Some of Shahrukh Khan’s charity works

This is one of the many interesting comments by our readers. A reader with the nickname ‘Ann’ in the Most Popular Actors Poll talks about her favorite star Shahrukh Khan.

In response to a question “Have you ever heard of SRK giving money away for charity?Ē by Anish. Ann says..

NGO called Make a Wish Foundation work out on the wishes of such children and make their wishes come true. Shah Rukh Khan has been closely involved with this NGO and has consistently come to help them out whenever they have approached him. Many of these little ones wish to meet Shah Rukh Khan and the actor arranges for such kids to be driven to his house and ensures that he spends some quality time with them bringing in joy in their lifespan.

The media is always hunting for an SRK quote. A Shah Rukh Khan interview sells more than anything. The actor who is quite aware of his popularity and market value used it to good effect a decade back. During the release of his film Dil To Pagal Hai, Shah Rukh used to charge Rs 5000 per interview whenever a media channel interviewed him. But before you think he exploited his fame to his benefit, letís clarify that he used the money strictly for charity purposes only. He used to take the money in the form of cheques in the favour of NGO.

When Shah Rukh was working on Sanjay Leela Bhansaliís Devdas, an unfortunate incident occurred on the sets. A person who had just come to visit the sets and see the shooting, met with a tragic accident when a large fan fell on him and he died on the spot.

Shah Rukh personally offered help to the deceasedís family and send them money in testing times. SRK was not responsible for the mishap in any way nor was he officially obligated to help. But out of his moral sense, the actor did come forward to do the needful.

Everyone who has been working with Shah Rukh Khanís company Red Chillies Entertainment right from the top-level managers to the watchmen have been treated with utmost love and respect. Shah Rukh might be taking additional revenues from banners for his star power but he distributes the share from profits to his company members as well.

It is believed that after the super success of his film Om Shanti Om, SRK distributed good part of the profits amongst his company employees as a goodwill bonus.

Some years back a reporter from a popular media channel met with an accident just after he had interviewed Shah Rukh Khan. His condition was quite critical and the hospital authorities demanded big money for his treatment since the injuries were severe. There was little time and quick money was needed for his admission.

When SRK got to know about this, he immediately arranged for the money which reportedly amounted to as high as Rs one lakh per day for the treatment. Unfortunately the guy succumbed to his injuries in some days.

Thank to Indiatimes Movies for the Article about Shah Ruks unbeliveable big heart.

And thats only a few of Shah Rukhs Charity works. Not to forget the Department for Childern with cancer in the Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai wich Shah Rukh has founded. The 2 orphans from Jammu and Kashmir wich have strong burnigs and wich now get medical help because Shah Rukh pay thier whole medical costs. So please donít say Shah Rukh donít do Charity. Shah Rukh does more Charity as we all know. But he does it silently. God bless him. Oh By the way Shah Rukh is the most famous ever.


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  • thats more like it Indicine…
    ur site is now cash rich since u hav pleassed SRK by publishing such articles…
    tis article has only put tis into a below par site….which prety much makes me stop viewing it frm now on..
    it looks like some 4-5 guys inteh age grp of 23-28 r managing it…

    thr is no need of publishing such thngs have some standards


  • Indicine team- every actor does some charity or d other- i mean the top actors;).. after al dey r al humans… wen a person earns in crores its possible..
    who knows may be one day v `ll hear a news-” Indicine- one of the biggest/top bollywood news websites has done a charity foundation and helped d poor…”…;) rt…

  • now thats king khan….evry 1 says that he does publicity nd all that stuff… unlike like salman…he will not promote his own ngo… salman always promote his ngo…….srk is god and baadshah…..we all love youuuuuuu………….he does evrythng in a right manner…nd other stars like aamir , salman copy him….thats it……

  • INDICINE: why did u made a such post just for SRK . aren’t there other ppl Like SALLU, AKKI who do charity work and maybe they even dont charge for their interviews and make charity by earnings from their films.

    Y promoting SRK just around the time when his movies promos will hit theatre .

    if the above mentioned wasn’t the purpose why did u made a such post for just SRK , because i have heard much more about charity work especially by SALLU and even AKKI.

    @nivedh: Sallu promotes his NGO so that other ppl also make contribution and he can provide the best of both worls toppl supported by his NGO

  • Next year onwards, Akshay plans on cutting down his assignments. He feels the young heroes like Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan can handle that.
    -real bollywood

    i dont think any actor can say this other than akki….:)

  • @ indicine team
    thanks alot for this beautiful artical……its really great and the king khan is the great chupa rustam….he is doing alot but these are not came in the society….in media……this is just bcoz of his greatness and his unselfishness….

  • Akki darling is the best followed by sallu uncle n then aamir.
    Sharukh is damn pathetic and veer is going to overthrow mnik.
    Waiting for ddd to release !

    Amish thnx 4 telling . You r right. Only akki can say that. Sharukh is damn insecure.

  • Phenokhshita- its gud to c some akki fans.. thou very few , it feels nice..:) and u stop asking movie tickets and tellin bout ur poverty… ha ha

  • @Amish

    ya that was funny. It made u laugh.
    Wel u I am an akki fan and can crack jokes. Can’t i ?

    Well amish its realy ironical that people hate akki. So wat he has given successive avg movies like cc2c, ki and blue, he is a great actor and has an ample fan following. Thats what we all know from his huge box office openings.
    And sharukh is simply a self praising personality.
    Billu was his home production and couldnt resist harping how gr8 he is .
    I don’t hate sharukh but don’t like him either after his self praising billu

    What an idiotic article ever put up by indicine ! Don’t u agree? Cos there r many more hospitable personalities in bollywood than him.. Wat say?

  • ^ actually as amit pointed out to ann earlier it was a bit borin article so didnt bother to read it fully..;)

    every actor does charity works yaar… they `ve a lot of money so dey do it.. wen v earn so much v `ll also do it…;)

    Indicine team s a big fan of SRK..;) die hard fans..;)

  • Srk from the start of his career behaved like a true person, acted in real meaningful love stories, happily married & has been a good human being on screen, hence such good hearted person does charity which is Sensible work.

  • Indicine team ‘the die hard fans of srk’

    i like ur movie reviews and generally agree with them but i feel U r more inclined towards srk and go partial when it comes to akki. U said in one of ur reviews that akki isn’t doing gud movies , ‘the same old slapstick’ but even srk isn’t showing any versatility either.

    In the morning when i found this article being put it, i was astounded as the article sounded to b the biggest let down . NOT EVEN WORTH READING. FORGET COMMENTING. But later, i thought of telling wat i feel. Come on there are other actors too who r doing much more than him . And u know why aren’t they get noticed ? Its bcos they dont SHOW OFF

  • @INDICINE Team

    Is the above article written by a bollywood news website or by Shahrukh Khan crazy fan lover or one of those media companies that are biased for the Khans. I mean who does not do Charity especially among the top 3 Khans and Akshay. If you do want to write the truth to Bollywood fans then have the guts first. Let me write it out in this comment, and if you have guts then do not delete it.
    I have done a lot of research on this and based on this as one of the main reasons, I love Akshay and Salman. Among the 3 Khans and Akshay Kumar, Akshay is the person who does most charity followed by Salman and Aamir. Your Shahrukh does not come even a distant 4th. He is I guess one of those bollywood actors who does the least charity especially for Indian people based on an actor’s total income. The ratio of his charity to income is also negligible.
    You say that paying his employees a bonus is a charity. Wow that comes as a surprise to me. Even if he does that, I can bet you that he cannot afford to not do that for even a year otherwise you know what the employees can do in a company.
    Anyways all this opinion is solely my opinion and will never change as I know the facts and do not try to distort them or impose them on others in a distorted way.
    But I still appreciate a lot of the minimal charity he has done for the NGOs provided he does not have any selfish motives behind it.

  • @AB,

    Completely agreed with you SALMAN & AKKI are the ones who does Most Of the Charity Works….

    Both of them r Best and Are 1 MAN army……

    SRK is big time selfish person….

    The incidents mentioned in the Article By ANN are a Big ZERO wen compared to charity Done by SALMAN & AKKI….

  • If someone can compile an article on the charitable work done by Akshay, Salman, Hrithik or anyone.. We would be glad to publish it. :)

  • @Indicine Team

    I am not a blind fan of Akshay that I will personally make a biography of his and keep it with me unlike many crazy distorted SRK fans. But anyways to start with if you can please post these two videos I found on a site. This is not a charity of Akshay but it tells exactly how much Akshay contributes to India and Indian people.

    other readers please watch these videos on IE not FireFox.

    Also Google this search term “Akshay Kumar adopts village”

    He adopted a whole village district in India after the recent Kosi floods. At the time of adoption only, he started with a donation of 25 lakhs. He has said that he will contribute another 50 lakhs within coming months.
    Now how much Shahrukh contributed to that injured reporter’s family according to the article above, 1 lakh a day for maybe 4-5 days. This is nowhere close to what Akki does.

    To end now, I will state that many Bollywood actors have started filing taxes and paying taxes to govt. of India only after they saw Akshay Kumar do this and to with only the intention to gain publicity unlike Akshay who feels its his duty towards the nation.

  • @Indicine Team Part 2

    To continue with, Akshay has also adopted 5 wrestlers for life as his father was a wrestler and wrestling is a dying traditional sport of India which means he will bear each and every expense of all 5 of them for life.

    Beat this SRK.

  • this is the most immature & ridiculous article ever posted by a bollywood site. Even SRK himself would be embarrassed if ever he reads this.

  • Don’t post it here. A mail would be better. Anyway, we have the article its from Rivaaj. Guess we would need to contact them, before publishing it here.

  • @Amish

    Dude…you have done a terrific job. I have a couple of exams in college next week. Thats why I could not do this compilation but anyways could not have done as good as you at all. Gr8 job. Proud and happy that Akki has such loyal fans as you.
    Take Care

  • From what we know, Salman Khan is most involved when it comes to charity. We recently received some Being Human T-Shirts with a nice sweet letter. We’ll be donating some money to the foundation :)

  • @Indicine

    What!!!Why did you remove the article. Anyways by now you have learnt that Akshay does far more charity than pathetic show off SRK

  • @Indicine

    I know you will never accept that a Kumar does the most charity or same as a Khan. So you changed your favorites from SRK to Salman. Why are you doing this???

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