my prediction will 100 % correct then will it blockbuster ???

  • It will take the biggest opening of the year, after that it will depend on the script; if the story line is ok it will be the first blockbuster of 2009

  • One big factor will be the curiosity to see the trailer of VEER!! In fact, many people are going to see DDD only to watch the trailer of Veer, which has generated tremendous buzz ever since the photo of Salman as Veer were seen in various publications and television channels.

  • ll touch 85cr if the movie is good..why u think it ll touch only 60..i think u r worried abt paa.belive me guys paa ll be a disaster..people r laughing on paa promo..

  • “You must bring your entire family to watch the film”, advises Akshay, “However, please ask everyone to bring their brains along as well. If you fail to do so, you will be lost and still left laughing at the first gag. The film moves at a fast pace so you ought to keep your eyes wide open and brains functioning.”

    read d entire in bollywood hungama…;)

  • @nauman..profit=distributer share-theatrical right not net gross minus theatrical right..if ddd net ll comes out 80 its share ll be 45 to 50 hence profit 15 to 20..

  • @amish.m surprized ki u being a akki fan also think it ll touch 60cr ..go wild dude if this movie is gud 85cr is on the card..

  • Amit- i said 60cr+…;)

    u can predict the weekend and at most 1week.. cant say bout the entire collections… it depends on the janta… film s made for the masses and it shud fare well..:)

    with recent flops and average grossers from akki , am scared to predict more….;)

  • Amish i agree..but dont be scared if it is gud than 85cr is very easy..welcome grossed 75 inspite of tzp.if ddd recievd like welcum than it ll be a atbb.

  • ^ welcome situation was different dude… it had open run for 2 -3weeks.. nw movies release in quick succession. so a movies big sum/amount comes in its first week.. rest depends on WOM… and next weeks releases…:)

  • I’ll be there to guide any damsel in distress: Akshay Kumar

    November 23rd, 2009 – 9:11 am ICT by IANS –

    By Joginder Tuteja
    Mumbai, Nov 23 (IANS) He worked with them when they were new to the film industry and gave back-to-back hits but Akshay Kumar refuses to take credit for Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra’s success. The actor says he will always lend a helping hand to newcomers if they need it.

    “I am extremely happy to be their (Katrina and Priyanka) mentors but then they are free agents. They owe nothing to any one. They got where they are because they are talented. I saw it in them and that’s why I wanted to work with them. I am no guru,” Akshay told IANS in an interview.

    “I don’t make it a hobby to help heroines. I wait and I watch and I will of course be there to guide any damsel in distress. However, a ‘Katrina’ doesn’t walk by a film set everyday. They are one in a million for a reason,” the star said.

    Together, Akshay and Katrina have given super hits like “Singh Is Kinng” and “Welcome”. While “Namastey London” was also successful, their first film together “Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye” was a decent box office grosser.

    On the other hand Akshay has a cent percent success rate with Priyanka as well with hits like “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi”, “Waqt – Race Against Time”, “Aitraaz” and “Andaaz”.

    The latest Akshay and Katrina starrer “De Dana Dan” is now ready to hit the screens. The actress has time and again said that she consented to act in a film by Priyadarshan mainly due to Akshay.

    “Yes, I know about that. ‘De Dana Dan’ isn’t going to better her career. But yes, it is just good for her to work in different environments. A movie like this is a first for her. She still needs to touch every aspect of her audience and she knows it,” said Akshay.

    “I know when Katrina says she’s doing it for me, it means she respects me enough to say yes to something without question. There aren’t any questions around the script etc… It’s a plain and simple talk of ‘Yes Akshay, when do you need me?’.”

    Both Katrina and Priyanka have given hits with other actors too. In 2009, Priyanka teamed up with Shahid Kapoor in the successful dark thriller “Kaminey”.

    Katrina, on the other hand, was seen with John Abraham in “New York”. Directed by Kabir Khan, the film was a huge hit. And recently she teamed up with Ranbir Kapoor in the successful romantic comedy “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani”.

    But now she is back with Akshay in “De Dana Dan”.

    “In any case, the year wouldn’t be complete without me chasing after her (Katrina) in one of my movies,” Akshay said jokingly.

    Way to go akki…..:)

  • Akshay Kumar’s “big expectation” films are usually flops. Even a decent script, good music, and talented co-actors cannot save a flick from his jinx.

  • Woah.. “please ask everyone to bring their brains along as well.” Did Akshay mean what he said? How could D3 have something to think about?

    Can’t wait to watch this now..!

  • ^ exactly wy i posted tat Indicine…;) may be he s fed up of asking ppl to leave their brains. he tried his best but critics did tak a lot of brains n thrashed al his recent movies…;)

  • indicine you should first thanks me for my accurate pred about kurbaan . i think that this film hass 99%chacnces of 55-60 nett but the dist share will be lower than that of wanted (37cr).but it will be more than lak(33cr). second biggest hit of 2009.
    one more thing salman fans pls dont go to watch ddd for veer promo as it will be shown on news channels and internet from 25th NOV

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