Box office Prediction: De Dana Dan

With the opening weekend being most crucial for almost every biggie that releases in Bollywood, De Dana Dan opens this weekend worldwide, amidst big expectations.

Akshay Kumar is yet to score a HIT this year after Chandni Chowk To China (Flop), 8 x 10 Tasveer (Flop), Kambakht Ishq (Average) and Blue (Average) all grossing way below expectations.

De Dana Dan though, with a medium budget and the return of the Hera Pheri team, seems most likely to be Akshay’s first commercial success of the year. Not to forget Katrina Kaif, who is on a dream run off late.

Here’s our box office prediction for De Dana Dan.

  • Opening weekend –  22 crores nett gross
  • Week 1 Total (IF BAD)  28 – 30 crores
  • Week 1 (IF GOOD) 32 – 35 crores
  • Overall (IF BAD) 40 – 42 crores
  • Overall (IF GOOD) – 60 – 65 crores

Verdict – HIT, irrespective of how the film turns out to be. If good, possibility of BLOCKBUSTER status.

What’s your prediction? Post it below



  • RITVIKA- none s critic by birth… so dont feel tat way.. u `ve given a gud review…:) thanku..:) am sure v al `ll enjoy it… am goin on sat…

  • I m going tommarow ….Second show because i didnot get 1st show because it is already housefull..and have no ticket left …. nauman 2 mins to go

  • Thnx amish. Well its always good to see akshay’s fans., barely few. Must say, u, sudeep and payal are die hard fans followed by me.
    Akki rocks,,:)

  • Review De Dana Dan

    Akshay and Sunil both are good friends and very poor and they need money because their girl friends (Katrina and Sameera) are very rich. Then they made a plan to kidnap akshay’s owner archuna puran singh’s Dog because she has only one thing which she loves most and then they did it and they wrote on the wall that if you want him alive give us 1 cr . unfortunately the dog runs away from them and reaches to archuna’s home. When next day she doesn’t find akshay in her home and she reads the wall then she thought Akshay has been kidnapped then she try to release him.
    Other side Paresh Rawal and Manoj Joshi are arranging a wedding ceremony of Sameera and Chinky Pande in a hotel and there are a lots of characters and every single character has misunderstanding and confusions.
    Akshay and Sunil are also in this hotel because they are trying to hide from police and archuna.
    Well script is fantastic. Can u imagine that some one will try to kidnap a dog??? But it does in this movie. Movie stars very well with akshay and archuna’s relations then after 15,20 min falls down when alots of character comes one by one and they takes 30 min for their introduction. Pre interval part is also fantastic especially when Akshay runs away from Katrina’s father ( Tinu Anand). Post interval portion is also not very good because at interval Akshay stucks in a cupboard and till 30 min he doesn’t have any sceen, but then Paresh and Manoj runs the show their chemistry is also mind blowing . As soon as Akshay comes out from cupboard then non stop comedy starts again till climax.
    Climax is also fantastic. A bomb blasts in the swimming pool of the hotel and then whole hotel flooded with water. It is new and good idea.


    De Dana Dan belongs to only two persons which are Akshay and Johny Lever. Both guys grabbed the show .I wont mind to say that it was Johny’s best performance ever. You cant imagine De Dana Dan with out Johny Lever. You can replace Akshay in this movie but you want to replace Johny, it is impossible.
    Akshay also superb he did fantastic job when he is on screen you must have to laugh . but one thing I want to mention that nothing new from him it was totally like other Priya + Akki combination movies Garam Masala and Bhaghambhag, Hera Pheri , Phir Hera Pheri, but he does good job in this kind of roles.
    Paresh , Manoj , Sunil , Rajpal and Shakti all are good , all girls Katrina, Sameera and Neha all are ok. They don’t have enough role .


    Priyadarshan is king of this kind of masala comedy movies and he always does good job eccept his last two releases ( Billu Barber and Mere Baap Pahle Aap).. it this time he used his old formula and he got success.

    Negative Points:

    1- A lots of characters , and some doesn’t hv any worth like Shakti Kapoor, and Neha Dhupia . but if you will delete Shakti’s role in this movie then you have to delete Johny also and it could not possible because you cant imagine De Dana Dan with out Johny.
    2- After interval till 30 min there was no scene of main heroes which are Akshay and Sunil . then you will really miss them
    3- Movie starts from Akshay and Sunil’s planning of Kidnapping dog, but later on writer slipped from main theme of the movie and he starts sameera and chinky’s wedding . Priyadarshan should focus on one subject either it could be kidnapping or wedding ceremony.

    In the whole De Dana Dan is 100 % masala comedy formula which most f the time works on box office and I m hope full it will repeat history again.
    Movie will get huge opening because of Eid week and it can sustain as well.


    4/5 **** ( one of the best comedy in bollywood)
    (If director handled the script properly it could be 4.5)

  • Nauman is damn pathetic guy. A crazy. Said that ‘i wil post my review at 6pm IST’ WHERE IS IT.’

    Thanks ritvika 4 the review. Will see the movie tomorrow evening show

  • sorry i forgot to mention about music

    music :
    Pritam is conferm musician of priyadarshan’s every single movie and pritam always make a music according to the script. in promos may be music is not big hit but when u watch the movie it sounds good especailly Rishte Naatey , Bamulaiza , hotty nought and paisa.
    paisa paisa is with out situation but not too bad.
    galay lag ja is not in the movie.
    De dana dan is ending song.
    rishtey naatay is title song which is main soul of the movie.
    for music my rating is
    3/5 ***

  • Nauman:Thanks for the review…..BUZZ 18 also have given it 3/5…..Look like this movie is good…i m going to see it tommarow

  • NAUMAN:what do u feel that is this movie more better than singh is king….IS THIS same type of movie like WELCOME????

  • DDD is sister of Bhaghambhag. because 80 % same cast eccept 3 girls and Johny lever. treatment , situations, climax every thing like bhaghambhag.
    but make sure only resemble with bhaghambhag other wise it is totally different plot and different comedy and funny sequence except climax.
    guys do u remember in the climax of bhaghambhag all characters hanged with a clock. at this time all characters sink in the flood.
    Believe me guys I couldn’t close my mouth it was laughing all the time.
    One more plus point is its running time which is 165 min ( 2 hrs 45 min) and because DDD has a lots of characters so every single person got good chance to perform. Even one character I am not sure about his name he worked in hum dil de chuke sanam aishwariya’s father he also did good comedy. And I liked 1st time archuna . she start the movie with akki and that was one of the best part of the movie.

  • ritvika
    where r u from and where did u watch this movie coz australia is 1st country who release bollywood movies on thursday and 5:30 hrs plus .
    are u also in australia ???

  • sudeep:
    i didnt watch SIK and Welcome in cinema but i m damn sure that DDD is 10 steps ahead then SIK and 5 steps ahead then Welcome and 2 Steps ahead Bhaghambhag.
    165 min running time u wont be bore. half movie akki and sunil handles and half movie paresh and manoj handles it and johny was in whole the show.u guys will love johny after ddd

  • Nauman:I have watch the interview video of jonny lever and he said he like his role very much n said this is his one of the best role of his

  • indicine team:
    when u gonna put ur review ? i wana say only one thing that this movie deserve minimum 3 stars and maximum 4.5. no one can give it below 3 stars if some one does it then it mean he realy need a psychiatrist.

  • rajpal yadav is also good but not best like his other performances. he is a waiter of the hotel .
    i am sorry guys that i culculated wrong timming i wanted to put my review at 1 am australian standard time and 1 am mean 7:30 pm ist so i culculated wrong and u guys had to wait for me a lot.
    i just noticed that when i put my comment in evening today that i informed u that i m going to watch ddd it was page 1 but now when i put my review it was page 3. u guys filled page to within an hour while u r wating for me. i realy feel good that u guys wait for my comments.
    i m hopeful that i would watch 3 idiots also on thursday then i will put my review of 3 idiots on thurday and i m hopeful i will watch evening show coz on that day i wont hv my uni . and i would put my review about 3 pm.

  • one Word….Superb movie…hahahaha still laughing

    I watched it last night, Wednesday night in Montreal this is the first time they’ve played an Indian movie on Wednesday.

    Guys go for it………and is better than APGK.

  • Nauman…I think Fiji is the first country to watch it as it comes out on a Thursday at 10am and we are ahead of Australia as far as time is concerned..of course depending on which city in Australia you are talking about..nevertheless totally agree with your review. First screening of Kurban was empty and DDD was packed..I would be very surprised if it flops…Go Akshay……

  • thx indicine and gzp i m in sydney wht is diffrence between fiji n sydney ? in sydney 1st show was at 3:15 but i had job and my uni so i couldnt go for that show i went for 9 pm show. hall was 50 % full , but where i watched that movie it is not indian community area so i m satisfied will collection.

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