Box office Prediction: De Dana Dan

With the opening weekend being most crucial for almost every biggie that releases in Bollywood, De Dana Dan opens this weekend worldwide, amidst big expectations.

Akshay Kumar is yet to score a HIT this year after Chandni Chowk To China (Flop), 8 x 10 Tasveer (Flop), Kambakht Ishq (Average) and Blue (Average) all grossing way below expectations.

De Dana Dan though, with a medium budget and the return of the Hera Pheri team, seems most likely to be Akshay’s first commercial success of the year. Not to forget Katrina Kaif, who is on a dream run off late.

Here’s our box office prediction for De Dana Dan.

  • Opening weekend –  22 crores nett gross
  • Week 1 Total (IF BAD)  28 – 30 crores
  • Week 1 (IF GOOD) 32 – 35 crores
  • Overall (IF BAD) 40 – 42 crores
  • Overall (IF GOOD) – 60 – 65 crores

Verdict – HIT, irrespective of how the film turns out to be. If good, possibility of BLOCKBUSTER status.

What’s your prediction? Post it below




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  • Indicine..yu suk a55..who gives a F bout yur review..people’s review matters the most.. and it is already out. im in OZ n i watched it yesterday as well.. its the third bollywood movie this year.. its def def.. 3.5 outta 5.

    n yea.. AK is a AK47..unstoppable, firin comic one liners like bullets and not missin the spot, he hits his target with a ease and walk away leavin you holdin yor tummy and jaw dropped on the floor. loved his wrk. Johny is excellent, hez talented and this is his best work EVER. Paresh and suniel come second in the race after AK n JOhny. confusion is handled well by director well, direction and story is not confused at all but the situation in the movie is. it riddles and riddles and climax is literally a blast (of water). im not big bollywood fan but hardly miss priya+akki combo..

    btw.. Akki, yur home boi. feel safe, cuz this movie’s gonna hit the jackpot. can easily beat the business of previous blockbusters this year….

    ciao everyone!

  • indicine team

    what was the total budget of the film, i.e. how much needs to be recovered ?

    and why do you say it should be a sure shot hit if it only does 25 crore in the first week ?

  • hey people

    have you all realised katrina kaif has given more hits than any other actress ? and not just hits but HUGE hits.

    her last two films were big hits i.e. new york – big hit, ajab prem ki ghazab kahani – blockbuster. and of course prior to this singh is kinng and welcome both creating box office records.

    katrina appears to be thesingle most successful heroine in bollywood at the moment with an almost 100% success record ! her films seem to gurantee success.

    surely she must then be considered the no.1 heroine in bollywood ? surely. she has given more hits than anyone else. so why is she not no.1 ? and less successful heroines like kareena kapoor and priyanka ”fat lips” chopra are considered no1 ? their films have not even earned half the money katrinas films have earned.

    this is extreme prejudice against katrina probably because she is a foreigner.

  • hi, everybody,
    i salim frm sydney.
    I wached de dana dan (3d short fom of ths movie) last night. i was really good movie.
    i mnt big fan akki but i like his acting, sunil shetty also did good job. i like both chemesry since hera phera movie.
    i also wached veer trailor , iwas very very good trailor.
    in summary, i give 3 n half star of de dana dan

  • is 315pm in Sydney at the moment and 415pm in Fiji.. Our movies start at 10ama dayon a thursday. Don’t know if you have ever been to Fiji.. but we have a huge Indian Bollywood is huge..and so are Akshay and Katrina..Thanks for writing..

  • ASIM- thanks a lot… am so happy….;)

    the no.of times u used my name in ur comments s a lot more than d no.of comments i `ve posted here…;) ha ha

  • Q. Which film is the biggest hit of the year so far?

    A. Wanted is the biggest hit of 2009 till date from all Hindi films followed by Love Aaj Kal although Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani may cross the business of Love Aaj Kal. 2012 is the biggest hit of all films released this year in the All India market.

    M Jain

  • Agar ye flop b hue to koi baat nahi.
    Akshay kumar is the biggest star of 2009. With these figure.
    Movie Business
    CC2C- 78
    Tasveer- 22
    KI- 104
    Blue- 82
    Total- 286 Gross Amt.
    Avg- 71Cr

    This Figure is much better than salman, ranbir and sahid performance in this year.

    If DDD doing business almost 75 Cr Gross This is enogh for making higher its stardum

  • Dear Indicine Team

    Pls make a list of the all star performance with average business of the movie, verdict, gross, nett business, music sold etc.

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