My Dream Project : Salman Khan on Veer

With about 2 months to go for the release of Veer, Salman Khan has already started promoting the film. And what better place than on the World Wide Web!?

The Veer Blog is online and while Salman has blogged in the past for Dus Ka Dum, Veer is a project very close to his heart and the superstar claims it is his ‘most awaited film to date’.

The good news is, most films that Salman has promoted extensively have fared exceedingly well at the box office. Veer if marketed well, has enough mass appeal to break most box office records, included those set by Ghajini. With Anil Sharma, the man behind Gadar as the director, the expectations are sky-high!

Over to Salman..


Hi Friends,

Everyone wants to know what is Salman Khan’s dream project? And I am very excited about the release of Veer on 22nd Jan 2010. I have lived with Veer for 20 years and want you guys to live the movie with me through this blog.

Veer can be called my most awaited film till date. I had written the story of my dream project when I was shooting for the film Baaghi in 1990.

As a child, I saw the film Taras Bulba that beautifully showed a father-son sharing an extraordinary relationship. Being inspired from this, I always wanted to write a script revolving around this bond. I had the whole thing 20 years back and wanted to direct a film on this subject… Had dreamt of becoming a director but as fate would have it, ended up becoming an actor.

After showing Maine Pyar Kiya to my father, he didn’t react to the film at all. Finally, at 2 in the morning he called me and said, “You are going to be a STAR…a cult figure after this film…and after this if anybody can mess it up….ITS YOU!”

My biggest fear for Veer was that my father had asked me not to make this film! But when he finally saw the film, he came out saying … “IT IS OUTSTANDING!” which meant the most to me.

The film is set in the era of 1875 and is based on the love story of a warrior “Veer” and his clan of the fearless Pindhari warriors of the 19th century.

Veer is the biggest Bollywood film ever to be made and a movie like this is going to be written, directed & produced once in a lifetime…

Guys, I’m going to do my best to continue writing in about my experiences and this fabulous journey that’s …..VEER.






  • Can’t wait to watch the trailer
    It will be on air tomorrow
    The most exiting thing about veer is that no body knows any thing about Veer till date .

  • The most controversial couple of Bollywood, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Salman Khan are coming together once again. The duo were last seen together in the hit movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.
    According to the latest buzz doing the rounds in Bollywood, filmmaker Javed Khan is all set to make a movie on Aishwarya and Salman Khan’s love story.
    As per reports, the movie has been tentatively titled as Ajab Hai Ishq and Salman will be playing the lead role.

  • I m very excited for” VEER” for last one years . It is the most ambitious project of salman . salman also written the story of ” VEER “. Lot of hard work going through for this film . this is biggest moview ever made in indian cinema . this film is about father – son relationship & a warrior ( VEER ) ‘ s story . “VEER” film releasing on 22 nd january 2010 . ” VEER” films first promo coming on 25th november 2009 . SO I request every cine fans to watch first promo of salmans ” VEER ” on tv on 25th november 2009 . thanks to every one .

  • SALMAN bhai we love you….

    We too are desperate to watch Veer….

    You have a huge fan following in India…. All the best…

    VEER is gonna be a history….


  • SALMAN bhai we love you….

    I’m much desperate to watch VEER….. Your father is a legendary script writer if he says outstanding, means all your fans across the globe will say awesome…

    Good Luck….. VEER is gonna be a history….

  • Saju Dey wat let you feel that im an idiot ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    hmmmm coz probably u dnt see mirror , u described veer in 4 lines and u r proud on this information dat u hav , great ………
    by the way i was saying about the story line , dat no body knows (including you )wat the story would be except ” father son relation of a warrior ” .
    Ppl are curious to know more about VEER …. thats what i was saying ,,,
    Last thing , this ariticle is made to comment on Veer , not on me
    Be carefull next time .

  • 5 hourrrrrssssssssssss
    i better have sum sleep , i wake up early to watch the promo .
    Amit will it be uploaded on BOLLYWOOD HUNGAMA or ?

  • Saju i think they reveal the first teaser in press conference but i dont know k kitne baje hai , may be late night hi on air ho ga , even i am so excited but all i know is dat it will be ROCKN ,,,,dats for sure .

  • thanks K ZEE for ur rply . I m praying for salmans ” VEER” dude . salman ne “VEER ” film ko dedicate kiya hai his father salim khan ke liye . do u know that .kya father – son ka relationship hai owesome .

  • i never had any intrest in Veer, i dont know why , but some times we dont hv any intrest in any movie same case with kurbaan i didnt hv intrest in kurbaan as well and wake up sid , all the best, jail and some other movies.
    but wording of salman in this page made me emotional he said it is his dream project since last 20 yrs i dont know you guys have any feeling about dreams or not but i hv i know wht is the importance of ur dremas in ur life i also hv some dreams in my life.
    so now i am with salman i realy want this movie good and hit and now i am also waiting for promo .
    sallu uncle best of luck with u i promise i ll watch this movie on thursday not on friday coz in australia movies release on thursday one the before and i will right my comments on thursday 21 jan 2010 . sallu uncle hum to aap ki movie dekh lain ge aur 15 $ kharch kar lain ge lekin aap ne jo 100 cr kharch kia hai plzz ussay pura bhi kariye ga aur dekh ke aisa lagna chahie ke waqae hi hum ne 100 cr wali movie dekhi hai .
    i hope u wont mind as i call u sallu uncle always ( hum unhien ko nick name dete hain jin se pyar karte hain).

  • VEER Press Conference is today around 8pm……

    Get Ready to Experience the Mindblowing Trailor of one of The Biggest Movie Ever in Bollywood….

    If The Initial Response of Those who hav seen the trailor are anything to go by… Then 1 thing is sure VEER will change the History Of Indian Cinema….


    On Face Book about veer’s promo

    VEER promo is mindblowing….I am thrilled and excited…every word Pratik told is absolutely absolutely ture….the promo will give you goosebumps and your eyes will pop out……….you will jump with joy as the best promo of the year is here…..ahead of wanted,3i,ki,mnik,ishqiya,avatar,2012………yes yes yes it i…s awesome…..cinematography is stupendous….all loolking good…Salman bhai is fantabulous……thr is so so much happening in the 3-4 mins that it is diifucult to explain it…..promos is a rocket……..excited….damn excited..bring it on ….my advice to all of u….watch the promo with high high high expectations….u will still be more more more than satisfied…see the promo on the big screen…..the richness of frames and sound is something never seen before…wath it in high high volume to get the thrill… will create history…….SALMAN SALMAN SALMAN SALMANVEER VEER VEER VEER VEER SALMAN SALMAN SALMAN… going maaaaad…..

  • VEER will create History…….. Nothing Like This Hav Been Ever Made in Indian Cinema….

    Want a Proof then go and Watch the Trailor….. Its gonna Be a Landmark Film in The History…

    Hail SALMAN….. VEER arrives with a Bang…..

    22nd JAN 2010…. History will Be re-written….

    I wish MNIK releases with VEER…….. VEER will Crush it….

  • No one will be able to face the VEER storm, when it’ll arrive…………. evrythng will be blown out in front of VEER salman khan!!!!!!!


    V E E R

    PROMOS . I m getting very positive response . THANKS for givinng informations ,friends like anish , abhideb . saurabh , k zee & other salman fans .

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