KICK Sunday (Day 3) Box Office Update

KICK has picked up in every centre across the country on Sunday. The morning shows were around the same level as Friday or better. Afternoon and evening too, most exhibitors are reporting that the occupancy is high.

Even with insanely high number of shows (Kick is being screened on more than 1100 shows in Mumbai city alone), the average occupancy seems to beĀ 80% plus in the afternoon and evening. The rains in Mumbai were heavy in the morning and that could have had a slight impact on business.

Night shows are expected to slow down a little as tomorrow is a working day in most parts of the country. The holiday for Eid is on Tuesday and that will be the time when the muslim section of the audience come out in largeĀ numbers to watch films.

Kick is likely to collect 30 crore or more on Sunday, taking its 3-day weekend total to 84 cr plus.



  • In Myanmar released on Saturday because Hollywood movie. I’m Myanmar HINDU.I already watch today with my Myanmar friend, almost houseful 97% occupied. My Myanmar friends very excited with KICK film. @Indicine team, your review is very fair, i also agree with you 4**** star.Here,All Muslim avoid watch movie in RAMZAN. In Myanmar may be EID fall on Wednesday, but no conform Tuesday or Wednesday. Kick movie sure blockbuster on card.

  • Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is
    known to be a warm-hearted actor,
    he always treats his fans with much
    love and kindness. The star recently
    once again proved that he values his
    fans more than anything.
    The actor was shooting at Mehboob
    Studios in Mumbai. In between the
    shoot he was also interacting with
    his fans, giving them autographs and
    posing with them for pictures.
    During the photo session, one of his
    fans tried to wrap an arm around
    Salman to get closer to him. When
    Salman’s bodyguard saw this he
    tried separating the fan and Salman
    and hit the fan’s arm by mistake.
    This didn’t go down well with our
    Sallu miyaan and he lost his temper
    and slapped his bodyguard in front
    of all his fans. He also warned all of
    them to never treat his fans in such
    a manner.
    Well, that’s what we call a true star
    who knows the value of his fans.


  • KICK Movie Review:-

    In Bollywood There are Movies Which are Released and then There are Festivals..Yes, A Salman khan Movie when Released is nothing short of a Celebration(specially in last 4 yrs) among his Million Fans all Over the World.

    Salman Khan The Man.. who is Single-Handedly responsible for creating the EID weekend in Bollywood comes with his Latest offering KICK in his Favourite Weekend to take his EIDI from his Fans..

    KICK is an Official Remake of 2009 Ravi Teja Starrer KICK. The Movie Starts with Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez) meeting Himangshu (Randeep Hoodha) in a Train as there PARENTS ask them to Meet. Here Shaina Reveals to Himangshu About her Ex-Boyfriend DEVI LAL SINGH(Salman Khan) and the Reasons about How they Broke Up..Meantime Himangshu also reveals to Shaina How he has Come to Poland in Search of DEVIL(SALMAN KHAN) a Robber and His only Aim in Life is to Nab Him..

    Now Whether DEVIL and Devi Lal Singh are Same Person or Whether Salman Plays a Dual Role in the Movie..all this You Can Find Out when You will watch the Movie..

    Salman Khan as Devi Lal Singh is He does the Same Old antics as he had allready done in his Previous Movies but as DEVIL he does a Far Better Job.The aggression, the expression, the wickedness in him is beautifully potrayed by him.Jacqueline does full justice to her Role.She looks damn Beautifull in every Scene as well as Hot, Watch Out her in the Jumme ki Raat Song and you wud Understand what is Hotness. Randeep Hoodha does a Good job..but Nawazuddin Siddique is Terriffic…That Evil Smile will just Blow You away.

    In Supporting Cast Mithun Chakraborthy, Archana Pooran Singh, Sanjay Mishra, Saurabh Shukla are Just average.

    Last Few Salman’s Movies did not have good Script. But KICK have a Story but no Logic, itz execution is Pathetic. Screenplay is not upto the mark..

    Technical Aspects:-
    Editing of the Movie is very Bad..The first 1 hour is definetly annoying, Cinematography is of TOP CLASS,, Each Frame Looks Grand Specially Scenes Shot in Abroad..Action Scenes are Shot Perfectly but they dont give U the Adrenaline Rush

    Sajid Nadiadwala does only a Decent Job as he makes a horrible First Half. The Comic Scenes dont make U laugh, Action Scenes dont make Your Heart to beat faster..All in all as a Debut Director he has to learn a lot.


    Music of the Movie is Composed by Himesh Reshamiya, Meet Bros, Yo Yo HONEY SINGH. The Songs are Good and are Shot Lavishly but the Problem is that most of the songs are Wrongly Placed in the MOVIE except Tu Hi Tu (reprise)..Jumme ki Raat is a Chartbuster but Hangover is the Best Song of the album. Special Mention Should go to SALMAN KHAN for Singing a Gem. Great Song as a DEBUT

    All in all KICK is a Half Baked Project which instead of Concentrating in Script focusses on Celebrating the Persona of Superstar SALMAN KHAN and His BEING HUMAN….As The Movie breaks every Rule of LOGIC in the name of Entertainment.

    Go for this one if You are a SALMAN FAN…If U are not Stay at Home.

  • Before Comparing The Business of Kick with
    Another Film, One Should Know The Film Right
    Now Doing Its Business During The Tough
    Pre-Eid Period and Pre Festive Time Always
    Tends to Work Less for Any Film at Box Office
    But Kick Managed to Put a Great Show and
    Collected Super Huge Amount in First Two
    Days. Not Only That, Kick is The First Big Film
    Which Showed Jump on Second Day After
    Having Big First Day. So Everything is Going
    Superbly for The Film at Box Office India.

  • I watched Kick on Saturday night show . After watching the trailer of Kick i expected it to be different but it is a typical Salman film . I would say it is a average movie . About the film i would say the action should have been more . The reason why Devi starts doing robberies is not solid there should be a strong reason for such things . I would say the sequences in Warsaw were brilliant . The movie looks like combo of Krrish, Dhoom 2 and Dhoom 3 . I don’t understand how on earth @ indicine gave 4 stars to Kick . On the other hand Holiday being such a brilliant movie got only 2.5 stars that’s utter stupidity . If talking about performances Salman was very good as Devil but just pretty average as Devi so overall a average performance . Randeep Hooda has done a very great job except in the alcohol scene with Salman where we hams very badly . Nawaazuddin has undoubtedly given the best performance in Kick . He has a short role but the impact is huge . The way he speaks, his dialogue delivery, the way he produces that sound (Toun) . I remember everybody in the theatre was repeating it . Not to forget his evil laughter which is just Kickass . Jacqueline has done a fine job and no doubt her hindi has improved a lot . Its too early to predict but according to me Kick will not break records . It all depends on Eid and the day after Eid to understand whether it can cross 200 Cr comfortably or not . Let’s see whether it can break 3 Idiots and Chennai Express .

  • @romance yes aamir and records go hand-in-hand and in srks case records are behind him hehehaha Too much fun

  • It will be over 30 crore for sure. So, it has passed the Sunday test, now all depends on Eid and day after Eid to see whether it has a chance to break Dhoom 3’s record or not.

  • still failed to beat CE record… excuses excuses and excuses… Enough….before release fans were saying that it will collect more than 30 crore, but faied ..even on holiday it failed miserably to beat CE single day day record.. Salaman first make entry to 200 crore, then think 250 and 300..

  • I don’t know why everyone is saying KICK has “Under Performed”. It was a non holiday release and Pre-Eid despite that People are saying it has under performed and they are mainly SRK fans. You guys are saying that Indicne is covering KICK’S for its Under performance then what about “Box Office India”. This is the most fairest Site to look for box office collection and it has been saying that it hasn’t under performed at all and is set to be the first blockbuster of 2014. Every one from box-office india to Taran Adarsh to Komal Nahta has said that the collections are fantastic.

    I dare SRK to release movie with debut director, less popular actress, Non holiday and Pre-eid. If he can collect all the money Kick is collecting then I will accept that he is higher then Salman Khan in terms of star power.

    Also people have been saying that It has more wider release the Chennai express so it should collect more. They have forgotten that if there are less audience then the Wider release will not help. In the case of kick there is less audience (Muslims) due to Pre-Eid so the wider screen release has not help KICK’S collection.

    I am not trashing SRK fans but I am just trying to say that the Kick has not Under-Perfromed and Lets just wait for 1 week before jumping into any conclusions. And if you Guys also look at Indicne’s Prediction then so far it has performed better then Indicine’s Prediction.

  • Kick sunday collection 29.50 cr holiday 4400 screens high ticket price same as dhoom 3
    Chennai Express sunday collection 32.75 cr holiday 3500 screens normal ticket price. Now you decide who’s the real crowd puller

  • @ usd ok government of India will give u Bharatratan for watching kick 3 times..lolzzz #kuch bhi nonsense

  • Ek tha tiger too released pre eid n it collected 33 cr on opening day…. eid was on Monday during d release of ETT… And now 4700 screens just 26 cr??? Salmania has reduced a bit ….. D only reason is ppl r sick of watching salman’s remakes…

  • Salman pls stop acting in remakes……. its too much now.. Wanted, bodyguard, Ready, jai ho n now kick…. All his success in recent years is due to south industry…. And some idiots tell srk gives flop movies… atleast he acts in original movies… in the case of remakes even bfor d release of d movie everyone knws tat it is a blockbuster..

  • Only n only salman has that star power to make it to 83+crores considering its a pre eid period..simply awesome. Movie itself is too good with salman looking too good and the songs;an added bonus, its always a treat to watch salman on screen, even amir admires his dum,once amir said that salman is the real star..kareena said salman is a religion and people jus blindly follow him irrespective of the fate of the movies, such is the aura of salman guys go and watch kick n enjoy!!

  • Lollll….30 crs in 4000+ screens with high ticket price…..:-D…..Now SALMANs will continue their chant of non holiday and ramzan as Bhau ki film ko zinda rakhna hey warna izzat ki ma beghen ho jayegi……:-D

  • @thebatta don’t worry man surely it will cross CE collection ……..coz collections r increasing day by day on ramzan period + working day but still film is rocking every where……
    1st day =26.40
    2nd day=27.3
    Sunday =30+ for sure …and after Monday it will collect 30+ so no need to worry this film has everything I watcd 3. times with my frnds ….still I want seer……..u also go and watch

  • i think KICK will do well at the box office more than dhoom 3 … may be 290-310 crores thats my predictin …. bhai is back ..
    from hrithik fan

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