KICK Sunday (Day 3) Box Office Update

KICK has picked up in every centre across the country on Sunday. The morning shows were around the same level as Friday or better. Afternoon and evening too, most exhibitors are reporting that the occupancy is high.

Even with insanely high number of shows (Kick is being screened on more than 1100 shows in Mumbai city alone), the average occupancy seems to be 80% plus in the afternoon and evening. The rains in Mumbai were heavy in the morning and that could have had a slight impact on business.

Night shows are expected to slow down a little as tomorrow is a working day in most parts of the country. The holiday for Eid is on Tuesday and that will be the time when the muslim section of the audience come out in large numbers to watch films.

Kick is likely to collect 30 crore or more on Sunday, taking its 3-day weekend total to 84 cr plus.



  • 85 cr on non holiday weekend super eid still has to come on Monday kick Will do 17cr then on eid 33 cr rest two days 30 cr making first week collection 165 cr in 2 nd week kick Will collect 65 cr easily because open week and positive reviews so two after 2 weeks kick collection stands at 230 cr after that it can earn 20-25 cr so at the kick Will Cross 250 cr in india atbb

  • huge blockbuster on its way just wait till Thursday we will come to no where movie will go collect ….

  • BLOCKBUSTER KICK! kis mein dum hai non holiday + Pre EID mein release kare aur 85cr weekend de? only Sallu bhai! haters get your kick :*

  • kick will collect 300-CR in india good story good songs good action complete package “GET YOUR KICK”.

  • Superb collections.It means ‘KIck’ will cross 100 crores in 4 days and 5th day will be Eid day so there is again a chance of 30+ crore on Tuesday.

  • Kick is definitely good going chenai expres time is to pack up now and Dhoom3 will pack up when PK arives

  • wow great news ……what a movie I watched 3 times still I want see the movie Bhai rocks……. day after tommarow eid a rahi hai…… sabko pata hair it will be huge

  • Wow 84cr + on first 3 days.
    Excellent considering Ramadan Period.
    Monday will be 15-17 cr
    Tue 30-32 cr.

  • Hehehe working days are over, pure holidays are arrived (Saturday Sunday), but the excuses are Same. Today indicine introduced a new excuse that as tomorrow is a working day, today’s evening shows will have less occupancy. Rofl. Common indicine, being a film trade website, if you are not aware that maximum movies had performed their best on Sundays, then I don’t have anything else to say. How many excuses man?? Movies like Dhoom 3 and Krrish 3 collected more than 30 cr on weekdays and here, for weekends also you are giving 100 excuses. What’s wrong in accepting that Salman is continuously losing his stardom since dabangg 2 days and even he is aware of that. So only maximum of time, he keeps on talking about movies collections. Again I’m repeating you keep on predicting, you keep on consoling yourself but kick is not gonna cross 150 cr. Mark my words. And if that will happen then its an utter shame for a so called megastar, whose movie performs like this on the most beneficial time span of Bollywood trade.

  • Yeah!
    30+ crore Sunday
    24+ crore Monday
    30+ crore Tuesday (Eid)
    270+ crore lifetime
    Haters hide yourselves in rusted blocks of the decommissioned Chennai Express.

  • Salman is the crowned King of Boxoffice. Unlike CE, which was combined sucess of 3 factors, Kick is pure Salman show.
    Salman > Srk+Deepika+Rohit Shetty

  • @shroti so u r predicting that ‘Kick’ will not cross 150 crores.Now please don’t disappear or change your id after 1st week collection

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