KICK Sunday (Day 3) Box Office Update

KICK has picked up in every centre across the country on Sunday. The morning shows were around the same level as Friday or better. Afternoon and evening too, most exhibitors are reporting that the occupancy is high.

Even with insanely high number of shows (Kick is being screened on more than 1100 shows in Mumbai city alone), the average occupancy seems to be 80% plus in the afternoon and evening. The rains in Mumbai were heavy in the morning and that could have had a slight impact on business.

Night shows are expected to slow down a little as tomorrow is a working day in most parts of the country. The holiday for Eid is on Tuesday and that will be the time when the muslim section of the audience come out in large numbers to watch films.

Kick is likely to collect 30 crore or more on Sunday, taking its 3-day weekend total to 84 cr plus.



  • it couldn’t surpass 80cr in,3 days,but indicine tries vehr hard to give wrong information,come in indicine don’t be silly,grow up couldn’t surpass yjhd’s record.

  • Eid Mubarak to all the muslim readers outside of India/ Pakistan…. Dont know whats going on but my colleagues are celebrating Eid in afew hrs time but thats not the case the world over but regardless of that I wish everyone an auspicious day and joyous time with their loved ones and dearest…!

    Business over the last few days were HUGE but it will pick up today n tomorrow here in the UK as the large muslim audiences will no doubt get their Kick watching Kick…! ATBB guaranteed… Too good a movie to not collect 200 cr plus- my review coming up shortly…!

  • @mega pirate advocator n financial supporter Mrs Megha- honey any luck in getting a better copy of Kick to download…???? :-P

    Your advise to the audience has fallen on dead ears- I suggest you heed my advise and get a life otherwise police will soon catch up with you n toss you into prison where you should be royally thrashed black n blue for financing illegal criminal activities n terrorist organisations…!

  • Kick is a deserving blockbuster.watched it for the 2nd time yesterday in a multiplex and when the show ended overheard many ppl calling it ‘rocking’,paisa vasool’,salman’s best since dabangg’

  • Where is #Cooooooooooooool, look us your mouth now,Kick has collected 30.16cr. Its just early estimate.Lol

  • A big challenge to u shroti frm my side…i net tht salman khan ‘s kick gonna cross 225cr mark..ur 150 mark widin a week..i dare to step out frm indincine comment box forever if u loose..nd if i loose i will do the same…

  • kal EID arahi hai or wo apni EIDI lene jaroor ayega tomorrow is EID 50crore salmankhan is a always king u no hrittiq &ranbeer are sallu bhai ki wo film bhi koi film hai jo box office mein records na todde

  • @indicine….who is the winner of predict & win contest for 1st day collection?? or this time also u r fooling around people

  • Superstar Shahrukh Khan is a people’s man. He likes to stay in touch with his fans through his Twitter handle. Recently the King of Bollywood took to Twitter to make a special request to his fans – that of not bad-mouthing other stars.

    SRK is currently shooting for Farah Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’, but he took out time to make an appeal to his fans through his Twitter handle.

    His tweet read, “Please do not use bad language for other actors, whatever the provocation. I am appealing to my own. It’s undignified & all r my colleagues.”

    Ever-so-chivalrous that SRK is, he didn’t want to demean any of his contemporaries. That’s called a gentleman.

  • Ha ha ha .. Poor salman haters. Taran aadarsh tweeted that on sunday kick was collected around 32 cr with the biggest non-holiday weekend of 85 cr+. Abhi to eid baaki hai , kick heading towards 300cr lifetime collection .ATBB.. Just wait and watch.

  • #Kickhas a SPECTACULAR weekend. Fri 26.50 cr, Sat 27.15 cr, Sun 30.18 cr. Total: ₹ 83.83 cr nett. India biz. REMARKABLE!

  • Fans and trade analyst say its pre eid release due to collection are low they are making xqus but remember c.e. Time after weak compitition and becoz death of bal thakrey maharastra big circuit like mumbai and pune are closed but indicine don’t give exquse for c.e. So why now they talking about it and for your kind information hskd is also pre eid release and heavy rain fall but it worked so don’t make exquse just accept failure

  • Pre eid less effect on box office but if u release pre diwali it’s much more effect on box office educated understand it

  • @indicine so u decided not to post my comments. or posted it when u will have new articles. That time what use of my comments. Useless. Har Chez Time Pe Hi Achi Lagti Ha.

    I am disappointed by ur this behaviour. I criticized u in few comments and u stops publishing my comments. not Fair. Be open

  • 1st weekend 84 cr biggest weekend after d3 salmania again rock every record in danger after today

  • People here have gone mad speculating and navin@pornwatcher your downloaded videos willput you in more trouble than my watching a single flick..poor fellow. He is jealous that I managed to see film for free and he has to buy front row tickets to watch his favourite film..ha ha ha

  • @arjunkapoor should get bravery award for watching it twice…just goes to show how deep his pockets are…

    Always takes the front row..sits with the seeti bajao public

    And gets to hear wow comments from his neighbours

    I think somebody is making him write all this by keeping a gun at his temple

    Feel sorry for people who are going to spend money to see this film

  • 4 ur kind. Information…..srk ki ce eid k. Din release hui thi n dhoom 3 me ramdan tym. Ni tha….so movies got good collection…..n also holiday… in salman bhai case….there is non holiday…n pre eid tym period………..dhoom 3 weekend collection-95 cr(holiday)….chennai express weekend collection-87 cr(holiday)……..n nw kick weekend collection-84 cr(non holiday+pre eid tym period)……thts. Salman stardom n kingdom…….

  • @mrs megha my not so sweet sweetheart- I watch porn…? Last time I checked Maya Memsaab waz classed as a cult classic film or has it been upgraded to an adult film without my knowledge….?!?

    PS I think I speak not just for myself but also your hubby that we prefer watching movies on the big silver screen n he certainly doesnt enjoy watching a movie with you especially since you download some cheap trash n rant like mad every 30 secs when a member of the audience stands up or raises his hand to scratch the top of his/ her head- each to their own pleasure and PS I bet you download porn too n watch it alone all those friday nights when the hubby sneaks away to catch a movie with friends down the theatres without your knowledge…! P

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