Box office Prediction: De Dana Dan

With the opening weekend being most crucial for almost every biggie that releases in Bollywood, De Dana Dan opens this weekend worldwide, amidst big expectations.

Akshay Kumar is yet to score a HIT this year after Chandni Chowk To China (Flop), 8 x 10 Tasveer (Flop), Kambakht Ishq (Average) and Blue (Average) all grossing way below expectations.

De Dana Dan though, with a medium budget and the return of the Hera Pheri team, seems most likely to be Akshay’s first commercial success of the year. Not to forget Katrina Kaif, who is on a dream run off late.

Here’s our box office prediction for De Dana Dan.

  • Opening weekend –  22 crores nett gross
  • Week 1 Total (IF BAD)  28 – 30 crores
  • Week 1 (IF GOOD) 32 – 35 crores
  • Overall (IF BAD) 40 – 42 crores
  • Overall (IF GOOD) – 60 – 65 crores

Verdict – HIT, irrespective of how the film turns out to be. If good, possibility of BLOCKBUSTER status.

What’s your prediction? Post it below



  • I watched the movie and its good. U guys remember the movie ‘hungama’. It has the same feel with great climax where all chaos meet. Its a blockbuster for sure

  • 65 mins passed !

    Well amish i am sure the movie is gud but u know luck has nt been with akki after singh is king. I hope the review is +ve

  • Payal- i agree but bad times dont stay with a person for long… akki was patient enough to take d flops lightly so he `ll get back on track with this one… last movie of d yr…

    but his lucky charm s down with jaundice so fingers crossed..

  • U remember akshay told people to carry brain. Ya thats important else you wil be lost in the story. It is hilarious throughout. Wel i love akshay and felt it to be good

  • RITVIKA – dear can u post a review of d movie…? v al love akki so only v r here… and akki can never do wrong in comedy..

    so post a sweet review with positive points.. characters.. funny scenes…. and tell akki s d best…:) ha ha

  • Story- nitin aka akki works in singapore . He had to do work of butler, cook, driver, gardner etc but stil archana puran sing is unhappy. Nitin wants to marry anjali aka katrina . Bt then his frnd ram mishra comes to singapur and gets a job of a courier boy. He fel in love with manprit aka samira but can’t marry cos he hasn’t got enough money. On the other side cunning harbans chada aka paresh wants his son to marry manprit to confiscate the property. Due to miseries, nitin and ram kidnap a vip to grab money. They reach a hotel where manprits reception is going on . Then there comes many hilarious characters. And then the whole story goes through a confusion comedy. And climax is great.
    No negatives only positives. The movie entertains throught unlike KI. Everyone wud laugh holding their tummy. Gr8. Movie 4/5 just for so much humour.

  • As far as performances r concerned, akki is as usual great. Katrina is good as usual. Paresh, asrani, archana, johney , rajpal yadav specialy are amazing. Well i am sure the movie is going to entertain every1 be it srk fan or akki hater.
    No doubt, its going to be a superhit. Paa stands no where, even in the 2nd week it will rule.

  • WelL amish, its will really be a wonderful experience when u see it. U wil not even realise when your 2 hours and 55 mins passed. Well i am no critic. Just an audience and i really liked the movie.

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