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  • After each movie releases plz make a section that how much u rate it like comments no that we can get a idea how much it liked by viewers..for eg after 1500 if a movie stand at avg 3.73 that means it is loved by viewers..thanx

    This feature will be a part of the next version of our site. The idea is similar, but we have done it differently.

    Expect a fresh new look and new features in the next 2 weeks :) Thanks for your support guys..

  • Top actresses for poll… katrina,kareena,deepika, priyanka,asin, kajol,aishwarya, bipasha, rani, preity, lara, sameera, vidhya balan, shilpa, genilia.

    it must be like top 10 hottest actress or sexiest among them.. bcoz if u put top bollywood actress den u `ve to include rekha hema malini etc..;)

    If its hottest, do Rani – Kajol stand a chance? No point including them in the poll then. Better off with ‘Most Popular’… We thought of Best Actress, but then didn’t want to start one such poll and end up with Katrina Kaif topping the list. ;)
  • no need to include rekha etc..did dharmendar vinod khana r in the most popular actor list?it does not matter..indicine dun do most sexy or hottest..just go wid most popular wid current actress,.u can include old ones if they r playing meaty roles now like amitabh

    Yup, True. It will be Most Popular Actress. Will be up today
  • @INDICINE TEAM–i m sending u an article plz try to publish it if possible

    Yes, Mail us at webmaster at indicine dot com
  • respected indicine team , please should have a poll on salman ” VEER ” & srk’s ” MNIK” . thnx .

    Good Idea, but sometime later. Maybe end of December after 3 Idiots or early January. Let the hype for both films build up :)

    Update: On second thought – Maybe after both trailers are released. Before you ask, My Name Is Khan trailer releases on December 18th

  • please provide us with a list of all the current actors that are not from filmi families, for example Shar Rukh, Akshay etc. give us an update of the very 60 ‘s 70’s famous actors and whether they are still actively involved in Bollywood or what have they retired to. example Mala Sinha, Asha Parekh etc.

  • Ban fathiya n nauman from the site. They argue a lot and hardly agree with each other. Nauman calling people ‘crazy’ is not done.


  • I request you to give free movie tickets to the people who comments on your site. Isn’t that gr8? What say ppl?

    Haha. Want us to go bankrupt soon eh? By the way, we have received several requests from you. If you indeed are below the poverty line, we can arrange a ticket for you :)
  • plz send me some links or website as i want to send my photos and i wanna act so plz help

    Mail us your Pictures / Videos. webmaster at indicine dot com
  • Wel i request u to write an article on
    1) will 3 idiots beat records set on ghajini
    2) a poll on which movie wil emerge as a biggest grocer 3 idiots, veer, mnik , kites or guzarish.

  • Competitions where you can win free DVD’s etc. Competitions should be globally not only india

    Yup there will be loads of contests when the next version of our site releases. But as of now only for Indian residents. Shipping worldwide wouldn’t be possible in the near future. We’ll see if we can work something out :)
  • In Each and every Hindi song lyrics page, please indicate the singer of each song and the english meaning of the whole song. I’m a Sri Lankan Bollywood fan and I understand only a little bit of Hindi.

    We are in the process of hiring someone for the ‘english meaning’ of the lyrics. Singers will be added henceforth :)
  • O that was just a jest. I was kidding. Well its really good to see such a nice response from u.


  • shahrukh khan is most popular actor, star in bollywood sure i love him very mush he is too wonderful and all films is very good i from egypt but he is my favourit actor for ever……thanks…………….

  • Can u please tell what a top actors and actress are demanding per film
    like : salman, Srk, Aamir, Hrithik, Akki, Saif, etc etc max of top 10 also actress
    please please

  • Indicine Team: I think You should add Music Reviews of all the films as well as they do play an important part to promote a movie before its release……..

  • There should be a poll associated with each movie asking the users whether they would go to the cinema to watch the movie or not.

  • respected indicine team , please i want to see bollywood most populer actors poll result . who won the poll & what % of votes .

  • Indicine Team: How about a poll on the best director? some prominent names- ashutosh govariker, rajkumar hirani, vishal bhardwaj, madhur bhandarkar, farhan akhtar, rajkumar santoshi, karan johar, ram gopal verma, imtiaj ali, anurag kashyap, farah khan, aditya chopra, anurag basu, sanjay leela bhansali, rakesh roshan, rakesh omprakash mehra, sanjay gupta, abbas-mustan, shimit amin, dibakar banerjee and others.

    Very good idea. We’ll put it up after the weekend.
  • Awsume idea himansu..plz this time do best director not most popular otherwise priyadarson ll top..acc to me best director of india is farhan aktar nd anurag kashyap..anurag kshyap ll bring oscar one day mark my friday was out of the world best movie i hd ever seen..indicine after these start a poll of worst actor..m sure jayed khan nd sohail khan ll top lol..indicine u rocks

  • hi indicine,
    i hav noticed that ur website is 1 of the most popular bollywood i hav a similar suggesion like that of amit singhania but in case u guys set up a section to rate bollywood movies here on this website than it will be followed by the people who visit this website only and it is very clear that allmost every one here is biassed towards some perticular star be it akki , srk , amir , salman, or hritik[iam sure u will agree].even iam biassed towards akki .n we all will try to promote our favrate stars movie.
    dont u think it would b a good idea to go to movie halls and ask people randomly to rate the movie out of 5 ,than we will get a much fairer result.please think about it.

  • I am writing for the first time, I think indicine is one of the most sensible sites which gives correct Bollywood reviews every time and saves our precious time and money.

    You can make a poll on the Most favourite film of 2009 by this month.Remember to feature this poll at the end of this month.

    Thanks for the compliment.. The favorite film for 2009 poll will be up at the end of the month.

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