Some of Shahrukh Khan’s charity works

This is one of the many interesting comments by our readers. A reader with the nickname ‘Ann’ in the Most Popular Actors Poll talks about her favorite star Shahrukh Khan.

In response to a question “Have you ever heard of SRK giving money away for charity?” by Anish. Ann says..

NGO called Make a Wish Foundation work out on the wishes of such children and make their wishes come true. Shah Rukh Khan has been closely involved with this NGO and has consistently come to help them out whenever they have approached him. Many of these little ones wish to meet Shah Rukh Khan and the actor arranges for such kids to be driven to his house and ensures that he spends some quality time with them bringing in joy in their lifespan.

The media is always hunting for an SRK quote. A Shah Rukh Khan interview sells more than anything. The actor who is quite aware of his popularity and market value used it to good effect a decade back. During the release of his film Dil To Pagal Hai, Shah Rukh used to charge Rs 5000 per interview whenever a media channel interviewed him. But before you think he exploited his fame to his benefit, let’s clarify that he used the money strictly for charity purposes only. He used to take the money in the form of cheques in the favour of NGO.

When Shah Rukh was working on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas, an unfortunate incident occurred on the sets. A person who had just come to visit the sets and see the shooting, met with a tragic accident when a large fan fell on him and he died on the spot.

Shah Rukh personally offered help to the deceased’s family and send them money in testing times. SRK was not responsible for the mishap in any way nor was he officially obligated to help. But out of his moral sense, the actor did come forward to do the needful.

Everyone who has been working with Shah Rukh Khan’s company Red Chillies Entertainment right from the top-level managers to the watchmen have been treated with utmost love and respect. Shah Rukh might be taking additional revenues from banners for his star power but he distributes the share from profits to his company members as well.

It is believed that after the super success of his film Om Shanti Om, SRK distributed good part of the profits amongst his company employees as a goodwill bonus.

Some years back a reporter from a popular media channel met with an accident just after he had interviewed Shah Rukh Khan. His condition was quite critical and the hospital authorities demanded big money for his treatment since the injuries were severe. There was little time and quick money was needed for his admission.

When SRK got to know about this, he immediately arranged for the money which reportedly amounted to as high as Rs one lakh per day for the treatment. Unfortunately the guy succumbed to his injuries in some days.

Thank to Indiatimes Movies for the Article about Shah Ruks unbeliveable big heart.

And thats only a few of Shah Rukhs Charity works. Not to forget the Department for Childern with cancer in the Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai wich Shah Rukh has founded. The 2 orphans from Jammu and Kashmir wich have strong burnigs and wich now get medical help because Shah Rukh pay thier whole medical costs. So please don’t say Shah Rukh don’t do Charity. Shah Rukh does more Charity as we all know. But he does it silently. God bless him. Oh By the way Shah Rukh is the most famous ever.


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  • SRK has always been the best in film …. even though it cost a lot of work to get to be a big star that I admire your talent …… srk conquered all the countries of the world …. . to my peers is the only person qe has reached the ends of the world, its popularity is immense as you are ……… follow your success will always be admired around the world.

  • @Amish

    Amish bhai give a link to the article and a short summary even if you cant publish it here according to Indicine

  • Because it wasn’t written by Amish, link added. We’ll publish it as a new article, if we manage to get permission to do so.

    Is there a need to even compare here??? The more the charity the better it is, for those in need.

  • Indicine Team- u `ll have to take their permission for publishing…. not me.. den wy delete my comment… ha ha..

    ha ha even if i mail tat article am sure u `ll say u – Rivaaj has not given d permission so u cant publish it..;)

    anyways tat article does say a lot of akshays Charity.. so u can sense the above article was just NOTHING GREAT..;)

    i dont say SRK s bad but he doesnt do a lot of charity yaar… ;) he s gud wen it comes to speakin with d media but later he s same old selfish insecure guy…:)

  • Anish, AB
    For me you are selfish … tabi who are fans of Akki and salman ….. but do not talk much about SRK it’s not his fault that people admire him so much …. SRK is not the kind like them rumored in the media as innocent after the incidents that cause your bad behavior …..

  • You all are so stupid. Why are you guys all competitive over nothing. Atleast they care enough to do charity, whens the last time any of you went out and gave something. Stop created choas between the actors, others you all will regret it, and that’s my promise to the world. If you all don’t stop being competitve on whose the best, worst, or whatever, then the actors will start doing that. Stop! Keep your damn comments to yourself! Indicine – that is not cool, to allow such comments to be published or revealed.


  • I read this before. Shahrukh does lots of charity work but he don’t brag about it. Thats the way charity should be!
    Shahrukh is a man with a golen heart. There is no one like him. May God always bless him and his family.

  • hmm very nice article indicine.. am proud of u.. dnt bother abt wat people say on u or nt but everyone knws that srk is the best n tilll he will b in the bollywood as an actor he will b the badshaah of the industry.. people cn say wat they want.. but they themselve knw that the next movie of shah rukh is always the most awaited film.. he is the most renown bollywood actor in the world.. all type of generation people like to watch his film..

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  • i would like to work with srk but not any film and now not any charity becouse this time i am also a poor.if the srk saport me than i am sure 25 parsent young youth done the job.please reply me.

  • Shahrukh is doing Charity Right from the time when these other ppl didnt knew the meaning of charity. salman is doing that charity drama just to make a good boy image after killing innocent ppl and animals.

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  • SRK always making charity in secret coz real muslim making charity not to making show but only for allah hats off SRK

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  • @Indicine – Why to write about these things when the actor himself wants to keep these as secret. If you donate something, donate the same with the feeling that it was never yours. Shahrukh Khan follow the same. The perfect man with a balanced religious life, show respect to humanity. People compare him with Aamir – a divorcee, a perfectionist, a man who doesn’t go to Indian award functions, Salman – Being Human by drink and drive, killing homeless people laying on footpath, killing chinkara as these were hobbies of man to kill innocent animals using gun and lot more. Why to write such articles where you have to compare a human being with so called smart, practical, double standard, perfect actors – who are no more human beings.
    Don’t compare someone by the amount he/she is donating for charity, see the zeal, the way they help, the way they spread happiness by meeting small dying children, the way he helped the dying journalist, the way they donate or do charity secretly. Money never buy those things which you can give by sharing your presence. Sharing your blessings on the marriage of your friend is far better than sending a costly gift to your friends marriage. Physical presence has its own importance. Don’t ever compare charity with money, but the feelings with which it is done. And you people are calling this writer childish.

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  • i guess many people here dont know…or not aware of the facts..that SRK is the first indian celeb to recieve UNESCO’s Pyramide con Marni award for his charity engagements and social commitment towards providing education for kids thus becoming the first Indian to win the accolade.

    SRK has adopted five villages in Bhitarkanika National Park in Kendrapara, to provide them with electricity under the solar energy harnessing project in its title initiative ‘Light A Billion Lives’. The following year, he adopted eight more villages, and again adopted eleven during his appearance in the third edition of the event. In the 2012 edition of the initiative, he again adopted twelve villages…

    CHARITY is something on which one shouldnt boast and brag…every celeb should do it… my motto here is not to idolise SRK as best…i am simply stating few things which are not known, not stated..

    AND JUS SPEAKING OF SALMAN KHAN.. not only he is building up his image by remaking south films..but actually copycatting every single dialogues… he is not only killed animals and human beings…he has not only abused many co-stars( like aishwarya and vivek oberoi), Charges on Salman Is not minor one in courts…and he was, is and will never be as good as Aamir, Hrithik , SRK n Akki…

    SO..all the fans of DABANGG KHAN(so called)…plz..hur..hur..hur…and keep hurring only…

  • and dont abuse me.. for this that i didnt stated the works of other stars becz..article is about SRK’s work…not anyone else…and i raised salman issue…just because..people made mostly compared him with SRK…

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