De Dana Dan Review – By Nauman

This isn’t the official Indicine De Dana Dan Review. It was written and posted in the comments section by one of our readers Nauman. We have slightly edited the review, fixing some of the wrongly typed cast names and few grammatical mistakes.

Thanks for the review Nauman.



Akshay and Suniel are good friends but poor. They are in need of money because their girl friends (Katrina and Sameera) are rich. They hatch a plan to kidnap Akshay’s owner Archana Puran Singh’s Dog because its the only thing she loves the most. In return, they demand Rs 1 crore. Unfortunately the dog escapes and returns back home. The next day, when Archana doesn’t find Akshay, she assumes its Akshay who has been kidnapped and tries to try to free him.

Other side Paresh Rawal and Manoj Joshi are arranging a wedding ceremony of Sameera and Chunky Pandey in a hotel, there are lots of characters here and every single character has some or the other misunderstandings and confusions. Akshay and Suniel are also in the very same hotel, trying to hide away from the police and Archana.

De Dana Dan Review

Well the story is fantastic. Can u imagine someone trying to kidnap a dog?? But that does happen in this movie. Movie starts very well with Akshay and Archana’s relations then after 15-20 min falls when lots of characters come one by one and the directors takes around 30 min introduction them. Pre interval parts are also fantastic especially when Akshay runs away from Katrina’s father (played by Tinu Anand).

Post interval portions aren’t too good because just before interval Akshay is stuck in a cupboard and for 30 mins in the second half, he is missing. But then Paresh Rawal and Manoj Joshi run the show, their chemistry is mind blowing. As soon as Akshay comes out from the cupboard, the non stop comedy resumes once again till the climax.

Climax too is fantastic. A bomb blasts in the swimming pool of the hotel and the whole hotel is flooded with water. The idea is new and good.


De Dana Dan belongs to only two actors Akshay Kumar and Johny Lever. Both stole the show. It was Johny’s best performance ever. You cant imagine De Dana Dan with out Johny Lever. You can replace Akshay in this movie but you cant replace Johny.

Akshay is superb he’s done a fantastic job and its hard not to laugh when he’s on screen. But he has nothing new to offer, his performance was similar to every other Priyan – Akki combo movies like Garam Masala, Bhagham Bhag, Hera Pheri but he always does well in such roles.

Paresh Rawal, Manoj Joshi, Suniel Shetty, Rajpal Yadav and Shakti Kapoor are all good. The girls – Katrina Kaif, Sameera Reddy and Neha Dhupia are okay. They don’t have much to do.


Priyadarshan is king of this kind of masala comedy movies and he always does well except his last two releases (Billu Barber and Mere Baap Pahle Aap). This time he uses his old formula and succeeds.


  • A lots of characters, and some have nothing much to do (Shakti Kapoor and Neha Dhupia). But if you remove Shakti’s character from the film then you have to remove Johny Lever’s characters too, but you cannot imagine De Dana Dan without Johnny.
  • First 30 mins of the second half, lead stars Akshay and Suniel are missing. Fans will miss them on screen.
  • Movie starts from Akshay and Suniel’s planning of kidnapping the dog, but later on writer slipped from main theme of the movie and he starts Sameera and Chunky’s wedding . Priyadarshan should have focused on one subject either the kidnapping or wedding ceremony.

On the whole De Dana Dan is a typical masala comedy, which more often than not works at the box office. Its also expected to open big due to the Eid week and it has potential to sustain as well.

Rating: ★★★★☆ (One of the Best comedies in Bollywood)

To read the unedited version posted by Nauman – Click Here



  • ll post my review 1pm tommorow..45cr net wid 80cr…btw i want to kill rajev masand.that guy has gone mental.

  • one of the best comedies but dont look for logic into it and i bet guys u will fell off ur seats atleast i did its a
    laughter time guys another blockbuster for sure akki pa ji u done it again and paresh rawal hats off to u sir

  • look guys i didn’t watched the film but i can say that it will be a tipical prydarshan movie with comedy n a superb climax ! but akshay is the same he has’nt change what he have to do ! this year it’s not good at all for him with 8x10tasveer flop , chandni chowk to china disaster , kambakht ishq below avrege , blue averge ! if de dana dan didn’t do well ! then he will also create a record of 5 flops in row in a year ! so all the best to akshay !

  • Hi,i just seen this movie,it was really one of d best comedy.
    Akki as alwayz put his best specially in comic,while johny lever done stupenduos job.
    i wud like to rate dis movie as 4/5,like the script.
    Fantastic movie,go nd watch it with family to make ur weekend special.

  • indicine team:
    realy thx oh my God i cant believe this that you guys will put my review in ur main page. it is a realy honour for me . but u could add music review as well which i posted after thsi review. i m realy sorry that i forgot to writer some thing about music , coz every one was waiting for review and i was in rush .
    and you fixed some of the wrongly typed cast names and few grammatical mistakes. thx for this also.
    u know when u r in english speaking country then who cares about grammer . just ur english should be fluent doesnt matter about grammer and spelling.
    thx once again.
    i hope u will also like DDD.

  • I found 2 critics giving it just 2.5/5…Look like it will be same type around 2-2.5/5 because critics r already trashing this movie

  • Sudeep,
    don’t go by critics way.
    according to dem Kurbaan was movie of the year,just bcoz of karan johar bannar,but the result is a proof that akki rulez d bollywood.
    movie is damm gud.

  • i watched de dana dan nd i think its a fun ride in which u feel lyk it nvr ends!!while watchng the movie i was lmao (laughing my ass out) nd was rofl (roling on floor lauging)..nd i think evrybdy should watch it soo go WATCH IT..nd i gve ths mvie 5 STARS

  • hey Sudeep ..dude yu gotta chillax a bit.. yu take thing very srsly and to emotionally.
    movies stars are just ppl like you and me.. you dont have to idolize them. they are here to just entertain us..lets not be overwhelmed if their movies doesnt do well at the box office.

    btw.. dont worry bout this one .. i think Akki’s aka AK47 is home wif this one. its sureshot hit.. believe me.. :)

    dont go by Critics.. they r idiots.. they try to target hardcore fans of movie stars so that they can get as many COMMENTS to their articles. its simple game.. its cut throat +ve marketing that websites and blogs are pursuin dont let em play wif yur head.. :)

    juz go n watch movie fo yorself, if you liked it…good fo yu.. if you didnt..who gives a $hit its just a movie, yu spent some time in the AC eatin popcorns lolxxx..

    btw if yur reali in2 comic stuff. i’d recommend yu 2 rent The Office (US) comedy tv show.. its kick ass.. and way better than the whole bollywood crap all together .. :)

    again word of advise.. dun fall for these INDIAN Critics.. they r emo fools.. and have no sense.. i read someo ones article sayin..Akki should stop makin movies hez king of trash bla bla bla.. its $hows wot standard these self-proclaimed Critics follow..

    so keep-e-real dude.. PEACE!!

  • I know critics always critisize he movie of akshay!!!!!!!!!But really but
    And i know “ will give it around 2-2.5/5,bollywood hungama always give high rating so it may be 3-4/5 ,ndtv never praise akshay so surely 1.5-2/5, also same thing 1.5-2/5, 2-3/5,glamsham 1.5-3/5!!!!!!!!Look at this What i mention tht will be true!!!! Oo last Aam janta and who see the movie will be 3-4/5

  • i want to ask this question from every single person ( who are audience or critics)
    except Kunal Kohli and Khalid Muhammad did any other critic could make any single movie ??? leave a movie any single 4 min song video ???
    we have 100s critics who loved to give reviews on every single movie and most of them only see negative points of movie and they try to trash movies.
    but why they dont make any movie why they dont direct any movie. if they are too genius then they should take initial and start production or direction.
    taran adarsh is giving review on etc and on bollywood hungama since last 10 years . did he make any single movie ???
    martin desuza ( never like any movie . did u make any movie ???
    indicine team could u make any single movie ?
    and 100s of other critics where are u ? why u dont make any movie ???
    only kunal kuhli started to make movies and when he started Mujhse Dosti karoge he stopped to give reviews coz he said that now i am not critic any more now i am director and i have no right to give my comments on other directors movies.
    that was a initial step .
    I m hopeful indicine will give 2.5 /5
    And taran will give 3.5 / 5
    And I don’t care any other critic

  • Nauman:I am going to see it at 11:45 IST ..hope movie turns out wht u have said!!!!!! I just doesnot know y critics trash akshay movie ..the recent Ajab preb ki ghazab kahani ..most of the site give more than 3 and now akshay only 2 star!!!!How cheap are critics!!!!!(I m not talking abt

  • Indicine team maynot like the movie as i read ur pervious comment..u donot like slapstick comedy n de dana dan is a slapstick comedy

  • De Dana Dan compare with Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani and All the Best ( 2 best comedies of this year)

    Batter than APKGK
    Lower than All The Best

    Lower than APKGK
    Batter than All the Best

    Batter than APKGK
    Batter than All the Best

    Batter than APKGK
    Similar to All the Best

    Similar to APKGK
    More than All the Best

    Comedy Sequences
    More than APKGK
    Similar to All the Best

    Over all
    Batter than APKGK
    Similar to All the Best ( just one step up than All the Best)

    APKGK 3/5
    All the Best 3.5/5
    De Dana Dan 4/5

  • i am hope full indicine will give 2.5 /5 and taran will give 3.5 /5
    did any one get the figures of paid preview show ??
    where r u Amish ( figure speciallist )

  • Hi everyone

    especially Nauman for giving one of the best review for any movie till date in all websites.

    I cannot give a review coz my keyboard is not working and I am actually typing on On-screen keyboard.

    Here is review by actor Riteish Deshmukh on twitter

    De dana dan review by Riteish Desmukh on twitter.

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    Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What’s happening? Join today to start receiving Riteishd’s tweets.

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    happy thanksgivings tweeple
    about 2 hours ago from web
    Hey guys just saw DE DANA DHAN- Outstandingly funny film. Super second half. Its priyan all the way. Loved it. Please go and watch it.
    about 6 hours ago from UberTwitter
    Thank you for your wishes. I am dubbing for JAANE KAHAN SE AAYI HAI- dir Milap Zaveri.Romantic Film after a very long time.
    1:19 AM Nov 25th from UberTwitter
    Once you wrap a film, it feels like the battle is over. Aft a few months you have to dub for it n its a new WAR to fight.My war begins today
    12:54 AM Nov 25th from UberTwitter

  • Nauman- congrats…..:) finally akki fan has succeeded in gettin into d main page…:) am so so happy…:)

    movie `ll be a hit for sure…

    Indicine team `ll give it 2/5

    IBN live rajeev if he gives 1/5 its gud bcoz he gave welcome 1 and it b`came a blockbuster..;)ha ha

    Taimur- akki has given 15 flops in a row.. so dont worry..;)
    but this movie `ll be a hit for sure..:)

  • DONOT damn care about any review…Just go n watch and u will be enjoy~~~~~~~~~~Have fun…i m going after 3 hrs….Very excited!!!!!!!!

  • Amish:I m sure that rajeev masand will give it not more than 2…it will be between 1-2/5!!!!!he is pure idiot!!!!!

  • Nauman u r the greatest fool i have seen ever,,,,,, U give 4 star to de dana dan and 2 star to Kurbaan……I cant believe it! Better quit indicine and watch pogo or comment in other Kiddy blogs

  • Linjo:go n be happy with srk…..Kurbaan was a dumb film… was not interested….DOnot ruin other reviews…I know u donot like Akshay n saying bad about him…y r u not leaving this site then??????

  • One important thing CRITICS should look….what movie is made for …..If movie is comedy n it deliver what it promise then y not give it high rating…….DE DANA DAN promise to be fun rollarcoster and if it provide same thing…y u trash the de dana dan

  • Hei guys…thank you for the review NAUMAN and who all are posted did any other fan’s review ever come in indicine main page …….that’s AKKI’s power…duds…………………………………

    I am going to watch it today noon show…..will put my review then accordingly………….

  • Look guys….Tht idiot rajeev mashad already trashing de dana in twitter

    Rajeev in twitter: De Dana Dan: Whose idea of comedy is this? It’s a migraine-inducing monstrosity! Take your Saridon with you. Don’t say u weren’t warned.

  • hi, everybody,
    i salim frm sydney.
    I wached de dana dan (3d short fom of ths movie) last night. i was really good movie.
    i mnt big fan akki but i like his acting, sunil shetty also did good job. i like both chemesry since hera phera movie.
    i also wached veer trailor , iwas very very good trailor.
    in summary, i give 3 n half star of de dana dan

  • Sudeep- control….;) movie `ll be a blockbuster if tat rajeev gives 1/5… dont worry yaar… akki s d best.. v need not prove it to these ppl…:)

    Indicine team tell tat guy who loves akshay to post d review of DDD ok…;) not tat SRK fan..;) ha ha

  • i couldnt understand one thing, that every movie has commitment of enjoy fun and entertainment. if any comedy movie make u laugh for 150 min. so wht is wrong with that. if director slips from script and songs are not according to situation and u r laughing for whole the movie and enjoying a lot then wht is wrong.
    i accept that 2nd half 1st 30 min when Akki was in cupboard movie falls down and slip from basic theam ( dog kidnapping) are not in the favour of movie. but just tel me know those critics who are giving less then 2.5 stars didnt u enjoy ? didnt u laugh ? didnt u hv fun ??? didnt u like Johny’s career best performance? didnt u like akki in 1st 30 min of the movie with archuna and suniel ????

    if ur answer is yes ( mean u didnt like al these stuff) then u shouldnt go to any further comedy movie u all guys have to go to mental hospital coz u guys realy need a psychiatrist coz u hv lost ur sense of humour.

    and if ur answer is No (mean u liked all these things) then how come u rated less than 2.5???

  • Congrats nauman. Glad to know u liked the movie. Well u asked me where i m from. I am from univ. Of new castle, australia.

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