Kurbaan’s failure could affect My Name Is Khan!

Strange isn’t it. With New York doing so well commercially, we all expected Kurbaan – with a much more popular male lead, fresh from the super success of Love Aaj Kal – to open to huge numbers. But the weekend gone by, has proved it once again.. Box office business is impossible to predict.

Take Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani for example; not many trade pundits expected this film, starring a newcomer to match the might of the Khan’s, Roshan’s or the Kumar’s. Ajab’s nett gross for Week 1 was a staggering 40 crores and this, without a popular commercial director at the helm.

Yes, the genre’s were different. Yet Kurbaan was expected to fare much better than it did.

Now, what does the failure of Kurbaan mean to Karan Johar’s magnum opus My Name Is Khan? Both films, have a similar feel to it. While we all know Shahrukh Khan is a much bigger star and his first film in more than 15 months is expected to smash records.. it remains to be seen if the Kurbaan debacle could affect My Name Is Khan. Remember, MNIK has been sold for 100 crores.. recovering which, ain’t going to easy!

What do you think?



  • As you say, SRK is a megastar with huge fan base. You can’t compare him with grubby D-listers like SaiF Ali and Kareena. ” My Name Is Khan” will be a big earner.

  • My Name Is Khan will be a success ….. well that you can not compare a super star with a lesser actor … I were to act well ……….. but srk saif is unique with his talent.


  • I feel My Name s khan `ll be a hit. wat s d budget??

    SRK and kajol after a long time, surely `ll set box office on FIRE..

    the story s not only bout terrorism. but hw muslims r treated in US after 9/11. SRK also suffers from a disease called ASPERGER syndrome. which s a pervasive disease.” difficulty in adjustment.”

    so v `ve seen SRK in Darr and also in Veer zaara. and this(MNIK) `ll be another character which i feel he `ll play with ease..

    In one of d comments fathiya mentioned he s equal to big B, tat s one thing i dont agree.. Big B s legend and SRk has still not reached to tat level.

    So MNIK shud not be affected by kurbaan and new york.

  • saw kurbaan ystrday…its just 40% remake of NEWYORK….adding to it are sex scenes of saifeena….thats the movie kurbaan…and some retards liked the movie also…wat a fate anyway atlast one highly expected movie flopped…its collected only 11 crores this week and which is made on a huge budget of 55 crores it seems impossible even to collect wat wake up sid collected that is 25 crores…even the major competition of hollywood movie 2012 made all the problems..its running houseful in all theatres in india..add to that de dhana dhan will be released this friday ..making the last nail on KURBAAN’S COFFIN….already de dhana dhan has opened for a record booking in theatres for a whopping 30 crores including music rights[SOURCE:NDTV.PROFIT CHANNEL]

  • For me:
    Factor that can work:
    1>SRK is coming after long time as a full actor(Billu barber was last movie which was his extended role)
    2>SRK-kajol jodi has given us many hit movies
    3>SRK-Karan johar also have given many hit movies

    Coming to negative factor:
    1>Movie is arriving feb. looking at boxoffice result of past,not many film have huge collection at tht month
    2>It is produce by foreign producor .Going by past result,hollywood production house has not make any impact at boxoffice
    3>Subject which matters…if it is similar to new york or kurbaan ..surely it will sink at boxoffice

  • now, you see Abroxy, sicne you said that it won’t happen. Why would a good film flop and MNIK seem that it will be a FANTASTIC film!

    Its like saying I wish someone would die and it end up happening to you. karma. MNIK will not flop!

    anyways, Kurbaan doing well or not(I haven’t keep up with how the film is doing) will have no effect on MNIK what so ever. We might think that MNIK have a similar theme like Kurbaan but it might shock us as to what the film is relalyy about cause we really don’t know as YET!

  • ofcourse , KURBAANS box office disaster will be affect mnik bcoz this film is karan johars home production. also this films theme is similar to KURBAAN . so this film will be definitely affected for KURBAAN film . ALSO KURBAAN is not good film either .

  • i think it will not be affected much as SRK film will be relaesing after an year’s gap but ya i think it will be a hit at max and wont be able to break Ghazini’s record . we have seen SRK in somewhat similar Roles earlier as well and the movie is again based on same american and their treatment towards islam .

    it will benefit from the fact that a SRK movie is coming out after an year’s gap and also SRK and kajol are coming together along with karan johar and iam sure MEDIA will TRY to BOOST this movie by appreciating it however bad it may be . so that factor will also come into play

  • Who was trying to prove what by making Kareena act in third grade scenes with Saif (the dirty old man). I felt so bad seeing her in those scenes. That girl is being exploited. I am glad in Raj Kapoors memory that he movie flopped. she was better of with Shahid Kapoor. The west is trying to do away with those type of scenes while the eas is trying to ape what was in the west.

  • I want mnik to break all previously set records by ghajini but it seems unlikely.
    Audience is now sick of 9/11 theme as evident from kurbaan. An overdose of muslim characters, fbi interogations and time n again seeing the same bangs n bloodshed is not going to work for mnik. I hope mnik has some ‘X’ factor n kajol has much to offer than usual mourning. A bit of melodrama n family values if depicted can work for the film.
    Surely sharukh movies are biggest grocers. So out of curiousity to see sharukh kajol chemistry after 9 years, the box office wil b set on fire. Even if bad movie would b houseful for a week atleast. Such is the magic of srk-kajol . I expect a BLOCKBUSTER out of mnik

  • No, it will not be affected.. my name is khan is srk’s movie so it will break all previous record.. i think this movie will smash hit movie of bollywood forever….

    my name is khan will roxxxx at the boxoffice … the king coming

  • com on indicine team….what r u kiddin with……the srk is the king of bollywood…….

    he is rulin this bollywood since 15 years……
    and will carry next 15 years….and my name is khan is the proof for that anyway…..his fans are dieing to see him…..you wait and mark my words his guest appeared movie “dulha mil gaya” will also rock in this bollywood

    this is bollywood and srk rules…….

  • No..of course MNIK wnt b affected by kurbaan….There is a huge difference btwn a SAIF film and SRK FILM………….It is also directed by Karan Johar and heroine is Kajol……….SO OF COURSE IT WIll b a BLOCKBUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In my opinion the result of Kurbaan will definitely affect MNIK as both the movies are from same banner with the similar kinda story. It shows that the people tend to get bored with similar kinda stories these days. We first saw Khuda kay liye and New York which did well with the similar kinda subjects but Kurbaan has failed even though it is better than the other 2 movies treatment wise……. I think Story of Khuda kay liye was the best among these 3 movies which we have already seen….. But to be honest I really didn’t expect Kurbaan to fail like this…..Anyway, MNIK has some positive points as Sudeep has suggested so it is expected to open huge because of these factors but to recover 100 Crores Nett. is looking very difficult…. I really wish that the movie does well at the box office but practically I see another flop coming from KJ Banner because of its huge cost……..And mind you Indian Janata is not ready to accept another serious movie right now…….May be after 3 months, they do accept but it seems very unlikely.

  • khuda ke liye was the best movie made on this theme,..comparing it wid kurbaan is a big insult for khuda ke liye..

  • MNIK will be a blockbuster movie for sure.. anything Shahrukh would do from nowonwill be a blockbuster.. just see the movie OSO.. it wasn’t a very good movie specially in the 1st half.. but it won at the box office because of him.. MNIK is not a comedy movie but will work 100% because of Shahrukh’s fans as well as Kajol’s fans, and will go to see them and for them only. What’s the script, what’s the story.. nothing is important.. I’m a big fan of Shahrukh.. if there will be in future a documentary film with Shahrukh’s voice.. even if he doesn’t show up in it..I’ll go for sure to see it.. to hear his voice..that’s the star power.. isn’t it?

  • Fathiya- its not star power.. its called madness.. ha ha. listen to SRK`s interviews u can hear his voice.. wy go to theater to hear his voice…;)

    i dunno about d budget but it s sold to fox studios for 80cr+.. recovering such a huge amount `ll be difficult.. and it s not ghajini so tat it `ll cross 100cr…

    i thought it `ll be a hit but lookin at d budget i feel its a bit difficult.. hmmm.. lets c…

  • Amish: yeah.. it’s madness.. I always feel that Shahrukh is a part of me.. he’s living inside me..with me.. I just love him so much.. since the day I saw him in Deewana.. why I feel this! I don’t know.. probably we’re alike.. I always used to tell my colleague at the office where I used to work that I find myself in Shahrukh but he’s a male and I’m a female.. ( we both were born on the same day.. 2nd) probably that’s the reason.. the signs.. I don’t know.. if you like someone so u don’t know exactly why.. right?

  • ^ ha ha ha ha….. i cant stop laughin at tat……. u in sharukh… sharukh in u…… he s male…. u r fe-male…. ha ha ha… oh my God……..

    it s a type of psychiatric illness…;) brain disease…..;) does sharukh also feel d same way…?? ha ha ha…
    sorry indicine.. am goin off topic but i cant stop laughin at this……;)

  • My Name is Khan will be a hit even if the movie is going to be a piece of shit . I saw KANK in theatres and was very much disappointed because the movie was nothing but crap and it managed to do well in the box office . And personally dont admire srk cos i think he is so damn proud f himself . Watch his interviews he always talk about himself and what he thinks and all that . such a self obsessed freak . As an actor hes ok but cannot be compared to other greats . I think he is an overrated actor.

  • this film can b flop… coz popularity of sharukh r not like before…. tht why farah khan dnt took srk for her next movie……

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