Kick Day 2 (Saturday) Collections: Crosses 50 cr mark

11AM UPDATE: The evening and night shows at multiplexes seems to have more than made up for the drop at single screen business. 27 cr approx for Day 2, which is again EXTRAORDINARY for Pre-Eid release.

After all the euphoria and celebrations on Friday, KICK has sustained well at the box office on Saturday. The film has collected around 26-27cr, which is very good as it dropped by 20-30% in the morning shows yesterday.

Business picked up evening onwards and multiplexes in cities were up quite considerably for the night shows.

Kick has just about managed to cross the Rs 50 crore mark in 2 days and should collect 28-30 cr on Sunday to take its all India first weekend total to 80 cr.

The two day business is better than Ek Tha Tiger (47 cr) which released on a national holiday but had a huge drop of nearly 60% on its second day. However, the collections are much lower than Chennai Express and Dhoom 3.

KICK Box office Collections

  • Friday – 26.19 cr
  • Saturday – 27cr (approx)
  • Total – 53.19 crore


  • KICK Had Almost Identical Day Two With Up And Down Throughout The Day

    As we reported in our report yesterday morning, Salman Khan starrer ”Kick” managed very good numbers on day one. Film was released in huge 4000 plus screens in India and with increased ticket price, film was expected to score a big number on day one which happened followed by somewhat similar sort of day two.

    Film did some very good numbers in Rajatshan, East Punjab and Central India. Mumbai and Delhi were good but was still more expected out of it. Film collected 26.50 cr nett on day one and was expected to jump today.

    But strangely film was again down in noon shows and jump came only after 6 PM. Film maintained its momentum in Gujarat, Rajasthan and CP but Mumbai and Delhi were just very good but not great.

    As per early trends, film should collect close to 27.60 cr nett on day two which means 5% growth. Final figure might vary by 10%. Film will collect close to 54-55 cr nett in two days and now weekend will be around 85-87 cr nett at best. Monday and Tuesday numbers hold the key as far as box office trend of the film is concerned.

    In overseas market, film opened to superb response and it should collect anywhere close to 13 cr nett in two days. Overall huge box office bonanza is on the card worldwide.


  • Sad to say but a harsh truth …’kick has lost the battle’.i doubt it will cross 200 cr and may end in range of somewhat 150-170 cr maximum.Sad for distributors who were xpecting mammoth buisness frm it….

  • How did you conclude that collections are much lower than ch* express,ch* exp had 2 holidays in its 1st wknd + paid previews,in case of #KICK still there is no holiday factor in favour of it and big minus is the pre Eid Ramadan period.If you wanna know the real potential of #KICK then here it is – #Dhoom3 dropped by 3cr on its 2nd day,your #ch* exp dropped by 5cr on its 2nd day but the fact is that being Ramadan #KICK hardly dropped by 2cr on its 2nd day.Isn’t it a true fact ???

  • 1st day 26 cr
    2nd day 24 cr
    3rd day I want 30 cr so weekend would be 80 cr which is good in pre – eid time. Monday 15 cr hoga toh samaj lena 200cr 2nd week khatam se pehli kar legi…

  • wow what a blockbuster salman movie dhang dhang dhang movie
    2nd day 23 crore 4700 screen bad collection

  • Great. Awesome collections for Ramadan period. Had it released directly on Eid it would have a 35 crore opening day.
    ETT still holds the record for second highest opening day and Kick has sustained much better than ETT. Lifetime collections should be 270+ crores. ATBB. Critics and audiences have loved Kick more than any Salman film since 2009.

  • Respected Indicine team

    am happy to see the collections of KICK in working day (50cr) that is very good

    can you please give the early estimate of today and tomorrow(SUNDAY+MONDAY) holiday collection

  • @Indicine y u give bo collection of #Kick even lower than BOI? can’t understand ur strategy?

  • Lol. What happened to all your analysis indicine?? Generally movies pick up on Saturdays but here the story is altogether different. Don’t worry, another Jai Ho is on the way. Mark my words, the maximum collection will be 150 cr, that’s it, which will be pathetic considering the number of screens and Eid period which used to be a cakewalk for any film. Salman’s carrier is over and it’s better if you and his fans will understand this as soon as possible. Where stars are heading towards 250/300 cr, our Salman bhai is still struggling within 200 cr. That too, when all the factors are favouring him. Rofl.

  • it has sustained very well …..
    anything can happen from here on as nothing is clear about its wom
    I think weekdays will make the picture clear

  • CE= SRK+ Deepika( 4 consecutive hits) + Rohit (highly successful director with 2 100crore films) + Eid (non Ramadan period) + Rajnikanth tribute = 30 crores opening

    Kick= SALMAN + no big actress + no big director + no tribute + Eid ( Ramadan when most muslims dont go to theaters)= 28 crores.

    No wonder BOI has said Salman is #1 biggest megastar in India followed by Aamir. Facts speak for themselves.

  • Yeah.. This film is crap.. So thatz the drop.. These collections are like 1st day collection of my youngistaan. Sir ranbir has given epic atbbs besharam,sawariya,bachna hasino,rocket singh,wake up sid.

  • My prediction for kick monday – 10 cr. Tuesday – 25 cr. Wednesday 9 cr.. Then 8 cr,7cr,6.5 cr.. Lifetime 130 cr. I assure you this will be 2 day collection of tevar. My favourite atbbs aurangzeb,besharam,sawariya, highway.

  • kick is a blockbuster, but might fall short to cross 200cr, let me tell u one thing, it has a content which can make it unstoppable on box-office, BT its falling short, I guess after eid there will be a huge jump on Monday and there after it will b a rage, coz Muslims gonna watch it in huge amount after eid

  • Lolax…soRry but I don’t c 4m any angle dat chennai express is comparable wid kick. Further chennai express was released durinf EID and had four holidays including Eid n sunday. …kick is doing business in rainy season n has got pure working day …
    2day is sunday but heavy rain might affect d business. Real kick is 4m tuesday.
    Positive word of mouth will give a big “kick” to kick.

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